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The "recent homes similar to" emails I get are usually about homes that have almost nothing in common with the houses I view/follow. Why?
I search only 100 -year-old farmhouses with 4-5 acres, and yet I get alerts for virtually new homes on postage stamp sized lots in cramped neighborhoods. These emails could be helpful, but they really…
someone is using my emial address
I keep gettting emails from agents stating I am requesting info on their property, I have not. I think someone is using my account. How can this be?
The agent on our listing is not me.
Adda is not the agent I am Carol Russell
Notice: Fake listing for 520 Jefferson St NW Washington DC
Dear Trulia, Please note that your listing on 520 Jefferson ST NW Washington DC 20011 is inaccurate. It's listed as FOR SALE, and this is certainly not the case! My wife and I purchased the home…
we have zero interest in partial ownership. A lot of your listings are for 1/4 share and some do not say yet the prices are very close.
How do you (Trulia) filter out properties with 1/4 interest or partcial interest. You need another criteria for our searches. All of our searches are for full ownership. Advise.
Has ANYONE been able to reach Trulia's Customer Service? I have called 5-7 times over the last 2 weeks and never get any response
My Spotlight Ad is not showing up although I have been paying for it for about 5 months. Anyone else not getting what they are paying for??
Would the brilliant techs at Trulia consider adding a spell check feature to the question segment of the program?
We all get busy or distracted at times even when on this great site. It would also be a great time saver. Thanks.
Why does Trulia list a comps tab when all it does is bring up the listing agents info?
Other than the obvious, Trulia is more interested in forcing communication with agents than providing valuable content, why even have a comparable tab when all it does is squeeze for an email address?…
Are you hiring? If so, what positions are available and who would I contact?
I was referred to your company by a friend who works there.
How long does it take for a rental listing to post?
It seems to be taking a couple days to show up in a search.
My listing At 13616 Red Squirrel Way Herndon VA 20171 does not show the updated price of $419,900. Can you cha?
-- This question is about this property:
How do I find a non-pro who sent me an email? Find a pro no longer shows non-pro's as it always did. I can not even search for and find myself
now. It should be possible to find non-pro's in a search. It always worked in the past. Now I can not find other users or myself. Is this because non-pro's had better thumbs up numbers and ratios…
Wondering if your company can be intrested to extend into Europe?
Looks nice site and lot of European people are sitting on their money. Nobody trust the own banker! So, maby it can interest you to have a chat together. Are you working all over VS are only iN NY? I…
Does anyone know if clients can write a recommendation without using their Facebook profile?
I have a client that doesn't want to link their profile, but would like to write a review
Can you stop the emails showing similar homes? Or do I have to delete all the ones that I am following?
I am currently following several homes. But I get emails on "similar homes" many of which I am already following and some of which I have alread rejected. I get too many emails aready, and…
What is a Trulia Review?
My voices activity says i have 0 reviews and 0 pts for reviews, but I don't see reviews as an option anywhere. What are they? Where are they?
Snapshot tool found on doesn't work for any other state/county/zip except San Francisco, CA
when emb Snapshot tool found on doesn't work for any other state/county/zip except San Francisco, CA when embedded to the site. This is not only…
Cost of posting an open house.
How much does it cost to post an open house on Trulia? Thank you
Map page
I used to be able to get the maps to pull up on all properties that I view but now it only tells me there is an error on the page. Have you been having trouble on this or is it just me?
New idea for recommendations/Facebook!!
How about Trulia just post any Members Birthday so we can say hello or congratulate each other. The popularity contest and "stuffing the ballot box" current policy is not perfect in my opinion.…
My apologies, I did make a mistake.
This is a "professional" group too so you can still be kind in the event someone makes an error!
I'd like the photos of the house I purchased recently removed. I have claimed the house, but do not see any way to remove the photos.
Can a staff member or moderator help me, please? It's a bit absurd that I have to go through these lengths to contact someone and request this.
How do you remove incorrect information on Trulia, that your house sold when it never has?
Our home is listed on Trulia as being sold in 2008, we custom built it and have been here ever since. This is not true, we never sold it! Also, the information about our home is incorrect! I don't…
How to take my house off Trulia. It is out dated and misstated which misrepresents our home. The square footage, pics and improvements are not updated
This is an old listing and needs to be removed. We bought the house over a year ago and this price does not depict the current and updated details. We are getting numerous calls and want this listing…
"No questions found." when viewing a profile
When viewing a homebuyer's profile and they have asked previous questions, it no longer lists the questions they previously asked. Is this a temporary issue or a new "feature" from Trulia? Example:…
How can my clients recommend me without signing in through Facebook?
I have invited past clients to recommend me, however in order for them to do so they must sign into Facebook and allow Trulia to access all their basic information, profile, and data at any time. 1) If…
From landlord with 6 rentals: If I don't enter search parameters, I see my listing BUT when I do, it doesn't show up. My profile says I
have NO listin Are there instructions regarding the "search parameters?" I'm a newbie, filled out a profile and can see my "Leads" but I click on "my listings" and it…
Hi, how to remove the picutures of the property from Trulia website?
-- This question is about this property:
We want to follow ONLY homes we choose, but are getting SIMILAR homes resulting in many duplicates.
How do we locate the box "[x] Check to receive similar homes..." to uncheck it. It's hard to sort through homes that we want to follow when we receive many homes that we don't want…
This is not a question. I believe the age of the house is wrong. It was not built in 1935. The house belonged to my grandparents.
I believe the current house was built sometime in 1945. If the agent would care to contact me I can fill in some information on the property. Yvonne Franklin, Loganville, GA = phone 770-598-5784 -- This…
I'm the owner of 128 walnut street , toms river,nj it said my house is pending,, my house is for sale for 299.900 how can I make these changes
I told my agent, she said it takes time for the changes to take place, is this true... I want to sell my house... how long does it take to make these changes on trulia
How do I list my home FOR SALE?
-- This question is about this property:
Why are open houses listed here often NOT open when I arrive? I will have to stop using trulia if unsolved.
I have routinely used open houses listed on Trulia to plan my housing search on weekends. However, I have had several "open" houses listed here end up NOT being open when I arrive, or when I double check…
When I report fraud, is it too much to ask to keep the same fake listing with the same address from being posted again a day later?
I'm posting this because I have little faith something is being done. When someone posts a 500,000 house for rent at 950 a month, guess what? Leads increase for agents because people want info, which…
How do I list my house on Trulia. I have a real estate agent.
-- This question is about this property:
Where the do you get your facts you have my house under valued and smaller than it accutually is. This is disturbing to person trying to sell.
You have under priced my home also so when you say this is public record and it is not accurate. My home is assessed at 211,000.00 and you are stating that it is worth only 179,000.00 please get your…
Is Trulia property ad 199 Zolder St Hemet, ca 92544 spam ?
1. property is not for sale. 2 photo of property is misleading causing confusion of homebuyers to believe they can buy a property with 765 down in Hemet CA. This "AD photo" needs to be removed and as…
How do I manage my property listing?
How can I make changes to the listing?
this home was built in 1987 not 1988. i was the originally owner and i purchased it june of 1987.
-- This question is about this property:
Local Ads... Clicks don't matter?
Just got off the phone from an account manager on Trulia (wanting me to sign up for a longer time) and expressed frustration over so few clicks. It seems as though I should be thrilled with the views,…
How common is it for someone trying to rent house from overseas and house is posted on trulia site. AM I VICTIM OF SCAM???
got a respons to craigslist posting. Man says he is overseas needing to rent hous ASAP. Has keys and documents with him. Sent me pictures that I have now seen on your website. completed his application…
How do I get my property removed from your website? It's been off for 2 months.
My ex-realtor Remax told me once they remove it from, it's up to me and to remove the listing. For privacy reasons, I need my listing along (along with photos) removed immediately. Thank…
how do I add my picture to the page?
I need to add my picture to my profile, how do I do so
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