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My current home's photos on trulia are nearly 4 years old and reflect the damaged condition when I bought it, not the current restored condition.
Is there a way I can change the photos for my home's trulia listing to show the current (nicer) condition (vs. 4 photos from when I bought it 4 years back)? any advice would be much appreciated!
I need to sell a house, not buy one. Can you sell a house here?
I thought I could sell a house on trulia. How do I do that?
Getting a lead?
What is the first thing you do when you get a lead via email? Email or call back ?
I have an active rental posing using and i cannot access the leads or claim the listing from your site. Please help.
I have also e mailed customer service and called on the phone and havent been able to get a hold of any one.
please close my account
can you please close my account, it is a duplicate account that should not have been opened. thanks Gabe
My current home's photos on trulia are nearly 4 years old and reflect the damaged condition when I bought it, not the current restored condition.
Is there a way I can change the photos for my home's trulia listing to show the current (nicer) condition (vs. 4 photos from when I bought it 4 years back)? any advice would be much appreciated!
The wrong picture is showing on my house listing. Can you help?
My house is listed with Keller Williams and your site has picked up the listing, which is awesome, but for some reason the picture that shows in the list view and on the map - the thumbnail image - is…
how do I "Claim my property" on
When i select "Claim my property", there is no option to add my house. Please help!
Can you reset my profile. It appears to be corrupted, and it's not the pop-up blocker. I used the help/contact feather about 7 times with no
respons I'm still not able to Edit and save my profile Also I'm not able to save homes to my favorites I also can't log into my account at the normal screen I have to reset my password…
NOW. Mary Property: rd., zionsville&hl=en&prmd=imvns&ei=wV8sUO76DYmByAH-14GgAw&start=10&sa=N&bav=on.2…
Can you add anchor-text in a comment on trulia?
I would like to add anchor-text into post responses but it does not look like trulia allows this. Anyone now for sure, if this is correct. Thank you.
I tried to update my house info and it only changed your estimate for one day. It didn't accept my changes and wont save as "my home".
1325 woodland drive, Monroeville, PA15146. It has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and is 2554 square ft.
there is a correct public record that shows my home as a 2 bdrm, 2 bth, 2 car garage. How can I change this on your site.?
I have refinance several times so I know that others have used the correct public record over the years. Please help me correct this as soon as possible. Thank you.
Does Trulia sell my information?
I gave my email address to enter the drawing for the $50,000 and minutes later my mailbox was filled with spam from various home warranty companies, shady lenders and other things. It has taken me all…
Anyone else with an agent profile having problems updating their profile?
Since yesterday I noticed my license # was missing on my profile. I tried adding it back in my settings but it still doesn't show even after I save. I looked at some other agent profile and I notice…
I am looking at a loft on S D Street very cute but surrounded by industrial buildings. 269K. What do you all think?
Home has been on market along with another on the corner for a long time now. Even though they are bombarded with requests for rentals no one wants to buy.
Why can I no longer see the photos on Trulia?
Trulia won't allow me to look at photos of homes and lots any more. When I click to advance the slides, I get a blank screen and a button to send an email to a listing agent, but I can't see the home.…
I enjoy using trulia but it is getting less useful since it seems to be getting overrun by scam postings.
You have to click the property to be able to get to a page where you can flag the post. If there is nothing that can be done to keep the scammers from posting then you should make the flag options on the…
Edit or Filter Searches
When I first signed up for Trulia I was able to set preferences, or filters, for searches. I want to edit that, but cannot figure out how. Specifically, I want to edit the max/min of the year the house…
How do I report a possible scam?
This listing looked too good to be true, and the name/phone number to contact the lister appear in real estate scams elsewhere:…
Is anyone having a problem submitting a blog? The system won't accept mine when I click on "submit".
Also, I am not getting updates on questions I am following - anyone else having these issues? Thanks!
Hey Trulia! What's the point of having a Q&A section on your site if you are going to allow it to be completely overrun with SPAM??
Hundreds of irrelevant posts daily with nothing but live TV or online ads. It is making the advice section of your site completely worthless. Please get a handle on this.
I'm looking for 1 (or more) bed, 1 (or more) bath from range 900 - 1200 per month.
Needs to be in south bronx, nothern most part of manhattan, or queens but really close to the city.
We're sorry, this listing is unable to be directly posted on Trulia. Call 888-466-3501 or contact customer support to find out how to get your listing
I have this message since yesterday when I try to post a new listing. I called and contacted costumer support but nothing. Any idea? Pleas help!
I'm searching for vacation homes in several different communities. Is it possible to group my saved homes by city or area?
Having all the saved listings mixed together is difficult to sift though. It would be a great feature to be able to have separate categories or locales.
I've contacted Trulia twice about removing pictures from a listing I purchased two years ago with no response and the pictures are still online
(Case #1969297), I contacted other websites with the same request and they responsed and removed the pictures within hours, I also contacted the listing agent and she removed the photos from the listing.…
I used Trulia all the time to just look. But you now have to give a little bio to see the home. It will not be me
Does screen the people that post on the website? How can someone know if they are being scammed?
This is the email they used for property at 1642 Firebrick Dr. Kuna Id... They state that they are the owner out of town and want to have the potential tenant send them money…
I am looking for a 2 bedroom decent apartment for me and my 2 daughters. My credit is not good. My budget is $1200-$1250. Please assist me.
My credit score is 569. I have past tenant -landlord housing issues. Dealt with slumlords before. Just want an apartment that provides heat and hot water.
I am planning on moving from Massachusetts to Florida Southwest next year and I have a housing choice voucher (section 8). Which HA does portables?
Can't seem to find information on the Web about what counties in Florida offer portability options, does anyone know? Thanks for all of your help!
Recommendations on Trulia listings
When a Trulia house listing says "1 recommendation,". "3 recommendation" etc., what does that mean? What's being recommended, the house or the listing agent?
Has anyone enroll in the lead generation system in Trulia and have seen positive results? I am in Central Florida and would appreciate any feeback.
Our organization is considering this service, but we would like to have any feeback regarding the service so that we increase our chances of making a sound decision. Your response is truly appreciated…
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