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An agent is advertising one of our "for sale" listings for rent. It is fraud
We have had several postings that are fraudulent and would like some advice on how to report this so it is removed.
How can I use this site to help me get to the next spet in Real Estate industry?
I would like to learn how i can benefit from this site so that i can become succesfull in this business
How do get Trulia to show me waterfront listings only?
I have dial up and it takes too long to click into all the properties it sends me.I only want waterfront. If Trulia can't do that, Isn't there a way for Trulia to say whether or not it is waterfront…
How can I get your website to accept my POSTLETS listing?
site to accept the POSTLETS listing?
For a specific home for sale, how does Trulia determine the Market Value, or Selling Price?
We're interested in a home for sale in Florida. There is a huge difference between the Seller's Asking Price and Trulia's estimate of Market Value. We don't want to overpay. How is…
How do properties get listed with Trulia?? I want to list my condo which I have on the market myself.
My property is not currently in the MLS. Is Trulia just for buyers?
how do i check my property i listed for rent.?
I'm having trouble finding the tab to locate any messages left from perspective renters. there are no instructions directing to the property i listed. HELP!
Work location on map
I would like to put my work location on the map so I can determine routes, dististnaces etc.. Is that possible?
this house has an MLS listing as of this week. Why is this not reflected in the Trulia data?
MSL#1092246 -- This question is about this property:
what site do i use to list my own house on internet?
i want to list my home without a broker-what site do i use
How do I correct Trulia provided information on home.?
The picture is the house next door. It is NOT a mobile/manufactured home and it has two bedrooms and two baths, not one of each. The posted Trulia-source info conflicts with the actual facts and misrepresents…
How to stop getting emails?
I don't want to get emails
How can I contact Mr. Jed Kolko , I read his article in the WSJ concerning Vacation Homes closer to Home, and have some Questions .
How do I find someone in the city ( Man. Queens, Long Island Etc: ) who represents potential buyers surching for a quality four season vacation / retirement home
Filter on home style
why can't homes be filtered by style on Trulia and other home listing sites? Is that information not provided by listing agents? I am only interested in contemporary and modern homes.
Does anyone know what happens when you report someone for spam?
Does anyone know what happens when you report someone for spam? I'm curious if someone is reviewing the spam offenders posts, if they get a profile notice with a number next to it for number of spam…
You guys keep sending me e-mails with a whole list of houses that just sold in the areas that I am watching.
This WOULD be great information... except that all of the pictures that WERE part of the house's profile, are deleted from the profile after it's sold. Leaving me wondering what the house even…
Why don't you check with garmin or google before you misrepresent a neighborhood?
I live at 125 Eberhard ave, Palatka FL 32177. Your map is in error by 1/4 mile, and the street labeled "eberhard" is a driveway across a cow pasture. My home has 120 feet river frontage, and…
I am trying to look at homes and when I get sent views from a birds eye view and it is hidden in the tree lines...what exactly am I looking at??!!?
I need for you to concentrate in sending me ONLY PICS OF THE HOME WITH PICS OF THE INTERIOR OF SAID HOME...i CAN'T SEE THREW THE TREES... PLEASE!!! -- This question is about this property: http://www…
change password
Would like to change my current password
I do believe that scammers have a listed your property on craislist?
David Lear Hi, I can see you are interested in the ad I have posted, I am currently in West Africa with my family where we work as a volunteer with the Missionary, here is the site…
Your site said open house on apr 28 for 15435 White settlement road white settlement tx. We went there and there was not an open house.
The owner was there and said she know nothing of an open house. Is it a mistake in dates or houses?
OPEN HOUSE ARMONK 11/14 12-3 38 Sarles Street. Great 5 BR house on 5 acres. $1.4m.
It seems I was unable to list an open house on Trulia the day it was happening. Is there any way around that? I couldn't use the drop down menu for today's date.
How do I cancel my account with Trulia?
Emails have not been anwsered. Help
Hello. How do I delete a listing that I created months ago from the web?
My realtor is trying to add the listing but it won't let them until I delete the old listing that I added months ago...
Can you get Trulia listing reports consolidated into one report for all listings?
Like to be able to show clients how well their listings are performing. Helps with our team accountability.
My home description is still inccorrect The address is 1702 Wright St Llano Texas 78643.
Please remove this description and referal as a mobile home its inncorrect. The list info below is incorrect. PLEASE REMOVE, i have tried to edit the details many time and ites not changed yet. "This…
I have 11 listings on my mred listings but on trulia it shows 0 can you advise?
I have 11 listings in Mred, can you help me with why they show 0 on here? thanks lori
how do i find a dog friendly condo on this site?
i have two mutts that need to live with me. how do i use trulia to find dog friendly condos?
How can I remove an old open house date from my listing?
One of my listings show the date of an open house from last year as an current planned event for next month.
Why are my active listings showing as deleted on Trulia?
They are active in MLS & site that feeds into Trulia. Please advise on how to get these listings back as active on Trulia. Thanks Donna Johnson-Phillips Foxfire RE Email:
Is Trulia a good place to post for people looking for roommates?
I am looking to rent out one of my rooms and Im not sure if this is the place to do that or if this is just for whole home rentals.
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