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Export to Excel is not working...
It appears that the export to excel of your saved listings is not working correctly. It is not exporting all of the listings and the listing that are exported are duplicated. Thanks.
how do I change my password?
I got a new password from your site but I would like to change it. Can you please guide me on how to do this
How do we post a banner on page to get more agents?
We are looking to find out how much it would cost for us to be able to post a banner on the page stating that key view realty is searching for new agents.
Cannot respond to question about my listing
You sent me an email saying that someone was interested in renting my property. Apparently you acquired the listing via When I click on the 'reply' button. I'm prompted…
How do you edit your specialties on your profile page?
I can edit most everything else except that feature.
How do we post a banner on page to get more agents?
We are looking to find out how much it would cost for us to be able to post a banner on the page stating that key view realty is searching for new agents.
My trulia app has not been working properly
My trulia app keeps shutting down while I'm looking at pics of a house or even the description I even deleted the app & redownloaded it It's getting really annoying & I don't know…
What is going on with Trulia's "Sold" and "For Sale" listings (with maps)?
One month both listings are available when a search for a specific address is conducted for CMA purposes, and then a few months later, they are not, having been replaced by the "estimate" listing.…
Why does Trulia make it so difficult to find the square footage of a home? That's one one of the first things I look for but often cann
That's one one of the first things I look for but often cannot find. Zillow is much less confusing and easier to find. the sf is on the first screen you see with price, etc.
Is anyone else having a problem with adding your Google account to your profile?
Seems when I cut and past, it leaves off the http:// and wont allow me to add it in. any suggestions would be helpful. There may just be a glitch in the system .
Question on how to make default area the area I'm actually interested in and email alerts stay within price range
I'm getting emails from trulia regarding homes outside my search area and price range Also the app always defaults to Jacksonville Florida when I close a home. Can't see how to change this
How do you find Trulia customer service?
Does Trulia only help Realtors ? I want to list my own property and offer a 5% comm. to the buyers agent.
Two different truila price est. for the same property such as the 12481 regency ave Seminole fl.33772. click on map location to see price # two .Why ?
I did update the property details and the price did adjust up ,but the location map shows the old est and the new est at the same time. This was over a month ago the details were updated.
How do I remove photos of the interior of my home posted from a previous owner?
I dont mind leaving the external pictures up, but I'd rather not give creepers a layout of my house now that it is off market and will not be back on anytime soon.
Technical issue with Trulia. I often get an error when trying to get into Trulia; it looks like the "cookie" used by Trulia has a problem.
Here is the error message: Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. Cookie /n I would rather NOT delete…
I can't find out how to get to "My Listings" so I can edit. Please tell me exactly what to do.
There is nothing on the drop-down menu to lead me to "My Listings." What do I click on to on the Trulia green bar (or something else) to get to "My Listings" so I can edit. Thanks…
How do I get a response from customer service/help on trulia?
I no longer have access to the email account on my profile and need to update it. I have sent multiple email requests with no response. Any assist would me greatly appreciated. email: loan
Trulia - will you ever restore your notification system when new responses are added, or new questions asked? I know you "were working on it" -
but this has been ongoing for many months now, and nothing has changed. Is this your new "normal"?
Hi my listings keep disappearing after I post and my clients are getting mad because their homes aren't on when they check.
I need to know how to fix this! I just put a listing on yesterday on Se Gilham ave and it's not on trulia today.
Why doesn't Trulia show home values anymore?
As of up to a couple weeks ago, I could enter an address and a home value estimate would appear,not anymore - I type in an address and I get home facts, but no estimate... Has something at Trulia changed?
Help, please! How claim listing on Trulia -"help" pages outdated?
My rental appeared on Trulia after I built a Postlet. Have been getting leads, but cannot reply because I cannot claim my listing. (I have a Trulia account.) If I go to Trulia "Help" the instructions…
I need one apartment with 2 BR. My budget is $750-$900...Thank You any agent help me please...
I saw apartments in trulia the rent is very cheap including the utilities. how applied for that apartments..
I have a house in corfu but i also have bad credit score owing to a billing error i have no property in uk but wish to get £8000 To save my house
How. I live in uk but have just been told i will loose my dream home unless i can pay for the works and taxes please somebody give me advice i am 54 and desperate to save the house there many thanks.
How do I change my email address? I am a humble non-agent user and teh answers I've found are old (and don't work).
There's no link in My Profile that shows an edit function to either email address or password. I'm getting ready to open another account sicne I'm not gettign any emails at my current account.
7869 Northfield Road Clarence Center NY 14032
Please delete this home it is mine and don't like this info being viewed
Wrong Photo for my Home
Hi, Trulia. I don't know if this directed at the correct dept. or not, but the photo for my home at 2838 Galena Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93065 is wrong. My house is directly ACROSS THE STREET from the house…
Has anyone had luck with blogging on Trulia? -- I have been trying to post a blog on Trulia for 2 weeks with no luck..
Trulia keeps asking me to confirm with my email address and their emailed confirmation code and nothing works. -- I even updated to a different email address in the Trulia system and they keep sending…
I got an email with an inquiry, but can't reply.
I got an email with an inquiry. I click on reply and it takes me to "create an account" page. When I sign in, as I already have an account, there is no connection to the inquiry. I don't get it.
Please delete my Trulia profile
Hi, I would like to delete my Trulia profile as I do not have use for it at the moment. Help in doing this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
If a listing does not specify that it's a pet-friendly building, should I assume it's not?
I have two friendly mutts that will be living with me, one is 60#s and the other is 40#. How do I search for this in Trulia? Most listings have no info on pets.
Why is my listing not found?
I posted my rental listing on 8/29, on 8/30 it was no longer showing up. In My Listing it says it status is Error. It tells me to contact customer service. I've contacted the customer service 4 times since…
If you think a scam is in process how do you notify someone and flag the rental?
The Address is 44932 13th St E Lancaster for $800. I received an email back from someone name Sean Dowsett . I looked up address and that house was sold in 2013 and the owner name is totally different.…
Hey, Trulia, Wouldn't it make sense to block links to limit spam?
The spam posts seem to be much worse than usual. Navigating through pages to get to relevant "real" posts is getting to be a PAIN!! Can you guys get a handle on this stuff, please?!?
Why Can't I write and post a an article on Trulia's blog?
I am from Philippines and currently working for american company. One of my task is to post articles on Trulia's blog, and When I try to write and post, it says Error, there's this message that…
Is there a trulia desktop app for Win 8.1 ?
No results when I search 'trulia' in the Windows App Store. If so, why are there no links on the main page? The only links I find here is are for mobile O/S's. More logical questions, why is HELP not…
why am i not receiving an email at the email address i use to sign into Trulia (via facebook)?
when i try to sign in to change the info on my house (again), it tells me that it has sent me an email, yet there is no email. Help!
why havent u fixed my listing? 330 lilac drive, walkerton indiana, a/k/a 330 north lilac Drive, WalkertonIndiana,is listed twice on your website.
3rd time asking u to take off duplicate listing of my home One of listings says its not for sale and the other one says it is. The erroneous info you have posted is interferring with my prospective contractual…
Is this a scam? Has anyone received an email from Takeuchi Keigo looking for homes to buy priced from $450k-$850k? He emailed me through
He said he is in Japan but would like to buy a property in Charlotte, but won't be in the US to look at the home or sign anything in person. His financial advisor is in Canada, Mr. Walter Atkins,…
I am very interested but the rental in Albrightsvile doesn't have garage or a basement? Or does it? Can we put a shed in the back yard ($1400/38 Bu?
My husband has a lot of tools and machinery for our business. he'll need some thing. Is there another house in Carbon Co. that has a 2 car garage and basement? I don't' want tot go over $1400/mo if possible…
Seriously, Trulia?? You're "working on the spam problem".... for how long?
It is worse now (today) than ever. We have to put up with annoying captcha, and no notifications for questions in our areas or new responses....all while you work to solve the spam problem...for many…
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