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How do I get an answer to a question from someone AT TruliaI was told you Helped with questions Yourselves but it appears incorrect?
When I posted my question about our Braddock Heights MD property I expected a knowlwdgeable Answer from someone actuslly AT Trulia, thisd appears NOT to be the way it works SO what DO I do for Accurate…
Why are we answering questions that were posted 1, 2, 3, 4 years ago?
This would seem to be stupid and a waste of our time!
When will Trulia do some TV advertising?
I think Trulia should do more TV advertising to get more brand awareness in local markets. Since we are local agents contributing to their site, they should do more in promoting.
I am on more search options and know there are hoes but it won;t show any. HELP I have been doing this foer over 1/2 hour now. 404-312-3465
I am on more search options and know there are hoes but it won;t show any. HELP I have been doing this foer over 1/2 hour now. 404-312-3465
re: prop id# 912181, on sunshine ct, brentwood ca 94513:Is this really $1630.00 month rent to own as trulia ad claims?whats the address who do i call
scanty info on prop Id #912181 a 4 bdr house on sunshine ct, 94513, no street address, my realtor couldnt find any info on this house, anyone know if its really rent to own how much and details? thanks…
I have two listings that are not showing up on Truli: C11078219 2500 Polaris Way, La Verne, CA & C11084517 6936 Laguna Place, Rancho
Cucamonga, CA How do I get them on your site? Robin Williams 909 917-1577
close my profile
How to delited my profile
How do I add a listing that was previously listed last year?
I typed the new MLS #, listing appears, box is checked but the system is not recognizing that I selected it. Trulia advisor suggested using Firefox but that hasn't helped.
A "business man" from Nigeria wants to do business with me, any advice? I
I recieved an email from a man who calls himself "Goodluck Osifo" He offered to "work with me" All I had to do was pay him a commisionHi Phyllis Mcarthu Goodluck Osifo found you…
Can anyone explain the difference between Results viewed, details viewed and clicks???
Can anyone explain the difference between Results viewed, details viewed and clicks???
I found a house on here and I and interested but the person wants me to send a deposit but I dont know if it a scam?
I want the place but I dont know if its a scam. The person said that they will hold the house for me till I get ready to move in next year, it's hard to believe. Please Help
I would like to know if my listing is still active?
My address is 1014 So.Stream Rd Bennington Vermont 05201 Please tell me if my listing is still active, if not I would like to activate it again. I would appreciate a contact from you. Thank you…
Anyone know about this new "recommendation" thumb that is now appearing next to our names on the site?
It looks as though Trulia has set up another means to earn points. Can somebody please explain? Thanks! Laura Feghali Prudential Connecticut Realty
We switched brokerages, cannot get our listings to stay on Trulia with new company. Any Ideas?
We switched from an ERA company to a RE/MAX, and our listings are showing up as withdrawn. We use listings magic for virtual tours, and the funny thing is that the "withdrawn" listings are showing…
Anyone else encountered the scam at 612 Van Ness Ave?
I drove by to look at the seemingly great deal, but the address didn't exist. I asked the lister if there was a typo and he responded that I needed to start working on the paperwork right away or…
How can I get rid of the wrong pictures on a listing I have with you?
I have uploaded the pics that are the house and it is located off of Woodschool road. The last picure is of a finished bedroom in the lower level, I think it is picture 13. How do I delete the wrong…
How secure and verifiable are the rentals on
I have always received E-mails back that I would have to pay the 1st month, and security deposit and sign a lease before I even get to see the apartment. They say they will reuind the money after I see…
Property on Trulia
How do I get my house on Trulia for free?
Can I search by MLS number?
How do I search by MLS number?
I would like to delete listing
would like to delete a listing
When writing a Post/Blog I never see my article posted on the boards unless somebody answers it. This along with the Trulia Pro(4 Agents) on the side. Is it that your own Posts/Blogs are not available…
Android app - how to submit feature requests
Hi all! I like your Android app so far (no real estate app on Android meets all my needs yet, but yours is the closest...) I'd like to submit feature requests to the developers. Is this the best…
excel export isn't working
I am trying to export 'my' homes to excel, using the provided utility. it hangs up and will not complete. repeatedly. What's the problem? Shar
Automatic "property title" and company name change?
I woke up this morning to find out that I was changed form a "Mortgage Lender/Broker" to a "Property Manager" and company name deleted from my profile - anyone else have anything changed…
How can I view only real estate with acreage?
I get "similar" homes to some that I am following but they never have the acreage that I am looking for - there's got to be a way so that I can isolate that information to be a requirement…
there are a lot of rental properties listed that seem "to good to be true" and don't show any contact info or listing agency.
What's up with that? For example: Which I think is a scam. shouldn't there be a way to flag things like this?
Not a question, Just a comment.
You need to keep this website current. The home you have listed at 804 Heath St. in Rockwall, Tx 75087 has not sold it is up for auction the last week in June.
Why are you selling houses in Francisville and 'tricking' buyers into thinking they are in Frairmount/Art Museum? This is so decepitive!
1519 Swain Street, 19130 is in Francisville, a neighborhood that is newly developed and the desire for young urban proffesional. But instead of promoting the work that the CDC, (FNDC) have accomplished…
Anyone else frustrated by Trulia's anti-spam security check?
In the past few weeks, I've run into this problem more and more: I'll write an answer. There won't be a security check box (you know, fill in the word--Escrow8 or Loan37). I'll click…
Listings for "Sell by owner"
I am selling my mobile home unit by myself without an agent. Can I get a listing entered into your website?
How can I get this web site to give me ONLY addresses in a SINGLE ZIP CODE?
I did find a spot on the side that seemed to let me make that selection, but it did not change the selections to show me only a single zip code.
how can i change pictures on my trulia listing?
I had Imagean Adams from Ralph Crisp Realty list my house a year ago. It was also listed on Trulia (per MLS I think). My contractr with Imagean has expired. I have now listed the house with Kandy Barnard…
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