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Hey guys, I signed up for Trulia yesterday and posted some of my listing. It's been 24 hours and it still says (submission processing). I got an email
Hey guys, I signed up for Trulia yesterday and posted some of my listing. It's been 24 hours and it still says (submission processing). I got an email saying that my listings are now live, but they are…
In Submit Feed Listings with xml file, can we add listings for more than one broker?`
In Submit Feed Listings with xml file, can we add listings for more than one broker?
how do i delete a rental property i listed?
i can't find it anyplace on this site or on google.
hello, one of the lisitngs has the wrong zipcode! how do you change that?
1005 Shepherd Dr #620 Houston, TX 77007 This is wrong........the zipcode it 77019!!
Is it possible to see ONLY single-family homes on Trulia?
When I try to search for a single-family home, I get mostly condos and townhouses instead, even though I have checked "single-family" and unchecked the others. This does not happen on…
I synced all the houses that I'm following on my iPad. How do I sync my computer or "online profile".?
I use the sync option when updated homes I saved on my iPhone with homes to my iPad. I'm trying to do the same on my computer and don't even see the option.
I edited my listing: 590 Bon Secure St. Fairhope, AL on March 19. It is yet to be returned to the Fairhope listing? What do I do to get it listed?
What did I not do? What did I do wrong? Thanks in advance Carol Zimmerman, 251-990-3060
you are causing me harm by undervaluing my house by 500k.unless you estimate this house fairly I will sue Trulia. I have notified you previously.
-- This question was asked from this property:
Why does my listing come up as a short sale when it is absolutely NOT a short sale. My clients Googled short sales and this one came up.
-- This question was asked from this property:…
How do I output my search results to google earth or google maps so I can review them in relation to other spacial data I have?
I saw blog posts from 2006 that appeared to allow this but has that functionality been removed?
Can we see improvement in Real Estate market at Aberdeen area MD?
I am talking about opportunity to sell land
How is in charge of marketing for Trulia?
See attached. I'd love to speak with you about increasing the web traffic on Trulia 100%. Do you have an email address?
Why is my husband not able to post his listing on Trulia. He entered information yesterday, yet it still says it's not listed here.
It is saying that it is waiting for the agent's permission or confirmation that it is his listing. Where is it he is supposed to go to confirm that he is the agent for this property?
I'm looking to rent a house with an in-law suite
Please help me find a house with in-law suite for rent or with an option of rent to own in snyder getzville, amherst, east amherst . Thank -You
How to get Trulia to remove my house out the website? 8501 Claypool Rd, Richmond VA 23236. upon several requests still there
Is there a phone # or a valid email address, is a security issue. I took my house out od the market
How can I change the main photo?
-- This question is about this property:
My house is listed with the wrong address so it comes out on the map in the wrong location. It 's important because it is across the street
from a Lake. My agent made the error and corrected it but it won't change on your site. Can you help
I would like to post a review on this property for future renters. How can I do that? Thanks
-- This question was asked from this property:
Filter results to NOT show 55 or equity ownership communities.
When searching, many of the results are in communities that I do not want. How do I filter out those results? For example, when searching on google, if I do not want results that include the term "bike"…
About the new format.
Hate your new format. If I go from the map to details about a home, most of the time I can't get back to the map. Please go back to the old format, it seemed to have more information too.
What zip codes are sold out?
Just purchased 100% of 85705 yesterday
Abusing Trulia's "recommendation" feature
I was perusing the "most recommended" in Los Angeles County - at - and saw that the top 8 results…
Trulia Account Update (phishing expedition)
Not sure if anyone else received it, but this is a phishing scam to steal logins/passwords, and I'd advise people not to click on the link. The contents of the email look like: "Dear Subscriber, Due…
How do I get pictures removed from your listings?
I am an associate of Virginia Cussner. Your listing of 526 W. Boston should have pictures 1, 5, 7-25 removed. These have been removed from our MLS listing. Contact info: Jone Hawkins,,…
property for sale on Cold Street are there any pictures
This question was asked from
How I can unsubscribe?
(I am in the 7 days free period and my brother already bought his home and I did not know) Please tell me if you can do and the confirmation number, to tell my credit card just in case. Appreciate your…
Edited facts on Trulia do not appear.
Hi There, I am trying to change my listing to a three bedroom house instead of two. When I go in to edit it, it says the changes have been made, but when I go to my listing, they have not.
Do you have a feature which estimates the current value of a home?
Sorry to mention a competitor, but it's quite pertinent: Zillow has its "Zestimate", which IS VERY useful! Instead of relying on their (zillow's) estimates alone, I'd like to get another and average…
When is a blog actually a blog?
I am on a feed to receive Trulia blog posts. Blogs are supposed to be helpful productive info about real estate or the local area, etc. But much to my dissapointment, most of the blogs are either blatant…
How can i know that this price is right?
-- This question was asked from this property:
How do I edit photos associated with my home? This is something I'm easily able to manage in Zillow.
The house is not for sale, but the old photos associated are construction photos that I want updated. I shouldn't have to wait until I have a realtor and the house is for sale to update public information…
Who do you have to talk to in order to get this type of work?
we're a small remodeling company trying to find extra work just don't know who to talk to and order to get this work banks ,Realtors ,who
Information of homes is updated how often?
More specifically: Why aren't the homes updated? I inquired on not 1 but 2 properties. One of which was sold months ago and the other has just gone into escrow. And what a hige disappointment to find a…
how up to date are the properties that are listed here?
i have seen some properties on here that have been sold some time ago, how many of these properties are still available, and which ones aren't ?
Trulia has the incorrect sales price of our home listed. They have the mortgage amount listed. How can I get this changed?
They have our mortgage listed....we put 20% down so this amount is $65,000 LESS than what we paid for the house.
how do you find out about if taxes are owed and the value of property?
trying to figure out how much my taxes are,divorced and not getting my tax statement
House doesn't show for sale on Trulia. I've been on MLS for a week.
614 Plymouth ln, Foster City,CA. Doesn't Trulia update its listing from MLS? I've been on MLS for a week now and it is not showing on Trulia.
I am the owner of 3228 oak branch lane in Toano, Va, and would like the photos of my home removed.
We have resided at this home since 2010. You do not have our permission to show these photos. Thanks.
How can I change the photos on my listing? The one's pulled from the MLS look terrible.
My listing is 501 Inwood Lane, Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
Please delete this account created by Do not "de-activate." Please DELETE and remove from your database. Thank you.
I read "Emily of Trulia's" posting on how to delete/remove an account, and the only answer was to "Ask a question." So I'm asking to have this deleted, ESPECIALLY because…
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