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contact info for possible fraud
I have been getting calls from so many people regarding rentals and properties for sale. problem is: I never posted anything on Trulia and I have no properties associated to where theses callers are asking…
I have rented a property. I cannot remove a listing, I do not have an account, but I keep getting emails and calls. Is there a way I can remove it?
the email I receive them to is the address of the listing is 14072 Julien Cove, Bluffdale, UT 84065
How will I know if an apartment I pinned on my board is off the market?
I'm adding apartments to my boards, and I just want to know if the apartments will be removed from my board once they are rented, or if there is a tell-tale sign if they are, just to make it easier…
Delete my account
I've bought a house and already requested my account me removed. I don't need 30 emails every day of houses I am not going to buy. Thank you.
How do I report a scam and is there a chance your website has had a security breach?
Since sending out info requests with my email through your website, I have gotten three scam emails for three different properties, one of which I even got a phone number. I will be passing the information…
Enquiry about data.
Greetings from Argentina! My name is Pablo Schiaffino and I am researcher at Universidad de Palermo and Universidad Di Tella (Buenos Aires). Me and colleagues are doing some research over property price…
How do you report Spam and Fraudulent listings?
I have inquired on three properties and two of them have been responded back and they were clearly fraudulent. What is the appropriate way to report the listings as spam. Secondly. I am concerned about…
hello my name is Kaahmilah and I'm interrested to trade my shell property with $13000 in taxes owed on it about $3 in water bills for a liveable home
is there realitor etc who mite be interested thank you for taking the time to read this.
What does "select a best answer" mean in regards to your contributions to the VIP program?
I thought it just means to give a thumbs up to a good answer, but I've done that twice in the past few days and I don't have any points to show for it.
How many contributions needed to maintain VIP status?
Just got an email telling me I need to make 47 contributions to keep my VIP status, yet the link in the email sends me to a page that says I need to make 20 contributions a month.
Why when I get an email that notifies me that a home has sold, does Trulia remove the picture of that home? I have no idea which home it refers to.
The only image shown is that from Google maps of the aerial map view. Why notify me, if I have no idea which home the notification refers to?
How can I delete a board or remove someone from it?
Somehow, someone I don't know was added to my "Salem Homes" board. I don't know Debbie Ramon (I don't have any contacts with that name), but she appears as sharing the board. The…
How do i report scams?
I've gotten three e-mails from different property inquires within two days. They all seem like scams. How can i report these people? Two of these listings were on One listing was on…
I have the Trulia app and my notifications queue says that every house was added on the today which makes it impossible to identify which house is new
I have the Trulia app and my notifications queue says that every house was added on the today which makes it impossible to identify which house is new. Do you know if there will be a fix for this issue?
Trulia is hacked.
Last week I sent my first email via Trulia to a local agent. She responded. Today, I got email claiming to be from the agent who is stranded in the Ukraine in need of funds.
why is my name and phone number listed with you for rental property all over the states. i opened a case last week and have not had a response.
Case #3347845 refer to above case. TAKE ME OFF YOUR WEBSITE INFO IMMEDIATELY. I AM NOT A LEASING AGENT OR REALTOR and am receiving over a hundred calls a day for information on rentals. What needs…
Your saved search feature is either broken or quietly designed to not behave as expected.
If you select all of the options under "For Sale" including the sub-options under foreclosure and save the search, it appears to save properly, especially if you imediately go view it. However…
I put in the address, it shows the property but the value of the property is no where to be found! Why do you make it so hard to find the value of a property. I don't want to talk to a local agent.…
How do I exclude single rooms for rent from my searches?
I am looking for a 4 bedroom apartment for myself and 3 roommates, but single rooms for rent keep popping in my search results. How do i exclude these as they are especially frustrating not to mention…
Has any agents or brokers had issues regarding call returns, and billing issues with trulia.
Customer service or the rep not returning calls , emails or text back.
am I sending my money to a scam artist?
3412 E 17th St Tulsa, Ok 74112
This is more of a comment than a question, I couldn't find a contact for Trulia, but I wanted to inform you that I used Trulia to contact about
10 properties in Oregon, every single one of them sent me the same scam questionnaire email, stating they were doing some kind of missionary work in Africa. I saved most of them to my favorites on here…
Hello. Who would I contact to report a false listing/fraudulent ad?
I responded to an ad last Friday. The scam artist responded but many things he said in his email were red flags for me, so I contacted a local realtor to ask if the property for rent. She confirmed that…
Trulia's reliability???
Why is it that Trulia allows so much scam in its postings? Either in the rent catagory, buy or sell catagories there is so much posted that is just plan scam and con artists at work. Does Trulia review…
someone with Alabama phone number is using Trulia's numbers in Marine to perhaps commit fraud.
I was listing an item for sale on Craigslist. An individual named "nathan" TM'd me from 334-434-1696 and wanted to establish a "code" between us before would meet. He instructed me to listen to the code,…
building lots and land
How do you find building lots for sale?
How do I add homes I have already saved to one of my boards?
I can't figure out how I move one home to a board.
Why cannot I not actually do anything on Trulia's site?
I can't change my password because of a JavaScript error. I can't inform Trulia of the problem due to a server error on their contact page... Here is what I attempted to submit to Trulia…
fraudulent listing
We have our property listed on a postlet and somehow it is also listed on Trulia. The problem is that a scammer has it listed for $800 a month. (The true listing is the one for $3200 a month) A good…
I received an e-mail today from a guy who found my property on trulia listed as a rental property. It was never listed on Trulia and is not available
I received an e-mail today from a guy who found my property on trulia listed as a rental property. It was never listed on Trulia and is not available to rent. It was posted on Zillow for sale. When…
Cannot view saved homes since My Boards feature was added.
Ever since Trulia introduced "My Boards" I have been unable to view my saved homes. Whenever I try to access the Boards section it puts me in an unending loop with the pop-up login menu. I log…
I received an e-mail today from a guy who found my property on trulia listed as a rental property. It was never listed on Trulia and is not available
I received an e-mail today from a guy who found my property on trulia listed as a rental property. It was never listed on Trulia and is not available to rent. It was posted on Zillow for sale. When…
Repeating emails as answers to info requests on trulia
Hi, I've requested details on some of the listings on trulia, like for 909 Mango Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 and 1330 Via Dondera, Santa Clara, CA $850/mo. 3 br, 2 ba. And I've got almost the…
Trulia website being used by hackers who are trying to fraud consumers out of their personal information and ruin their credit!
Are you aware that people are copying your site, posing as Trulia and running pics of homes from your site to obtain personal information from potential clients? They are taking the pics and reducing…
I received an email asking to make money gram cash payment to a trulia agent in order to be able to see an apartment. Is this fraud?
After I received the email with all the info to make the payment the listing was deleted.
Email distributions
I need to figure out how to remove myself from all rental emails that I keep receiving from Trulia - I have unsubscribed from the email several times and I have checked my 'preferences' for my…
Your app has stopped working for me. I cannot access my boards
Also, I got different info on my ipad than on my computer (when it was working) even though I logged in with the same name.
Create A Board Contest
Hi - I am trying to enter this contest, and I have created a board. But there is no way to add the homes you have selected to the board. How is this done?
How do I delete an old profile?
I want to use the same email for an account I started using much more frequently, and I want to delete this one, as it's useless.
Question about boards
I have created a board to enter into the sweepstakes however according to the official rules there is supposed to be links to complete a registration form and enter a valid email address. I've created…
This new "board" feature does not appear to be working.
When I attempt to save a home to a board, it tells me that I have to log-in but after doing so it does not allow me to add to or create any boards.
I think you should monitor this listing, 421 Lead Creek Dr, Fort Worth, Texas (
I asked for more information from the listing above and this guy keep emailing me asking me to send him money. I asked him if could first go in and see the house and he said he could do that. It really…
Why have my saved homes disappeared?
Please get rid of the "boards"! My saved homes are GONE!
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