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Gonna ever fix the fake street view?
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Listings are under the wrong names (not mine)
Why are my listings all of a sudden showing my broker, my website, and an incorrect website for who is listing it? It didn't use to show that and now they are. What's going on and how can I change…
My phone number is now being used as the contact number for property in Grand Rapids Michigan, and I am renter that lives in Oklahoma.
What do I need to do to remove my phone number from Trulia concerning anything but my own rental needs?
Can I purchase an HUD home using a conventional loan?
There is a HUD home that I am interested in purchasing but only list an FHA loa. I am pre-qualified for a conventional loan and would like to avoid the hassle of a FHA loan. Do HUD home FHA qualified…
I purchased 586 Fountain Drive in Toms River in December of 2012. I would like the pictures of my house taken off of Trulia. How do I go about this?
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Email auto reply
Is there an option to set up an auto reply to incoming emails when you are on vacation or out of the office?
I own the home at 320 Dehart Street in West Lafayette, Ind., that we are trying to sell by owner. How do I get that info corrected on your website?
Some current info you list is wrong and I would like to add a current picture so folks can see what the place actually looks like.
This has been sold months ago why is it still advertised?
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REMOVE PICTURE from Trulia's homepage for advice, etc.
HELP!!!!! PO-LEEEEEZ defriend me!!! NOT because I do not "like" Trulia. Rather, it's due to my not wanting to endorse any entity with my picture. I lean on Trulia for information frequently and will…
How do I change search criteria that determine the emails of available properties? I am receiving listings that don't fit my needs
The areas I'm interested in are Dupont, Foggy Bottom, Logan, Chinatown, West End for a 1/BR/1BA furnished apt starting in Dec. with rent under $3000. I'm getting alerts for many other areas.
I may have been hacked in Trulia and wondering if this has happened to others?
I am an agent. The other day I started receiving calls from other agents responding to my supposed request for information via Trulia about a town where I work. Of course I did NOT make this request.…
This house is 1036 sq ft, and not 732 sq.ft. This is what is in the public record. You have been negligant in this posting. Take down immediately
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Trulia - why aren't the most recent posts showing up on the main page of the Q&A section?
This glitch seems to come and go every day! Only the very first answer that was posted on a forum shows up when a new response is given!
Well, the recurring "system glitch" is back- no recent posts are shown on the main page
this is a recurring glitch - almost daily and/or nightly - it comes and goes - when you respond to a question, your response will not be seen on the main page if others have already posted something in…
Trulia - are you aware of a system glitch that seems to occur EVERY night?
The glitch is that only the first response posted on all the forums shows up on the main page, rather than showing the most recent post, which is what is supposed to occur - this"glitch" seems to happen…
What properties have recently sold in my area and for what price?
How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas do they have? Which ones have a pool and or hot tub?
Hello, Do you list roommate shares?
I have a 3 bedroom, 1 & 1/2 bathroom townhouse I am looking for roommates to share with
Someone took my listing without permission from MLS and post it here in Trulia with much lower price to scam renters. Where should I report this?
The listing in Trulia for 7633 Jonathon Ct., Missouri City, TX 77489 is incorrect and NOT authorized by either owner or listing agent.
are there any house's for rent that allow pets?
Our pet is a Belgan Shepard and is our son's companion who is down syndrome.
Why don't I get an update when a house has been removed from the market?
It seems like the listing just ends up without a picture and no additional information. If I have signed up for updates and am following the property, I should be informed when the house is no longer…
I am having a problem with several of my listings they show up as "Unknown" secondly when i try to "Add" listings on this property to relist.
it is not allowing me to select this properyt. Why is this? I have several properties this is occuring to. Please advise.
Why does the Home Prices heat map for Smyrna have so few areas on it?
It only has associations in the Southern part of Smyrna, no Forest Hills, etc.
My parents have 5 acres for sale on Birch Bay Lynden Road - how do I place an ad for sale by owner?
5 Acres for sale - Birch Bay Lynden Road How do I best place an ad for sale by owner? Thanks, Monika
Trulia - you seem to have another/new glitch in your system! When one goes to leave a "reply" to a comment - it automatically "Thanks" the person,?
and gives them a Thumbs Up without you clicking on that option! I am sure this will make a lot of people happy, but it's still a glitch!
100% profile completeness
Do you feel that asking a question and writing a blog for 100% profile completion is a little extensive? I mean I understand Trulia wanting you to promote yourself, I mean obviously that's why agents…
I need to change my email address, but when I try trulia says that is already in your system. It probably is, its mine and I need to combine my site.
please change my: to be my correct email of My trulia site is Holly Jones, Hudson Wi.
wrong information
Can Trulia please update your website to show the correct number of bedrooms and baths for my property? My house is at 3813 W 176th Street, Torrance CA 90504. Local/county records were corrected four…
Is Trulia turning into Craigslist?
I've noticed a growing number of questions posted on Trulia that resemble Craigslist postings--they're of no benefit or interest to anyone but the poster and are essentially "housing wanted"…
how do i change a status on a listing from unknown to active.?
i have listing 2288 Norris rd Butler, TN it showes up on trula as expired but it is not how do i re activate it. it is on lakehouse dot com as active. Why is it not still active on your site. Please…
How do I move the map pointer to the actual location of my home on trulia?
My home, 203 Edgewater Dr. is marked about 1/4 mile down the road from it's actual location. The actual location is between the lake and Edgewater Dr, west of the intersection of Mountain View Dr.
Trulia not responding to request to take down pictures of a house I recently purchased
I've emailed them on three occasions with no response. Any suggestions about how to get them to respond to my request due to privacy concerns?
Can you list For Sale By Owner on Trulia?
Can you list For Sale By Owner on Trulia
Have a lovely house for sale in NC. What can I and/or the real estate company do to bring more attention from your site?
Is there an ad or feature that I/we could purchase such as river property or boating or nature?
I posted a new listing through Postlets and requested it to download to Trulia. It did not. However there is an old posting for the property.
How can the current listing replace the old posting? The property is at 2920 W. 125 St., Leawood, KS 66209. I am a Realtor with Reece and Nichols in Leawood, KS 66211. My email is
I am a Realtor and when I check on Trulia, my listing information is terribly inaccurate. My data does not match our MLS information. Please advise.
My listings included one that went under contract quite awhile ago, and has since closed. It did not include all of my current listings. The one listing that shows up has an incorrect price. According…
I think that you all may have a scammer on you site what do I do?
I recently sent a request about a home listed in Lexington, KY..A few days later I received an email from the supposed home owner saying that they had decided to release the realtor and were renting the…
I tried to claim my listing and did not get an email i can i add my listing without that .?
I want my listing to show and it is still saying i have no listings and it wont let me try to claim it again.
Where do i find details on a shared well?
We are purchasing a short sale and it lists the water source as domestic well/shared well. Would this mean the well is on our property but others share it? Or that we are sharing someone else's well? and…
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