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I have been using Top Producer for my contact data base and sycing my information to my Blackberrry but I
just received a apple I phone and I would like to know what program I need to exchange my contacts to my I phone and keep Top Producer on my laptop? Any ideas?
Basement Square footage??
How is basement square footage counted in living space? For instance, if a master b/r and bath is on lower level but finished out like upper level with windows, etc. would square footage be counted the…
Do you understand What an Infrared Thermal Imaging inspection is ?
Hello to all This is my first post. My question is Do you understand what an Infrared Thermal Imaging home Inspection is and the how important this type of inspection is ? For more information please…
Any Coldwell Banker Agent getting good Tech Support in their office even though they are using a MAC?
I have not gotten brilliant support from out Tech guy and I am wondering if any of you has. Do we have to be singled out because of the MAC? I took my Mac overseas and I was very pleased with being…
Basement Square footage part 2
If a home has a basement "workshop" that is heated and cooled, but has low ceilings - 7 ft and is only attached to basement garage...not living area of house - how much value would you give about 500 square…
Realtor who does property management?
My condo is on the market, and I need to rent it out. I would like to keep it on the market. How do I find a realtor that also does property management? Is there a list somewhere? I'd need to rent it out…
I'm looking for a hosting site for my podcasts allowing me to link them unbranded.
Does anyone know of a youtube...but without the contact information links.
Talking House
I have two brand new Talking House Transmitters for sale at a discount price
how can i upload video of properties?
is this available? what codec/format must it be in?
I have a condo I cant sell (or rent). I am getting married. If I defualt on the loan. Will it affect her?
credit rating? Will she be able to buy property in the future by excluding me from any furture loan process
Is anyone using their TREO with the Supra eKey?
Any issues? Anything I need to know?
I am unable to upload my picture to my profile. Every time I try it it gives me an error.
Can I e-mail you the picture and have you upload it for me please?
Realtors, are you using Video in your marketing plan?
Are you using videos of listings, video emails, live broadcasting, blogging or padcasting? How are you reaching your cusotmers and are you niche advertising? Would you use a very inexpensive system that…
Why can't I brand this house as my own?
When I look at my listings not all of them show up, so when i do a search in the "Find your listings on Trulia" search so that i can add the house to my listings it doesnt show up, but when i search in…
Do you Twitter? I am seeing and hearing a huge buzz everywhere on tv and the net about Twitter.. after doing
some investigating I found this a great tool for agents to use... Imagine having a captive audience of thousands of followers waiting for your Tweets! You can blast just about anything to your followers…
Does any on line listing like trulia show length of time on market?
I am curious to find how long listing have been on the market in order to gage an appropriate offer to make?
Appraiser What would an appraiser use for value.
Cabin hauled into property setting on cement blocks. 3 season, old cabin, electric, sewer?? out house Would you give it any value on appraisal
Any realtors looking for a free website?
My company is running a pilot program for a module we've written and are looking for real estate agents to test it out. As part of the program, you'll receive: 1. 1 yr free domain and hosting 2. Free…
e-mail fax recommendation please
Just comparing some e-mail fax options. Seems that efax is by far the most expensive and the low cost / free fax service ones have too many limitations. I want to 'own' my fax number. Apparently, we still…
Got an Oceanfront penthouse with an oversized kingsize bed to share (for under 200K)?
Why Coldwell......Keller Williams is 3rd in the nation. Are you here part time or all the time? 321-432-1993 is my cell. Meanwhile, there must have been a glitch in your plaxo-it told me to wish you a…
Is the Zillow value a reasonable estimate of what one could expect from an appraisal?
The zillow estimate for our house is $282,000 (which is in line for our neighborhood) but an appraisal came in at $220,000? I can understand some variance but this difference seems unreasonable. I am…
I have a central florida estate for sale. With a great website. How do I get the site seen internationally?
Do you know of any websites where I can post so international buyers are more likely to see it? What about horse owner?
Is there a way to tell how long a house has been on the market?
I have been using and Is there a way to see the exact number of days on the market?
I switched over to a Mac but I am struggling with contact management. Any suggestions?
I am struggling with contact management using the Mac. Top Producer Company offers management services; however, they are not fully compatible with the Mac. Are there other companies offering effective…
I am doing reseach to find the first owner of a property in Hunker. This property was owned by Henry Beeson
back in the 1830's. I have the current ownership name and Map Number. Who can I pay to trace this property ownership back to the first land grant owner. Bob email
What does"TotUp/Mn" mean?
I'm trying to figure out what "TotUp/Mn" means when looking at an RMLS listing under "residence information". I know it has something to do with the square footage. I always thought that unfinished basement…
Where can I find a list of all the condo complex names in San Diego...specifically North Coastal
Where can I find a list of all the condo complex names in San Diego...specifically North Coastal. I know that I can go through the MLS and pick out the names but I was hoping for a list that is already…
How do you save the visual tour to stay at the correct location. It is really 15 clicks to the West.
-- This question is about this property:
In Bergen County, NJ, what is the exact definition of what is considered a "Bedroom"??
I am having trouble proving to Town Hall personnel that my house was, in fact, a three bedroom before an addition was put on in 1991. The bedroom in question is being used as my son's room, but it has…
What is the best website to find out about new developments and rehabbed buildings?
I'm already searching on the tribune site and yochicago, but is there another site listing new developments that aren't on the MLS? It seems like every building I come across has been on the market for…
Do realtors use virtual assistants?
I run a small virtual assistant company in which admins work for individuals or small businesses from our office and charge per hour or project. Before branching into this market, I would be interested…
Could you please tell me what is meant by the term HUD home.?
Hello again, I'm just looking at U.S. real estate (again), and was wondering what this meant.
How can I get most hits?
How can I post listings to get most hits?
What do I look up on the Internet to fiind the statistics on my house (lot size, etc)? Is it the Recorder's?
office? I was told by an appraiser that my house had central air, when in fact, it does not. How do the wrong stats get listed with the county? How do I dispute those wrong stats? It makes my house appear…
The property next to me has been vacant since I moved into my new home in Newport Beach, CA a few months ago.
- How can I find out who the owner is? I have looked up county tax records and through a couple of other sites, but no homeowner is listed. Neighbors have no idea. – Our homes are only 6’…
Can you export recent home sale data from your website? Excel Export
Can you export recent home sale data from your website? Excel Export
Im in tupelo ms, and ive looked on my local mls for a general market anylasis but it doesnt show anything
after the end of 06 im kinda a new invester so im going to need to see a up to date anylasis on homes every day and im not going to call my agent on every house i look at is there any where for me to look…
where to find historic data market trend for Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730?
from 4/2001 through 4/2003 for a 1-bedroom on 10 acres?
What's the advantage of signing up for and paying for Trulia Pro?
Is anyone out there getting any benefits from it?
RE: Listing Chanticleer Lane, Hinsdale IL, Ginny Stewart listing
This is not the correct picture of the home that is listed for sale. How can I change it? Or how do you change it? It is correct in the MLSNI. It is correct on every other feed. Please advise. Thank…
I would be interested in knowing how many real estate professionals use Twitter in their business, and if
real estate consumers find Twitter useful in the real estate buying and selling process.
how can I view property tax information for current and past sales? thanks
how can I view property tax information for current and past sales? thanks
Looking for information on 1 acre lots in Guthrie, Ok.
Where to place new M.H. in 1 acre lot town Guthrie
how can I find the floor/room measurments of my townhome in Stonegate?
want to re-carpet a room but not sure of exact floor size.
where can I get a list of sold homes for a particular neighborhood in los angles?
I want a list of house that sold in Beverly Center (Los Angeles, California) in November Where would I get that information
If I have my own blog via blogger and now have a blog on Trulia and Active Rain - do I have to post to all 3?
What I mean is I want to have the same content on all three blogs -- is there a way to point my Trulia and Active Rain blogs to my regular blog, which is hosted by blogger?
I am looking for property with flexible financing or assumable loans. Is there a web site for that, other?
than HAVEMYHOUSE.COM. They have no listings in my area; Longview, Texas
finding a lender on a property
How can I find out who a seller used for their mortgage company? Can I find out who the lender is on a property that is off the market? Thank you
How to identify out-of-date listings?
I got excited recently when a new group of listings appeared for houses in my (seriously restricted) search area. When I sent them to my agent to check out, he responded that all but one of them were…
What is your expectation for a response time from a real estate agent? Do you prefer a call, txt msg or email?
Trying to get a sense of what prospective homebuyers expect and want in terms of response time from a real estate professional regarding the market conditions, homes for sale, etc. Do you expect an hour…
Where can I find a rental? And why do Real Estate Agents not answer my emails or return voicemails?
Looking for a rental home. Maximum rent 900. 2 bedrooms, 1000 sqaure feet. In a nice, safe neighborhood. Needs to be one living level because of wheelchair access. Any suggestions?
Lets Talk Website Visits!
Ok, my website is now receiving over 100 unique visits a day (very established and #1 on Yahoo for over 15 really competitive local search strings). At this point, I'm many visits are you…
Do you have a blog?
This is a question for my fellow Professionals: Do you have a blog? One that you update more than once a week? If you do...then reply here and get some link love, but more importantly, reply here so…
If I tear down a house on my property, will this lower the property taxes?
I have a large piece of property, with a lot of woods. There are 2 houses on it, a well kept house, and a small, older and abandoned house. If I tear down the old house, would this lower the taxes on the…
why do you pay property tax, and is it paid every month or yearly?
My husband and I are hoping to reloate to The USA within the next 3-4 years. I've been looking at real estate and see that on some properties you pay tax and others you don't. I was just wondering what…
How do I get his head in the picture?
Any advice on getting my husbands head back in the picture. I am not quite sure where the easiest place is to reformat it. Thanks for your advice!
What is the max number of hits on my Real Estate website can I get from the TRULIA site in one day?
A number of agents don't believe me how useful this site is, so I am passing along my website to prove them wrong that I can get over 1,000 hits in one 24 hour period!!! Help me out, and prove that TRULIA…
what are the patterns you identify with real estate data using data mining?
information about data mining tool, patterns used for figuring out market conditions..
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