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What software do I use to display my sales transactions on a display monitor?
I have seen several real estate offices use a display montior to showcase their listings instead of the white board. I can display Excel file on an LCD monitor, but is there a software that would do a…
My family desperately wants to leave Maine to Nc before winter we need to sell before we can purchase new home
Is there any way to get into a Nc Home while waiting on the sale of our Maine home??
Can I use my security as my last months rent?
My lease is up in September and the apartment is in 100% better condition then when I moved in can I use my security as my last month
Is there a building code for how far the bathroom cabinet should be from the commode?
We are having a house built and upon return from vacation saw that the bathroom cabinets and the commode were installed. The problem is that they are really close to each other, I'm estimating somewhere…
We are looking for afurnished house or apt to rent short term. About 3 months. It's just myself and my
husband who is building a water tank in South Mountain. We are leaving this Saturday to come down. ANY HELP OR ADVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED. The Holroyd's Pelham, NH
I have rented a home to some people that have been late with their rent payment for 3 and 1/2 years. They
lied on their application to FHA and told them they lived with parents. They are still in my rental home and owe me 3 monthe back rent. What can I do about this?
I've just come into some property in Pikeville that I would like to visit. However the property does not have
a 'real' address, only a location from what I assume is a county tax assessor's map.I don't know who originally handled the sale of the property. I am guessing I would need a plat map to locate the property?…
when investing in multi's or flipping single families, is there a list passed around by insiders that?
recommends contractors,electricians,carpenters,etc? I have only lived in the manchester area for a short time.
Listing info wrong
I have co listed 1919 Brigadoone Lane, Florence SC 29505 with my broker in charge. Trulia shows this property has 4 Baths. All other web sites have the correct number of Baths which is 3. How do I get…
I want to rent my Townhome, and move in with my mom to pay off bills. Where doI find rules for renting?
property in my area, Independence, Missouri? Do I need a lawer to help with this, so I do everything right and not jeapordize my property?
how do thay get sq ft per house?
reason for asking my house is custom. 5004 sq ft ,4 beds,7 baths,2 acres all usable built 1996, averything remodeled 2006 bath rooms,floors,paint,gated,lited,landscape its like new. we ask for refinance…
I am purchasing a property in Boca/Delray, and in the beginning, we will just be snowbirds. Any advice on?
the most efficient phone and internet plans in the Delray/Boca area?
average remodeling price per square foot in wayne nj
remodeling price per suare foot for kitchen, bathroom, basement and living room/bedroom in wayne nj
Realtors: How do you feel about using online video to market your listings?
I don't see a whole lot of real estate video for listings in the SF Bay Area. What are some of the hesitations for realtors?
How do I get the compariables changed?
I have a home that is on a golf course and has a Puget Sound view. My house is being compared against homes that have neither. How do I get the compariables charged?
What are typical responsibilities of a landlord when it comes to any maintainence such as carpets and windows?
I am a landlord right now and rented out a townhouse in Princeton NJ for two years. I was wondering what are the typical maintanence items that are landlord's responsibility as supposed to the renter's?
Hello, everyone. I am not from USA of GB, so I don't understand some meanings.
Hello, everyone. I am not from USA of GB, so I don't understand some meanings. In one real estate webpage I was adding my flat and I found this phrase Agent Commision and I could chose from 1 to 5 % or…
If I convert my Calif home to income, can I write off the cost of improving (adding on) against any income?
Since the improvements will be more that ten times the expected rent, can I average it out over time? And finally, what do I need to do to return it to owner occupied to make use of the $500,000 gains…
How do you go about getting seashell stucco to stick to the house?
Having problems with the seashell stucco sticking to the house
is there a free site that lists real estate transfers?
according to last name with sales price, date of sale and property address
i would like to find an address how do u find one tha is in your town
I am looking for my kids address or phone # how do I go about finding
if a property is zoned RA5, can a private club be built on it?
King County, WA is where the property is located
Without me reinventing the wheel ~ Tell me what YOU do.
Selling Real Estate is my passion. The toughest part for me has been to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing without spending my children's college fund to do so. I would like advice from other…
How can I add the NEW CONSTRUCTION tag line to my listings?
I have noticed that you are very limited to changes to your listings. There is no "control panel" or any back end options what so ever. So how can I add the NEW CONSTRUCTION tag line? Is it an auto feed…
When will I know the status of my data feeds?
I am a web vendor with four data feeds. I have uploaded them but never received any indication that they were OK. I have uploaded feeds in the past and I'm sure they're well formed, but none of my properties…
Are there any options to link my photo to existing listings?
I am currently using the Agent Featured Listings package in order to add my photo to the listings that are feed from the MLS. I believe, I had received an email stating that agents who's listings are automatically…
Is it beneficial for real estate agents to have their personal picture on business cards?
Do people find value in this type of marketing -beyond entertainment value? Not that I'm against it, just want to hear what the folks we serve thinks about the issue.
zoning information
what zone im i in
Is there a place to access lists of low-income or public housing in Nassau County?
This info seems to get conveniently omitted during showings...
How can I find a way to view a home I am considering buying at winter haven Lehi Utah?
I am considering this for investment. The address is 2791 W Chestnut St.Lehi, Utah 84043. Please Help!!!
short sale
Will my lender know if a lawsuit is pending against me for fraud? Will it destroy my chance for selling my property in a short sale?
What is your feeling on unbranded websites?
many agent have created unbranded website or the brand is some place real small that could be over looked. These sites are designed to generate leads. As many have discused professional, does this help…
Is anyone using a community website? If so, what vendor?
If you are farming a community and using a community site I would love to gather some feedback. What vendor are you using? What was the start cost? What was your experience with setting up the site? Most…
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