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Can I qualify as 1st time home buyer if wife does not?
My wife bought home before we were married. I moved in. She is now ready to sell and relocate. I have not owned my principal residence since 2002 and otherwise qualify as first time borrower. If I…
I need some help....non-Trulia related. I have a hotmail account that has stopped working properly...
I can receive mail but I can't delete any messages or move them to they are just piling up in my inbox. I can't reliably respond to any of them and this is my main email. This has…
This is an unusual request. My father, Mr Gwynne David Jones at the above address, died on the 19th of
December 2007. At this point I am trying to find out the names of the people living on either side of him because someone buried him, but i don't know where, and I need to obtain my birth certificate,…
What is prescriptive easements or adverse possession. Give the meaning of one or the other and give an exampl
What is prescriptive easements or adverse possession. Give the meaning of one or the other and give an example please.
I was just ready about Adjaz for craigs list ads. I have been blocked from CL for using Adjaz URL in my ads. Now they are blocking all my ads and I
am just an investor my ads are perfectly human as they say on CL. I have received email answers from both CL and Adjaz. Adjaz says they are working on the problem. CL tells me to erase some number on…
I work from home via the internet. I am a pharmacist and enter orders for a number of hospitals . What are tax deduction option for my home office?
The company supplies the computer equipment, but I most supply the internet connection. The hospitals are in WV and VA (soon in Ohio too). I work at night - seven days on -seven days off.
Finding selling and buying agents on the web
For a certain property, I can find lots of information online, like current owner, recent sales price, tax info, etc. But something I have not been able to find is who represented the buyer and seller,…
what real estate blogs about south florida are you reading?
I've started a weblog which tries to follow the state of South Florida foreclosures. What are your news sources?
I'm looking for a single family home to rent in Rhode Island (within about 40 minutes of Providence). Since
there is no centralized rental database as there is with homes for sale, how can I best search for these listings? I've been wasting so much time trying to find websites for local reatlors in each town…
Does your Tweet squawk?
Please, when you are typing those 145 characters, think about your purpose. Are you just makeing yourself busy...are you simply taking up precious space and time or have you envisioned a real purpose? Before…
What is FHA loan ?
- I will like to know what is FHA loan ? - What are pros and cons of taking it over Traditional loan ? - Can a person already having Home outside USA, qualify for this loan ?
Web 3.0, is it too soon to discuss?
Hi Guys, wanted to get your feedback on a theory I have. Looking ahead to Web 3.0 so we can be first to market with the technologies and tools thatwill come from it. I would like to start a discussion,…
How do I get more links to my website?
Building links is a cornerstone to good seo, finding, cultivating, and swooning other sites to link can be easy or hard, its up to you.
What is your favoriate camera and why. I am looking at the canon rebel. It is pricy but it appears to have really high satisfaction.
Canon also seems to ba able to grow with you. What is your favorite and why. I personally want one with a view finder. I really do not like the lcd screens out in the sun to take photos.
how do you see your report card?
how do you see your report card
Hi, I have listings on my account under Martin Bressem. Every week your system deletes more than half of my listings and I have to re-input them.
Can you please let me know why this is happening and how I can fix this situation, as it is very time consuming. Thank you
What is the best vendor/source to automatically take my listings from my local MLS and have them auto entered?
I just recently opened my own real estate office and left a very established office. I now need to get my listings, and the listing from my office on to trulia .. zillow .. etc.... AND I really wasnt…
Where can I find online South End apartment/condo rental listing?
This is for my daughter taking Master Public Health at Boston U this January 08. She can share or sublet with another student. Thanks.
tenants privacy rights in nc
When can landlords enter the tenants property?
Is there any property management in Flint Michagan?
I have a 2bdrm house that needs renting in Flint I have never been there. I need someone to go look at it and let me know what it needs and get it rented out, handle renters, and possably workers
how much insurance do I need to do trash outs, and my countie does not have a lic. for trash outs what do i do?
Im presently doing trash outs for a sub contractor, so Im really down the line on the money,I only get 200.00 to do everything,thats ,trash out,maid service, mowing and edging. Im very good at what I do…
Anyone know the public search site for the Jeffersonville, Indiana and Louisville, KY MLS's?
I'm looking at a small business there, and the possibility of buying a condo/townhome. Here in Nashville, there is a public version of the MLS, and the private which we Real-it-ters use,,…
Hi All I had come across a web site a few months ago that connected real estate investors who wanted to own property jointly. It was an online
community where you could look up the listings and partner with someone to do the investing. Can anyone please send me the link to that web site. Thx
We are considering moving from FL to TN (young, active retirees). We've visited Crossville, and like it, but aren't sure if it's too
small for us. We loved the climate, but wonder if we would like Chattanooga, Nashville, or Knoxville better. Crossville lacks better restaurants/grocery selection (seafood!), and bike trails. Where should…
Where does one go to get a home appraised for a divorce settlement? I have been advised that I don't need
the most expensive kind of appraisal, but I do need something from someone. This is uncharted territory for me. any help would be appriciated. Leslie
What do you guys do with all of the junk faxes you get???
I get two or three a day. I used to get 10 to 15 but I came up with a plan. I wonder what you guys do????? Gary De Pury Broker-Owner Bay Vista Realty
I am a web entrepreneur interested in developing a website that can pull real estate listings from an MLS
using RETS. Do I need to be a realtor to get access to the MLS? I only need basic listing info and not the complete set.
I have a 4000 sq ft home that is partial adobe. It currently is heated with a wood stove and gas forced air heat (which I hate.) The gas plumber has
said that the unit requires about 300.00 for coding. We spent 4000.00 on gas last year and I am wanting to know what to do with my heating!!! I am looking at baseboard and now am confused about electric…
how do i look for land for sale?
anywhere In Vidor Texas 77662
Use of twitter ....
How does one know if anybody is reading posts? George @geoszk
Are you or someone you know a Victim of Mortgage Modification Scams and Foreclosure Rescue Scam?
Question / Tech Tip : If you're falling behind on your mortgage, others may know it, too including con artist and scam artists. They know that people in these situations are vulnerable and often desperate. If…
Recommendations for stream-lined web-site.
Going to get my .com up and running and would like recommendations on preferred providers and content. How do you drive visitors to your site, what do they see when they get there, and how do you get…
If you were going to buy a new smart phone - which one would you buy?
I currently have a verizon smart phone xv6700 and it is getting old. I want wireless email, good phone, bluetooth, and camera. Thanks.
linking to trulia
how can I link to a trulia property details page from my website using an address and zip
trying to find out about a home empty for 3 or more years and I am interested in renting or possibly
help I am really trying to find out about a home and dont know where to go and look . 160 Russell ave austintown ohio I am really interested in the home
where can I find trends in RE prices back to 2003 in Amelia ilsand, fl?
I want to find how how the current value of homes comp[ares to what was paid in 2003/2004. (Several townhomes are on the market and they sold new the end of 2003/beginning 2004 when the market was very…
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