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Has anyone read "The SEO Book" by Aaron Wall?
I am currently reading "SEO for Dummies" by Peter Kent (no snickers or jokes, please...); however, so far have found it to be top level or very generic. Looking for the latest tips & tricks in the art…
What is the best tool for showing Real Estate listings to clients?
As real estate agents, many times we have to offer/show some other houses to our clients when they don't like/are not interested in the house that we are showing to them. So far, I only explain to…
Mobile Website: Using mobile property pages for each listing?
Are you marketing properties with mobile websites? Interesting video here: It explains how using mobile can help produce more listings (and help market the property…
On my two listings what does the little square mean with (not featured mean?
Should I have these checked? And how do I check who has looked at the listings. I have some more to ad this week and I need to know what I am doing wrong.
There's been a lot of talk about mobile websites lately, how many have actually gone and made your site mobile friendly and had it mobile optimized?
Just asking to see the amount of people who have dived into the mobile world as well as how people have started with it. If any services are recommended, I'd like some information about that, as I want…
Which websites can we post our rental listing for free ?
Have it on Craig's list and, are there any other places to list it...
I am a Realtor considering investing in a personal website for my business.
I am very skeptical of the value proposition and would like recommendations by other Realtors who have websites and believe in the investment as something that cost justifies itself.
My photos aren't displaying on hand held devices. Is there a reason?
Photos of our rental property display on our computer but not on our phones
Have you received or sent a "Just Sold" Postcard? Was it effective?
I've seen agents send out a "Just Sold" postcard when they sell a house in a neighborhood where they want to generate more business. I'm wondering if you have received a "Just Sold" postcard in your mailbox…
I get numerous recommendations in my e-mail that are hidden. They are not like or saved.
I get numerous recommendations in my e-mail that are hidden. They are not like or saved. How do I fix it so that 'hidden' are not notified every day
Can I add photos of the homes I've sold and entered into my profile?
I uploaded my listings and sales but there's no photo. How can I add a photo?
Without craigslist in Lafayette, IN, where do you go for rental listings?
Looking for single family homes, 3/2, family-friendly neighborhoods, and good schools.
What do you think about the free Massachusetts home value website
Do you think the home values are accurate and the site is easy to use?
Looking for Bedminster nj StoneRun townhouse/condo
show me for sale townhomes/comdo in Bedminster nj 07921
What are you doing different out there with your OPEN HOUSES?
I am making sure every open is on line everywhere including the papers online too...putting out open sunday riders and personally inviting my entire email mailing list, post it on my fanpage on Facebook…
i need to find out the owner of property located at 10 rosemunn drive, little rock, arkansas 72205?
i believe that this is a drug house and my daughter lives next door
Is there a search tool that allows you to exclude mobile homes and reliably includes lot size criterion?
I'm seeking a property in the Huntsville, Texas area. 150K or less, situated on 1 acre or more, preferably with a pond, and NOT a manufactured home.
How can i add MLS to my site if im not a Realtor?
I run a fairly popular real estate web site in a small town (its fsbo but i would like to add other stuff). I do not have access to mls listings, do you think a local realtor would allow me to list mls…
We need to fire our current IDX provider and find another. Any recommendations?
As a Windermere agent, we currently have a modifiable IDX links, however the look doesn't match our branding. It matches Windermere's. We currently have our other 2 download agreements being used, but…
What company provides the very best IDX service?
I would like to provide accurate data to web surfers at a reasonable cost. Miami-Dade and South Broward
I am considering residing with vinyl in Rehoboth, MA. It's an older home, 1952 with original cedar shakes.
How would vinyl affect resale value compared with wood siding? Do you see any trends of people looking for vinyl in relation to low maintenance?
Free MLS lookup by MLS number?
I'm just looking for a web site that will allow me to lookup properties by MLS ID. I'd prefer to be able to pass in the MLSID on the web address, but if I can get a couple suggestions from the group here,…
iOS or Android or Windows
Which operating system, iOS (Apple) or Android (Google) or Windows (Microsoft) is better for a real estate agent (i.e. has the best apps, easiest to use, etc...).
What is normal ratio between asking price and assessed price?
I am looking to buy a house in Satasota/Bradenton/Naple/ I found agent and he send list. Q: Is it normal ratio between asking price and assessed price? Ratio is almost 2:1 (!!!) Here is examples:…
You posted a photo of a floor tiled with pennies. I like that idea and want to try it. Please send me the directions and materials needed.
What type of resin was used? What is the base or subfloor? How do I attach the pennies to the subfloor? Thanks!
PRO-E 90 water softener system from R&M Water Group,
I have a PRO-E 90 water softener system from R&M Water Group, the softener came with the house I bought, R & M Water Group has been out of business for years. Does anyone know where to get service…
Does anyone know whether or not I can rent an apartment to a section 8 tenant in Historic Pullman in?
Chicago? I can't seem to find an answer, but a couple of people in the community insist that is so. Help?
IPhone or Android?
I'm a realtor and believe it or not, I'm about to purchase my first smart phone. I have a MAC laptop and my kids say I should get the IPhone. Is one smart phone better over the other in the real…
Has anyone tried a Kodak Flip video camera for 'You Tube ?
I was in a technology class this week and the instructor recommended the Flip by Kodak when creating a " You Tube " segment. I did find one on Amazon for $49
Does anyone know what is the best broad ban service to purchase? I want to be able to take my lap top to open
houses and connect to the internet > Im looking for the best connection and price. Thanks Helene M Moore Windermere Prestige Properties.
Do you have a list of the home owners associations?
Home owners Association addresses and phone numbers
What are some good sources of information about real estate conditions in Orlando?
I was wondering if there were any specific publications or websites that specifically talk about what is going on in the Orlando Real Estate market?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO's), the good the bad the Ugly!!!
Who uses SEO's, How much does it cost and what are the Returns???
Is it easy to get a building permit there?
Are there special restrictions on sloped lots
The web site keeps asking to put a cookie on my mac, whenever I turn on cookies. A long while back I registered with Wachovia to see their REO listings, now I can't find…
Can anyone recommend someone to build a rooftop deck in Chicago. I keep getting mixed answers from
contractors over the phone on whether it can be done or not. I see them all over the place on old buildings and this would be in a new construction two it really a bad idea? any advice will be…
Does anyone know how to find REOs without signing up for a service?
Hello, I'm new to the valley and don't think on my meager six digit salary I'll ever be able to afford a home. (Who DOES buy these $800,000 homes anyway??) . I was thinking about trying to find an REO…
list of rentals for coquille?
is there anyone with a list of home rentals for coquille that I would be able to find online?
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