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Foundation Findings? What is acceptable variation in the foundation? I hear 2-3 is the norm and that no
foundation is ever 0'd out? One engineer tells us that it slopes and to have it repaired. The other says there are slight variations but does not suggest any repairs? The slope claiming engineer used…
Trulia app. It working
In the past when I clicked on a trulia listing from a Google search it would automatically open the listing in my trulia app. Now it just opens in standard version or asks if I'd like to open in…
I need 2 line phone advice for my home office.
Looking for input on 2 line phone systems with 4 wireless handsets. I am running 2 lines through the system I currently have, a Siemens 8825 gigaset which has failed. They ask that you mail it in for possible…
change password
change old to new
please delete the interior photos of our home at 2594 east ocean ave., ventura, ca 93003
we closed on the home on 11/22/14 and do not want the interior photos of our home on your website. thank you. -william lenehan
Do realtors find value in going to tradeshows?
As an owner of a natural hazard disclosure company and an affiliate to the real estate industry, I will be participating in an upcoming September tradeshow for the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors…
Links to Trulia will not open on iPad!
All that happens when clicking on a Trulia link on an iPad is a launch of the Trulia App splash screen - asking you to view it in the app - or not. It won't allow either selection from that point. This…
from iPhone email. click link to view houses- safari open but no choose to open APP. used to but not in my new iPhone .
from my new iPhone 6. when i received email from trulia , if i click link safari open, usually ask me to choose open App . says i need to download app. but i have app in my phone already. can't connect…
Can you upload more than 1 photo at a time?
Trulia seems to take a long time when uploading photos due to the fact that each individual photo needs to be selected. Multiple photos uploads don't seem to be present.
Which is the best web design company in New York ?
I want to hire a Web design company which will design my website with excellent skills and will help to increase traffic to my website by creating attractive and impressive website . Thanks in advance…
how do I change my password???
I can't find an option to do this anywhere
Best ways to protect HVAC system from water damage in winters?
Many people contact us for providing solutions for the water damage caused in winters to there HVAC systems. Some of them have quite weird kind of damages. What do you suggest could be a safeguard from…
Foundation problems? To buy or not to buy?
The home we saw today was said to have a 4 1/2" slope on the slab foundation. There are no visible cracks on any walls or windows on the interior or exterior. You can tell there is a slope when in the…
Why am I not able to view my leads?
I keep getting emails saying that I have interested parties in some of my properties but when I try and reply it says that I don't have any leads and it doesn't let me reply.
recently unable to access "more photos"
I have a laptop (PC) and am using Windows 7. All was fine accessing "more photos" until a few weeks ago. No matter which browser I use (Explorer, Firefox, Safari), I cannot see these photos;…
Will you fix my account?
The photo of my home is wrong. The pic is of the house across the street. my address is 1545 ohio ave, va beach, va 23454--your photo is 1544 ohio ave. Elizabeth Parrish
I reply to all of my leads. They all indicate email sent, however many do not show the "return arrow" telling me I have replied.
Under leads I am replied to, many have no "curved arrow" indicating I have done so. Maybe a glitch in the system as my last 3 leads indicated this and i know I replied.
How do I view the additional photos?
In the past I have been able to view the additional photos with the listing but it seems that the format changed and now I can only view the first photo of the listing. I can see the slide of the additional…
I updated my profile however, when I did a search for find an agent with my name Kathy Pusateri, it displays that I work for Coldwell Banker Gundaker
I know longer work for Coldwell Banker Gundaker. I work for Expert Realtors. Will you please make this change.
I wonder if Detroit was on the list for top investing cities by China?
Do any one have the rankings of the top U.S. cities being invested in by China?
Trulia account hacked??
On May 23rd, when looking at properties in the 48098 zip, there were difficulties viewing the listing photos so I clicked on the listing origin, both by and a broker's website to view photos.…
Updating Profile
If I post here more often by answering questions or asking questions, will that update my profile?
What is the fiber-optic broadband like in Mountain House?
The site says there is fiber-optic broadband in all houses. What are the fees associated with this? Does that that include TV service?
Updating my profile
How can I update my profile? It's currently at 75%, but I would like to have it at 100%.
TARMLS and Tablets
I'm looking to buy a tablet for use in the field and the main feature I need is access to the MLS. The TARMLS doesn't function properly on Androids and the iPad won't even let me log in.…
my home sold in '04-'05 what was the price ? i forgot.
450 federal st.01007 John j. Avderson
How accurate is Zestimate? is a quite popular website. How accurate is "Zestimate" value of a property? My take is that it may not be very accurate for a particular house, but on average it gives an idea of values of…
How do I get one of the schools listed as assigned to our home address changed?
We are in the south feeder system of Ankeny, but our listing shows that we are assigned to Northview Middle School, which is incorrect. Our agent says he does not have access to that part of the listing.
CRM Software recommendations.
I am trying to find the best CRM software our there. I do not like TP, not because I can't use it but because it does not work with my MLS
Hi i have this search problem, please see details below.
I'm looking for multiplexes in south east michigan. recently, whenever i check the box to filter out everything besides multi-family properties, it eliminates ALL the properties, and will not show…
I'm a newcomer to the real sales business. I feel I need a website but have no idea where to start to make a
really good realtor's website. I'd appreciate your experienced opinions. thanks
I would love to get some feedback from an objective standpoint. Is my website too cookie cutter?
I want to know 2 it too cookie cutter and is it user friendly? I want to take some suggestions and really upgrade my website this week. Thanks everyone.
Do you experience problems with posting a blog?
I could not post a blog, although I see that new blogs keep appearing on the website. Thank you for any input.
Where can I find out who bought a house next door to me?
The house next door to us was sold due to a divorce. The family that bought it was not there 3 mos and suddenly they were gone. The house was foreclosed on and put up for sale by a reputable real estate…
This question was asked from…
I know there are different systems available to for Realtors to use to build a database (i.e. Mike Ferry, Brian Buffini, Top Producer etc.)
What program do you use and why? What program have you used that you did not like and why?
What's the best carrier for an IPhone?
I'm planning on switching from my Blackberry with Sprint to an IPhone and right now they offer three different carriers - Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. I really like the reception and clarity with…
Domain Hosting
I just bought a domain and looking for reliable Host and low price. Also is there a Host with cpanel that support Real Estate? Thanks in Advance
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