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Is there a website I can find 'sold' properties in Eagle Rock,mo or surounding area's?
I am having trouble finding good comparables for a log home/cabin I am buying (per the appraiser who is helping me). Was told I could try to research myself to find comparison propertys. I cant find…
i have a appartment and i want to rent it to a lady that is on section 8, what must i do as the owner in
order to collect her rent i also want to put in a realters hand also, i'm not going to handle it my self. but because i'm the owner what do i have to do.
how do I find the exact address for property on winston road in rothbury?
Trying to find the exact address of property owned by Fred Gawlik on West Winston Road in Rothbury Michigan?
When agents on the other side of the transaction don't do their jobs- what do you do?
Patrick's post regarding Redfin got me thinking- we have all been there- bad agents, lazy agents, clueless agents, attorneys who are "going to represent themselves" ie, get the commission and let us do…
Can anyone give me advice to start to build a new construction 4,5 or 6 story building envorment friendly and?
area code 60202 and how big 2 bedroom 2 bath and how much or how mach can you send it per score feet?
Just wondering if anybody has had success using as part of their marketing strategy. Are their services and results worth the monthy expense. Thanks in advance.
Need a California real estate license working for owner as commercial property manager receiving W-2
I receive W-2 paycheck, and in payroll. I am a single shopping center manager owned by a single owner. I do have a real estate agent license, because I can not split my W-2 paycheck with my broker, and…
What is the best way to have tenants send in their monthly rental payment, besides using mail?
I will be relocating to another state for my job. I will be renting out my house for about 1 year. I would like to know what your thoughts are on the best method to have tenants send the monthly rental…
how to list a property for sale by owner?
where to list vacant land for sale by owner?
Is there a condo inventory database for Chicago?
Something that shows how many units a complex has and how many that have been sold to date. Does anyone know if something like this exists for the area? Thanks a million!
Why are the online search tools available to the non-Realtor inconsistent?
When I research multiple condo units in the same building, I often find that sales history data (one of the holy grails for the buyer) is not provided consistently. One unit will have an original sale…
Which brokerage firm provides the best training for a new real estate salesperson?
I just passed my RE exam and am deciding on which brokerage firm to join to get trained in this profession? Can the experienced realtors on this website chime in and suggest the firms that are known for…
Where can I get flood plain information for Sauk Village, IL?
I am specifically interested in Sauk village NOT chicago Heights!
Where Do Buyers Seek Advice on Places To Live?
With the internet changing the way people research and gather information, buyers are no longer simply trusting their realtor to help them pick the best location for a move. Many get a second opinion…
I recently purchased a 2 bedroom co-op in Hartsdale, NY and wanted to know where can I locate tax advice?
I do my own filing and needed some tips or information to assist me.
Does anyone know of a an online service where you can post a large amount of pictures for your listings?
on your site without the dizzy effects of virtual tours? It would be great if you could email the listings with pictures to clients also.
I live in Stuart, FL now. I had been in real estate residential, and commercial in the Albany, NY area. I
would like to know if you could use me in this area to gain traffic for your web site? Larry Nadler 772-463-5389
What areas are considered Revitalization areas in Orlando?
I know there has to be a catch to this! The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers single family homes to teachers for 50% off ofthe purchase price. This program is called The Teacher…
I have a problem with my realtor not listing our house through IDX for Garden State MLS. How can I get him to?
do this? I have asked repeatedly and I feel that he is avoiding the issue.
Does Your Trulia Profile Comply?
The Realtor® Code of Ethics section 12-9 spells out information required on an agents website or advertising. Real estate professionals, do you consider your Trulia profile advertising and does your…
looking for apartments/condo
thinking of moving to sarasota and would be renting an apartment or condo.what would be a good website to go to?
If you're the one who's asked a question, and someone has answered
with another question, how are you supposed to answer or give more information about the question you asked?
I have an elderly friend in N.C. who is recently disabled and no longer able to afford mortgage. House is a
1920's Bungalow in fair condition in declining neighborhood and unlikely to sell. What is the best way to dispose of it?
I would like to find the median homes prices for mansfield, tx between 2/04 and 12/07.Where do I find info?
I find this information? Is it available on line? I would like to see how things have changed since I purchased my home. The average sales price it not as accurate since it can be thrown of by a more…
I want to rent a home that I was trying to sell. Since the market is bad, I have to rent it out, but I don't
have a clue on how to go about it. I live out of town. The house was given to me with a mortgage after my mom passed away. I've been paying the mortgage for two years with noone in it. The house is…
Please give your opinion on my redesigned website. I decided to go with a webmaster after dealing with cookie
cutter companies. I AM FREE NOW and enjoying it but want your opinion and ideas; if you feel comfortable doing so.
How do I ad links to my blogs and website?
This is all new to me. Can someone add detailed steps on how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and Happy Holidays.
If I blog about mobile homes, can the same artile (blog) be on my website?
This is all new to me and I want to do it right. Please help me out if you can.
If I want to live in a nice neighborhood, including the area where I would be shopping at, where on the
internet can I look for this kind of information? I would like to live where people are more like me. I am tired of living next to people that are renters, use their garage as an outside living room, the…
Anyone see a new online way to get a free Bank Appraisal?
I have seen a lot of bad press about Zillow and other online sites that just do not measure up, then yesterday I was told how to fine out your properties value free...and being from a BIG Bank like BofA,…
Need to know about a house for sale at 11989 SW 92ND ST, Miami, Fla 33186? What is the price, MLS?
Is there a website where I can see photos of the house. Thanks,
i am looking to rent my house in orlando, florida.
is the amt i receive for it considered income even if all of it goes towards the mortgage? also is the a guide to whitch i can follow?
What is the fastest way to completing the 90 hrs required to take the real estate agents exam?
Is it online or attend the classes with an instructure? I am in Arizona ,all I can find are spread out to where it would take me longer to complete then I wish to. Im looking for classes that are…
Where can i find the latest condo sales record in Miami?
such as when and how much the each units are sold for.
Where can you find out if a real estate market is aggressive or slow?
We're looking in the cedar rapids/ marion Iowa area.
If you live in an area of Marin that is considered County, you do not have city inspections. What changes?
to a structure require a permit? Does a new low-flow toilet? What about replacing an old counter-top with a new granite one? Does replacement of like-kind require a county permit? If there is a list…
My friends Jack-Bonnie Dawson lived in Glouster aand I have lost tract of them...Have you ever heard of them
if so do you know where they live ?? I met them many years ago and would like to send them a Chrismas card,,Your help is appreciated Clifton Vanover 5800 Lumberdale Houston Texas 77092 Phone 7113-686-6839
I'm looking for houses sold in my area to help determine what my home is worth. How can I find out how much?
homes have sold for that are compariable to mine? I want to refinance, but my loan officer told me the value of my house has gone down 10K since last year because of forclosures in the area. It was recommended…
Can someone tell me what this means in simple terms?RECORDING OF AGREEMENT. Tenant shall not record this
Agreement on the Public Records of any public office. In the event that Tenant shall record this Agreement, this Agreement shall, at Landlord’s option, terminate immediately and Landlord shall…
What is your most effective marketing tool?
In todays current market what you finding is your most effective tool to get quality buyers? Also, what do you feel works best to market yourself and also listings?
How often does Trulia's spider make its rounds?
Only my oldest listings appear on Trulia. Does their spider have a name like "google bot" or "slurp"? If I identify it I can monitor its frequency and date.
I know that people don't like to share, or give away their secrets, however; I am curious about something.
Could someone explain to me in layman's terms how search engines work? How do you get your website on the first page? What are things that you can do to help get higher placement? Are their key words?…
Virtual Assistants? What exactly do you do and how much do you charge?
Are there any VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS out there that can work with me online to help with all this tech stuff on sites like these? I don't have teenagers around here in this adult community I live in who grew…
what are timber hollow floors and how are they constructed(detialed)Please help me with information on how ti?
i am a building engineering student and i am carrying out a research on timber hollow 1floors
what is going to be built on or near 226 fonda rd waterford?
how can i find out who bought this parcel (226 fonda rd waterford ny 12188) and what are the plans for it
finding low income housing
am looking for low income housing in the Rockland Maine area
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