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I can't seem to get Trulia to recognize my XML property listings feed .
I have been trying to get our listings up for about a month now. The feed is verified as well-formed and as far as I can tell adheres to the exact specifications Trulia asks for. I have sent two emails…
I would like to lease/rent my property
I have purchased the property listed at 1200 N. INYO ST, Ridgecrest Ca, and would now like to lease or rent the property.
Who do we contact regarding getting homeowner's insurance?
We are thinking of moving back to Florida. We understand that State Farm is no longer writing homeowner's policies. Who can we contact if we just want a general idea of what the costs would be?
My friend found a lot of carpenter bee holes along her house wood trims. Damage and fix
Is it common problem in this area Ann Arbor Michigan? How serious can the damage be? Options for fixing the problem.
I would like to rent a little house or a flat for this summer!!!
I and my friend are going to Wildwood for 3 summer months and we don't have a place to stay. We would like to get something quite cheap and cosy near the beach. It left 2 weeks and we need to find a place…
What are the rules for dogs--R they allowed--what restrictions--etc? thank you
I have 2 small quiet dogs and want a safe place for me and them. With some sort of patio. what are rquirements to allow dogs, how many, lic. where? any details? Also, hoa fees? How do they figure them?…
I am a landlord and currently in a process of evicting a tenant due to unpaid rent.
The house has been in messy condition and who knows how many repairs that we need to do after we gain possesion of the house. Can I file a suit to claim for the damages from the tenant? What is the procedure?
Who are the best (toughest, most qualified, etc) home inspectors you recommend?
I'm looking for ones that will service the San Fernando Valley.
I own a beautiful condo in the Bronzeville/Hyde Park area and I've accepted a job in NJ in which I need to
find a really good renter because I want to keep my place as I do foresee me coming back to Chicago within a couple years. I'm interested in finding a good property mgmt company to help locate good tenants…
If I want to rent a upscale single family home who in Grand Rapids could help me?
Two income professionals with a growing family are relocating to grand rapids for 1-2 years. Looking for a 2000 sq foot upscale property to rent.
Looking for June 13-15 rental in South Lake Tahoe for 12 people close to casinos or lake. Good kitchen and
hot tub. Any sites or real estate agents recommended? Any particular homes? Thanks!
do zoning laws dictate how deep you can dig to put foundation and basement and then first floor?
odd that the new house going up next to me has an entry way which is about 3 to 4 feet below the surface of what was against the stone wall we share - must be a way to get around height limitations - all…
Best web sights for rent/lease options
What is the best website to find rent/lease options homes and rent/lease options duplexs for Columbus, Ohio?
This is not a question, but a correction -- error in listing
The home you have listed at 179 Josiah as being sold in Dec. 2007 is actually 180 Summit. 179 Josiah is a different property, a small cottage that is currently on the market. The confusion is probably…
where can I find online information regarding the filing of a?
where can I find online information regarding the filing of a "notice of trustee sales" for property in stockton? Thank you.
Is there a public MLS listing site (ie. that shows historical asking prices? Also, how long
does a house have to be off of MLS before relisting it resets the date so it looks like a new listing?
Are there any websites that are geared towards European investors who are looking to buy property in Central?
Are there any websites that are geared towards European investors who are looking to buy property in Central Florida?
Is entry into becoming a real estate agent too easy?
What additional restrictions or education should be added? How does it compare to other professions?
I'm starting up a "forum" style Q&A site very much like Trulia Voices and
would like opinions on how well received this type of communication among buyers and sellers will be. Please give me your thoughts on this. Very curious and interested some feed back. Thank you!
How does the msl listing service work?
Is the MLS trademarked? I sometimes see it is. Is it different from the MSL. msl listing.
does any one know of a house or small farm for rent in lake city pa we are relocating and need a house?
my husbands company is relocating back home the boss is from lake city and thats where the company is going can any one tell us if they know of a small farm for rent it doesnt matter what shape, we do…
I want to embed a link to my profile or to my saved listings in a blog post on my Wordpress blog--can I do
this? Here is a link to my blog. I would like to post about some cool country properties I have saved on my Trulia profile and link the blog post back to Trulia. Can…
As a Trulia Nebie,I have three questions. Firstly, what does Live mean beside one of my listings and as I
can't edit, delete or change it in that mode, how do I get rid of it? Secondly, why are the listing dates and paid Featured Homes dates not synchronized to expire on the same date? Thirdly, I'm…
I just joined Trulia and entered 10 listings with 10 photos. After a day all the photos show up under My
Listings but when I click on the listing summary it says Photo Not Available on the actual listing page. This worries me as I have subscribed to the paid enhanced service too. Can anyone explain to…
what happened to the heat maps on
There used to be city heat maps on Trulia. Does anybody know whatever happened to it?
I live in NY and will be taking a sublease in Mesa for May, June & July. Can this be done by proxy or must I?
go there myself. If it can be done by proxy, what do I need to do? I prefer not to fly out just for this, but it just came up. Time is an issue. If anyone is sure of the answer, please let me know.…
need listings for houses available to rent in Pomona,Ca have been trying to find some locations and with very
little success. My price range needs to stay under 1,500,2 bed to 3 and preferably 2 bath but will except if only 1. need addresses and availability date to rent.
if anyone knows any sites that i may go on to look up houses for rent in Pomona,Ca or know of any available
houses that are up to rent please contact me at my email address:
Mineral Rights Denton County, Texas
I own property in Denton County, Texas. How do I find out if I own the Mineral Rights?
we purchased a home and want the listing removed from your site see below for more details.
Please remove 3303 Navasota Circle San Antonio, TX from your listing we purchased the home the end of February 08 it is no longer available the ad shows personal information we do not wish to be public.…
how do i add my site sub-domain to trulia?
My site theme realesate where user can come and create their own subdomains. Each subdomain have user uploaded photos with description to promote their area. Is there possible to add my sub domain to trulia?
After a VERY long time we finally sold our home in Texas. We already bought two acres in Old Iron Town, in
the Dixie National Forest. We are now going to build a 1300 sq ft home there. Any advice. We want to have a basement. (as far as I know very few if any homes in Texas have basements. Proably because of…
I'm looking for a house for rent in Gautier and around area
I'm looking for a house for rent in Gautier and around area, but hardly see the places for rent. Can anyone help us?
Am I obligated to allow my landlord to show my unit while my lease is still valid?
My lease ends on July 1st, 2008 and rent has been paid on time. I do not intend to renew the lease in July, and my landlord wants to give a key to his friend to show the home to potential renters. I…
Travel organization responsibility for delays and being accurately booked?
We recently went on a trip to Croatia. On the return flight, our names were not on the manifest list, thus resulting in a major delay in first destination. We arrived late and were waitlisted on all future…
How can I search for homes that are NOT 3rd party approval?
The '3rd party Short Sale' homes shouldn't be listed alongside 'traditional real estate transaction' homes for sale. Is it at all possible to sort this when conducting a search?
how do i fine tax liens on properties that i can buy?
i would love to become a investour on real estate annd tax lien how do i fine where to go to get the ifo
Is there a reference or source that I can use to assess a property?
I need to find a source that will actually compare units or homes in the same building or street. Its one thing to compare condos in nearby buildings (not very effective since different buildings hold…
Finding home rentals near the Waukesha Area is like pulling teeth. Was interested in a home rental since I'm
moving from out of state (job promotion) while I begin looking for a home purchase after familiarizing myself with the area. I've tried several sites but have found practically nothing. Any help?
I want to find information about homes sold between January and April of 2007, but the Trulia database of
sold homes only goes back to May 2007. Is there anyone who can tell me how to find the information I am looking for...if not on Trulia, then another website?
Finding a Parcel #0599-481-07-0000.InYucca Vally CA. Also the value?
My dad bought a parcel in the 70's.I would like buy it.But i am haveing trouble finding the address?The parcel# 0599-481-07-0000.I was also wodering what it's value is?Also what steps i should take to…
Other than the MLS, is there any tool for the average public to use to see when a property is no longer
available or if fallen out of escrow and is back to being available. I use REALTOR.COM, but it is about a week or two behind in its update.
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