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Looking for 3br/2ba doesn't have to be a house NEED NO DOG BREED RESTRICTIONS OR WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS.
I don't know how apartments or condos work but I want a small fenced backyard if possible and I haven't found anywhere that would allow my Rottweiler. $1600 max husband and I military and I own a house…
Looking for a few rental agencies in estero?
-- This question was asked from this property:
I've found a listing that is a known scam! What do you do in that case!?
Person is listing a home they don't own at very low rents but you are suppose to send $200 dollars to get keys and documents.
Does Trulia answer their Customer Support line & help remove fraudulent listings? I'm not having luck ...
I have a rental listing that has been fraudulently copied. I see my listing duplicated in whole as another property and also my photos used on a second listing. I've been on hold for 45 minutes.…
Looking for a good apartment in downtown chicago.
I was told by a management company I'm financially okay and have good landlord history. But because I have a credit score of 636 they won't rent to me unless I get a co-signer. Are all management companies…
does this property have a HOA?
-- This question was asked from this property:
Can I rent a decent apartment in the loop with a 607 credit score?
My move date is April 1st and I'm estimating it will be a bit higher by then as I am working with a credit repair company to remove questionable items on my report and working hard to pay off current credit…
Qualified Section 8 client
I have a qualified section 8 client looking in Wicker Park or West Town. If you have any properties in that area I will happily refer her to you with no referral fee. Thanks
I'm not able to get a new apartment because of bad reviews given by my current landlord when they call up for verification. How do I get a new?
apt? My current landlord told that I wasn't keeping the apartment neat and tidy. Is there anyway I can get a new apartment in this situation?
Need to find a home for rent in Norwalk, CT
Hi, I am looking for a 1 bedroom in Norwalk, CT for Dec or January move in. Can anyone assist? Ok w/month to month, 6mo or 1yr lease. My budgets is capped at $1300 per month. Can anyone direct me?
Are the prices listed on RENTALS a PER BED price or PER LISTING???????????????????????
I am interested in MOVE-IN READY 2 bedroom 2 car garage and yard in los angeles county/ or within 20 miles of downtown LA. call me @ 818-257-3816
I have a question regarding one of your listings. It is 303 Prospect in Mundelein, IL. The owner of the property has contacted me and I would like t
to rent the property however this owner wants a deposit and he lives out of town and can't get me the keys until I give him the deposit. I question if this is legitimate; what type of screening do…
How do you suggest checking to ensure that a property rental posted on your site is legitmate?
I requested information on two properties yesterday in the Boulder, CO, area. I received responses on both, which were listed under normal market value for the area. The content of the responses I recived…
This is a frustrating site, I am trying to find a home to move my elderly mother in with my husband and I. LOTS OF FRAUDULENT LISTINGS
We have cats and dogs and would like a finished basement so we can live on separate levels or a large ranch home with 2 or more beds and minimum of 2 baths. Most of the homes that are in our range seem…
Hi, Please see the full question below. Thanks,
Hi, I noticed that one of my highly sought after rental listings isn’t reflected on your site. The guidelines which allow it to be shown on public sites were selected on MLS. Please let me know if…
I requested information on 1 of your advertised rental properties. 14 South Laveen Place, Chandler, AZ 85226.
I requested information on 1 of your advertised rental properties. 14 South Laveen Place, Chandler, AZ 85226. I received a request for information and I completed and returned the form. Received an email…
I'm searching for a rental & suspect one of your listings is fraudulent. Can this be investigated?
I've been searching for a rental & suspect this might be fraudulent. The listing is 22290 Whistling Pines Lane, Boca Raton, FL, a 3/2 villa for $1000. The username is Sfhhyjh, the person replied…
How do I delete my profile?
want to permanetly remove my info
Is a Realtor or land lord required to disclose sinkhole activity to a renter in FL?
I have just discovered that the home Ive been renting for 2 months has confirmed sinkhole activity according to the hernando county property appraisers office website. I wondered onto the site after…
We purchased a home and we are moving out of the home that we are currently renting. The end of our 90 days advance termination notice is Feb. 20.
I've informed the real estate agent that if there is someone interested to rent the property effective Feb 1 , we would be willing to move out on Jan. 25. However, he continues to keep March 1 as the…
Where is my rental ad that I listed 3-4 times by now?
I have no access to my own ad to manage and edit. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
I located a property on Trulia, but when I inspected the area, the information was incorrect, the landlord/owner was out of state.
This property needs to be reported as a scam, but I can find no flag on the posting. Also the owner's e-mail is a scam.
landlords over seas
hi i have been getting emails to homes posted on here, however it concerns me that they want me to send them money via western union for a house here in the states. i need legitimate landlords that live…
Any horse properties for lease in south Houston Alvin area?
Have to relocate to south Houston for husbands job in a few months. Looking for a farm friendly rental. Lease/Lease to own/owner finance. Have horses we don't want to board! Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Relocating for a Job in February. Looking for house to rent in Decatur. Looking for a 4 to 5 bedroom house. Need a 2nd chance rental Program.
Looking for good schools. The max for the rental is 1,100. Willing to pay 2 months in advance
I may have found a scam in one of your listings
Who do I speak to about a potential scam from one of your listings?
Where can I rent a loft or warehouse space that I can live in and also do woodworking projects in with power tools?
Ideally, I would like a place off of 400 as I work OTP but I'm willing to tackle a longer commute for the right place in West Midtown or similar...
looking to rent a small place "casita" mother and son
I have good renters history . fair credit . Can not afford where I Live . I have money and my good word .
I believe I sent a request for information to a scammer. The listing was for 4109 Clintwood Lane. The person emailed me back from accesshome@outlook
I texted him and then he returned my call. He wanted to know when I wanted to move in and a credit card number. His number is (614) 321-1705. Should I be concerned?
I'm preparing an ad to rent out a home. I do not want to receive phone calls and prefer to receive emails from prospective tenants.
Your form shows my telephone number and I prefer not to give that out in the ad. How can I change this so that my contact info is an email address and not my phone number? Also, where can I find the saved…
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