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I'm looking for a rental in the Mansfield or surrounding areas. Looking for at least a 3 bedroom. Any agents available to show some places ASAP?
I would prefer it be in a nice area with good schools as we have 3 kids. $1,300 is our max for rent each month. Would like a fenced yard, dishwasher, and preferably one that comes with a fridge already.
Are landlords required to pay for water or trash in California?
I am looking to rent a home in Oceanside and the landlord said I have to pay all utilities. SDG and E and Trash and water. I though they were responsible for at least the trash pickup?
Working in Brea, planning to relocate to Laguna Beach, is it really hard to find a private place (1 br preferably) by the beach in South Laguna beach?
I am looking for a place up to $1400. Are there agents working in South Areas with good offer. What are other options?
Need help finding apt/condo. New to the area.
I recently took a job in New Tampa/Tampa Palms area. I actually don't even know which area it falls under, but it is right off the Highwoods Preserve pkwy off Bruce B. Downs. I'm looking for a studio/one…
I am told that many homeowners are refusing to rent to section 8 tenants and making it harder for us to rent. Can someone help me find a home rental?
I have children and can only provide one month security but am told home owners will complain about either or state a tenant preference.
looking for a petfriendly home/apartment to rent for the 2013-2014 school year.
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computer rental and f2 visa
i have given my computer on rent and company is paying me rent of using that computer now i am on f2 visa and got $1200 in year 2013 .i want to file tax how i can pay taxes based on that income .
Looking for a house to rent in Charlotte NC.
Looking to move mid july!! Are there any places that are 3bedrooms 2-2.5 bath great rent price and nice area?? HELP!!! -- This question was asked from this property:…
Looking for 2 bd rental in the Concourse area. Max is $1375. Are there any agents who can assist?
I'm also looking in Washington Heights and other areas of South Bronx. Will also consider a Junior 4.
Any leasing agents in ravenswood area?
Looking for 1 bedroom 1 bath or large convertible studio. 4/1 move in date. 740 credit score.
looking for manufactured home for rent - prefer double wide in a 55 community. Any suggestions?
I have Canadians snowbirds looking to migrate to the south. There seeking friendly 55 community with amenities. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. please email me at For more info…
My husband and I are looking to move in mid April to beginning of May, and would like to rent a home in Katy...
My main concern is that we have 3 cats and 2 small dogs. Are there landlords that would allow this? I've seen several that are "pet friendly" but I am not sure if there is a limit to that? The cats are…
I'm looking for a warehouse property or vacant lot in the bronx to do a summer time event.
I would be renting the property for just one night. The property should be at least 6500 sq ft and in a non-residential area or at least a few blocks away from housing.
Is there affordable housing anywhere in Minot?
My family and I (2 adults, 2 babies) just moved from central California to Minot, ND to try to build a better life for our family. My husband got 2 jobs within the first week of being here with the upper…
I filed bankruptcy in 2012 and I am continuously denied for new apartments. My husband, & our 2 children)are seeking a 3 bedroom (PRIVATE RENTAL)
I am an educator with a strong work history, good income, but no applications are approved because of my hardship bankruptcy. We really need to move from where we are. Please help
582 credit score, income over 3k a month, large family with pet.. Rental HOME available in Pasco/ North Pinellas??
Looking for a House with no less than: Family of young children FRIENDLY/Criminally QUIET neighborhood in Tri County Area (Prefer Pasco or North Pinellas over Hillsborough) 4 bedrooms or 3 and an…
I am leaving the UK to rent an apartment in California with my girlfriend who lives at present in New York. Our position will be that we have proof of
I am leaving the UK to rent an apartment in California with my girlfriend who lives at present in New York. Our position will be that we have proof of funds to rent for 2 years, but I will be lacking any…
Looking to rent a home for 8 months July - January 2014
Needing 3 bedrooms in $1200 - $1500 range in the 28273 area or off Route 160. -- This question was asked from this property:
Need a rental that will take our family with my husband having a criminal background, nothing too serious, and no credit, we also have a dog
My family (husband, daughter and myself) are looking for a rental home. We need something in the jersey shore/lower ocean county area. I don't have a criminal background and my credit (last time i checked)…
My husband is being transferred for work to Alpharetta. Looking for good school and neighborhood.
We have a 4th grade girl. She might struggle with moving mid year. We are looking for a friendly safe neighborhood and school that would be supportive.
Are there any houses available to lease?
Large family wanting to lease a home in Wabash. Need help finding one!!
how is the crime in delran nj?
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Hello, I am looking for a place willing to rent to college students with about $1200/month budget. What options do we have?
Our group consists of 3 full-time college students with LITTLE to NO credit history at this time. How will this effect the search for a place to rent? We are looking for locations generally around Sunnyvale,…
I "think" this is what I've been looking for - an agent/broker for renters .. if you will - please confirm?
If true, what is your scope assisting in rental searches? Is there a fee (and if so how much and per ???) Looking for minimum 3 bed 2 bath, preferablly SFH in Huntington Beach (we're renting a 2…
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