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It appears that there are rental scams working Trulia.
I find that most under market too good to be true rentals when an inquiry is made comes back the missionary someplace tale or the change job tale and we can't sell but fill out this application...............BS…
There is a scammer using Trulia to try and get money from people. The phone number used is 904-600-3502.
He is acting like a homeowner and trying to get first months rent and a deposit wired to him. His number is on here for scamming people in CA and other states. This property was 630 Bouy St. Chatham,…
How secure is your site?
I sent out an application form to a landlord that at the end of the process seems very sketchy. The form contained my social security number and I am feeling very nervous about what this guy could use…
I have four (small, house trained, come with references) dogs and a large cat. Is there any hope of a rental in San Antonio.?
Hi all. We're back in the San Antonio area and this time around we don't think we'll be here long enough to justify buying a house - probably only 18 more months or two years. I'd love to find a single-story,…
Someone has posted my home for rent. This is a scam! How do I delete this ad. My ad is on Zillow and Craigslist.
Please help me delete this fraudulent ad. 1437 mohrlake road, brandon fl.
715 Willowhead Dr. Naples FL. ---- WRONG NUMBER! Keeps calling a person who does NOT own this property.
TAKE Listing down or correct the phone number. HHousing was the contact
I'm looking at the crime stats, and the color graphics. I love this feature. Areas marked red with no dots indicating crime, what is that?
Is there a date range that qualifies an area to remain red, even though there haven't been recent incidences? And I see some incidences in areas that are still green. So is the color a frequency…
We are not able to buy a home until next year. Need to find a rent to own option in Belvidere.
Did rent to own in current home and landlord lives out of state, doesn't understand home values have dropped and won't drop her price on the house, lost 10 grand. She may try to sell this spring so we…
We're new to the area and need a 3-4 bedroom home with 1.5-2 bathrooms and that allows indoor and outdoor pets in Meeker, Shawnee, or Seminole, areas.
We are looking at rent at about 500.00-600.00/month rent only or a clean rent to own without major repairs. Pleas respond back here. Thanks!
I am looking for a 4 br 2 bth in nice family area with a shepard dog please help me
-- This question was asked from this property:…
I am wondering if this deal is "too good to be true"?
The address of 3544 Beverly Dr Toledo, OH 43614 (2 bedroom; 2 bathrooms) is listed as $400 a month, I contacted the ad and I am still waiting for more legitimate information.
I am in a chapter 13 going on 3 years and I now have to much medical cost to afford my home and I got to give it up and find something cheaper so I'm
looking for a rent to own with 4 to 5 acres in the around the Parsons, Kansas area. Email- Thank you Richard McBeth
rent to own property
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Is it possible to receive alerts with filters? It seems I can only get alerts for ALL.
I am interested in a rental home, condo or townhome (single story) with at least somewhat of a fenced backyard (as I have a 50 lb dog - lab, sweet demeanor) for $800 or less in (order of preference) Avondale,…
Hello, I am looking to rent a home/apartment in Prescott. Many of the rentals have people replying with a questionaire and then they want a deposit.
The deposit and 1st months rent is due by western union. How do I know what is a legitimate listing here on Trulia?
I have used Trulia for a long time and love it. HOWEVER. Under the rental property in the Denver/ Aurora area, someone is putting up scam ads. They
are listing homes for $700. When you try to contact them, they text you. I am worried about hacking from these people. The pictures of the homes are identical to homes on the site for $1400. I didn't…
How do I remove my rental listing?
I did not list it on Trulia, I listed it on Zillow but now it's on Trulia somehow and I am not able remove the listing and the unit has been rented. I click on the delete button but then I never…
Why does my profile advertise dead links.?
I went to Trulia to search for my advertised listings to see how they look online and noticed that there are quite a few listing under my name from 6 months to a year ago. These are dead links. Why are…
hi sent a reqst for one rental
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Do you have to have credit to rent a house?
I am a high school student looking for a house or appartemtn to rent while im in college and i have no credit.
Do you have to have credit to rent a house?
I am a high school student looking for a house or appartemtn to rent while im in college and i have no credit.
How can I verify an individual can legally rent a house to me?
Name on the tax rolls does not match the name of the individual trying to rent to me.
*In serious need of an apartment or condo that is privately owned in miami and willing to work with my situation.*
So, this is my situation. My fiancee and i lent his father our credit to get him into an apartment. He wasn't able to make two payments, they evicted him and we ended up getting screwed. BUT, we rented…
Relocating from the east coast to west coast, preferably on the outskirts of LA or Orange County. Looking for affordable 2-3 bedroom home to rent.
Agents, are there any places in Southern California (Not Sandiego or Palm Springs) that have rental 2-3 bedroom homes that starts between $700-850 in a seemingly nice neighborhood? We are not trying to…
First big move.
My husband and I are moving to Tennessee in October. We really want a place to rent somewhere between Nashville and Murfreesboro. We have 2 cats and 1 dog and our budget is about $600 a month. That is…
I was looking at a home to rent in my area but the owners do not live in the state that I do. One email had their names and then recently when they
said they reviewed the application and to send the money via western union its a different. Is there a way to verify this listing? I don't want to scammed
How do I report a scam on your website?
The property listed at 6 Hurshfield Ct. in Taylors, SC 29687 is a scam!! I received an email from the scammer if you need any information to press charges. I have the email address and phone number.
Realtors who can help me find an apt on UES? Credit is fair, 630.Income is $130k. I have been on maternity leave for 6 months so no recent pay stubs.
My credit was 700 and was able to finance an Infinit with no money down but that caused my credit score to drop for a time being. I need an apt starting in April. I can provide a letter from my current…
9 out of 10 listings that I request information from are scams. Is there a better way to screen these?
I look to to offer legitimate listings and grow increasingly frustrated with these responses. How do I report them as fraudulent?
Looking for a sublet for May18-Aug 1 2015 in NYC. HELP!
Hi I am interning in Brookyln at a hospital this summer and I am currently looking for housing. My budget is 800 or less and I am open to roommates. If anyone knows of any places that have housing in my…
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