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Hi I looking one aparment in Brooklyn Ny I have FEPS just 2 kids and my I'm working and is possible pay the extra thank you
Hi I looking one aparment in Brooklyn Ny I have FEPS just 2 kids and my I'm working and is possible pay the extra thank you
Hello: Is it possible to put up an ad for "Apartment Wanted" on Trulia? I am looking for an apartment in the Gramercy area in Manhattan.
I would like to place an ad for "Apartment Wanted" on Trulia, is this possible? How can I do that? I don't see the option for this type of ad. I only see the option buy and rent, not…
Need a 2 bdrm single family home E of 95. Something cute and small - nice neighborhood. Clean & new or renovated. $800-1600 Prefer utility included.
I like Davie Blvd and I95 area, but will consider all areas from North Miami to Pompano. I don't mind being close to I95, but I really do prefer a single family home, not a condo or townhome.
I am looking for a house or trailer in the Willis/Conroe area; 3 bedroom 2 bath for my kids and I. No more than $925 in rent.
I am having a hard time finding something due to the fact everyone wants you to make at least 3-4 times the amount
I'm moving to the Miami area with my infant and will be renting. What cities should I be looking at?
I'm looking for walkable areas that are close to restaurants, parks, etc. I plan to rent for a year and then buy in the area. I like Coconut Grove, but am willing to look at other areas that are nice and…
why can't i get access to a potential renter?
i listed it yesterday on willow and various sites and i have an email that i can't access from a trulia customer it won't accept my info when i created an account yet it's the site losing…
I requested info about to rental properties and I have gotten a similar response. Which seem like a scam please verify.
One home is on 3 Leggett rd Bronxville, NY and the other is at 6 Hearthstone rd. Yonkers,NY.
Fraudulent for rent post for 2949 Vancouver Ave San Diego Ca 92104
when I drive by the address and call the landlords phone number she says the rent is $1800 a month as is posted on the for rent sign
Is this a scam email?
"Mr Mrs <> 12:29 PM (1 hour ago) to me Hello, Thanks for your interest in our house Our lovely home is still available for lease and we want responsible adults/family…
Who does one contact to report scams on this website? We have found several very nice rentals at low rental prices that are without a doubt, scams.
Ads show photos of exterior homes only with no photos of the interior or with a few photos that are obviously not the interior of the house shown. The agent says they are out of the country and use pathetic…
How do you know if the listed on the site is a scam.?
I believe some properties listed on this site are scams. What steps should I take to expose them.
I inquired about a rental and received a nice letter from the owner. Or so I thought. I sent my friend to the property and the owners had no knowledge
There is a scammer using their photos and name. What can be done? I can forward you the email I received. 6528 Copper Ridge Trl, Bradenton, FL
This is not a question it's a note to the people running Trulia
This is not a question - I want to inform you that the Trulia site has got a lot of con artists that are trying to phish for personal information with regards to rentals. Every house I have requested info…
How do I report fraud?
The "owner" of 5318 Fernpark Ave is asking me to wire him money so he can send me the keys from Africa. Also this listing is for sale on Zillow.
Someone has listed our rental property on Truila. How can we get this removed?
Listing the rental for less than we are asking. We have heard people are doing this and asking for a deposit and it is not there property.
Is it possible to rent a house prior to moving?
My husband and I are moving to Portland within a month or two. Is is possible to have a house rented before we move there? Can that type of thing be arranged?
I'm talking to a owner on this site, but he says he lives in CO and is doing the renting of his house. He sent me an email application and says
we can't go inside and that there's a sign in front yard, that it's his old realtor and not to call them. Seems fishy to me. Does this kind of thing happen on your website?
Question about a rental
Hello, I was curious about a home for rent that was listed on your website for a $1000.00 in Murrieta, CA. I am interested but I am worried this is a scam. I spoke to the owner of the home. Do you verify…
How does a person report a scam on Trulia? I have inquired about a couple of houses from Trulia and they have turned out to be scams.
I have decided that maybe Trulia is not the way to find rentals. Too many people ask you to "money gram" or wire funds out of the US before keys can be sent. Sad, very sad state we are in now…
We are a young couple from Chicago looking to get away from the city. looking for a nice town with parks nearby for our child (3)
we went to Colorado and fell in love, looking to make the big move. We don't know how to go about renting since we cant travel back and forth for viewings. Is there employment opportunities?
I have been contacted by home owner who is living in Nigeria. They ALL wanted me to wire money to them, and they don't have agent.
The letter is like this. ALL three are very similar. Read like this. please let me know what do you think. Hello, We are pleased that you have an interest in our house, our lovely home is still…
I am relocating from NJ and will be working in Durham on Fayetteville Road. I am trying to find out what this section of Durham is called.
Also, are there any 1BR furnished apartments within reason to rent between here and Cary. I am alone, no pets, non-smoker.
Can my landlord kick me out due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a poorly vented heating system?
The year lease ran out and this is going on the third month to month. A family member was taken by ambulance to the e/r for treatment. Fire and gas personal were on scene for hours ventilating. Yes, a…
Rent to Own single family Homes?
Yard,Hardly no stairs,Low Crime.
How early should I start looking for a house to rent in Waldo? Our apartment lease is up at the end of October.
I want to make sure I'm not rushing to find a place because have a specific budget we need to stay at and other specific requirements for a home to rent.
Hello, just received an email from the owners of the property 4785 Bonita Bay Dr. St. George, Ut 84790 the name Rev. Russell Griffith. They are curre
currently residing in NY and have the keys to their place here in St.George. Just want to make sure that they are who they say they are before doing any business with them. If you could verify or confirm…
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