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What do you do to identify scam artists on your site?
Please advise as to the type of system you have set up to take down adverts for housing that are posted by scammers. When I did research, one scammer with the phone number, (949) 264-3521, has used this…
I am looking to move down to Palm Bay in August and am looking to rent a 3 bedroom 2 bath. Looking to pay between $800.00 and a $1000.00.
i am looking for a home that the landlord would let me put a garden in or that I could do container gardening.
1039 S Terry St #A, Longmont, CO is giving a response of see the outside and can't view inside. Shady responses. I think they are scamming
Their vocabulary sounds like it is from another country and they state that they live out of state so the inside of the house cannot be seen. Send money and they will send keys. Just an FYI.
I need a place for 4 months. I am the Chef for the Ducks in Central Islip and am more interested in 1000 rent and use of some type of kitchen and bath
than where it is specifically, but Babylon is nice, as is Jericho and of course it would be good to be walking distance to the Bethpage Ballpark. it could be really really small and it does not have to…
We've lived in CMR for nearly a year and are now downsizing. We have a golden retriever and are having difficulty finding owners who will rent to us.
Excellent credit and references, i.e."dream tenants". Willing and expecting to pay deposit on our pet. Is it even worth approaching "no pets permitted" properties to ask? We own a property in Northern…
Central Apartments Near Public Transportation
Hi, I am a single mother looking to relocate to OKC, I am moving all the way from Atlanta, GA so I still do not know much about the area. My daughter is a student at OSU so I am looking into moving…
I would like to report a scam that is rampant on trulia specifically on rental houses in the eagle river area of Alaska. Please get back to me.
I can elaborate further on the scam once I hear from someone but basically someone is reposting listings of current rental homes in the eagle river area and posting a rental amount of much less than the…
Real estate agent necessary?
Incoming family-- husband, wife, and baby-- looking for a 3 bedroom apartment close to the University of Chicago Campus (preferably north of Campus) not too expensive. We are wondering if we should get…
Looking for a rental (3 Bd, 2 Ba) in Pleasanton or Dublin Area. What is the best way to approach it?
Most properties that I find on Trulia or Zillow already has tons of applicants who have already applied with their rental application.
I'm supposedly a VIP so why can't I get anyone to contact me? I'm here in Licking MO. I'm ready to rent.
This is extremely frustrating and slow. I'm slow but my mind is still sharp and it's going to waste. I'll keep trying. I want a quiet, secluded place in Plato. This place, although nice is way too noisy. Please,…
Where can I report rental fraud? Alexis Douglas trying to rent out 1949 W. Huron in Chicago. Claims to live in Ky.
She's trying to get money sent to her via Wal-Mart without disclosing her information.
How can I make an appointment to go see rental home #1815255?
I am trying to get information on listing #1815255 and the phone number listed for the agent s wrong.
I need an apartment asap.
I have one eviction and no credit. Not bad credit, no credit. i don't believe in buying things I cant pay for. I need a 1 to 2 apartment in either Berkeley or Albany Ca. I would like to rent the…
I am looking to stay under $2000 with 1 BR cat friendly (1), and I can pay 9 months in advance. I am a college instructor (M.A. degree) with a
responsible reputation, great credit, and clean background. Finding a landlord that will give my boyfriend a chance is quite a challenge. He has one nonsexual and nonviolent felony (a moronic lapse in…
Nola Court Apartments
Anyone have any experience with renting with Stallard and Associates online? I really like the Nola Court apartments?
I'm tired of stewing in my own filth (rushed, not prepared). Please call 214 859 8052. I'm ready to rent now.
I'm a troubled man in trouble. Please help. I could write a book (that's what I do, write) but I need a quiet house to do it properly. If I stay here much longer, I'll run out of money.
My husband and I are looking for a rental but we are scared that there are rental scammed out there. What is the best way to show interest in a?
property but protect ourselves if we have not met anyone in person? The Renter seems to be doing everything through email with no phone and a Hotmail account.
Prospective landlord wanting to see current residence
My prospective landlord who I have already paid & signed lease is requesting to see & "inspect" my current residence before giving me keys & green light to move in. That seems a little…
We have a tenant in our home. His lease ends May 31st which falls on a Sunday. When does he have to be out?
The property managment compnay that works for us says that because they do not work on Sundays, he has until the next day end of business to be out...even though his lease ends May 31st. Is this legal…
looking for an investor to buy the property I am currently rentiing
3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, loft, new paint, new carpet, 2100 sq ft in the Talega area
Potential rental scam
This person is asking me to give him my current address to send me the application and he will send the keys by mail for the rental property, I mention that I would like to see the property in person and…
Any brokers that have 5 bedroom apartments for rent?
Are there any brokers who have any 5 bedroom section 8 apartments or houses for rent ?
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