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looking to rent a small place "casita" mother and son
I have good renters history . fair credit . Can not afford where I Live . I have money and my good word .
I believe I sent a request for information to a scammer. The listing was for 4109 Clintwood Lane. The person emailed me back from accesshome@outlook
I texted him and then he returned my call. He wanted to know when I wanted to move in and a credit card number. His number is (614) 321-1705. Should I be concerned?
I'm preparing an ad to rent out a home. I do not want to receive phone calls and prefer to receive emails from prospective tenants.
Your form shows my telephone number and I prefer not to give that out in the ad. How can I change this so that my contact info is an email address and not my phone number? Also, where can I find the saved…
Can you verify your listing at 281 S Powell Ave Columbus OH 43204?
There is home for rent located at 281 S. Powell Ave Columbus OH 43204 which is posted on your site and under 2 different names and phone numbers. Rec'd an email with 803 619-9863 claiming…
I am currently renting an entire house. I have always paid my rent and I received a notice on my door eviction notice.
It said I have to vacate the premises with 30 days. I have 3 special needs individuals in my home. I have no where to go. What should I do?
Our Landlord will not fix our leaky roof. We would like to get out of our lease, is it possible? How do we start?
We signed a lease with our landlord back in October of 2011 for 1 yr., we stated that we wanted some items repaired, two of the items were not completed. A repair to the roof and soffit which were causing…
Where do I report scams on this site?
One of the properties listed is a scam. I did a records search and the records are not consistent with what the person who is contacting me is telling me.
How do I report scam.Your listing of, 2005 Hickory Ct Modesto, CA 95356 $1,000 Updated 6 days ago For Rent .
I received a fishing email from the contact person.I will paste it for you. BTW, the house is legitimately listed for, $1,795 per month. I searched it. Who could afford that! Here is the reply I received:…
how do i respond to an inquiry on a property I'm renting?
I'm unable to email someone who inquired on my rental listing.
Whats the best way to find out the fair market value of a rental unit?
We own a 2-flat and always rented to family for cheap. We want to rent the first floor for fair market value. It's fully remodeled, with access to amenities not offered with most 2 bedroom apartments.…
Would like information on renting with recent Bankruptcy?
Would like information on renting with recent Bankruptcy I recently filed bankruptcy and received the discharge papers two to three weeks ago. I am interested in renting a townhouse or condo in the Laurel/…
Will you please look at this?
listing: Will you please look at this listing:…
Scams - 32 Houghton Woburn St
32 Houghton St Woburn, MA01801 is a SCAM it's for rent at $700 and I looked into it and it's not true
Hello, we are the property management company for 100 Coree Way. The 2nd and 3rd photos do not belong to this property.
We don't recognize them as our photos. We have verified that these photos are not present on the MLS listing or our site for the data feed. Can you please remove them? The link to the listing is below:…
Please contact me! There are people posting scam listings on your website. I need to report this guy so you can remove his listings!
Important!! Please contact me before someone gets scammed by this guy!! or 303-547-2766
I found a scam on this site for a house in Woburn, ma
I found a scam on this site for a house in Woburn, ma
Looking to rent a family home/condo/townhouse for 5 in Woburn
Move in Feb1 2015. 2 - 3 beds, 2 baths, without pets. any suggestions? Lead certified. max rental of 1800
You have some scammers on your site. I researched a home in Cypress that the rent was very low (800). The home was listed under a different owner on
the tax website. Also, the scammer wanted me to just drive by and look in windows. She had the key in Delaware. Another one listed today was low and called it Blessed home. The first one used "God"…
Looking for home and land to park semis around okc or Yukon mustang area
Looking for home and land to rent to park three semis
Did you know that they home you have listed at 4003 Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA is also listed at $2495 rent and $1000 rent?
The person who responded to my inquiry claims to own the property and lives in Nigeria. What does Trulia do to deal with scams like this? I'm afraid to trust your site.
Property on 16307 Main Street is a Scam, beware
This is how they ask you to pay. Payment will be through wire transfer (Western Union Money Transfer) and the keys will be shipped to immediately payment as been confirmed.
Can anyone verify if the house located at 609 N Midway,escondido ca. is for rent? Thanks
I saw the sing for rent and I got the phone number but anyone answer the call.
my fiance and I are moving to Indianapolis We are looking for an area with good schools,lots of culture and is safe any suggestions Please?
We have 6 children four are school age We want to rent and if all works out eventually buy
Someone is using my number on your site without my permission. 361-944-7481 Please take this number off your site completely. Thank you.
I'm getting constant calls from all over the country about properties I don't have anything to do with. Please correct this.
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