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Hello, I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Metairie, can't go over $900-925.
Safety is a priority so if it is located within a red area (using Trulia's map as a reference) I am not interested at all. Is there any agent around here that would like to help me out with my search?
Looking for a 3 bedroom condo near LSU, preferably Burbank Estates or Courtney's place, perhaps The Gates at Brightside or something of the sort.
I would like one of the three places or anything very similar to the style of the condo communities. If any of the places are available for lease or rent for the following year please let me know! Any…
Looking to rent in Mountain House, Tracy, or Ripon
I have recently accepted a job in the area and my boyfriend and I are looking for a rental house. We do have one well-trained 5 year old Border Collie and can provide landlord references to attest to her…
Why is it so hard to find a Studio in Bronx for 800 a month that will take a cat and is not a scam?
I have a friend in Bronx NY, who has been looking for a studio for months. He can not afford brokers fees, the apartment would have to be pet friendly as he has a cat. He is single and just starting out.…
I would like to knows if it possible that your landlord get you rent increase without tell you in notice or a certified letter after you first lease
the lease expire on 9/13 and never send me a new lease with rent increase now want to take me to court and I always pay my rent .
Looking to rent a 1 bedroom house in Royal Oak, preferably within 1 mile of downtown. Must be dog-friendly! $1200 tops.
1000 sq ft or more would be ideal. -- This question was asked from this property:
Renting in San Diego County? Moving from New York! :)
My husband and I are moving to California from New York in July. We are looking around the San Diego County area. We are looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment to rent, with our budget being between $1000-$1400.…
I am looking for a 3-4 bedroom home for myself and my 2 children. I am currently going through a divorce and our marital home is up for sale.
Can anyone provide any assistance as to where to look, some place that will work with me on security deposit? My credit is not the best since the onset of the divorce. thanks
what is available?
Add some detail about your question
Suggestions on finding a 2bd cottage in Shooks Run or Patty Jewett area for under $1000? Your suggestions will be appreciated.
Also wonder about the Cascade Apt. downtown for a landing spot? We like the walkability but wonder if mostly students live there. (we are young 60's)
looking for 3 bedroom home, preferably with a pool. Silverado Ranch or Green Valley area.
Looking to spend $1300/mo if there is a pool. If not, a nice grass backyard would like to pay $1100/mo
Husband moving to Orlando for school. I'm staying behind to work. We were approved for an apartment but she said since he didn't have an income down
there the deposit would be $1098.00. Is this normal? I put myself as the person responsible for the lease since I have a reliable income. (He is unemployed.) He was put on as the second person. I make…
I am desperately searching for a very low income rental while waiting on disability hearing I have money to move in & decent credit score PLEASE HELP!
I've been told my hearing should be soon but with no definite I know it's hard for an owner to be able to trust in it. I have money to move in and pay ahead, I just need someone who will work with me so…
Family looking to rent in Windsor or near by community.
Hi, My family and I are relocating to the Windsor, CA area this summer for my job. We are looking for a 3-4 bed/ 2-3 bath rental home. Please advise.
Looking for a single family home near or in Comstock Park, Michigan
2 or more bedroom single family home with rent no more than $600.00 a mounth.
Here is another scam posted on Hotpads: Scammer's info: 234-81-6161-5405, House : 3526 S 148th Pl, Tulsa, OK 74134
PROPERTY ; Number of Bedrooms: 3 Number of baths: 2 Square footage: 1,794 Pets are welcome!!! Rent: $700 Refundable security Deposit: $600 House Address: 3526 S 148th Pl, Tulsa, OK 74134 Thanks…
Seeking 1 br, pet friendly, Section 8 accepting apartment for responsible tenant.
I am a social worker assisting a client in finding an apartment. Her budget is $1100 and she is a responsible tenant who is losing her home due to the building going into foreclosure. She has a few small…
We've got one month! Who can help?
We would like to stay in Pinellas Park, certainly within Pinellas County...
What's the best resource for finding single family home rentals?
Hi, we're relocating from the east coast and are looking to rent a pet-friendly 3BR/2BA that's under an hour commute into San Fran, for up to $3K/month. We'd also need to be zoned for a decent public school…
Is it possible to rent around Fredericks under $1500 in a good school district?
I'm moving into Frederick area with two school age children, and looking to rent for now. However, it seems that all school districts with high school rating have no apartment complexes!
Re-locating to Viera, FL due to job transfer--looking for 1 or 2 BR condo or townhome ASAP.
My job is transferring me to Florida in 3 weeks. I'll be working in Melbourne but I'm looking for a rental in Viera, price range $700 - $850 1 BR/1 BA or 2 BR/2BA. My company is buying me out…
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