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I'm looking to rent an apartment with 4 other people, but we're not sure exactly how feasible it would be to find a place willing to take on 5 people.
What are realistically the chances of finding a 4 bedroom place for rent that would let 2 people share one of the bedrooms? It seems to be our only option at this point as finding a place with 5 bedrooms…
Looking for newly built or renovated apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms in Fort Lee
Looking for newly built or renovated apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms with a price range of $2200 max. Preferred if some Utilities are included
Hello, I am looking for a 2-3 BR house/condo annual rental - preferably in Wall, but Point Pleas or North Brick is ok
I am planning on moving 11/1 - 11/15 (my father just passed away & I am temp staying in his house until everything is settled) it would be myself & my 2 kids (ages 16,14) Thank you
I am looking for a 3 br rental in Teal Run/Fresno area. I have a broken lease on my credit that is not an actual broken lease
I gave 30 day notice when 60 days was required. I have excellent work history and current rental history.
I need to rent something tiny and cheap!! (under $500). I have a small service dog (23 lbs) and two kitties. All fixed; very neat and clean.
I'm in a studio apartment; my lease is up at the end of September. I'm looking for a converted garage, in law, or granny house. Or even a garage apartment might be suitable. I'm tired of being over…
Are there any condos with 24-hour doormen, inside parking facilities and premier quality alarm systems? Largish balcony and upper floor also important
Needs to be tastefully furnished, not just filled-up with stuff from the local thrift store so can be called "furnished." Thank you.
I need to find a studio or a one bedroom apartment that takes programs.
I need to find a studio or one bedroom as soon as possible. I've gotten a security voucher and a brokers voucher this is my first time dealing these type of things and i kind of need help. anyone renting…
Hi Do any of the properties in Highland Beach allow a pet bird?
-- This question was asked from this property:…
I am in need of apt in elk grove. Affordable housing and nothing is open or my credit is getting in the way. Please help me with ideas how to get arou
nd this issue before myself and kids have no place to go. So frustrating when you have the ability to pay but credit score gets you no where please someone out there have advise ro can hlelp me
Is glasyads legit.?
this outfit sent me a contract and wanted the whole month rental sent by cashier check to a postal box. The rental is in Sand Key FL
I have only eviction can anyone help?
I have one eviction on credit, is there any place that accepts evictions i dont have that good of credit either. But I can pay an extra deposit can anyone help, I live in Orlando fl?
rentals that allow pets
Add some detail about your question
I am interested in retiring right nearest,and very short walking distance to Virginia Beach,Virginia.I want to rent.,to avoid fees,and paying taxes.
What rental agency,rents below $1,000.00 or less a month for furnished condo,or apartment.,with a pool included ,nearest Virginia Beach?.Thanks."
Moving back to the States after nearly 15 years away. Needing rental advice for Orlando County area.
What do we need to get started in renting? Also,We are very interested in Sunrise Elementary school for our son so looking for rentals assigned to that school. Having trouble finding very many. Any help…
Fair market value for rent in chino hills ca
Been renting the same place for 10 year, and again this year they increase my rent by $80. Have the market go up this year in rent ? What are my option in this case
Looking for rental in Upper Perkiomen School District, PA with bad credit
Good Afternoon, I am looking for a rental property in this area. I have bad credit due to a divorce but received monthly support payments. This is an emergent situation as my housing ends in 30-45…
How can I best find a homeshare (room for rent/share house) in Coastal North County San Diego?
I am looking for a home share opportunity (rental) in a 55 community in Oceanside, Carlsbad, or somewhere along the coast in N. County. I have checked out a couple of ads in the paper; although meeting…
Poor credit and need to rent a home, does anyone know who can help??
We need to be in San Antonio, TX by November 1st, we noticed that rentals are done by agencies. We have poor credit but my husband has strong income coming in. If there is anyone that can help us or lead…
Looking for a landlord or property group that will take a large deposit instead of running my credit.
My lease ends September 30, and I am need to find a rental ASAP! Unfortunately, I banged my credit up during college while I was traveling the world, and I let my credit cards go to the dumps. I am a teacher,…
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