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Are there any people or rental company wiling to take a voucher in blacklick oh or surrounding areas?
My family and I are looking for a three bedroom house with a basement. I have had my voucher for two years I got injury in a accident and was unable to work. I am gainful employed and so are my 2 kids.…
renting an apt from a friend while in town on business. it is cheaper than a hotel for my company. my company is reimbursing as they would a hotel. th
Renting an apt from a friend while in town on business. It is cheaper for my company than a hotel, and my company is reimbursing me as they would a hotel expense. They are now asking for a W9 from my friend…
We have a partner who is interested in renting several homes in the San Francisco Bay area for a minimum of 40 weeks for one year with pre-payment.
I would like to speak with someone at Trulia to see if you are able to provide us with some home options. My name is Tony Genth, my cell number is 352 406 0029 and my company name is VacayStay Connect.
Im looking for a home that accepts section8city vouchers
My name is kiesha bougere and I am currenrly looking for a 3bdrm 1or 2 bath for my children and myself.the most that the county will pay for is 1448. could you please help?
Looking for a rental starting in June.
I think it's too early to start looking, but we are overseas right now and I'd like to have a place set up before we get there. We'd like to be in the Fort Zumwalt district, preferably South high school.…
looking to rent a decent place 3 bedroom with 1 or 2 bathrooms
the home would be for myself and my daughter 23 and grandson 2 years old we are on section 8 and just looking for a decent home. Credit scar is not well seeing that I have student loans and divorced with…
Are POA dues pd by landlord? Is a small 15 pound dog acceptable? are washer, dryer, or fridge in property? Thank you so much.
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Moving from Florida to McAllen, TX
Could you please direct me to an Agent who is specialized in Rentals and wouldn't charge me commission? I need to check rental properties between Feb 13 and Feb 17, 2016. Thank you for your kind help…
Any real estate agents work w section 8 tenants?
Looking for a 3/4 bedroom in Bayonne preferably, but will consider other areas. Would love to have a yard, parking and w/d..can anyone be of assistance?
Apartments without background checks?
How do I go about finding an apartment in a decent neighborhood that doesn't do criminal background checks?
How difficult will it be to rent a house in Colorado Springs with bad credit?
My husband son and I will be relocating to Colorado Springs in a few months and I am concerned about us being able to rent a house. We currently live in a small (4000 people) town where no one checks…
Fla renting with poor credit, 10 yr old eviction, 8 yr old cann. felony w/adj. withheld
Are there realtors/prop mngrs/private owners that gives hard-working mothers a second chance... Trying to rent for a year while I do a credit repair program to later buy a home...evic is 10 yrs old, poss…
Do you participate in the Section 8 program?
Do you participate in the Section 8 program
Looking for section 8 housing
I just received my voucher for section 8 housing, I am looking for a home in Collin county asap but Im having trouble finding a home. Any good websites or realtors who can assist me???.
Filtering for year-round rentals
I live near a beach community so I get a lot of summer and winter only rentals. Is there any way I can filter for year round only rentals? Thanks! Heather
I am looking for a 3-4 bedroom Town House/SFH in Fairfax area that accepts the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher A.S.A.P. Anything available?
I am looking to move asap I am a single mother of 4 I work full time and also go to school full time I am a very neat and clean person and need some help locating private owners who except section 8 in…
Is it legal in Ut to pay your rent and then also be forced to pay $150.00 on top of that for amenities you can't or don't use? By my esitmate they are
Making $100.00 dollars extra in their pockets. I pay my utilities and it is 156 apartments. It seems like a rip off to me and the amenties are the lowest quality ever.
Hello, my fiance and I are looking to rent a home in Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties but have bad credit. We both have steady jobs and make good
money. Our rental history is good as well we've been in the same place for 7 years now but we have out grown the place as we now have 3 children. Looking for an agent.
do you do short term apartment rentals?
I am looking for a 2 bedroom furnished apartment for two of our employees from Colorado and Texas who will be working on a project here for 6 to 8 months, starting in February.
Having a hard time finding a rental
Looking for realtors that can assist with finding townhomes\duplex\homes in the arlington or grand prarie, tx area that will accept housing vouchers\section 8
Public comps to figure out the rental market rate for a particular address
I'm trying to figure out the "right" price to rent a 2 bed / 2 ba / 2 garage unit in a duplex in a specific neighborhood in Half Moon Bay. Can I access historically published rental rates…
My city section 8 voucher is 2 bdroom. I see you guys have some listing wuth section 8 accepting just needed more help with finding in certain areas can you please help.
Hi Im a retired military with not so good credit single with an income of 2708.00 a month i need someone who is willing to work with me with a
waiver of a credit check. I am willing to pay a double deposit or double first month rent. I currently live in savannah georgia. I will need a safe place in may 2016 thank you
I'm looking to rent a 2 bd apt in the northeast ASAP. It's me and two children I don't smoke have pets. My gross income is $2526.00
plus $400.00 in court ordered child support. My credit isn't so good but I never been evicted or had any judgements. Can anyone help ?
how do i cancel or make changes to a rental i have listed on Trulia? It has inaccuracies.
how do i cancel or make changes to a rental i have listed on Trulia? It has inaccuracies.
How do I edit my listing? There are issues getting to "My Listings."
I have a listing on Trulia (1500 Brightside, F5, Baton Rouge, LA), but when I login and click on my name on the top right, there is no way to get to the listing because Trulia says that I have no listing.…
Leasing agent to help show my property to prospective tenants
I am looking for a fixed price agent to help show a house in Winter Garden to prospective tenants. I am not looking for a full service property management company. The house is on the border of Windermere…
Flat fee agent to show house in Winter Garden / Windermere to prospective tenants
Hello, I am looking for a fixed price agent to help show a house in Winter Garden to prospective tenants. I am not looking for a full service property management company. The house is on the border…
Flat fee agent to show house in Winter Garden to prospective tenants
Hello, I am looking for a fixed price agent to help show a house in Winter Garden to prospective tenants. I am not looking for a full service property management company. The house is on the border of…
I need an apartment in brooklyn, perferably canarsie neighborhood thats two bedroom and one bath. Thank you in advance
Im a single mother with two girls so i can only afford 1100 but i could make 1200 work.
Looking for a quality 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartment for rent in the next few months. Suggestions welcome
Looking for a quality 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartment for rent in the next few months. Budget is $3K, but ideally would love to spend under $2.6K per month (including amenities). Prefer a doorman building,…
my credit is keeping me from renting the homes that i have been interested in renting
most homes do credit checks ,in which mine isnt the greatest and not the worst . but only due to old hospital bills . I have tried to get a rental home and was ask of 640 min credit score. I have never…
Looking for Studio or 1br/1ba in Ocean Park area starting Feb 1 (moving from Florida)
Ideally, below $2000. Some details: I'm a 25 y/o male. I recently accepted a position that will have me working in renewable energy development (i.e. developing solar power plants in the US) at a place…
My husband and I are looking for a 3BR/2BA house in Cape Coral.
I will be relocating from Kissimmee to Cape Coral for a job transfer. We have two weeks to find a rental so that I can get established and get my two little ones enrolled in school. Need help please.
Property managers in Lake Jackson
Hi, are there any flat fee property managers in Lake Jackson area/
Looking for help, I have bad credit due to divorce (2011) and being laid off 8/2014 - 12/2014.
I have a steady job now making great money. I just need help overcoming my bad credit and getting back on my feet.
I'm a college student working at IBM this summer, looking to lease in the range of $900, 1 bedroom.
Are there any short term listings available from the end of may to the end of august?
Looking for a short lease/temporary for studio or one bedroom in the mid Wilshire area beginning in December for about six months?
Family member having surgery at the Kaiser in L.A. and looking for a place to stay either 90019 or Culver City near the Kaiser Hospital. Must include parking and first floor apartment or elevator. Budget…
Signing a lease months ahead on single family home
We are moving to Atlanta from PA this June (2016) and will need to rent a place for a year, preferably one with a basement for litterboxes. Most apartment/townhome options don't have a space for litterboxes…
Looking for a low-cost ($60k or less) oceanfront investment condo
Where is the best hotel to invest in? I've looked pretty hard at Sea Mist, Jonathan Harbour, and Caravelle, but haven't purchased yet. Would appreciate any advice anyone can give.
I am currently looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and or Queens. I am a client with HASA. They are paying the rent at the apartment that I currently reside in. The apartment…
Realtor Commission on Rental
We are moving and my daughter thought we should let a friend of hers (realtor) assist us. She has sent listings and is setting up appts to see homes. We also found by ourselves a FRBO and will be looking…
What site or where do I enter SECTION 8 for San Diego, CA?
Not having any luck finding a place that you would live in. SECTION 8 = BAD AREA!!!! Do you have any info on where I can MAYBE find a Forever Home?
We will be PCSing to Hurlburt Field AFB soon. We 2 dogs, one is a pitbull. I was hoping to get info on dog friendly 2br rent houses in the area.
Both dogs are spayed/neutered, potty trained, and well behaved. We were hoping for a place with a backyard, thanks!
Renting a condo which is pending board approval
Hi, I am putting an application for condo in nyc. If I am cleared by the management and the owner can I move into the apartment if the board approval is still pending. My lease for current apartment ends…
Renting instead of buying in Solivita
Are there any homes for long term rent? We love the community but would rather rent
I am looking for a rental for my son and 3 or 4 additional room/house mates for the 2016-2017 academic year at West Chester University.
Rent is outrageous for students. Most are for 12 months, when in fact they are only occupied for approx. 9 mo's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for City Feps apartment
Looking for a 2 BR apt in the bronx, concourse side, accepting City Feps voucher for $1515. Family of 4 with employment and ssi. Feb 1st move in date or sooner.
we are looking for a nice 2 or 3 bedroom single family house that will allow 2 cats
hi my name is Chris and I'm trying to find help me my dad and my girlfriend to find a nice place to move to the place we live is just to dangerous to stay any more looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom house…
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