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Lease ending and want to do month to month in f
1 yr lease in Fl & owner will not do month to month. Is this because of the Florida less than 6 month renters tax. Can we just do addendum to extend? This should not make owner or myself to pay taxes?
Fair Market value for 1 bedroom apt in Venice
I have a 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment as part of a duplex, in Venice. Hardwood floors, upgraded living room and kitchen. No dogs allowed. What is the fair market value?
I have requested info. for at least 4-5 homes in my price range (to rent), and every single response I have gotten was that they were out of state.
They want me to fill out email app and send money for keys. Um, no. Do you guys make sure the listers are REAL owners? I moved away from using CL for this reason...its all scams I have received back.
How can I rent an apartment with an eviction on my credit report?
I was evicted in June 2011 for non payment of rent after I lost my job. All money was paid back to the landlord within 3 months but he wouldn't take the eviction off my report. So since then, I haven't…
1111 S Wabash availability?
Are there any rentals available in 1111 s wabash. We are already in a 2.5 bedroom in the building. We have some family in town for the next 4-6 months, and want to find a rental for them.
A couple looking for rent in Marin max 1700
We are late 30 s,couple non-smokers, no drugs. We are clean, organized, and respectful. We need 6 months or month to month rent, studio, or 1 bedroom max 1700 in Marin any suggestions ?
Established section 8 renter refuse to live in bad area
It is so hard to find decent section 8 housing. I work fulltime make about $30 an hour but my current landlord is a slumlord. I need to move but I do not want to have my son in a bad neighborhood. Please…
I've been looking for a place for over 3months and I can't seem to figure out what is making it so hard.I've uped the budget and I am
still unsuccessful. Can someone tell me what exactly is it that I could do differently??
How do I report a scam rental listed on this site because I'm pretty sure I found one.?
I was emailed by the owner of a rental property who is asking for my trust in renting because he is now in West Africa doing the Lord's work. That's not right. Nope.
I have bad credit but looking to rent a town home in Gaithersburg, MD.
My bad credit is due to job loss earlier this year and student loans that I did not differ in time. Also, my boyrfriend and I have good income.
Looking for person who works with bad credit in Mont Co. I have bad credit due to a separation a few years ago. Income is good. pay bills on time
Looking in Gburg, Silver Spring, Rockville. Fiance lost job but has good job now with good income. Please help!
Hello My Fiance and I are loooking to rent. However we both have an eviction for the same property. It was 6 years ago and we've already
applied at two Apartment Properties. Both said no. Now were looking into a Duplex. We currently have good jobs and okay credit. Just the eviction is killing us. Can someone give us any advice please. Thank…
Please let everyone know that the house on 1206 Moorlands Dr. is a scam. The home owner says he and his wife are out of town. They never called or w
wanted to meet but wanted me to fill out an application. When I asked to meet before doing the application, they stopped contacting me. When I said I was interested in the home, they removed the home…
Are there anyone in the Brooklyn are who except LINC for a 1,2,or 3 bdrm apartments? ?
I'm currently in a family shelter and looking for a 1,2, or 3 bedrooms apartment. The new program LINC will assist in paying my rent and deposit for as long as needed and I also work. Thank you
Hi, I am looking for a 1 BR in the Bronx and can pay 900-1000 a month.
Looking for specific location prefer riverdale area or close by Thank you. NO BROKERS I cannot afford to pay 1 months fee sorry.....
Just landed a job in Oakland off of McAuthor Blvd. I live on Columbus Ohio and have job hunting to move to California!
I am 32 SWF who loves the outdoors, has a dog, and loves laid back atmosphere. I have sold all my furniture and have been taking the necessary steps to making this move to California and now the final…
Do you have any homes that takes pets for rent in the Cedar Park, Texas area?
I have 4 indoor cats and a large, friendly dog. I need at least a 3 bedroom, but prefer a 4 bedroom. I have 3 teenagers and I'm a single parent.
Looking for a studio or 1 bedroom to rent in Quincy, IL for 4-6 months.
I am finishing an aviation program at Quincy university and will only be there another 4-6 months. I am looking for a room to rent or a studio or 1 bedroom apt that doesn't require a lease. Thanks
I'm looking for a 2 bdrm- 2 bath house to rent in King, NC in May of 2015.
I owned a condo for ten years, then rented an apartment for five years. I have an above average income, but just went through a bankruptcy. Any help???
is 1213 willow st an legit property for rent?
i have been getting emails from this owner of property 1213 willow st in denver colorado, but they are stating that they need me to send them money for the keys and lease. what should my husband and I…
I have a rental listing on Trulia that was placed here by Seattle Rentals. I received an email inquiry about our rental, but can't respond.
When I try to respond to the inquiry, I had to set up an account, which I did, but it doesn't recognize that I have a listing because it's associated with Seattle Rentals. How am I supposed…
Looking for a home to rent, I have bad credit but good income and rental history
I am looking for a realtor that can help me find a home to rent in Montgomery County. Fiance and I have bad credit due to job loss years ago. We have good income and rental history with a stable job. We…
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