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I completed my profile including password and new phone number, email address, etc. Your website is telling me there is an error. Fix it.
No details. Please fix it so I can complete my profile. I gave all the information that is required.
Coming to Boise in the next 2 weeks looking at rentals...
and I have a bunch of great houses that I've found online, but now I just need someone to help show me around/these homes. How can I find a realtor who will do that for about 2 days???? I know when…
what web sight i need to go on to find and section 8 apartments with washer and dryer hookups?
i want and 3bedroom apartment with and wash and dryer hookups and basements that except section8 in columbus oh
Hello I'm looking to relocate to the Cincinnati Ohio area with my soon to be two year old son. Haven't had much luck searching the internet
or even while I was there last month for 5 days. I've been approved for section 8, I would love to be in the mt healthy, seven hills, colerain, and sheffield township area. Somewhere nice so I'll…
Why have I not been contacted about the hacked post I reported 3 days ago.?
I got a notice my report was received but nothing else and the hacked ad for our house is still up.
How do I report a scam?
Someone has taken a posting we have and altered the rent and description
How do I report a scam?
Someone has taken a posting we have and altered the rent and description
Hello, I am looking for a Great Condo or Townhome(specially) to rent. looking for a 2bd and 2bath. $1500. in Cherry Creek School district.
Hello, I am looking for a Great Condo or Townhome(specially) to rent. looking for a 2bd and 2bath. $1500. in Cherry Creek School district. School bus availability must. Punam. email me @ tradew…
Broken lease not on credit report...
I had broke my lease back in 2011.. It is NOT showing on my credit.... I was wondering since I'm moving soon if other lease management will be able to look it up or is there a way for them to know…
Bad credit rental
I am interested in renting a 3 bed 2 bath house in Tampa and require someone willing to work with bad credit. Move in date will be January 1st.
Is there such a thing as an agent that will assist me in finding an affordable (less than $1000/month) rental property? I sure could use the help!
* I was born and raised in Denver, was a dedicated, non-traditional student who recently graduated from CU Denver. * I'm an honest, hard-working, live-and-let-live guy who minds his own business and expects…
Interested in houses that accept Housing Vouchers.
I am with Housing Authority of Buncombe Cty. I have lived in my last residence 17 yrs. Do have a small dog.
Can we legally rent out our home even though the debt was discharged in chapter 7 BK?
We stayed in the home and continued to make timely payments for the last 6 years. We are moving and the home is still under water so we can't sell it.
im a veteran with an eviction on record and looking for housing.
the problem im facing is the apartments i tried to withhold rent from evicted me on the date my lease ended. now i have a recent eviction and no one will take me that i have tried, and now i'm in over…
I have tenants in my home in Florida. It was a verbal agreement that they move in and do repairs for the monthly rent. All was going okay and
repairs were being done. Then they started slowing down and finally came to a stop. I then sent an lease agreement twice to be signed and rental income to start. They will not sign it nor will they…
I was recently chosen for the CMHA HCVP. I already live in Shaker but my income has changed. Yet, I need to stay in the city for my school-age son.
I have looked on the housing websites and everything says "no section8" on the listing. I don't want to move to a worse city just to use the voucher; that defeats the purpose. Is there anywhere in Shaker…
My husband is coming back from deployment in about 2 months. I need to find an agent who is willing to help us find a home for rent that matches my
needs before we move back. I am 10 hours away, staying with family, until my husband returns. So I am going to need help from someone who can do business over the phone, send pictures, and search around…
I am looking for an agent to assist with finding a rental house, duplex, or town home in the DFW Metroplex areas (Frisco, Irving, Carrollton,etc)
I am currently on a month to month lease until I find a place. I need a 3 bedroom and 2 Bath home within a nice school district. I'm hoping something that is roomy and a reasonable price. I am…
I am an owner renting our home to 3 individuals - please advise with best practice
I am an owner renting our home to 3 individuals (bachelors). These are Google Employees and we are putting together the team that will be staying there. In other words, they do not know each other I…
Hello. I am looking to relocate to Orlando with my fiancé and would like to rent an apartment. Would it be difficult to rent without having a job?
We both have good credit and would be using our savings until we find jobs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We currently live in NYC. Thanks so much
apartments in the manhattan area
I have a 3bedroom working section 8voucher. I want to move next year when my lease is up in april or by april. I want to move to manhattan. I perfer areas in harlem, east harlem, hamilton heights, washington…
I was recently given a LINC II voucher and I am getting Agents that don't take LINC. I am looking for a 2 bedroom or a 3 bedroom that doesn't go over
my voucher amount, preferably in the Bronx, but am will to look elsewhere. Can someone knowledgeable help me??
Can an agent help to find a sublease?
I just moved to Houston. I have looked everywhere for a sublease or to find a place I can share with a roommate to help with the cost of rent. I feel like every single craigslist ad I come across is a…
Hi my name is Kyoko Imamura. I am interested in the condo located in 229 Paoakalani Av. What we want to know is the availability to rent this from?
from Feb. 1 through Feb. 29, 2016. We tried to send e-mail but is not likely to go through, since we asked from overseas. our address is We thank you so much for your assistance.…
Home is taken remove my listing
REMOVE MY RENTAL LISTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Planning on moving to Gaffney Sc
After visiting the town I plan on renting how should I go about the process of getting started first time moving out of state?
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