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Looking for a rental/leasing property for a community residential facility for persons with disabilities for 6 residents.
Wanted to know if you had any listings that were previously ALF or senior housing facility with already installed sprinkler system and commercial fire alarm system.
My husband and I are moving to the Tampa area in March and are looking to rent for the first year until we know the area better. We need help finding
a rental, preferably in a 55 community that allows dogs. how do we find a rental agent to help us?
Been looking for a 2BR/2BA rental in downtown LB area; seems they go on the market within a week or two of becoming available; no one plans ahead
Need to secure a place far ahead of move-in because of cross country move. Any suggestions? Anyone actually had luck with Craigs list?
We are an older couple who need to move closer into town-- Skokie, Albany park, Logan square, Lincoln park. We have two dogs and one cat.
Can provide rental history last two years, income verification and referral from current renter. Credit is excellent. 2 berm, great neighborhood, between 1200 to 1600/mo.
do you take section 8?
on sec 8 looking for apts or houses or landlords who take sec 8
We need a home that does not allow pets.
I have entered what I thought indicated no pets, yet I am only getting pet listings. We cannot have pet dander or smell in the home. How do I change my search to reflect this on all listings?
Need a real estate agent to help find rental home.
Hoping to find a real estate agent that could help us find a rental property. Not having any luck contacting the listing agent without one.
How do I remove a rental listing I posted on Trulia ??? There seems to be no way to cancel
I am getting so many replies and think the apartment has been taken. Chip12414@Yahoo.
which of the apartments allow small pets?
i am 38 and disabled. ive had my dog for like 4 years. I need a 2 bedroom since i have 2 kids. i do get monethly income so no worrys.
Looking for a one bedroom, pet friendly home in the San Diego area.
Looking for a one bedroom, pet friendly home in the San Diego area, for no more than $1100 a month, that is not in a horrible neighborhood. Does such a thing even exist anymore?
Are there any resources available to me for renting a home in vegas with bad credit?
I have a 580 credit score, no evictions, good rental history, qualified income and a at least $2000 set aside for a deposit, have more if needed, but I have bad credit and having a hard time getting approved…
How far in advance can landlord or rental agent request agent fee, deposit and first & last month's rent?
Knowing the rental market in Boston is tight, my college student son found an apartment in February with a one-year lease that will begins in September. The agent is demanding that he pay the agent fee,…
How do you get a rental property that isn't for rent anymore off Trulia?
We own the home and keep receiving E-mails and phone calls from people but we have already rented the property.
Filing Bankruptcy in an apartment that we have been in almost 3 years
We have been at our apartment three years in June. We are filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & will it affect us at our apartment? Can we renew w/o credit ck
Deputy and family looking to rent home in St. Johns County
Deputy looking to rent a 4 bedroom home in 3 bedrooms with enclosed office is fine too. I have two small dogs, so a spacious backyard is a plus!Would love a home located in the durbin creek school zone,…
Hi, We are moving from Hawaii to West Point (military family) and wonder if anyone has comparative details about swim teams in the area?
We are looking to rent (not buy) a 3-4 bedroom home (not fancy) but we don't know anything about New York. We are a very active family with pets and are looking for a community that has a lot to offer…
short-term renting a room....
I Own A Home In Oakland California And Wish to Rent a room in it To A Stranger For Just Two Months...without use f a third There A Simple Way To Ensure They Will Leave Thereafter? (A lease…
102 fulgens court warrington pa.
I put this property for rent trough zillow. somehow it's on your site as well. I removed listing from zillow, but its still on trulia, please remove it, people keep on asking for viewing.
I am looking for a horse property (2 Horses) to rent or lease to purchase that allows dogs. Within 1 hr drive of I45 & Monroe.
Would Like it already have a barn, but will build if allowed. I need it to be fenced, of course. Any leads will be helpful!
Got a job offer to relocate to Carlsbad in 30-60 days.
Relocating job to Carlsbad in 30-60 days. Need help find a rental house (unfurnished) with large yard with good sun exposure for my garden. Would like $800 month but could go higher if amenities are…
Can someone please put an end to false advertisements?
I clearly use the filters to remove all "room for rent" during my apartment search and sure enough while choosing 3 bedrooms those darn "room for rent" are the first thing I see! What…
I have a 1 bedroom apt in Tottenville that will be ready shortly. Being freshly painted.
Has Washer (less than 1 yr) and dryer already installed, dishwasher, high hats throughout (wont even need a lamp nor furniture to put one on), central vac and FIOS triple play ultimnate pkg included (phone,…
Do you allow potential tenants to offer the deposit for a home in order to hold that home?
We would of course, submit an application before hand and pay those fees. Holding the house for 2 weeks would be helpful
Does anyone have a property in the NORTHEAST or NORTH PHILADELPHIA. thats in the price range 750-825 (2-3 bedroom HOUSE not APARTMENT). Im a first time renter- rented property family member for years(have…
Hello. First time renter looking for HELP!. I been renting a home from my family member for years. And Im looking to move by the APRIL 1st. I have proof of paying her mortage and I have a cosigner…
How do I delete a listing?
1693 peninsula drive, new brighton, mn 55112
Remove rental property from Trulia
Hello, My property at 2294 Wills Hollow Dr Saint Peters, MO 63376 has been rented out but it's still on the Trulia website. It ended up on Trulia via and I've already removed it from…
hard to find rental home
i'm looking for a 3-4 bedroom, upgraded & somewhat modern rental home within 20/25 min to cleveland clinic. i see so many of these homes but they are all for sale! also couldn't find a rental townhouse…
Professional couple looking to rent a house with a pool. Our lease is up June, I need to give my notice with current lease by April 6th.
We are looking for HOME TO RENT union hills/bell area from 51st ave all the way to tatum area. We would preffer to have a garage, must have pool! Please email me!
Hello, my girlfriend I are looking to rent a house in Las Vegas. We both have bad credit, she has no rental rental history and I have good rental
history. Neither of us have rented a house before, so can anyone please give any insight as to what we might be looking at financially? Thank you
I have been calling for 5 days now trying to get an application for a property listed and left messages on the automative system and have not heard
anything back yet. Is there not a real person to talk to about the property the number is 404-860-1289 and it says the property is still available for renting and is move in ready in Covington. Why…
I am active duty military with perfect rental history and currently scheduled to relocate to the area July 1.
I will be in the area on May 16th-18th to view homes. Any homes available to view to my upcoming move? Condos and townhomes preferred. Chantilly, Centreville, Manassas, Herndon and Reston areas.
Where can I find bank owned homes for rent?
Are there bank owned properties that are available to rent? I can only find listings for REO homes that are for sale, but I've heard that some of these homes can be rented.
When can I see property?
I submitted a request to see a property you have listed on 3/13. I received an email back and here's the reply: Hey Toya Williams Your inquiry for this home has been sent—you should hear back…
Are there any rental companies that accept section8 vouchers. I have a 4 bedroom voucher and is looking for the perfect home
Hello I currently have a 4 bedroom section 8 voucher and is in need of a good and nice home with at least 2 bathrooms. Can someone please give me some rental companies that accept section 8 vouchers
Portside Towers (155 Washington St) Utilities
Been reading a lot of reviews about Portside Towers utilities being really high? Is this true due to the management's negligence? or because the apartments location is close to the river and difficult…
Any landlord or agents accepting city Feps or Lincs 3?
I am currently looking for an apartment in Brooklyn, two bedroom is preferred but one bedroom if that's all that's available. I am staying at a DV shelter, and received a city FEPS voucher as…
Is short term rentals also available for about 2 months?
Need a short term rental for 2 months starting mid April.
has anyone heard of these guys getting people apartments using their credit?
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