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Summer rental 5 people
Hi we are 5 students looking for a 3 month rental from 31 May onwards in the pacific beach/mission bay area?
My rental has been filled I tried to cancel but never received email to comfirm
Remove my rental 22131 CryatL AVE. eUCLID, oHIO 44123
is it normal for the home renter to just mail you the keys after all arangements have been made?
i made contact with a home renter named Deborah mateen that seems to own several properties around the area. Though, she says shes in Georgia with family and will mail me the keys after every arrangement…
How to rent with no SSN in Chicago?
I live in Chicago and now I'm subleasing from someone and paying them directly, but sublease is about to end next month and now I'm struggling to find a place, I am pregnant and need to have…
Offering to buy our rental in pre forclosure
We've been renting our home from a private landlord for the past 4.5 years and just found out from a third party that the house is currently in pre forclosure. She never told us and doesn't know that…
How is it handled when a scam takes place via this website?
I lost the only $2,000 I had to my name because I trusted the security of this website. Can I be compensated for the fact that I was not warned that "agents" can post ads here without having…
how do i list my rental which is already showing up on your site?
how do i list my rental which is already showing up on your site?
Ok so, my bf and i moved into a room we rent from this gentleman's apartment (he resides here as well) in July 2014. Well when we came to view the pla
ce he has a carpet cleaning business and offered my bf a position to go on the road at weeks at a time.My bf accepted. Now its March 2015, and we have come to find this guy is a crook and a half. Ive…
Continued from previous post
Nonetheless we have no proof upon each months rent that we have paid. Not only that but we paid first and last month's rent. On top of it all I have requested copies of all documentation from rent payments…
HOW SHOULD I DO AFTER commercial lease expired could I stay ??
Help!!Landlord sold the house Im renting and no notices, wants me to move within a week, HELP!!
hello, my mother and I are tenants and the owners wife has more than a year telling us the home is up for sale but has yet to give us any type of official notice, several real estate agents have been visiting…
In our existing AZ lease, it states that tenant is responsible for routine pest control. What is defination of routine if it isn't defind here.?
Recently, the outside block wall surrounding the property has become the new home to a swarm of bees. We notified the landlord (who is not local and in the cheap side) that this problem existed. He suggested…
How do you assess fees after renters move out.?
Dented vent-a-hood, back door damage due to dogs, window damage
how much information can a prospective landlord ask of you legally?
I went to look at an apartment and he wanted to know my drivers license #, bank, credit card balance, childrens names, etc. It seems more than a bit intrusive.
Hello, I'm currently looking into renting a 1bdroom apt by April 1st no later then May1st, it's going to be for 2 ppl. Both credit is fair
My price range is preferably 1300 with at least gas included. If not my MAX rent is 1500 considering all utilities. If anyone has any insight it's greatly appreciated.
We just found out the house we're renting is going to auction in the sheriffs sale next month. We have not heard a word from our landlord.
They are also in bankruptcy. Do we have to leave when the sale happens? What do we do? Are we going to get our deposit back?
Hello, I'm having some difficulty finding a place that is not within a community. Is it possible to ensure a quicker search without?
communities? This is for rentals, rental apartments, homes for rent, 2 bedroom or more rentals for a year to two year's while we save to buy a home.
HOW SHOULD I DO AFTER commercial lease expired could I stay ??
HOW SHOULD I DO AFTER commercial lease expired could I stay ??
HOW SHOULD I DO AFTER commercial lease expired could I stay ??
What are the rental occupancy limits for Stockbridge, GA?
Hubby and I are renting a 3bdrm, 2bth, 1285sq ft. apt in Stockbridge. Manager says we have to move out next year because we're expecting a boy baby instead of a girl this summer. My other children are…
I will be gone for the summer, but need an apartment when I get back. When should I start looking/applying for apartments?
I am a college student and I will be out of the state in the summer. I need to have an apartment to come back to, but don't want to rent anything without seeing it first. Apartments in my area all…
Why does Trulia have so many fake rental listings?
-- This question was asked from this property:
If a broker made an appointment at an open listing, but did not show up in person to show it, am I legally obligated to pay him 15% if I take it?
The building is a co-op, and apparently they advertised the apartment on Craigslist as no-fee (I, unfortunately, did not find it on my own). The broker made an appointment for me to view the apartment,…
Apartment with bf not on lease. Help
My boyfriend and I are looking to move in together. We found a great place and I applied, got approved but have to pay a months rent for deposit. He didn't not apply with me though. He has not so…
A non U.S. resident friend
how can one go about renting without Social Security or credit history in the U.S.?
Can I limit what a property manager does for me?
I have a house that is basically new (2 yrs old) and i think i just need a property manager to help me find tenants and with the lease. I don't think i need them to do anything else as my dad is a handy…
I need to access my rental history to see if I have an eviction on my record. I'm homeless, 55, receive SS disability & qualify for subsidized housing
I am afraid to even apply, please direct me to anyone or any agency for assistance, my service dog & I are desperate for our own home, Thank You, KB
How can I access my rental history, free of charge?
I've been homeless since last October (2014), I just turned 55 & I do receive SS disability. Not knowing my status has kept me from applying for subsidized housing, which I understand I do qualify for.…
is it legal for your landlord to ask for dl and proof of income 6 months into your lease?
We leased the house on May 2014. We gave them 3 months proof of income each and copies of our drivers license before we got approved for the lease. 6 months into our lease they are asking for this proof…
Confirmation code?
I am a renter, recently had a deal fall through. The "landlord" told me that Trulia would send me a code of some sort that I needed to send back to him. This would be so that they could take my name…
I found the same house listed twice at very different prices. I emailed to find out the correct rent amount. I receive email back from someone
claiming to be the owner and he told me the much lower price tag was correct, and that the higher price tag was created by a realtor that he was using, but has now decided to handle himself because of…
Thinking of renting our SF single family home as opporunity to move north to Seattle, how to get around paying tenants to do Owner Move in?
Hi, Hoping someone here can help - trying to get advice without paying $$$ for a tenancy attorney. I have been offered a position in Seattle for a short term (maybe 2 years max) and would like to…
Couple in our twenties looking to rent a townhouse in Reston. I'm wondering if realtors help with finding rental properties?
Our Ideal place is max $1,900/month; 2 bedrooms with Jack and Jill sink in master, 2 full bathrooms, finished w/o basement, and fenced in backyard. Allowing 2 trained, declawed cats.
My roommate is kicling me out now. Help asap
I was invited from Dallas to las Vegas by a Facebook friend. The deal was I would be her roommate. And after I got a job I'd start paying half of everything. She'd proMised that if I came…
Do you have listers who are seeking short-term renters?
We are seeking a furnished, one-bedroom unit in the Orange County, CA, area for January and February, 2016. We have an older, declawed, spayed cat.
Advice for a UK national moving to the Williamsburg NY area looking to rent- currently no credit history but whose business can guarantee/pay up front
Hi, I'm going to be moving to New York shortly as I expand my business. I'm looking to rent a 1 or 2 bed place in the Williamsburg area with a budget of $2-$2.5k per month which appears to…
I'm trying to rent an apartment long term in Hawaii I have poor credit but a stable and secure source of income as well as stable cache of money
I was told by a property manager that there is a rule/law that you have to have a minimum credit score of 650 to rent in the State of Hawaii is this true....?
The landlord from HELL just sold the house I'm leasing and will not give me the new owners name and now has just turned off the water (which is in her name and I pay her directly). I have no water/sewage…
Someone from this number 1-240-561-9110 was telling me they were the owners of the home I was looking for and they asked me to get the code.
I did and never Heard back from them so I believe it was fraud the code I gave him was 3655. It was regarding the house at 15 Oakvale Rd., Framingham, MA
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