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Are pets generally allowed in apartment/condo rentals?
I'm looking to relocate to Miami in June 2013, and would like to bring my small dog. Would this really restrict my choices when renting a apartment/condo? Are they generally allowed/disallowed in rented…
What are the best areas to look into renting a 2 bedroom apartment for $1,100/month or less?
We are in our mid twenties and soon to be married relocating to Charlotte from the north east.
Oakland homeowner. Took in roommate to help with the mortgage. No lease. Month to month. 16 days late with rent last month. Hasn't yet paid this
month I want to evict him. I'd rather he left now. Do I have to wait 30 days or can he stay that long or longer? Is it illegal to give him incentive to leave. He's been giving me a story every…
Do renters have the right to an association's bylaws?
Question ... I am looking to rent a condo, however, I own 1 small dog. The owner has no problem with me having an animal, however, the Association / Management Company said renters cannot have animals…
My friend hears A LOT of voices coming from the unit next door (it's a three bedroom unit). Is it illegal to have like eight people live in one unit?
It's a running joke that he tries to count how many people live next door. What are the rules around this sort of thing?
Rental Resources
Does anyone know where I can find some sort of Rental Resource company? There was a place in Raleigh but I think they moved. For a small fee they would provide the leads according to what you are looking…
How fast does the rental market go?
I'm looking to move to Royal Oak at the start of May and I'm just wondering when I should look. Most decent properties I've seen so far tend to disappear really quick or are looking to be filled asap.
Can I get approved to rent a house with a small income but large assets?
My husband and I are planning to move to Phoenix, AZ from Utah in about a month. Our annual income is very small (about $10,000 since my husband is a pilot early in his career) but we have been able to…
Should I rent an apartment from a private owner?
I've always rented from commercial, private apartment complex, and never had problems getting my deposit back. I can't imagine private owners being as responsible, by maybe I'm wrong. Are private owners…
Our lease ends on September 13. We have to give a 2 month notice (so July 13 ). When should we start looking at new properties?
It's March 3 and we've arranged for a few showings and even seen one place we really liked, but I'm wondering is it a waste of time to be looking now because our lease ends in September. Should we wait…
Is it okay to rent a home; rather than buy?
I ask because financially and credit-wise the "purchasing" of a home is not an option for me. However; if there is a way to get the financing....then 'buying" a home is certainly a plus!!
A landlord gets an older lady as a tenant who is alone,no family,then starts abusing her-enters apt.unannounced,goes into closet & drawers &
cabinets CCalls her a pig & a slob & is always threatening to evict her,then when ceiling leaks he drags feet for 6 months with excuses in the meantime she is up all nite when it rains emptying…
Who is to pay for the changing of the lock after a tenant moves out?
The tenants that live upstairs, wanted the landlord to change the locks after I moved out. He is charging me for this. Isn't it on the landlord.
Where would I find a good inexpensive attorney?
I have gone through hell with my previous landlord. From bed bugs to a leaking ceiling,being forced out, to homeless. I need an attorney to represent me in this case. The clerks calls him, give him information,…
Is it normal for a rental agent to ask for $200 upfront before he submits an application to a condo owner, in case i change my mind?
I'm trying to rent a condo in N.Miami and called the agent to show it to me. I meet him at the property and he showed it to me and two others in the same building, he said in case something happens with…
Credit score required to rent a property in Columbus GA
What is the minimum score you need to rent a property?
How much time to move when house goes up for auction?
I'm renting a house that is up for auction end of May. My landlord says he is still working with the bank to save the house. Can this still be done a couple months before scheduled auction? If the…
how do I list on
how do I list on
i am looking for a 2 bedroom apt in the bronx by Jerome Ave.
My sister and I are both full-time students and full-time workers. We are looking to find a realtor that knows the in's and out's when working with welfare. Welfare is willing to assist us with the first…
It seems very difficult to find an apartment that's affordable. When they say "affordable" the person's income is usually?
30,000-60,000. How can a person with an annual salary of about 16,000-20,000 find an apartment?
unemployed mother-can I rent an apartment?
My son and I are moving to Easton, PA this summer. Have yet to find employment but have NYC adoption income that comes directly to my bank account. Can I secure a rent lease without employment.
is it legal to charge more rent if i move in with my girlfriend in Daly City?
i want to move in with my girlfriend she lives in daly city. the landlord agrees if i pay extra for moving in. i heard this is illegal in san francisco. is it illegal in daly city as well?
Unjust heating - What's my rights?
I am renting a bedroom in an in-law unit in Daly City. The family upstairs (not the owner of the house) has control over the heater. They run the heater all day and night which causes the PG&E bill…
What would be the best areas to reside if doing a 1 year fellowship at Barnes-Jewish and would like to rent a 2 or 3 bedroom place starting July 2013?
Looking for luxury apartments near to the hospital or within a 15 minute drive. Would like to be in an area near shops and restaurants but also an area where we would feel safe.
Is the role of a broker to only show an apartment to their client if somebody hires them to find an apartment to rent or is there a legal obligation?
like when a broker is showing someone a house? The way I understand it for houses is that brokers are required to tell somebody whose buying if there's something wrong with the house (if they know about…
How far in advance should our family start looking for a long-term, unfurnished rental home in La Jolla, CA (and surrounding vicinity)?
Our family will be moving to the area in June and we want to rent for a year or two before buying. We're not local, so we'd like to time our rental home hunting trips appropriately.
How far in advance should we look to rent a house?
Our lease in our apartment is over in May, and we are looking to rent a house in a different location. How far in advance should we start looking and making phone calls?
Where can I find relevant rent data online?
I need to know whether the current rent being paid on an investment property is competitive to the market.
where can i apply for rent with bad credit in 78254 area or Helotes TX
Returning from Iraq, must find NICE house to lease before fall sem. starts. Excel. rent history! Can you help?
My son will be returning to Lubbock from serving in Iraq just in time to start the fall semester, and is desperately looking for a VERY NICE house, in a GOOD neighborhood to lease. He is well disciplined,…
Please help with 3bdr Section 8 Voucher!!
i am currently looking for a 3bdr 2bth home in arlington or grand prairie I currently have a voucher for 3 bdr from dallas housing. Not dallas county. With Dallas housing i have more counties that i can…
My fiancee and I are looking to rent , we have no idea where to start looking . What neighborhoods are safe ?
Hi , my name is Nani . I currently live in Oceanside , NY - which is in Long Island . And my fiancee , William , lives in Peekskill , NY . We want to move in together . We would like something in Queens…
When looking for an apartment, how do you narrow down your options?
Aside from the obvious stuff like figuring out how many bedrooms & price, what do you look for and how do you do it?
Hello Family with 6 kids, 1 year left on TBRA. We have custody temporarily of three kids the others are ours, can anyone help me find something?
6 kids on TBRA one more year looking for help finding a bigger place right now that we have the three extra kids.
Best rental returns in Florida
Hi there.I am a realtor in London,UK. I am looking to buy a 3 bed condo/house for rental investment near Orlando.I am also open to other cities too.Here's my dilema.Your state is so vast that it's very…
Disclosure form
Hello, I was going through my lease agreement and I have a question for you. There is this form for lead disclosure that says: e) _____ Agent has informed the lessor of the lessor's obligations under…
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