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Rent an apartment with kitchen appliances included. Fridge broke down a week ago, what are my options? still don't have a replacement.
They had the appliance out the next day and he said a new one was required due to repair cost being higher.
Is it common practice for a realtor to ask for a security deposit (1.5 months rent) when submitting an application (prior to being approved)?
I'm looking for an apartment in downtown Jersey City. The realtor is legit and with a known realty company but insists the landlord wants a security deposit with application "to show you are really interested".…
We are selling our home in Colorado and would like to rent a house in the Tampa area. Do I have to sign a year lease?
Want to take a few months to check out different neighborhoods to find a permanent home within 6 mos to a year.
Can a landlord limit the # of people living in an apartment?
I'm about to list my 1BR co-op for rent again in Kew Garden Hills. Can I limit the number of people allowed in an apartment, or does that violate the Fair Housing law? (I can't remember the exact name…
How can I find a rental house with credit issues?
I have no credit history within the past 2 1/2 years and prior to that I had a couple of unpaid medical bills. My husbands in the same situation and though he makes decent money and we've been in…
My rental ad is all wrong. How Can I edit it?
I've changed the rental ad over the past 30 days but it still remains the same (except the price) But the ad is all wrong now. Please take it down or edit it to the way I have put it on postlets.
If there is a sump pump in a basement is that a sign that there is flooding?
We are about to sign a two year lease on a rental property in Chicago and I wanted to be very clear about flooding in the basement that I noticed was all tiled
Should i use an agent to find a rent house or look on my own? I aim to start renting a house in the next month or so. I've started looking by
using Trulia and Zillow and drive by many of the houses I liked on both sites but I can't keep doing that. I'm unsure where safer but cheaper neighborhoods are and wasn't sure if an agent…
Hello I'm looking for an investor that would be interest in Purchasing a home for me in North side of Rancho Cucamonga, I make good$ score not high
Enogh credit means more than money today, I own 2 business here in Rancho I would love to do lease to own,up to. 4,000 a mo homes worth up to a million call me at (909) 545-9337 Daniella
Need 2015 residential Landlord tenant lease forms.
Also need copy of new 2015 Landlord tenant act . What else do I have to do to qualify my self as out of state agent or can I get my daughter to be my agent living in Kingman?
New landlord changes move-in date after lease is signed. What is owed the renters?
A July 1 move-in a promised by a new Landlord. Lease is signed. Arrangements are made (renters tell their current landlord they will be out on July 1). New landlord changes move-in date to July 3.…
What is the average price to rent a 2-BR apartment for the winter season?
I am researching an article on the cost of aging, and will cite Trulia as the source.
Does it make sense to replace carpet with laminate flooring in rental property?
I own a rental SFH in Hillsboro OR area. Since our property is close to many tech employers, our average renter is a professional with good income. We are considering replacing our carpet with laminate…
Should I rent my condo....the numbers help would be appreciated!
I have a Real Estate tax question perhaps for a CPA. I am deciding if I should rent or sell my condo in New Jersey. I currently earn $104,000 per year and am single. I own a condo and the monthly payment…
Best to move to NYC in July, August or September? How significant is the difference?
I'll be moving to New York this summer and begin work September 28, though I can possibly start sooner. I'll most likely be getting a studio if I start in September, and I have a max budget of…
Best places to rent and commute to Downtown NYC
My husband and I are leaving the Navy and moving to the NY area. My husband will be attending The New School in Downtown NYC. We're looking for a place to rent. We want a quiet, safe place with as short…
i need low income apt, with bathroom in 90250 area
I am 65, on disability, but still very active,looking for independant living., my income is $1321.00 per month Can you help me?
Im getting married next year and me and my fiance will be living in new york. I would like information and advice on how to find a good apartment for
a reasonable price. It will be our first time renting a place and it will be my first time living in new york
Question about maintenance/management
Hello! I just rented a townhouse in a community complex in Glen Burnie, MD. I have only been living here for 2 weeks and already have a list of non-emergency issues with our rental. Our mailbox key does…
I need to move and I am finding out that if you are in a chapter 13 you can not rent anywhere. What do you do? I am freaking out, what do people do?
My house sold, so I have to move in 2 1/2 weeks, every realtor/individual that i have contacted tells me NO! I have tried and no one will work with us.
Is it common practice to make an "offer" on a rental home as opposed to accepting the List Price?
I've researched a few areas and will find perhaps that avg rent for a 3 bedroom is say $1250 from historical data within a mile or two, but a home might be listed at $1500 in this same area. Do I point…
Terrible roommates!
I am in month 4 of a 12 month lease in nh. No pay rent and all utilities on time to my roommate who is also on the lease. My roommate has now decided that she longer likes me, would like me gone and has…
I've been renting a one bedroom in Brooklyn for nearly two years. A few months ago my landlord conveyed to me that if I were to sign on for
another year my rent would be going up $100. This seemed reasonable to me. My boyfriend and I had been discussing the possibility of him moving in as well, so I brought it up to my landlord soon after.…
Hi Iim looking for rent in a short term (3 months) and fully furnished, somebody can help me ?
Hi Iim looking for rent in a short term (3 months) and fully furnished, somebody can help me ?
Rent my place to someone who has 510 credit score??
I want to know is it safe to rent my house to a couple (not legally married) where the guys score is 510 but the girls score is 635 and both of them will be included in the lease. They have fairly stable…
5 or 6 Bedroom Miami Area Rental
Our family is relocating to the Miami area in about a month due to a work transfer. I am having trouble finding a realtor who is actually serious about helping me locate a rental home that meets our needs.…
Do agents still pay for rental referrals?
Are there any agents who still pay for solid rental referrals in the Miami area for both office space and residential?
When renting a unit by owner what is the referral or finder's fee standard you would pay ?
I am renting my unit to a possible tenant. What is the standard referral or finder's fee that I should pay the broker who found the tenant. Also, what form do I need to have filled out along with the tenant's…
Idont understand. I'm good. Person ,me and,other half I,m on disability and he's on u.employment he will be starting a .new. job I. A week
or two. Its very disturbing. And disappointing that no no one will rent to us because. Have. Felony from over 20 years ago and they. Won't rent to me because Of that it's sad cause. I took…
Does anyone in Colorado Springs rent to people with Pitt Bulls?
I am in the military and I'm transferring to Colorado Springs. I have been trying to find an affordable house but no one wants to rent to me because of my 2 adorable pitt bull mixes, Vader and Obie. Always…
My spouse and I are planning to move in mid-late September. I have been researching desirable (and most probable) areas of metro atlanta for us to
rent a house. I need to know when and where I should file a rental application, as well as the point at which I should start viewing houses. Sincerely, Melissa Holmes
How to identify the right rental fee for a commercial space?
I'm a total novice in commercial real estate & looking for advice on where i can go to find out how to define rental fees for a commercial real estate property my family has recently acquired.…
I need a house for rent
Hello .. I 'm looking for a 3 bedroom house forma rent in the area of brick , toms river or jackson new jersey, i need a private owner, my credit is 660 , but I have excellent references from my…
Tips for a 20 year old renting first apartment?
I am 20 years old and looking to rent my first apartment. Anyone have any tips for me? I am new to all of this and I am not sure where to begin, or how to plan for all of this.
Will a water softener make a big difference with well water or no?
Deciding on whether to settle on a place we find even if it has well water bc I DO NOT WANT WELL WATER & don't want to settle unless a water softener will make a real difference.
Our 1 year lease is about to end in 2 months in El Cerrito, and I do not want to sign another year lease, does it become month by month?
We want to get our of the house as soon as we can find a new one because the landlord is CRAZY! Our first contract did not say anything about what happens after the year lease ends. Does it automatically…
My lease just came up and my landlord wants to increase our rent from 2400 to 2900. Can he do that legally?
When we moved in a year ago the house was in bad shape and we fixed it up so it was liveable. The landlord paid us for the painting, but didn't want to pay us what we normally charge since we have a handyman…
Can my landlord store her things in my room? She's one of my roommates and has all of her food storage and seasonal decorations in my closet. I
don't have room for all of my stuff as it is and she's using up all off the shelf space I have. There's nothing in the lease saying that she has access to my room.
I'm a single mother of 2 recently lost my job going off of my tax return still trying to get a job I've never done this before any advice
on how I can get my own spot for me and my kids asap ? I don't think I have any credit either call me atb3217464473 or email me
there are 3 potential tenants moving into my 3bd 3 bath duplex, however they asked if they can add on another tenant 6 months into the lease.
do I need the new tenant to fill out an application to have a credit check etc? is it possible to include a fee for adding on another tenant or increase the rent?
short term rental, or a 6 months lease to live
Hello, I'm moving to Washington D.C for work in July 1st. I am hoping to find in Arlington VA a short term rental, or a 6 months lease to live while the search for a permanent rental or a house to buy.…
How does renting an apartment with a real estate agent work in Boston?
I'll be moving to Boston in May and looking to start a lease a soon as I get in, June 1 latest. How do the agent fees work and what can I expect for between $1500-$1700 a month?
I am re-locating to Largo with my company, I need a rental by June 1st need help locating one as most of the good ones rent to fast, need help.
I am currently in Dallas and need a realtor who specializes in rentals, may buy after I know the areas better. I want to live on the island within walking distance to beach, need 2 bedroom at least 900…
In general, who should pay for pets control in rental property?
Our tenants live our rental house for 2yrs, I am wondering who's responsible for house spray to kill unwanted pets. I don't remember that I see something like this in the rental contract.
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