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Can I evict an adult child who is not on my rental agreement?
Please help! I rent a home in Stanislaus county, Modesto California. I allowed my 32 year old daughter to move in and she agreed to pay rent. She paid rent every month for three months, after a disagreement…
hi i'm looking for two bedroom house or a apt. with hardwood floors .
in NE area of the city,with less noise from my neighbors.
Need Help Looking for Rental Area
I'm in my early 20s, just moved to Charlotte and I'm trying to figure out where to look for a rental. I work in the Lake Norman area, but wonder if somewhere with more nightlife options would be a better…
Moving from Northern CA to Phoenix AZ with bad credit. Is it possible to rent a house there still?!?
We have since become balanced. He is using his GI Bill now and that helps a lot. Our income isn't horrible. But I unfortunately our credit is. We are great tenants, and have letters from our former…
Would it be too much to ask to find what we call our perfect home to rent for about 2 years? It has been almost 20 years since the last time we moved.
Looking for "quiet" area, corner lot, no backyard neighbors, 4bd/2.5ba, 2 car garage and pet friendly in Concord,Clayton, Martinez or Walnut Creek, up to $3000 month for rent.
Searching for a rental home
I am desperately searching for a 2 bedroom home in the area of calallen, tuloso, annaville, or north corpus. I need a fenced back yard for my son & dogs. My budget is preferably under 900-1000 per…
I want to rent an apartment in Hoboken for a job I'll be starting when I gradate in May. How tough are the credit checks?
When I was 18, I did mess up my credit. I'm 24 now and I've made those situations right, two by just paying up front and 3 by doing Care One. I have no evictions or anything like that, and I've…
Nee an agent to market a 55 community in Kansas City Metro Area
I am an owner of a 55 community in Raytown, MO. Construction is continueing however, two buildings, 7 units are already built. We need assistance in marketing to this select group of people. These are…
I need general rental questions on renting a home through a rental agency.
Hello, I was wondering is it possible to rent a home through a rental agency if my rental history is not great due to late rental payments. However, it does get paid before any court processes start.…
My daughter just moved out of rental where sewage was coming out of shower. Landlord said he wasn't going to fix it and if she didn't like
it, move. He is coming up with all kinds of excuses to keep her deposit. Is there anything She can do?
Who will accept me with poor credit and 3 well mannered dogs?
I have 3 dogs that are rescue dogs that are very well mannered and I also don't have very good credit, so what suggestions does anyone have for me? I own my own cleaning business.
Rent after short sale is on credit report
We went through a short sale last September and moved to a different state/city & had no problem renting. We rented before the short sale was final & property manager didn't do a credit…
Crazy situation here
I have been living in a guest house and paying rent to the "Owners". Come to find out the real owner is short selling the property. The "owners" that I have been paying rent to are tenants and haven't…
Does my landlord have to give me notice before unlocking my fence? And do I have to give her a key to my fence gate lock?
Our land lady keeps appearing in our yard unannounced. Needless to say it infuriates me. Particularly when she shows up at 8am to mow by my window whilst I sleep. We changed our fence locks. We have two…
My family and i will have to rent property in the next couple of months, we are in the process of a chapter 7
and a possible foreclosure if we can't work something out with our home. Is it possible to still rent. we had really good credit until all this happened. My husband still has a great job and i am on unemployment.…
Are most postings scams, or is it normal for rental agents to expect you to hold an apartment with rental app/security deposit before viewing?
I've contacted 4 properties, and all of them have encouraged me to sign contract and submit security deposit BEFORE even viewing the place. I have told all of them directly that it sounds like a scam,…
Tenant has informed me they have bed bugs, Can someone please inform me as to who has to foot the bill for the exterminator in NJ
Is there any info online that clarifies this responsibility in NJ, like tenant landlord laws?
birds in my walls``
what do you do when landlord don't do anything about it and kids are getting sick
How can I find a great home for my family here in the Phoenix area?
The company I work for has transferred me here to the Phoenix area. I have 3 children 12 year old twins and a 5 year old. The search has not been good at all. Every corner I turn it seems the rent just…
Can my former landlord sue me for posting my experience as a tenant on Craigslist?
I just moved out of a condo owned by a landlord from hell! She has just listed the condo for rental on Craigslist, and I would like to share my experience with a prospective tenant. Are there any specific…
I am going to view a home this morning to rent. What questions should I ask the realtor while I'm viewing the home?
the rent is 1900mo (more than I'd like to spend). Is it ok to ask if this is negotiable-say if I paid for 6mo rent up front? Thanks.. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.…
Are there furnished rental mobile homes available in East Valley for Jan-Mar 2014?
I'm looking for a 2/3 bedroom rental for my Aunt & Uncle that allows a small, well-behaved dog. Thanks!
Looking for a 2 bdrm with w/d hookup
The dilemma is that I recently filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and my rental history is not decent. Actually, I have 1 eviction listed on my credit report. My bankruptcy will be discharged on June 2. But I…
Shall we report to bad tenants listings?
Our previous tenants left the country on visa issues and will return in future. If we report to bad tenants listings, their reputation will be damaged. Seek your professional opinions. They had a…
Criminal backgrounds and renting
A friend of mine has a criminal background (non-violent), but has since found a steady job and has been wanting to get out of a unhealthy living environment. They are not sure how or where to begin searching…
Rent after short sale
Last September we had to short our house and move to a different state. We rented the house before the short sale was final and the property manager did not do a credit report. We are wanting to move…
Who pays the realtor's fee for rental?
I'm looking to rent a house in Sacramento. Who pays for the realtor's finders fee if I choose to use one to help me find a home to rent? My understanding is that it varies by the geographical…
Why are owners and landlords not renting to people who have section 8 anymore?
I have never had such trouble finding a place before and I have been on section 8 for ten years. I am an excellent tenant and I have never once in ten years paid my rent late and always get 100% of deposit…
wht are my rights when you are renting and the morgage comepany sends the home owner a Right to cure default notice.
owner says its not true but the morgage company sent letter to house instead of to her out of town. i refuse to pay the rent until i find out what is going on with the house. owner has not paid money since…
What can my lanlord discuss with my personal references?
My landlord called my personal references (who happens to be family) and told them how much we makes (incorrectly) that we have cable and she doesn't think we can afford it and that she worried for…
Need information from landlord to write off a home office.
The company I work for pays most of my rent because I have a home office. I'm moving and the new landlord won't fill out a W-9 or even give their social security number. The company needs this…
How long does a broken lease stay on your record?
A friend of mine broke a lease due to getting divorced and was being harrassed and threatened by her ex. She needed to just hide. Now she wants to rent but is scared to look. Please advise of what she…
I can not post a photo in your page why?
I am having problen downloading photos what to do?
NYC tenants rights when showing an apartment?
My lease is up at the end of this month (my roommates and I decided not to renew). A broker (who is not associated with our management company) contacted us directly and requested a copy of our keys to…
I own a 2 family and rent the 2nd unit out. My current tenant hasn't paid me March/April rent. He has signed a paper agreeing to:
pay me the rent due, use last month's rent for May, and vacate the premises by the end of May (thus cutting the lease 3 months short). Is there anything else I can do to insure I get paid? I am…
How long does a rental listing stay active on Trulia?
I posted a listing a week ago, and when I signed 8 days later I noticed it was no longer active. Does Trulia automatically deactivate it? Is there a way to keep it active until I manually inactivate it?
How much is the charge to list my house on the MLS for RENT? Approx rent will be $1600 on one and $2500 on another.
Houses are in Hurst, TX 76054 and Colleyville, TX 76034 Appraised values are 180k and 275k respectively.
Is there anyone that can assist me with finding an apartment even with bad credit.?
My life's been afftected by the economy and I need to down size my living to get back on the right track. I've been renting in an upscale community for the last six years and have been an excellent…
How can we advertise space to rent for events, church meetings, group meetings, etc.....?
We have a large hall in our church available to rent for these types of events.
Moving from Brooklyn to SF Bay Area. Need advice on best bang for my buck. Looking between Walnut Creek-San Ramon.
Must Haves: Size: 2-3 Bedroom Parking: Yes 1 car Budget: 1700-2100 Wish List: 3 bedroom/garage Near Highway Near YMCA/Day Care Within 30 minutes to Walnut Creek and Airport Walkable neighborhood
Hi , Good Afternoon i wanted to ask do any one except programs?
Im really in need of an studio apartment can someone please get back to me as soon as possible
im looking for a house to rent found one on craigslist. The owners are trying to convince me this is not a scam. But, they are not in the US.
they want me to WESTERN UNION the my money before they send me the keys. The house in question is on the market to be sold. The realtor hasnt been returning my calls. What do I do next.
Is it possible to get a rental with 550 credit scoring but 2 yrs good rental history?
If so & you have rentals available please contact me here.
Can HOA's impose rules on tenants that do not apply to owners.?
Pets are allowed in the CC&R's, no pets for tenants, was added to the guidelines and rules.
Do You Guys Take Programs?
I have the One Shot Deal, does Trulia deal with this and if so how can i get an appt in less den 30 days, I am also working and have a child.
As a tenant on a month-to-month lease in NYC, can you give you 30 days' notice on any day of the month ?
Sub question, if you give your notice on May 3rd and leave 30 days later, on June 2nd, are you supposed to pay June in full ?
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