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Where are the pet friendly real estate communities?
Do you know the cities most pet friendly? Do you know the rental markets of various towns and cities to live in that more pet friendly? Renting-or homeownership pet friendly communities?
How can I ensure the person listing a property for rent on Trulia is legitimate?
With all the recent horror stories of people putting money down on a home for rent, only to find out the person they were dealing with had no ties to the house or the authority to arrange the rental.…
Can I early terminate a 6 months House/Petsitting agreement by email or do I need to send a registered letter if not in the country?
Hello there, I hired a housesitter last january to take care of my elderly dogs while I am in south africa taking care of my elderly aunt. the plan was for the housesitter/petsitter to stay on until dec.2012…
Just filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, earns 30K, husband earns 55K w/good credit. Should we rent in only his name?
I just recently filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, all debts are gone...but not discharged yet. I work with an income of $30K, husband has 630 credit score and makes over 60K annually. We want to rent a single…
Why does Trulia have so many fake rental listings?
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My husband and I are relocating to LV from DC and need to rent a place sight unseen...
We are looking for a short term or month to month rental. Because we have a 45lb dog, we are looking for a house - not an apartment. We are having a very hard time finding anyone that will rent to us…
can a landlord speend a deposit or is she obligated to hold it until i move out?
i paid a $2000 dollar deposit and the landlord say she cannot give it back until she rerents the house to someone else
Who is the most honest to handle property management in MAGALIA, ca. I am thinking of renting my home and need the information
regarding services, landscaping or yard care, cleaning or recommendations of who would be best to use. Thank you, Margaret Fournier (
Can landlord legally hold security deposit after agreeing to allow an early termination of a lease?
I had to break my lease early due to a job offer out of town. I gave more than 30 days notice to my landlord and she send me an email stating that she would not have me buy out the lease. Once I moved…
How come I cannot retrieve or see a lead?
I was emailed a weekly report and I saw I had a lead, but cannot get to it.
I rent a condo from a property management company in Orlando, Fl. Do I have the right to see the bill from the air conditioning company that repaired?
They said the filter was dirty so the drain was clogged but same thing happened last year and it was due to some valves not being connected. I didn't have to pay for that. They won't show me the invoice…
We are moving to Portlnd. Wanted: rental max $1400 min. 830 sq ft 2 carspaces. Easy access MAX/ restaurants. Which areas/buildings do you recommend?
For us it's important to live in a safe neighborhood, a light apartment/condo, nice area to be in for the evenings to get a bite or drink a glass
Looking for 3/2/1 or 2 with a good yard in a good neighborhood on the NE side without breaking the bank. Any ideas? Duplexes are welcome.
The issue is price/sqft. I don't know how 2 adults and 2 kids could fit into less than 1000sqft and keep their sanity. But, price is also an issue. Trying to keep it under $850 seems almost impossible…
how long can a homeownwers association take to approve a tenant?
I applied 17 days ago with not answer from the association yet. The owner of the apt is loosing money and me (the prospect tenant) too.
Average Utilities?
How much are utilities usually on average during the winter in Fairbanks? We are a military family and I am trying to decide whether or not to live on base ($2025 of BAH a month with all utilities and…
What is there besides just Rent: $XXXX.00
Alot of the posts I see are listing just rent prices but I know there's more in renting a home. But I am inexperienced in home renting so I am asking what other fees are there? Application Fees? Safety…
Can the next tenant move in before I move out?
Add some detail about your question
what's the average price per square foot for rental homes in Oviedo,FL?
how much can a landlord increase the rent? I am currently paying $0.79 per sqft in Sanctuary
Can you give advise to a landlord renting out rooms from the house he also lives in?
I'm in the S.F.V. & live in my home I also have 3 rooms I rent out to roommates. I'd like to know of any laws commonly overlooked.
Best area to live to get to Central Park Area, Brooklyn, or NYU?
Hi- we are trying to find an area convenient for 3 of us, one working around the Central Park Area, one in Brooklyn, and one attending NYU. Is there anywhere that would make all 3 of these easily accessible?…
Evil landlord won't fix anything.
After I moved in, the landlord told me that the house was rented as is. I informed him that there was no such things. He misrepresented the house in many ways and the house has lots of problems. He…
Am I legally responsible for an eviction and the backrent/legal fees if I was not on the lease.?
So I was living with my mom, I was 17 years old when the lease was signed and a year later when I was 18 she did not pay rent and got evicted, she took it to court and lost. However the thing I recently…
i am looking for a two bedroom houses with a backyard that allows pets
two bedroom houses with a bathroom and and a kitchen and ac / washer/dryer hookup and a driveway -- This question was asked from this property:
want to check out Highland has rental property in Aurora Colorado?
what might the fees be for Highland Rentals in Colorado?
Looking for a 1 or more BR
Needed soon, thanks!
Looking for summer rental in or around bozeman.
Hi. I am a graduate student and need a rental for the summer for a fellowship in Bozeman. Would only be there 3 months. Does your real estate agency find temporary summer rentals or only full year leases?
Do I requiring renter insurance if I rent out my home?
Do I requiring renter insurance if I rent out my home, or do I talk with my own homeowner's insurance to make sure they cover those living there?
Can a landlord limit the # of people living in an apartment?
I'm about to list my 1BR co-op for rent again in Kew Garden Hills. Can I limit the number of people allowed in an apartment, or does that violate the Fair Housing law? (I can't remember the exact name…
Is it right to raise the rent doulb the amount when there is new owner ship?
I live in Baldwin park CA i have been renting an apartment 2bedroom 1 bath and garage for 8 years. The owner has owned them for about 20 years and dicide to sale. I pay $700 and the new owner is looking…
I am a landlord. I have a signed lease agreement and now do not want tenant renting. What is required on my part?
Tenant rented 9 mos (Sep-Jun) now is out due to the condo rents weekly for summer. Due to her employment status (not working), the way she left condo (bad), and late rent payments (which I knew about…
Planning to rent a house from 2014, will the maintenance expenses of 2013 be tax deductible ? And how ?
I plan to rent my house from the early 2014 where I live currently. We are upgrading in this summer little by little such as kitchen countertops, backyard lawn, exterior painting, etc. I wonder if such…
How can I be sure I'm chosing the right home in another state before moving there when I don't have time to travel to look at it?
My fiance and I are looking to move from Norfolk, VA to the Northeast region of Texas (McKinney, Tyler, Plano, Greenville, Kaufman, and Garland) right around Thanksgiving of this year, beginning of December…
What are the annual condo occupancy rates in Park City UT?
i am trying to figure out how much i would have to put down on a condo in Park City UT for it to be breakeven, i am looking for an avergae cupancy rate to plug into the model
Renting as a foreign family. What documents we should have to rent a house in Bay Area California?
As foreigners we do not have a local credit history nor social security number (yet). How can we rent a house?
is flood and fire insurance necessary in palm beach?
is flood and fire insurance necessary in palm beach? will my tenant's rental insurance cover it?
Rio Rancho, NM Rental Market
I'm interested in buying an investment property and would like to know more about the rental market in Rio Rancho, NM.
Is it going to be impossible for me to rent a home?
I went through the application process with a management company to rent one of their homes. Everything was fine except for an eviction I had 6 years ago. I wasn't aware of it, as I didn't see…
HELP. I NEED to rent out my second home.
I just recently lost my job. Hence the need to rent out full-time my second home now (w/ a second-home rider). The house is currently under water but I don't want to go through the hassle of loan mod…
Landlord tenant dispute
I live in Columbus,OH. My previous landlord didnt pay my deposit back to me within 30 days. I moved on April 30th and I submitted my new address on May 2nd and The check was cut on June 3rd. On top of…
I have a contract but no sure what this covers?....
I have a contract and under MAINTENANCE: It states landlord responsibilities under sec. 83.51 and there is an X marked for the landlord under water treatment also an X for the landlord under plumbing,…
looking for house to rent 4bd 2ba Tucson arizona 85710
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What are some key things I'll need to be approved for renting my first apartment?
I am 18 and I'm moving to Orlando for school. I want to rent my first apartment but I don't have credit. I'm worried that I won't pass any rental applications. What are some things that I can prepare now…
Last weekend my landlord told her me is selling her condo which I rent and will need the house available to show 9am-6pm every day. Can I limit this?
This seems unreasonable. I work half days on Friday and am usually home in the afternoons. I don't mind having the house open for show 9-6 Monday through Thursday, mornings on Fridays and with reasonable…
Proper Etiquette when telling your apartment broker you found a place on your own?
We have a non-exclusive apartment broker who has worked for us finding a spot in NYC the past few weeks, however we just found a place on our own that had a listing agent and property manager attached…
Could you give me 10 reasons or more, why it's better to us a broker and pay a broker fee when finding apartments to rent?
Also my I use the article on my FB page as a few out of state and NYC clients have questioned WHY they should pay a fee and want "NO FEE" apt. Thanks so much.
I have just received a voucher through PATH which im assuming is a FEPS voucher. Iv'e been calling people about apartments who say they take vouchers but wont call back or put me on hold because i am unemployed.…
I'm trying to find at least a 2 bd house or apt, but i get paid under the table so i cant provide a pay stub. What do i do?
I'm a Single mother supporting 3 kids. I dont get an actual pay check because i work under the table. I dont recieve that much money, so im looking for a small cheap place anywhere. I've been…
in need of a Realtor that has Section8 properties for rent
I need help finding a place to move in raleigh do to the reduction of hud my landlord will not be resigning with me. I need to move by the end of june, I need help in finding a safe place to live in…
I live in Florida and looking to buy a few houses to rent out for my "retirement" money.
Is there a limit to how many houses I can purchase and rent out??
Son's roommate bailed & he can't afford the rent. If he can't find a new RM, what can he do? PS: LL never gave him a copy of lease
& tenant's rights. He's 18 and wants to be on his own. He was able to afford his half of the rent comfortably, but the whole thing plus the fixed monthly expenses is over his budget. He approached…
Do you rent vacation homes?
Our family of 10 has just found out we will be able to go on vacation together the week of July 4. Inventory seems to be depleted. We have not been able to find what we are looking for within our budget.…
how much information can a prospective landlord ask of you legally?
I went to look at an apartment and he wanted to know my drivers license #, bank, credit card balance, childrens names, etc. It seems more than a bit intrusive.
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