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I need to find income based apartments in Westland, MI or the surrounding area with no waiting list.
I need to find income based apartments in Westland, MI or the surrounding area with no waiting list.
How can I evict my brother from my home, NV I let him and his girlfriend move in a few months ago because they were evicted from there apartment.?
He promised to help by paying rent and helping around the house. They have not paid me a dime to this day. I feel he is doing some kind of criminal or illegal activity in his room, claiming he is a computer…
The landlord from HELL just sold the house I'm leasing and will not give me the new owners name and now has just turned off the water (which is in her name and I pay her directly). I have no water/sewage…
HOA, Condo fees, etc.... - buying a condo. What all needs to be considered to buy a condo as a rental property?
I am planning on buying a condo as a rental property in about a year. I know that HOA and condo fees can be very high almost = 20% of mortgage. I also heard (haven't researched) that HOA/condo fees…
What happens if you signed a stipulation of agreement with new building owners and cannot find a place in time to move in time? if you need an extent
extension is it possible, and is it possible reconnect with the owners to stay and rent and be willing to pay inceased rent and would they accept that type of offer??
Thinking about renting our house rather than selling. We love area and would like to keep house to give to our children one day. Is renting good idea?
What do we need to consider when renting a house? Looking into "Landlords Insurance". Any other factors??
i have to pass co-op board approval AFTER i signed my lease
I signed the lease 2 months ago, paid one month rent to broker, security deposit and one month rent to the landlord. the landlord did not notify me that i need to get board's approval. Two months after…
For the love of god is there anything decent to rent in the Monroe/ West Monroe area? Relocating from Dallas and cant find anything decent!
Looking for something in a safe, family neighborhood. Enrolled my kids in OCS because we didnt know if we would find anything in a good school and I didnt want to loose the place. Since we have the in…
What do I do if a parking spot is taken away from me?
I live in an apartment in West Hollywood, CA. I have lived here for a little less than a year. During that time, the building has changed owners. In our lease it says we are promised on car parking spot.…
How can an Australian rent an apartment in Los Angeles?
I am looking to move to LA early next year, most likely with employment, and have a credit report from Australia. Is this sufficient and what other documentation will I need in order to rent an apartment?
The place I rent from lost my rent payment, Im an unemployed single mother, (getting unemployment) I am now being taken to court, this is the 3rd
time this has happened, but the first time I have to go to court. Can I fight this? How do I go about this?
Anyone have a house for rent in Hampton, VA/23669 Syms Middle and Kecoughtan High area?
Looking for Rentalhouse Syms Middle & Kecoughtan High. MID-Frm Late Dec/Aug. 3 bed & 2 bath. Dogs OK Credit is Fair & Rental History is excellent. Income exceeds 3 X the rent $2,000.00 per mo. Prefer to…
my daughter and her husband is renting a one room in basement in sterling and there is a private enterance with one door that goes upstairs, no window
s, no smoke alarms or carbon dioxide detectors in the basement and it has been cold the owners don't put warm air on to keep them warm, my daughter complains it's cold in the basement and their baby 7mths…
Who pays the realtor's commision on a rental in Columbia County NY?
Who should be paying the realtor's commission on a rental in Columbia County, NY? The landlord or the tenant? The rentals I'm looking at are nothing fancy and are around the $1000 to $1500 range.
What should you know before you become a tenant?
Don’t Talk Like a Lawyer - Coming across as a demanding or litigious person may give a potential landlord a reason not to rent to you. Be easy-going, polite & avoid saying things such as “that’s…
Under Florida landlord/tenant law, what is considered "reasonable" access to landlord?
am renting a single-family home in Florida. We're month-to-month. I just gave my landlord our required 60-day notice. Now, he wants to be able to show the house to prospective buyers. He came over…
I just find out that the apartment I am living in may be illegal. I live in Calumet City. What should I do? Thanks
He told the other tenant (my bf) that the city has contacted him. Does anyone knows if it is true how long we have to vacate the apt? Thx
I'm going Friday to look at an apartment in Chicago. I want a list of questions to ask about the apartment & building. Can you send me a few?
I know to ask about storage and bike storage. Can I ask about tenants and if the building is noisy?
How do you find an affordable single family home, duplex or townhouse during a high need time?
My son and I moved here from MN in April, were flooded out of our home last month. We are having a really hard time finding a nice home for us, our dog and cat. Thanks for any advise and suggestions you…
Credit scores...
My husband and I are trying to get our credit back in order after being young and dumb... Any chance of us standing a chance with a realty agency, or are we stuck trying to find a private rental? I'm okay…
I am a subtenant,the master tenant has moved out and the building has recently sold .Should I expect a 30 day notice?
The new ownets offered 240.00 if I moved out yesterday..what could happen now?
Best neighborhood within 20-35 min from richmond, VA with fenced in backyards?
We are a military family relocating next March 2014 to Richmond, VA and we have 2 dogs and 2 kids. We are looking for a house with a fenced in backyard. Where would be the best place to start looking…
i need a 2 bedroom handicap apt section 8
fossil ridge high school area
Eviction. Tenants requested a Jury Trial. Jurors found for the Landlord and awarded him $867 in prorated Rent Court Costs.
So today, the 20th of the month, The Landlord was owed $867 in ProRated Rent and $575 in Late Fees. Well after notice was served, time expired and filing they they dropped off a $1300 Money Order for rent…
What's the average one bedroom rental price in Morningside Heights?
I'm an incoming grad student living with my boyfriend. We're on a tight budget and would like to stay near campus. Would under $2200/month be asking too much?
Looking to rent a 1 or 2 Bedroom apartment need help!
Im looking for 1-2 bedroom apt in the Bronx (preferable near Fordham Road area and or Bedford Park area). My credit is no good, but I make 36,000
Could I use a realtor to find an apartment/condo to rent?
I plan on moving to Austin, TX and I am very unfamiliar with the area. I know what I want, but I have no idea where I should start. Is hiring a realtor to find a rental common? Would they charge me…
There is this person who is renting his home in the upper west side he is renting it in a affordable price but states that he isn't with a
realestate agent and the months payment are to go through west union I'm still not sure if I can believe him
We are moving back to PA after two yrs. of living in New England. My husband was laid off from his company. While spending many hours job-seeking, he
And I have been searching for rentals. However, they all seem to want proof of employment, etc.. We're willing to put down five to six months rent in cash. Is this common & do rental owners accept payment…
How does whole student rental process work ?
Me and a few friends want to look into renting a house for next year at West Chester University.. I was wondering if somebody could explain to me what process i need to go through and to answer some of…
How to get rid of both tenants in 2-family home, Bayonne NJ?
We are purchasing a 2 family home for ourselves and in-laws. The seller's attorney is telling us the selling can only get rid of one tenant, but not both. Is this true? And what would it takes to get rid…
My family and I are going to move to Victorville or Hesperia next month, I need expert advice we are between a home that is in a great
neighborhood in Victorville 3 bedroom older home for 1000 per month we are responsible for all utilities home does have new stove, dishwasher. The 2nd home we are interested is in Hesperia which is a…
If i'm not on a lease and my roommate got mad at me and is threatening to kick me out and throw my stuff on the street. what do i do?
her boyfriend and i do not get along. even came in and threatened to fight me when we were arguing. i own all the furniture in this house and she's rubbing in my face that it doesn't matter because her…
Austin, Texas: a)apartment waiting lists - usual?, b) 55 communities
a) My son traveled to Austin, Tx. in September. He found every apartment community he visited had long waiting lists, no matter the price.Is that the norm or did he just hit a difficult week? b) I will…
Are you looking for a home to rent in Victoria, Texas?
Our rental market in Victoria is critical low. Some people are falling prey to crooks who advertise on various websites. They steal the pictures and information about houses that are "for sale" and advertise…
Is there a maximum percentage that my landlord can increase my monthly rent?
I have been renting in Oceanside for three years with standard 1 yr lease extensions. End of Sep '13, my landlord allowed lease to lapse into month to month and now wants to increase my rent from $2,200/mo.…
Does The Fair Housing Act apply to corporate tenants of residential property?
Corporation A enters into a lease of residential property in NYC from Corporation B to provide short term (less than a year) accommodation to one of Corporation A's employees. Is the lease subject…
Is maintenance cost included in rental?
I am looking for rental home in 93551. Who pays for maintenance and other issues with the property?
I live in California. Can i evict someone not on the lease if we have a verbal agreement?
My friend moved in 6 months ago on a temp basis. Things are not going well and she now has not paid rent for 2 months. I gave her a 30 day notice and she says she will not leave and i cant make her.
Yearly Rental inSouth County RI
Looking for a 3 bed 1 rental in the South County (possibly Warwick area) for under $2k. Pets need to negotiable.
A first time renter, looking for pointers.
Hello, my name is Kayla and I've recently graduated high school. I'm nineteen and have my first part time job. Due to circumstances at home, I will not be able to continue to live with my parents after…
My work is transferring me to our Port Orange office Dec. 1st. I'm looking for a rental that is pet friendly (small dog).
I recently went through a foreclosure/bankruptcy, is it going to be hard to find a rental?
Is it typical for rent to increase every year when you live in the same apartment?
A new company took over my complex and said the standard is a 3% increase. The old company never raised my rent.
We believe your rental posting for the rental house at 956 S Corona, Denver CO is a scam for money. What do YOU do about this?
We have an email exchange that would give you enough information to arrive at the same conclusion.
Issues with GMmanagement in Thousand Oaks, CA; advice needed on tenant laws of HOA policies in regards to compliance and changes
I live in Thousand Oaks, Ca in a town home where the HOA use to send us letters in regards to compliance changes and issues (if they ever observed any) and stopped abruptly shortly thereafter. Our landlord…
Looking for a property manager in Middletown who would handle maintenance calls for my rental condo
Any suggestion on how to go about finding either a property manager who would just handle maintenance calls and emergencies, or even a trusted handyman (someone who can respond to short notice and emergency…
How do I determine how much to rent my home in St. Mary's Park for (325 Justin Drive)? How long should it take?
My adult son will be occupying the lower level of the house, with its own side entrance. The main house has two large bedrooms, one bath, living room, dining room, newly remodeled kitchen (2011) with new…
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