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i have poor credit. but i am able to pay my rent. what are my chances to rent a house?
I am only renting why do they go by my credit score. I have good reference from previous landlord for 9 years
Is there anything that can be done to remove fraudulent postings?
901 Monroe Street, Arlington, VA is one such scam. I hate that this criminal has my email address and I would like to save others the harassment and risk. On CL, these users can be reported and blocked.…
My husband and I have bad credit scores, and an eviction on our record. Is there anyone out there who can help us get into our forever home?
My credit score is 509 and I think my husband's is 512. We have a couple of broken leases and an eviction, unfortunately. We have had the hardest time getting accepted into a house or a duplex. I want…
Do people ever enlist the help of a real estate agent when looking for a house to rent/move into?
Meaning I'm not looking to rent out a property I own. I'm actually looking for a single family home to rent in the area I'm already living in.
Looking to relocate from Las Vegas to Atlanta in Late May 2014
I will be looking for a house to rent but will not be employed on arrival . My husband and I are both currently employed and have been for at least 2 years with same employer. Will we have an issue with…
What constitutes negligence on the part of a rental property management group?
I hired a property management group two years ago. The tenant moved out recently, and a new tenant was scheduled to move in within a 6 week period. While waiting on new tenant to move in, about 3 weeks…
Renting in Brooklyn
I am moving to Brooklyn for work in a little over a month. I am looking for an affordable studio or on bedroom in williamsburg, bushwick, bed-stuy, or bay ridge. Looking to pay 750 a month or less.
Can someone help us to find an apartment or house to rent?
we recently had to file bankruptcy because my husband had lost his job. He just got a job about a month ago.However, now we are having to surrender our home. Anyway . we have to find a place that will…
I am looking to rent a home in the Lovejoy High school area.
Looking for 3/4 bedrooms, not looking for a ranch style, Need space as I work from home. Under $1000 a month, And I have 2 small dogs, 12yrs old would need to accept pets.
I'd like some advice. I'm a real estate agent looking to rent a home in Wesley Chapel with a friend, but have a problem coming up with a
fair $figure Here is the scenario. I am coming from a large 6bedroom 3bath house and have lots of nice furniture. Enough to furnish our entire new home, incl new washer and dryer. She only has her own…
I'm currently looking for a house to rent for my mother-in-law. It would need to accomadate being close to The Lone College North Harris.
Any good neighborhoods around there, in any direction from the college, that would be a decent area to get started in? We have loved pets we need protected while we are not there, as well as our home as…
property that accepts Vouchers
I'm Franklin,or Columbus IN. area
What would the broker fee be in NYC if I'm planning on short-term renting (3 months) an apartment found on a broker's site?
However, they're not actually showing me any places physically since I'm from out of state. Does that still count for them to charge a 15% fee/ one month's…
Which Boca áreas would be best lease options for family with young children seeking safe, tasteful lifestyle?
We'd like to lease in Boca to test the waters before moving farther north in Florida; we currently live in Miami. With 2 primary school-aged children, schools are a consideration but our/their daily quality…
senior housing available
Add some detail about your question
im 21 and my roommate is 23. he gets weekly checks of or around 900 weekly. we have the money, he has fair credit, and we are trying to move mid......
trying to move mid april and im in charge of looking as he does all the paperwork and phone calls. trying to figure out if we should get an apartment or a house. i have a child so we need a 3 bedroom/2…
Under a Use and Occupancy agreement who is typically responsible in the event of appliance breakdown
Under a Use and Occupancy agreement who is typically responsible in the event of appliance breakdown, like Heating/AC Unit, kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, fans, etc.?
Hi there, I am interested in moving to Miami
My name is Max Hartland, I currently live in London UK. A friend and I are interested in moving out to Miami for a few months, to live and work. We are looking to rent a 2 bed condo / apartment but have…
Hello, so if you have 16 unit apartment complex in Campbell, CA - do you need an "on-site" property manager?
Can it be one of the tenants that would oversee the complex and be compensated for it?
I am looking on how to inform a prospective landlord about my being disabled and on Section 8 in a positive manner. Thank you.
I worked hard most of my life. Due to degenerative spinal disease and severe nerve damage to my hands, I am disabled as I can no longer work as an graphic artist. I now receive Social Security Disability…
Renting while in bankruptcy
How can you rent a house or townhouse while in bankruptcy?
My Fiance & I want to relocate from NYC to WPB, FL. Im a full time student & dont work on the books but my fiance does. Suggestions on Renting?
We just need any suggestions on how we would go about renting an apartment/house since the past few months I havent been working on the books. All my other jobs were on the books though. And we have never…
I'm looking to move to Florida at the end of the summer from New York. What would you suggest I do aside from narrowing down my search to a location ?
I have narrowed it down to three locations. I am planning a trip to view locations and houses in July but won't be moving until the end of August or early September. How does the renting of a house usually…
Poor credit score but decent income and work history
I am looking for a two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. My credit score is 609 and my income is 60,885. What are the best ways of getting a place in a decent area. I tought about writing a letter to explain…
My husband and I have an eviction from four years ago with a roomate, now we have two kids and need to move immediately. Everywhere i go they always
say no because of our eviction. I dont know what else to do we need somewhere to live immediately. Is their anyone who would work with us?
Commission for rental
If a tenant is seeking rental home through an rental agent, who is paying the commission to this agent? Is the home owner paying that or the tenant paying that? What is the fair market value of such commission?…
I need HELP!!! Where are there places in cape coral, Fl that will work with me? I just moved here from Michigan a month ago. I have found employment,
but my boyfriend has not yet. We have been staying with a family member but can't for much longer. I just found out I'm pregnant. I was told I can't apply for any assiatance at this time…
Rent my place to someone who has 510 credit score??
I want to know is it safe to rent my house to a couple (not legally married) where the guys score is 510 but the girls score is 635 and both of them will be included in the lease. They have fairly stable…
I am looking to relocate to GA. I have section 8 and I'm looking for a 2/2 with a max of 800. I wanted to know if there are any agents that work with
section 8. I need something in a nice and safe location for kids. I also would like something near decent elementary school/ preschool. Please contact me I'm looking to get moved soon.
Do bedrooms need to have 2 exits?
I am a renter who lives on the first floor of an old brownstown and the windows have grates on them that do not open.
Someone please help
My Reality Broker Is Trying To Charge Me 15% on top of the Broker Fee For An Apartment Can They Do That
Are there any landlords/realitors out there in Roseville ca that will work with an eviction from 4 years ago.?
My husband and I both have good reliable jobs. We have 2 kids now and need to find a stable place to live. Asap! We can afford something around 800-900 price range with at least 2 bdrms.
Letty Latson, Other/Just Looking in Kissimmee, FL Help Looking for a home to rent Hello My husband and I are looking for a place to rent by first
of the month, The home we're in now the lease is up on the 28 on this month we only have a few days to find a place but our credit scores are not so great ( no eviction or bankruptcies ) but it's…
Its there any security deposit/downpayment help? new britain, ct im renting in new britain but willing to relocate
Hi I just whent thru a divorce so now im a single mom of 4, need to relocate to another another town due to a harrastment from my exhusband and constant threats. I nead a better life for me and my kids
What are the steps you go through when renting an apartment?
I will be renting my first apartment or trying to anyway within the next 3 months so i just want to be prepared. I will be moving with my girlfriend.
How high of a possibility do you think there is for an 18 year old with no credit to rent an apartment in Valdosta, GA?
I am moving out on my own (well, I'm trying to) and I am REALLY interested in moving to Valdosta. From what I've seen it's beautiful and fairly cheap. I live in PA right now and I'm very new to getting…
Hello, I'm planning to search for rental properties in bay area. I'm new to the US market so I have a couple of basic questions:
My questions about rental agreements: 1) Do landlords have to show proof of ownership to the tenant during a lease execution? 2) Reason for question 1 - I may be paying the rent & security deposit initially…
When are rental houses/apartments open for viewings generally? Weekdays or weekends?
I'm San Francisco & East Bay area in the next 2 weeks for job interviews and I want to know if I should on till the weekends if that means I can go to rental viewings. Thanks.
What is the best way to rent a home or an apartment with low credit score?
Where can I go to find homes for rent with my credit rating without serching through hundrends of homes that I am not qualified for?
Should I use a realtor to find and rent an apartment/condo/house?
I will be attending school out in the Florence area and I don't know if I should use a realtor for that. I don't know the area so I've been limited to craigslist and I've had no luck!
Please help ! I need an attorney that is exceptional on the Florida Landlord-Tenant law.
The new owners of the house I am renting are the issue.Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Should I trust homeowners who rent their homes but calm they are out of the country doing missionary work?
Lately, while searching for homes to rent, I have come across homes with reasonable pricing. However, I receive reply’s from homeowners, stating they are renting their homes because they are out of the…
Trash, glass, debris problem at rental
If a rental property that your are leasing is left with debris, trash (and glass) in the yard by the owners contractors for the demolition project that the owner wanted done, is the owner responsible for…
Can real estate agents discriminate against age? Looking to rent a home and keep being told I am not old enough.
23 years old and have steady income and previous land lord recommendation letters, why can I not find a place to live?
Can you please help me? I need 2bd room for me and fiance and son. Relocating from NYC. Is there any one to help me.?
Can u help me with renting an apartment. Need a home to bring my son home an in a low cost and low crime area.
Renting out a two dwelling units in a single family home. Legal?
I am wondering the legality of renting out two apartments in a single-family home how many people are allowed to live in a single family home also can you put in two meters in a single family home in order…
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