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How can we rent a single family home or an apartment without a credit?
I and my wife got green card we'll move to USA next winter, obviously we don't have a credit score history. Actually I am a trader, stock broker self employed,and I can't prove my wage. But I have money…
what can be done if the apt office is refusing to renew lease?
We got a letter from the office stating that they will not be renewing our lease. They dont give us a reason why or anything like that. We sent a letter to management asking if they would reconsidered…
When can you legally rent out your first home?
I'm pretty sure its after 2 years of living there but not 100%
2 Bedroom, 1 or 2 Bath in WeHo
I'm looking to rent a 2 bed with 1 or 2 bath apartment in West Hollywood for under $2000 a month. Relatively new to the area, so advice would be helpful. Thank you!
I received a listing from your site from a Pastor Kris who is in West Africa renting his apt. and wants me to send him money Western Union.
1300 Clarke, I am not going to do this and wanted you to check to see if this is a scam. Thank you
Is security deposit check upon filling out application refundable when the lease has not been signed?
With a broker, I viewed an apartment and felt at the time that it was great. Immediately after, I tell the broker I would like to rent it and fill out and sign an application form. Along with this, I write…
Moving back to Florida!
When would you suggest we start looking for rental houses in Port St Lucie, Fl or Fort Pierce, Fl area if we are moving from Pennsylvania in Aug 2014. We only have a weekend to view places in the beginning…
Apartment on stratford ave. does it have parks around?
I would like to take my son out to the park on nice days. I want to know are the parks safe? is there places that are local for recreational activities?
i signed a lease with 2 friends who have now backed out, we arent supposed to move in until july 1st.
i am now trying to get out of the lease, but the realtor said i cant and that she will sue us if we dont move in. she says it is up to me to get someone to take over the lease. what can i do, if anything?
we are moving to Elgin the first of September but want to rent at first. Does anyone know of a descent size?
home for rent. Our budget is about 1500.00 give or take a little. Any help is needed!! Thank you
Why is it so hard to rent with a Discharged Bankruptcy?
My bankruptcy has been discharged for over 2 years and I am finding hard to find a landlord that doesn't ask for a extremely large deposit. I just find it hard to believe that every has an 700 credit score…
We are renting a house from people that have never rented to anyone before. We just bought a house and we are moving out. They provided us with a
move-out checklist that is very detailed and very, very long. I want to know what we are responsible for upon move out, besides making sure it's clean, holes repaired etc
Are apartments allowed to tell my husband that I can't live as an occupant with him because I have previous landlord debt? I don't work and he does.
I'm a stay at home mom so I have no income. He makes the money and I'll be just living there. So why should my rental history matter. Is there a way around this?
Ive never bought an apartment before? No credit yet?
I do not make much, only a little over $1000 a month, i would be living with a roommate who makes a little more than me... How do i go about this? Ive never done anything like this before.
Are there any bad areas of coral springs to move into?
I am a single female moving to coral springs from NC and may not be able to view a property in person prior to the move. Are there any neighborhoods or particular streets I should avoid?
Is there any hope here or just scams.?!!!?
I am trying to find a home to rent. Is there actual homes here that are available or is it all just a scam. Three home owners already asked me to wire them the money.
How clean does a rented home need to be upon lease termination?
In colorado, it is my understanding that unless a rental lease specifically address the manner in which a rented home is to be cleaned upon termination of said lease, that the home merely needs to be broom…
Can a landlord break a signed lease before move in occurs?
We are relocating to nebraska from california. ..we found a house and the landlord agreed to rent to us. She mailed us a signed lease which we signed made copies and mailed back. We have direct deposited…
Lease agreement
My mother just died recently, upon her death her deed changed to her six children. One of the siblings that is listed on the deed wants to lease the house. In the lease agreement would he be listed as…
What's the best way to find a 2 bedroom apartment to rent from 4-12 months in downtown San Francisco, while out of the country?
I'm a recent graduate from a university in Canada, but have found full-time work in SF beginning July. Naturally I won't be in the country to visit any places in person, so whats the best way to go about…
what can i do to insure the person renting me an apartment (converted house) is actually the owner or?
landlord? Maybe, as they live in the next apartment (another converted house) next door, they saw it was vacant for an extended period and decided to squat by proxy and ture a buck.
Buying a house to become a landlord. what should I do that as soon as I have the property to be able to move tenants immediately in?
Im debating on utilizing government assistances like section 8 and safe horizon. what do I do?
apartment in Middle Village BUT i work off the books :(
I am a bartender/dancer & I am currently looking for an apartment in the middle village area as this is where I stay now. I am a bartender so I do not receive a paycheck but cash tips. I would like a one…
what is the normal procedure for renting a house in NY? how does the process look like, and what documents would I be asked to prepare in the process?
I have rented an apartment before, but I need some recap with the process in order to rent securely; here's my condition: -I'm a student with no income -my guarantor does not live in the States -(in…
What is the market for rent to own homes like in Reno?
Looking to short sell home in Dayton to move to Reno but not sure if renting to own would be a smart move for the future of my family.
How can non-US Citizens rent apartments in LA?
Hi, I'm coming to the Los Angeles as a tourist , i want to be there for 4 months. I just want to know, if i can rent an apartment only for 4 months or not, and how can i rent an apartment there without…
I'm a currently a college student and looking to move out of my parents house pretty soon. I've been searching a few websites and this so
has been the most sufficient. I'd like to know why steps should take towards a scam free process ?
Spliting the security deposit into each month's rent.
I ended up with a bit of a sad story. But I need a 3x2 house to rent somewhere in the san diego county. However I do not have enough to cover all of the upfront costs. Is there any property managers out…
Becoming a leasing agent. What can any agent do or what can only brokers do?
Hello, this is my first post. I am not working in real estate yet but will be soon! I am hoping to start a business that provides a unique service. I want to start a business that matches people with homes…
I'm moving to West Palm Beach From Honolulu Hawaii and need help finding a place to rent in my budget...
Im a doctoral student moving to West Palm this June. 2014. I dont know much about the good areas or bad areas. I need all the help I can get on finding a good places to rent for $1000. I am interested…
How can a renter get approval with an old landlord/tenant case number showing up on a background check?
Six years ago, a landlord tried to use the UD process to evict a tenant in retaliation to tenant notifying the city and the city ultimately citing the landlord for pest infestation. The tenant chose to…
HELP locating an apartment
Looking for a 1-2 bedroom for me and my children. 1 prior evicition that is 4 years old and a bankruptcy that discharged June 2013. HELP HELP!
I have recently filed for chapter 13 and want to move, would this be a problem for me?
Need to move my mom in with me, she can't live alone anymore.
Do I need to add my boyfriend to my lease?
I am now a single mom and it is very important to me that I have a place that I can never be kicked out of as long as I can pay the rent. My boyfriend is a great guy, but he does not make much $$ and I…
S.O.S. Young renters new to the market looking for a home.
My three, possibly four, friends and I are looking for an affordable home for rent in the Oxnard area. We only need two rooms, maybe three at the most, and can live without many amenities. But we need…
Can someone advise on a good bay area neighborhood for working class family looking to move there?
Looking for a 3 bedroom apartment or large 2 bedroom with den. 2000 or less
how can a GA landlord rescind a lease when we have accepted deposit and found the tenant's application is not verifiable?
Company representing tenant passed along information that was found to be not verifiable.
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