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My family and I are going to move to Victorville or Hesperia next month, I need expert advice we are between a home that is in a great
neighborhood in Victorville 3 bedroom older home for 1000 per month we are responsible for all utilities home does have new stove, dishwasher. The 2nd home we are interested is in Hesperia which is a…
If i'm not on a lease and my roommate got mad at me and is threatening to kick me out and throw my stuff on the street. what do i do?
her boyfriend and i do not get along. even came in and threatened to fight me when we were arguing. i own all the furniture in this house and she's rubbing in my face that it doesn't matter because her…
Austin, Texas: a)apartment waiting lists - usual?, b) 55 communities
a) My son traveled to Austin, Tx. in September. He found every apartment community he visited had long waiting lists, no matter the price.Is that the norm or did he just hit a difficult week? b) I will…
Are you looking for a home to rent in Victoria, Texas?
Our rental market in Victoria is critical low. Some people are falling prey to crooks who advertise on various websites. They steal the pictures and information about houses that are "for sale" and advertise…
Is there a maximum percentage that my landlord can increase my monthly rent?
I have been renting in Oceanside for three years with standard 1 yr lease extensions. End of Sep '13, my landlord allowed lease to lapse into month to month and now wants to increase my rent from $2,200/mo.…
Does The Fair Housing Act apply to corporate tenants of residential property?
Corporation A enters into a lease of residential property in NYC from Corporation B to provide short term (less than a year) accommodation to one of Corporation A's employees. Is the lease subject…
Is maintenance cost included in rental?
I am looking for rental home in 93551. Who pays for maintenance and other issues with the property?
I live in California. Can i evict someone not on the lease if we have a verbal agreement?
My friend moved in 6 months ago on a temp basis. Things are not going well and she now has not paid rent for 2 months. I gave her a 30 day notice and she says she will not leave and i cant make her.
Yearly Rental inSouth County RI
Looking for a 3 bed 1 rental in the South County (possibly Warwick area) for under $2k. Pets need to negotiable.
A first time renter, looking for pointers.
Hello, my name is Kayla and I've recently graduated high school. I'm nineteen and have my first part time job. Due to circumstances at home, I will not be able to continue to live with my parents after…
My work is transferring me to our Port Orange office Dec. 1st. I'm looking for a rental that is pet friendly (small dog).
I recently went through a foreclosure/bankruptcy, is it going to be hard to find a rental?
Is it typical for rent to increase every year when you live in the same apartment?
A new company took over my complex and said the standard is a 3% increase. The old company never raised my rent.
We believe your rental posting for the rental house at 956 S Corona, Denver CO is a scam for money. What do YOU do about this?
We have an email exchange that would give you enough information to arrive at the same conclusion.
Issues with GMmanagement in Thousand Oaks, CA; advice needed on tenant laws of HOA policies in regards to compliance and changes
I live in Thousand Oaks, Ca in a town home where the HOA use to send us letters in regards to compliance changes and issues (if they ever observed any) and stopped abruptly shortly thereafter. Our landlord…
Looking for a property manager in Middletown who would handle maintenance calls for my rental condo
Any suggestion on how to go about finding either a property manager who would just handle maintenance calls and emergencies, or even a trusted handyman (someone who can respond to short notice and emergency…
How do I determine how much to rent my home in St. Mary's Park for (325 Justin Drive)? How long should it take?
My adult son will be occupying the lower level of the house, with its own side entrance. The main house has two large bedrooms, one bath, living room, dining room, newly remodeled kitchen (2011) with new…
Is this common that OPs are paid to a listing broker only if there was no other broker involved?
My client was interested in a rental listing that some other broker had as "NO FEE" on Streeteasy, and they agreed to co-broke on it. I assumed that if it was posted as a NO FEE, this broker…
the house iam renting the owners are wanting to sell it but iam in contract with them for 6 more months any thing i can do about it or iam S.O.L.
they have a agent looking at it in a week where does that leave me at? can they sell it if they have a contract with me..
Where can I get a legitimate list of foreclosed homes to rent/rent-to-own in the bay area, California?
I don't want to use the "pay to get a list" websites, and the postings on Craigslist almost always redirect you to one or are simply spam/scams... not sure where else to look. Help?
Looking for 1 or 2 bedroom between $600-$1300 in queens?
Don't have good credit but husband is in military and that's who will be paying the bills, would I still qualify for any apartments?
what are my renters rights?
Im a renter who has a 1 year lease that has yet expired and the house is in forclosere. What leg do i have to stand on?
Relocating to Orlando and I need help in finding a rental home in a suburbs of orlando
Hello my name is Johane, I'm looking to move to the Orlando from New York really soon and I need help in finding a home to rent in an area not too far from the city center but nestled in the suburbs. I…
What is the security of people renting out a place on Trulia?
I found a home in the location I have been looking for and the rent is almost to good to be true. I used the "request more info" button and I am in email contact with the actual homeowner who…
Rental Application with Additional Rules & Regulations
A possible future landlord has included a packet of Rules & Regulations about the property with fees listed that is required to be signed and submitted with the Application form. Is it legal for the Landlord…
Would switching jobs keep me from being able to rent/purchase a home?
I am a dental assistant and I have switched jobs 3 times in the last year due to better employment opportunities but all in the same field. I know most realtors/landlords want you to work steadily for…
Hi, I am looking to relocate to buffalo from London. Work location is in Depew and wanted to know good locality to rent near by?
Also please let me know how much the property tax and personal income tax brackets are for the state of new york.
Hi, I live in Hempstead NY. My family and I would like to move. I want to rent a house in a nice neighberhood with good schools but not to expensive.
What places to you recomend, I also would like to know how much is going to cost me if i want an agent to help me?
I’m looking for 1-2 bdrm apt in Lynbrook high school district
I’m looking for 1-2 bdrm apt in Lynbrook high school district,Cupertino,San Jose. My daughter wants to go to this school.I need it by Oct..If you have a apt want it to rent out please let me know.…
is there any apartments or townhomes that will rent to owners of a german shepherd?
he is very well trained and friendly to all people and animals! he has lived in a apartment for two years and does great!
Rental help in brooklyn for low credit.
Can anyone offer any tips on how two hard working young people just married can get somewhere to rent in this city. We have some things working against us such my low (but building) credit score, other…
Moving to USA/AZ - what documents do I need?
Hi, My fiance and I are moving to Arizona from New Zealand in early December. He has a job at ASU for the next two years, and we plan to rent a 1-2 bd townhouse/condo in either the South Scottsdale or…
do you have to pay a deposit for a companion pet?
I have had my dog for 1 year now and i cannot bare to leave them behind. I know that in oregon it is against the law if a owner that is renting denies me because of the dog if i have a doctors prescription.…
looking for a rent to own and a fixed morgage
Add some detail about your question
Termites in the house I am renting?
I am renting a house after staying at my boyfriends I came home to a bed full of what seem to be termites. I went to get rid of a bookshelf and it was ruined with termite damage. I have decided to move…
If you look for a rental home, may I suggest that you get yourself ready. Rather than ask to see a rental listing, make it clear up front what you ...
need. Rooms, price, number of occupants, any pets? Realtors can no longer offer to run your credit report for free. You need that with your scores. In N. Jersey rentals are scarce, so be ready. Rule of…
Looking for a house for rent
Looking for a house to rent. Range is $800 to $1200. No apartments. Need yard. Duplex, town homes ok. At least 2 BR/1 BT. Can someone help point me in the right direction. Preferably The Colony,…
Looking for a safe neighborhood to rent a home, apartment, or condo in Mesa Arizona.
Also fairly close to Carrington College in Mesa Arizona
What's the average cost of utilities in Carlisle Pennsylvania.
Water and sewage bill, gas bill,oil bill, electric bill, trash bill
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