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I'm moving to West Palm Beach From Honolulu Hawaii and need help finding a place to rent in my budget...
Im a doctoral student moving to West Palm this June. 2014. I dont know much about the good areas or bad areas. I need all the help I can get on finding a good places to rent for $1000. I am interested…
How can a renter get approval with an old landlord/tenant case number showing up on a background check?
Six years ago, a landlord tried to use the UD process to evict a tenant in retaliation to tenant notifying the city and the city ultimately citing the landlord for pest infestation. The tenant chose to…
HELP locating an apartment
Looking for a 1-2 bedroom for me and my children. 1 prior evicition that is 4 years old and a bankruptcy that discharged June 2013. HELP HELP!
I have recently filed for chapter 13 and want to move, would this be a problem for me?
Need to move my mom in with me, she can't live alone anymore.
Do I need to add my boyfriend to my lease?
I am now a single mom and it is very important to me that I have a place that I can never be kicked out of as long as I can pay the rent. My boyfriend is a great guy, but he does not make much $$ and I…
S.O.S. Young renters new to the market looking for a home.
My three, possibly four, friends and I are looking for an affordable home for rent in the Oxnard area. We only need two rooms, maybe three at the most, and can live without many amenities. But we need…
Can someone advise on a good bay area neighborhood for working class family looking to move there?
Looking for a 3 bedroom apartment or large 2 bedroom with den. 2000 or less
how can a GA landlord rescind a lease when we have accepted deposit and found the tenant's application is not verifiable?
Company representing tenant passed along information that was found to be not verifiable.
I sent 3 emails through Trulia last night. Only one response from a residential agent. What do you consider a 'reasonable' time period for?
Follow up? I am asking because Agents tend to be afraid of new technology and protective of the way they have 'always done their business'. Should I expect a problem with Agent engagement because…
How can I renting my House ?
I have one story house at 89129 area 3 bed 2 bath homes.
How many houses in Heron Bay at San Leandro will be approximately available in the time of July and August? When were those facilities build?
Who is the owner of the complex when you can rent or sell or even use the former rents to finance the house if you decide to buy it later?
I am a college student looking to rent an apartment starting June 1st.
I want a studio in the Bucktown/ Avondale/Logan Square and was hoping to find something under $700. I am a first time renter and don't know when I need to start looking or how to start going about this.…
Landlord wants to break lease 17months early
We just signed 2 year lease in Jan 2014. Texas. This was 2nd lease we've had here. We have been living in property since June 2011. Oct 2013, owners inform that they are getting divorce & need…
Just checked on a property listed for rent located at 130 Barrow Street in Athens. After I emailed for information, the respondent pretty quickly
asked for money to be sent and then they would send us the keys, etc. Don't know how to contact the site administrators - just wanted all to be aware!!
Are there any Breed restrictions on dogs?
Pit bulls, Rotties, Dobermans, Boxers or any mixed with those breeds.
I rented my house to a man who signed a month to month. A year later he asked for a favor he wanted to move out and let adult kids move in nothing
was ever put in writing he verbally told me if there was ever in issues he would be responsible. Now they have moved out with no notice and owe rent. Who can I hold responsible for this mess I'm in.
Negotiating Rent Price
What's the best way to go about negotiating the rent on a condo unit listed through a real estate agent? Or should I ask most successful way!
Are there rental agents in Vancouver that can assist in our search for a new home (rental)?
Hi! we are moving from Boston, MA to Vancouver, WA and I am hoping to find a rental agent in Vancouver as we need to rent a place sight unseen before we move in early July (we would love a July 1st move…
So I have a group of girls (all of us are college students) that are looking for our first apartment to move out. Who should we put as head of house?
Here is the gist of it. I have 2 friends (both are college students like myself) and my mother (who is an older woman, but is also in college at the moment) all looking for an apartment. We're kind of…
Does anyone know if trailer park dwellings are ever rented and what is the general rental price?
I am starting to get desperate as I am having such a hard time finding a rental that will accept my large dog. People don't get it that it's the small dogs that are nasty, not the large ones. Anyway, any…
What are the laws regarding Certificates of Occupancy for rentals in Egg Harbor Township, NJ?
Do i need one? Do i need one before letting someone move in? Do i need a new one every time tenants change?
How to change the status of a listing?
I submitted a listing for rent some time ago. Once it has been rented, how does one change the status from "FOR RENT" to "NO LONGER FOR RENT" or "RENTED"? Do I have to delete…
Is a six month lease broker fee half of a year broker fee?
We were approved for a six month lease "trial period" with a landlord. After that time, he agreed to renew the lease at the same price for a year after that period if we paid on time. A broker negotiated…
which website or where could I find half-a-year term rental listings?
I intend to stay in NYC from late August of 2014 until mid February 2015, which is about half a year. I would appreciate any assistance!
How can I either sort or export my RENTAL properties that I am following? Thanks
i.e. I see how you can sort, and export the home for sale, but there doesn't seem to be any way to do that for the rental properties. I have saved a lot of rentals and need to be able to sort them…
Moving to Surprise July 1st. Very Good Credit, and bringing my job with me. Looking for a rental home that will accept my 4 dogs.
No aggressive breeds. Looking for something under $1400.00 a month. 2 people I have contacted so far have basically laughed ... But I have rented my current home for 10 years and never had any issues...…
GATech Grad Student with poor credit (599) looking for an apartment. Will I have difficulties being approved in a safe complex?
My boyfriend and I will be making more than triple the cost of rent, but we both have pretty mediocre credit scores. How much will that affect us?
How do I find someone that would work with an eviction on my record?
My eviction is almost 4 years ago. My husband and i have good secure jobs. We have two babies and need to find something fast! And long term so are boys have somewhere to grow up in.
pet friendly negotiations
I have a medium sized dog. I feel like I am missing out of some of the best apartments because they are not pet friendly. is it possible to negotiate? how would i go about it?
Proper Etiquette: How and When to Tell Your Broker That You've Found An Apartment via Another Broker, and Is a Sincere Gift Insulting?
Dear Real Estate Professionals: I began looking at rentals this past weekend and made many calls (options were fewer because we have a cat). One broker showed us 4 units in the same neighborhood on Sunday;…
How do I know if something is a scam?
For example, if I inquire on a property and am asked to put down one month's rent plus security deposit to hold for a viewing - is this typical practice? I have received several similar responses to inquiries…
Hi, What are my rights as a renter with a month to month lease in San Diego CA after my landlord has sold my apartment?
What does the new owner have to legally abide by? Does he have to serve me with a written notice? How long do I have until I have to legally move out and must that owner allow me to continue to live with…
How do you file a complaint against a property manager for failure to return the damage deposit within the 21 days required by CA law?
a dba company acting as agent for the owner of a single family home failed to return the damage deposit within the 21 day law required by CA law, instead he filed a claim in CIVIL court so he wouldn't…
A new roommate/landlord has reneged on TV access and providing a washer/dryer for the house after we shook hands on the arrangement.
I've lived in the new room rental for 2 months now. The roommate/landlord has finally given me the rental agreement to sign, but has backed out of his agreement to provide TV access (running a cable into…
I have a credit score of 675, will I be able to sign a lease or rent a residence?
My boyfriend has a poor credit score and mine is fair. We are looking to moving in together. Combined we make a income of around 2000 dollars a month. Our credit scores are because of student loans.
Is there any way a person can go about asking for payment arrangements for extra fees if they can afford rent never been evicted etc but just?
don't have for example rent 550 SD 550 cleaning fee 200 key fee 50 dog 300 that's 550 550=1100 200=1300 50=1350 300=1650 and that's not including transferring everything truck movers application…
Am I going to be able to rent.?
Just moved to Tampa, I'm living with family. In the past I defaulted on student loans. Currently I'm working with collection agency and paying them back. Will I be able to find an apartment…
How much should I save to get my first place? Tips. Knowledge.
For about 6 years, I have been renting rooms throughout Philadelphia. At my age, 25, I feel as though it is time for me to live without any odd roommates. The general rule of renting an apartment is going…
I live in baltimre md iget $609 amonth from social security I have bad credit can I get somehelp asap
been unemployed for 3-4yrs just started getting ss in nov.with my health bad every thing went south
When a listing is inactive or rented out for weeks why do realtors false advertise stating it is still available it takes time and energy after phone?
Who is there to regulate to check if it is a true active listing...instead of realtor advertising themselves
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