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Who pays the realtor fee, landlord, tenant, or is it split? Specifically when the landlord is the one who hired the realtor.
I found a property I really like but between fees and first and last it is 3 months rent up front. I did not hire a realtor, the prospective landlord did.
If there is a sump pump in a basement is that a sign that there is flooding?
We are about to sign a two year lease on a rental property in Chicago and I wanted to be very clear about flooding in the basement that I noticed was all tiled
Are bed bugs tenant or owner responsibility?
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Should pest control be tenant or owner responsibility after the tenant has moved in?
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How can you be sure if the person contacting you is legit? I recently had an inquiry about a property on here, and instead of an agent, it was the
"homeowner" of the property that contacted me. Said they were out of the country, and asked me to fill out an application. The "application" seemed very generic, however, it was still…
Does it make sense to replace carpet with laminate flooring in rental property?
I own a rental SFH in Hillsboro OR area. Since our property is close to many tech employers, our average renter is a professional with good income. We are considering replacing our carpet with laminate…
Looking for a 2 bed 2 bath rental in Denver.
Boyfriend, 2 year old, and I will be moving to Denver from Dallas, TX as early as January 2015, but no later than July 2015. What neighborhoods are affordable and good to settle in with a kid?
Cannot find a place due to bad credit....options?
Horrific credit. High 500's. Good job and rental history. Misdemeanor criminal history almost 20 years ago Pay is 5-7000 a month. Current LL gave a little over a month to find a new place. We've been looking…
On Site Property Manager
Any body knows how much would an on site property manager charge for a 5 unit building?
Rensaissance Community
Hello, I am looking to rent out my town house in Renaissance community, North Brunswick. Any idea how much I could a monthly rent. It is a 2 bed, 2.5 bath with approximately 1400 sqft. (no basement)…
finding a affordable apartment
My lease is up at the end of september and I cannot decide on what apartment I want to move into. I want to stay in the area I am currently in Briar Forest or eldridge Parkway area. I paid my application…
im looking for a 1-2 bedroom and 1-2 bathroom for under $800
need by 8/10 at the latest, needs to be in the Haines city davenport area
A couple with baby desperate for rental in Allentown, PA area. They don't have good credit but wish to get out of renting at a motel!
A studio apartment (3rd floor if necessary) would be fine just to get their feet on the ground.
Looking for an apartment to rent in vivid and safe area!
I am moving in August (18th) to NC! I will work in Concord but want to live in Charlotte. I want a vivid area withs things to do but safe at the same time. I am also worried because I want a good connection…
Home rental with open chap 13 bankruptcy
My family and I will be relocating to the Seattle area in about 2 months, would it be difficult to get a rental with an open chap 13 on our credit? Thanks
I want to rent out my house in Frederick, MD. Do I need a license or permit to do this?
I have taken a new job in NoVa and need to move there, but with the market so down right now, I'd like to rent out my house in Frederick in the interm, and sell it when the market improves. Are there…
I need a good carpet cleaner :)
Anyone care to share their carpet cleaner?
Looking for good property management company in Atlanta.
I have rental property in summerhill/grant park and need a company that can rent it quickly and without large monthly fees. Any companies that you would recommend?
does the tenent have to clean the carpets before he moves out?
does the tenent have to clean the carpets before they moves out ?
We are looking to move back to Raleigh Jan. 1st and our daughter will be attending High School and we want to rent a house near there.
I would love to receive information regarding housing in this area beginning now to my e-mail address. at least 3-4 bedrooms and 2 car garage with a yard. Please call me to get my e-mail address. 805-625-1820
Landlord passed away no will, no lease, and has a partner but aren't married. Greedy relatives want to take the house
Hi, I have a family of four and we have no lease and we have been living here for 10 years. The landlord a close friend of mine has passed away. He has a wife but they didn't marry. Now the relatives…
Renting a home in Sail Harbour?
My husband and I are moving in 2 months. We are currently in a 3rd floor apartment and want to move a place with more space. We have a toddler and want to move to a nice, friendly, and safe community.…
I fell down slippery steps at my apartment building and I have asked landlord for two free months rent to cover medical and missed work. Is that Ok?
It was raining and our recycling is located in back of building. Steps had no slip guard. My back broke off part of hard wood step. I suffered spinal contusion and whiplash. May need MRI. I sent nice…
Painting Rental Property
In the state of Florida, Polk County, is the landlord required to paint every two years? Or how many years must they paint.
What options do I have as a renter (apt) if my maintenance request go aren't fixed within 2 months?
I have water damage from an unknown source in my bathroom and I have been asking for it to be investigated and fix going on nearly 3 months now and I've only lived there 4 months. Maintenance has come…
when you rent a mobile home, is the landlord responsible for routine bug spraying?
thinking about renting mobile home....never even been in one before.
Evicting a houseguest who has overstayed her welcome
I was stupid enough to let an unemployed friend move in with me. She has lived with me for 11 months now. She buys food and cooks and cleans (sometimes). She is trying to get disability benefits. She…
Is it common for leases to be signed by the landlord (a realty company) "as Agent for Owner" without the "Owner" being specifically disclosed?
The "Owner" appears to be another corporation, listed as located at the same address as the realty company. But the owner's actual name isn't listed on the lease. It just says the Realty Company "as Agent…
I had two listings for rent on Trulia. Suddenly they showed up as "expired" with an "error" No explanation??
Why did my rental listings suddenly show up "expired" and marked "error"
Looking for Good Property Management Company
I am an out of area investor thinking about buying investment properties in Summerlin. My road block is where to find good property management company. From what I hear, a lot of property management company…
Is there a free, legal lease agreement I can access and use?
We now own two homes and have an interested party for renting one of them. We don't want to become landlords for a living, but just want a free, legal document that we and the renters can sign regarding…
Are there any "headhunters" for rental properties in Salem? I will be moving there soon.
A rental "headhunter" I'm thinking would be a local who works and deals in finding places to rent for people based on what they're looking for. A person who would actively be searching (online, driving…
Do I need to have a home inspection before I rent out my home?
I found out that Howard County has to have a home inspection before renting.. just wondering if Anne Arundel County has to too!
Is there a limit to how much a landlord can increase the rent when renewing a lease?
Our landlord has just informed us that the rent will be raised and equivalent of 20% when we renew the lease. So, now we suddenly have to look for a new 2 bedroom place by August. I've heard they can't…
Average utility costs per month?
Anyone who lives in the area know on average how much utilites for a four bedroom house in Emmerson park with a pool?
Are tenants responsible to have the carpets cleaned upon move out?
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How do I go about renting a home if my credit history is in bad shape?
I want to rent an apartment or a house but my credit is bad, I want to be honest with the landlord and tell them hey my credit is bad, but im honest trustworthy and able to pay my bills, I just had my…
How much notice do I have to give if on month to month rent?
I am on month to month in California. I signed an addendum that expired in January requiring me to give 45 days notice. How much notice am I required to give now? My landlord has requested 60 days via…
Should i use an agent to find a rent house or look on my own? I aim to start renting a house in the next month or so. I've started looking by
using Trulia and Zillow and drive by many of the houses I liked on both sites but I can't keep doing that. I'm unsure where safer but cheaper neighborhoods are and wasn't sure if an agent…
My wife and I are considering a condo in Sanibel in the 2BR/2BA range, renting it most of the time while keeping a couple of weeks for our use.
What are the most important factors we should keep in mind as we look at properties in this area? As a rule of thumb, how much do Sanibel condos generate in rental income in a year as a percent of the…
As a renter in county island should i now have to pay "city renters tax" after not paying it for many yrs at same house
I live in 85207 county island and i believe this new property management company is trying to pocket some extra cash
Who can help to get a apartment for non-citizen of USA. For only 2 months?
Who can help to get a apartment for non-citizen of USA. For only 2 months? For 2 people 1 bedroom. (Sacramento will be great or SF at least) And make it remotly (online). Any advice about best way to…
I just found out that I, a current tenant, am being charged more than a new tenant who just rented an identical apt on a higher floor.
I had just signed a 2-yr lease, then saw the announcement of the rental. Is this acceptable legally and is there recourse? I'm in NYC.
Am I being overcharged?
I just signed a 2-year lease after being resident in my apartment for 1 year. I then found out that a new tenant rented an identical apartment on a much higher floor for less than I'm being charged.…
Why listings fail to sell: I reply and give a link to my information; a bot replies.?
I have a rentals wanted ad on craigslist which I email a link for people when I reply to listings. EVERY SINGLE trulia advertiser has failed to read my ad. This is outrageously unprofessional and demonstrates…
18 yr old moving out in NYC, is this possible?
I'm 18 years old and I live with my parents in Queens, New York. I can't stand them I need to move out. I am employed and a student at BMCC. I am looking to rent a 1BR and 1BA. size is not an issue to…
Broker and price negotiation question
I am about to apply for an apartment that a broker (also a friend) found for me. I just found that same apartment listed on Craigslist (less than 24 hours ago) for $100 less per month than what the broker's…
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