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Buy or rent at University City near UCSD?
I am a graduate student at UCSD. I have been paying expensive rents to live in a two-room apartment at University City with another student. Recently I have been thinking about buying a duplex house or…
We have declared bankruptcy, our house included. We are looking to purchase or rent, if need be, a small house, or small lot/trailer home in Catawissa
Pennsylvania. We need direction on how and where to start. We need a home by the years end. Thank You, Margaret Hagan
Would Seller consider Renting to Own?
Add some detail about your question
Relocating to Vero Beach. from NC looking for 2/2 or 3/2 home for long term rental. We have pets and would like rent to be less than 1.1k monthly.
Would be interested in owner financing or lease purchase. Surrounding towns in Indian River CO are also possibilities. Can be flexible on move-in date up to Oct 2013.
Relocating to Scottsdale
Hi Folks I will be moving my young family from Toronto (Canada) to Scottsdale in a few months. I know the area fairly well so have a good idea of where we'd like to live. I don't have any credit…
Do you think it is a good idea to buy a house or condo before living in the area?
My boyfriend and I are moving to the Vegas area becuase of his job relocating. Is buying a condo comparable to a house in terms of resale vaule in the Henderson area? Our price range for buying a house…
Bea is rent to own for me?? Is it worth it?
Hi there, I've was looking into purchasing a home for about 2 years, a few months ago I got very sick and couldn't work. I'm currently on disability. We lost our home due to financial difficulties.…
I live in Baltimore and am relocating to Tampa for a job. I would like to know where the safest areas are to live for a single older woman.
I currently live in an area where I can walk to great shops, restaurants, parks and such; but safety is a priority. Can anyone provide some information as to where to start? Thank you!
hi iam going to be moving to the mass/newhampshire area iam currently living in florida iam trying to eaither find a home to rent or rent to own
i dont believe i have bad credit i just have no credit so i was wondering what would be the best option for me and my family i have a four year old son an a 45 lb dog
Is renting better short term, too?
I can't seem to find the house I want in my price range for a rental property. I already own a house in another state, and wasn't looking to buy a new one with uncertainty on how long I'll be in the area.…
A rent vs. buy question. Do I bleed slowly or quickly?
I currently have a 30 year-old townhouse on the market. In the last six weeks, there were only 4 showings and no offers. According to the market analysis provided by my realtor, I am overpriced compared…
100 cities guidelines to rent vs. buy
Real estate website Trulia analyzed data from 100 major metro areas to help determine that last factor.
Given my situation, should I buy or rent in Portland right now?
Hello, experts! I rented in Portland for 5 years before taking a short hiatus, and now I'm moving back. I plan to stay for the next 5 years. I've been looking at 2-bedroom, 1-bath houses (around 900…
Can people who receive Social Security Disability rent with an option to buy?
I've been receiving Social Security Disability since 2003 after 25 years of working... I'm 57 years old. Can I rent-to-own (with a 5 year lease option) a 3 bedroom home in North Carolina? I'm…
Are there any of these homes in Albion that will allow rent with the option!!!!?
We are looking for a home that has fireplace(s), garage any fenced in yards that we can rent with the seriouse option to buy if we find there are no mechancial problems with the home.
Rent options for homebuyer where are the best sites for available homes.
I am a fairly new faculty with the University of South Carolina and we are trying to transition our family to the Columbia area in May-June. At the moment we plan to rent while we sell our house and find…
Is that the right price 15,000.why are they selling it.What type of area is it .?
96 celia Dr.Waterbury,CT 06705 -- This question was asked from this property:
Relocating from overseas in April, to Reston on a 5 year mission. If we buy, condo, TH or house for appreciation value? Thanks!
-- This question was asked from this property:
For generations, we've aspired to be home owners. Evidence shows we'd be better off renting – both individually & as a nation....
Why do we place such an emphasis on 'getting on the property ladder' & why is there such a social stigma around renting?
Why do so many renters not buy already?
Is it because they are scared of being turned down for a mortgage? Is it because they haven't found a place to settle down? Is it because of the doom and gloom news stating how bad the economy is?…
Is it a good time to buy a condo/house on the East Side?
I've been renting an apartment for the past 3 years in College Hill. I want to move out and find something larger and quieter. Most apartments I see for rent in this area are trashy but apartments/condos…
Young couple with toddler and a cat Possible rent to own in beaverton MAX monthly 850... any adivce?
My credit is amazing but my boyfriends not so much.. Our lease is up in August and I would love a real home
Can you help me find a large studio or 1 bedroom in-law or apartment unit for under $1200 per month in Marin County (preferably in Mill Valley) ?
I have lived at recent address for 27yrs and sadly the house has been sold. I am a responsable quiet woman with no pets and a non-smoker. Help!!!!
Rent or Buy?
My fiance and I are going to be moving to Tucson, Arizona in the next few months, as I will be attending the University of Arizona in the fall. We are both 18, though my fiance will be 19 in July, and…
When buying a home, do you need to have a down payment?
With the research I have done the down payment only makes the monthly payment decrease by $50-$60, unless you are putting more then 20% down. Also, does the buyer need the money up front for the one time…
Rental property in Tempe?
Does anybody have a rental property in the Tempe area that will be available in June? Also, I want to buy a home but it seems like it might be better to rent in my situation than buy. Any advice or suggestions?
Is there a site where I can find Rent Comparables?
Hi -- to help my family members decide on a rental, I was wondering if there is a place where I can find rental comparables? I noticed someone mention but the URL does not work. Thanks in…
Hi. Looking to relocate to Bay Ridge area or near there. Any suggestions for 2 BD single family home?
Not required but parking for a 21 ft long truck would be awesome!
how is this area for a family?
moving from out of state and need to know hows the area
Hemphill Heights
I was wondering how the market is in the zip code 76110. I am looking to sell my home and need to quickly. What advice can you give me to help me accomplish this? Will I more likely find a renter or…
Do you have any rent to own properties in the Conway/Belle Isle or Thornton Park area of Orlando. I currently rent near Lake Nona but would prefer
to own and work closer to town. -- This question was asked from this property:
Should I rent or should I sell?
I have a condo in a desirable area and excellent location. I think ithas the potential to be a great rental due to the location near military installations, location to shopping and public transportation.…
Houuse on Ashley Rd.
How many bedroom and bath
I am looking for a rent to own property is there anything like this available?
In Gurnee with 3 bedrooms 2 baths and would like a finished basement.
Is it legal in FL to rent a house that is in the short sale process?
I am considering renting a house that is beginning the short sale process. I know I have to show the house and move if it is sold. I may make an offer. Is this a good idea?
Would like to purchase home in Rancho Cuca/Ontario/Upland area by April 2013. What are our chances? Thanks.
My husband and I had a strategic default in 2009, 'Foreclosure proceedings started' listed on credit score in November 2009, other than that there are no other negative marks on our credit scores;…
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