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What is the average cost of a basement remodel in the Lakewood, Denver, co area?
Standard basement remodel: game room, storage, 1/2 bath, gym. linoleum floor, drywall, paint, ceiling.
I need advice on whom to choose for kitchen remodeling - Home Depot or independent contractor? Does anyone have an experience with either of them?
Home Depot seems more reliable compare to contractor but I read a lot of negative reviews on their work, price and quality. To find a good contractor whom you can trust turned out not easy deal too.
Criteria for fully finished basement
Hi What are the criteria to be considered while determining fully/partially finished basement in North Brunswick township? Appreciate the response
Does anyone know a good handyman who works the Long Beach, CA area?
I need a good handyman. I also need a good electrician.
Pool Fence Company in Coral Gables? Question and Reviews.
I am between two companies for a high end pool fence in my area. I want the high end glass that looks magnificient and can withstand a low level hurricane. The pricing and two companies I have spoken with…
Does a nice front fence add to the perceived value of a home? Add to the curb appeal? In your experience, does it actually increase the
"true" marke Does a nice front fence add to the perceived value of a home? Add to the curb appeal? In your experience, does it actually increase the "true" market value of the home?…
I already have 2.5 baths in a 3 bed house. Would finishing a 700 sq ft basement with a half bath increase the value added?
Trying to decide if adding the half bath would be worth it. There are two egresses so down the line it could be converted to a living space with a bedroom. I'm just not sure if adding a half bath…
I want to install hardwood flooring and new vinyl windows throughout my condo. Would this be a good investment say if I sell 10 years from now?
When I bought my condo 5 years ago, I payed when the market was at it's highest. I've noticed that prices have dropped dramatically. I just want to make sure that I'm making a good choice.…
Am looking for an interior designer in Hoboken to help design the space for the reno of our kitchen/living room/dining room area. Any recommendations?
Looking for help with paint color, finishes, fireplace reface, fixtures and possibly new furniture.
My condo is currently a one bedroom with den. Can anyone provide the specifications on what I can do to make the den into a legitimate bedroom?
The property is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The layout is a loft, and there is not a door on the designated bedroom or den. You can view the floor plan at…
How to choose pendant lighting for living room?
Wood, metal, glass? Pendants or chandelier? Which is better for living room? ParrotUncle, a specialty lighting fixtures supplier. For wholesale, plz contact
Can someone recommend a good carpet installation guy?
I already have the carpet but need an experienced, reliable installer. Thanks.
Realistic Rebuild costs 1200 sq ft hse Campbell CA. Renovated through 10yrs ago.tile/granite/oak-floors/roof/drive/ upper-mid quality
Need to know how to calculate realistic building costs. AAA says $350K but without any proof of the calculation. any help pls.
"Leave one wall up" buildng option. Good or bad idea?
Some general contractors and realtors tell me to leave a garage wall standing. Knock down rest of the house, build a new house. They say this way, my house ia a remodel. County Assessor would assess…
Does anyone have any recommendations for granite suppliers (stone yards, etc) in the hampton roads area?
Smithfield * Suffolk * Virginia Beach Recent Cities * Chesapeake Popular Cities * Atlanta * Austin * Brooklyn * Charlotte * Chicago * Dallas…
Extra units without permits
When a listing says something like, "garage has been converted without permits" or "property has extra units, permits unknown." What does a buyer needs to do in order to be in full compliance? Is it…
Basement finishing/remodeling
I'm a new homeowner and I was looking for information on basement finishing. Does any know of a good contractor? Has anyone had a basement finished? If so, do you mind sharing how big your basement remodel…
We're have a 203k loan, what happens if the contractor doesn't finish the construction project in 12 months?
He's had the house since mid May and still not done. The bank won't even tell us what will happen if the project goes beyond the 1 year mark
Value of two master suites in 21093?
We have a split level that used to be a 4br/2ba upstairs, and was reno'd by the old owner into a 3br/2ba by converting a bedroom into a big jet-tub bathroom with no shower. We are debating either just…
Curb Appeal Improvements?
What are the best things I can do to increase the curb appeal of my home?
Should kitchen appliances match?
Our new home is lacking a refrigerator, and we're trying to decide what kind to buy. The ovens (KitchenAid) and range (Viking) already don't match, but should we try to match the refrigerator…
Is it possible to get a permit to convert a garage to a habitable space in Poway?
A lot of properties in Poway have garage conversions, but these seem all to be unpermitted. I want to convert a garage into a liveable space, but I want to get permits. Is that possible, or does Poway…
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Cost - Too much?
I'm considering cabinet refacing in lieu of a complete kitchen remodel. I've been quoted $13,000.00 to reface my existing cabinets as well as construct a matching pantry. I have a small home, and a roughly…
I am renovating the main bath and am wondering if it would hurt resale if I only have one sink. This would be a large, rectangular vessel type.
I have 2.5 bathrooms. Currently the full baths both have two sinks. I have no plans to sell in the near future. Thanks.
Can I convert one of my three garages (single car) into a bonus room and is the garage considered the interior of the home?
Revised Question: I've owned a home in Danville, CA since 2003. Our development is subject to CC&Rs and is managed by an HOA. We have a three car garage (1 double, 1 single). We recently converted…
I would like suggestion on outdoor patio builder in University Area??
Need some one who can give honest opinion and can built the outdoor patio with reasonable cost. Please only respond if you have many years of experience.
What to know when hiring a contractor?
What are things to be aware of before hiring a contractor? Which documentation or certifications are important to review?
Need a recommendation for a yard fence contractor.
We would like to get some estimates from reputable wood fence contractors in the area. For work to be completed spring 2011. Thanks
How much would it cost to finish a basement from scratch?
35x15 foot basement nothing special just french drain, walls, carpet for entire basement. Just looking for a round about number on the price I should pay.
Teardown & rebuild vs Remodeling? What are the average costs in 94539?
Contemplating about buying a property in 94539 built in the 1950's. Property is 1000 sqft and we're looking to expand to 1500 sqft, what is the average cost(or range or minimum cost) for rebuild vs remodel,…
I moved in with my parents and I have 2 children. I built an apartment in the basement and now the city has
requested I obtain a deconstruction permit and tare it down to bare brick walls. What can I keep and how can I fight this? There are 2 exits, plenty of windows, bathroom and one small bedroom with a window…
Would removing the formstone and repointing the brick of my home in Canton raise its value?
My home in Canton has painted formstone. I want to make an investment and am trying to figure out if it is worth exposing the brick or not.
We're considering replacing the cracked tile floor in our main floor bathroom before putting our house on the market. Is it worth the investment?
We have worn our oyster tiles in our vintage-style bathroom, a few of which are cracked. Is it worth paying $600 to have the bathroom re-tiled before putting our house on the market next year?
Rebuilding our old house
I have 3bed and 1 bath on 1200 sqft on Sanger ca. And I want to make it to around 4000sqft house is it possible and how much it can cost me if any one can help me with my question my email is rajab7252@gmail.…
how many water credits am i entitled to?
I have an older home. If I count 1 point for each water appliance, I have 7 points. We ant to add a bathroom, or at least another sink. Can we do this?
Building permit fine and penalty
I just bought a home where the previous owner modified the garage by adding an enclosure around the washing machine to create some sort of laundry room. If I want to make this "permitted" by city of San…
what's more valuable: # of bedrooms or an open living/dining combo in a small home?
I have a small bungalow and for some time now my husband and I have been trying to decide whether to take down the wall between our living room and our *only* technical bedroom in the house or whether…
Does a 203K refinance make sense?
Intention is to bring house to code for as quick of a sale as possible that covers mtg balance. Only 10 years paid down on the mortgage and need to move as soon as feasible.
Remodel for an older home in Austin TX
What is the average price per square foot to remodel a home. (Adding another floor to an older 1968 home) I live in the 78731 Austin TX area. Thanks Mike
Converting double garage
What is per sq. ft. cost of converting a double garage to living space with a bath in Houston. It is becoming too hard to climb up the stairs to master bed with bad knees and all. I don't /can't really…
How does one increase the water pressure throughout your home?
Is there something I can do, or do I have to hire a plumber?
How can people afford remodeling in coral gables, Fl?
Approx. 1 and half yrs ago, I hired an architect whom created plans to remodel my single family home around a set budget. It turns out that after the city approved the plans I was over my budget approx.…
How much does it cost to gut and fully rehabilitate a 1550 square ft. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom condo.
I have just bought a 1972 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo at the Martinique community on Edwards Mill Rd and I wish to gut it and rehabilitate it fully. I am thinking of doing something upmarket including…
I bought an older home in Florida. I would like to find a contractor for a remodel. Where do I start?
I've never done this before but I know what I need done to bring it up to date. Do I need a designer too? Angela H. Bonita Springs Fl.
permits for basement remodel to living space
Hello, I am considering replacing the foundation on my home, and at the same time doing some improvements/expansion to the existing basement. The basement is considered storage space, but already includes…
Permit for storage shed
Some websites say A one story detached accessory structure to be used for a tool or storage shed, playhouse or similar use with a floor area of 120 square feet or less and a maximum height of 15 feet…
Thoughts on adding on with a basement vs. no basement?
Right now, I have a 920 sq. ft. house with two beds and one bath. We are feeling a little cramped and are deciding whether to add on or sell. The house sits on a foundation with a crawl space. While…
Class A or B wood shake roof and homeowners insurance
A few years ago our homeowners insurance company cancelled us because the wood shake roof is nearing the replacement lifespan. We are in Southern CA (urban environment, not a wildfire area). Since then…
What do you look for in a remodeling contractor?
Whether you are about to under take a remodeling project, no matter what the size, what are the things you look for in a remodeling contractor that help you make your decision?
What kinds of interior renovations require city permits?
Looking at houses, it seems like there are those that are already redone, or new construction; and then there are houses that are old, but could be renovated to be modern on the inside. I'd be interested…
if you own a peice of comercial property and the property itself is extremely valuable due to it's location
is it reasonable to say that if you paid 120,000.00 for a comercial building that was then damaged by a flood, but salvageable that if someone has the money to deal with it,is it reasonable to say you…
Is there such a thing as a central air unit that will run off of my natural gas?
I have a gas well on property and free heat is it possible to run air also free
How much does the average wooden deck cost to build?
I am looking to purchase a home, but it doesn't have a deck. the back yard is level. I just want one level, with stairs to the yard. It's your basic 4 bdrm, 2400 sq ft colonial. I know there are a lot…
Legal Mother in Law unit or multi family?
Hi all. we are looking to get a home with a mother in law unit or multi family zoning in Rittenhouse. Of course, these are few and far between. How difficult is it to get legal zoning for a mother…
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