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im trying to figure out how much to charge for trash outs etc. I'm new to the business
I'm new and have all the equipment in place and ready to rock and roll
Hello, I work for a contracting company and we are looking to expand clients by contacting realtors for possible referrals.
Our work ranges from renovations, electric, plumbing, pests, environmental cleanup of hazardous materials, landscaping and much more. If there are any realtors interested in finding a reliable contractor,…
Rehab Contractor in Philadelphia looking for new projects. Have a property in need of a rehab?
25 years experience, references, necessary licenses/can pull permits. Quality rehabs. Looking for more projects to complete.
Because of roof overhang, we cannot use our RV gate to park an RV. Will cutting it back toward the exterior wall reduce the home's value?
Other houses in neighborhood have actually done this. I am afraid of reducing the homes value by doing this but others have said it might increase the value because you could then actually use the RV gate…
Whats a 203K loan?
Looking for money to rehab our home. Dont have enough equity to pull and even if we did, we have only been in the home for 5 months. Any help in the right direction would be appreciated..
Building a house on 2 RS-3 lot
I currently own 2 RS-3 zoned lot 25x125 each is it possible for me to build one large house on the two lot or do I need special zoning done?
203K contractors
I have an older home in west SJ and want to refi to FHA 203K loan so that I can add sq. footage to the house. My question is 2 parts: *Do I have to use a special 203K contractor? *What is the general…
Are there any General Contractors in the Hendersonville/Asheville area with 203k experience?
I'm just trying to find anyone with or willing to work with the requirements of a FHA/203k loan.
We are buying a 5 bedroom one bath coop in Harlem, NYC and we are thinking of renovating it. Which is the best option for resale value?
1) Convert it into a 4 bedroom 2 bath 2) Convert it into 3 spacious bedrooms and 2 bath 3) Keep it as a 5 bedroom 1 bath
Buying home with polybutylene plumbing, advice!
My husband and I are buying a house. Today during the inspection we found out the house has polybutylene plumbing. The house is too old for filing a claim with the class action law suit. We really would…
203K contractor recommendation in PG County?
Does anyone have a recommendation for a contractor that is knowledgeable and experienced in 203K renovation projects? We have a home under contract in Lanham, MD and will be getting it inspected and a…
permits for basement remodel to living space
Hello, I am considering replacing the foundation on my home, and at the same time doing some improvements/expansion to the existing basement. The basement is considered storage space, but already includes…
How much does it cost to add 1000sq.ft to the existing home?
I'm planning to bid for a property (900sq.ft with lot: 8000sq.ft). Before going for that, I've few questions. If I get the property, I want to add 1000sq.ft more to the existing one. That 1000sq.ft…
I am refinishing beautiful, long-leaf pine floors in historical home. For best resaIe, should I choose a high gloss or low-gloss sheen.
Pics of the house:
May not be the right place to ask, but.. Question about interior wall stud spacing/condo/new construction
Is it common to find in a new-construction condo (2004) in the city (Bucktown) that studs would be placed at odd-spaced intervals? Nothing in my unit is 16" on-center, and some studs are 22",…
2 flat greystone with unfinished basement was built in 1918. Trying to figure out what a good amount is to
get it rent-able and at some point (after the economy regains its footing) selling. This is my mom's house and she is no longer able to care for herself. We are trying to maximize her assets and thus…
Gas Furnace with pumps?
We just bought a house and want to replace the gas furnace. My contractor is suggesting that instead of keeping the three switches we currently have for heating the three floors, we replace them with…
Would turning an attic bedroom into a bathroom increase or decrease value? What about dining rooms?
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for taking the time to read through this. I have two questions. We have a 4 bed, 1 bath Cape that we just purchased. I have been wanting to take one of the bedrooms…
Cost of additions in 2001?
This was a large addition of a master bedroom, adjoining office, two large walk-in closet, and state-of-the-art bathroom, in La Jolla CA done in 2001. It was all in redwood, glass, hardwood, brick, and…
What kinds of interior renovations require city permits?
Looking at houses, it seems like there are those that are already redone, or new construction; and then there are houses that are old, but could be renovated to be modern on the inside. I'd be interested…
What is the standard FAR (Floor Area Ratio) in the city of Fremont?
Where could one find this information out?
I have a house in Stone Harbor, NJ that I'd like to take down and built a cute beach house. Looking for creative builder recommendations
I want a house kind of a Cape Code style with a turret - arches throughout fireplace in kitchen and master bedroom - beadboard on walls and ceilings - lots of moulding on ceilings etc. White, white, white
How much $$ to tear down a garage?
It's a 2 car detached garage with electric. We'll also need the concrete pad removed. We're in Columbus Ohio.
Garage Conversion
My husband and I have a single attached garage, a two car unattached garage, and a large shed on our property. We would like to extend our cathedral ceiling entryway into the attached garage and convert…
Cost to add a second story?
Any ideas about how much it would cost to add a second story to my house? I have a split entry raised ranch, and I'm thinking of adding the new story only above the existing bedrooms, so probably about…
Mold inspections rental property
Are mold inspections needed for buying homes with a history of plumbing issue, I.e. water intrusion but now new tile & remodel in kitchen & baths.
Can we use part of the home loan to make repairs or renovations to the house we are buying?
We are looking at some houses that need to be brought out of the 70's, but don't have any liquid assests at this point. Can part of the Home loan go towards renovations?
I am thinking of purchasing a property in the Ironbound section, it is need of rehab work, and I am trying to
I am thinking of purchasing a property in the Ironbound section, it is need of rehab work, and I am trying to find some good contractors that understand the 203K loan process. Does anyone have any suggestions…
love it or list it?
Hi, i have a home we've owned for 6 years in the Sunnyside neighborhood just off of Belmont and upper 40's. We love the house and neighborhood but the house needs some updates to make it a fully functioning…
Cost of an addition per sq foot in Dunellen, NJ?
I am interested in finding estimates per square foot for a 1000 sq foot addition, NJ. Adding a family room, mud room & 1/2 bath on ground floor & 2nd floor adding 2 bedrooms a full bath. Medium grade…
I'm considering buying an older home (60 yrs) in 94539 and have it tear down and rebuild. Can someone pls. give me some pointers on where to start?
I'm particularly interested in finding answers to following questions before I place a bid on the house. 1. Is the house permitted to be demolished and rebuilt? I hear there are some zoning laws/restrictions…
Am looking for an interior designer in Hoboken to help design the space for the reno of our kitchen/living room/dining room area. Any recommendations?
Looking for help with paint color, finishes, fireplace reface, fixtures and possibly new furniture.
How to add onto small ranch home, 1008 sq. ft. without breaking the bank. Current bedroom for young boy is 9x8 with no closet.
We would like an extra full bath also. We've considered a garage addition with master suite above the garage addition that way we wouldn't need a new foundation. We'd convert current garage into living…
How can I legally remove tenants from my home that I'd like to renovate?
I want to renovate and entire house but I have 6 tenants currently living there. I need to know how to ask them to move for this process.
Please refer me to an attorney in Chicago experienced in dealing with contractor disputes
I may need to file suit against a general contractor in Chicago for return of funds for work not completed in a 6 unit building I am renovating. Thank you
My deck is collapsing and I want to rebuild it. Are there any lower cost deck repairers in Clarksville?
I have limited funds to work with and am currently renting out the house.
How much can i expect to pay for a 750 sq ft composite deck.?
We're going to use Azek with viking railings, one level, above 10 feet off the ground, one set of steps with a landing, wrapping the posts and fascia. Appreciate if you can share if you have built or had…
Building a roof deck in Boston
I live in east boston and looking to build a roof deck. I have spoke to a few people about the steps required prior to laying down the wood, but I haven't reached out to any contractors to get a…
Who would you have build your home?
Building is starting to come back to life in Cape Coral. There are a lot of new builders, as well as a number of builders that survived the crash a few years ago. Who are some of your favorite area builders?
Saving on Roof replacement
Hi, Can anyone in town recommend a roofer or roofing company which does the work at a very competitive price ? Any recommendation from personal experience would be very helpful. Thanks
What is the average per sq ft cost for an addition in 78722. 2013
I am considering a 400 ft addition, adding a master, master bath and utility room
Can you build a outdoor fire place in the city of Denver?
Not a firepit, but an actual fireplace with a chimney, outside in Denver
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