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which has higher resale value?dark or light hardwood flooring?
My husband and I are fixing to remove our carpet with hardwood. I love mahogany or cherry, but I was told that I should get a lighter wood since our cabinet is oak. We are planning to sale it here in a…
architects wanted
Hi, I am looking for architects for rebuilding my old home in Cupertino Rancho area. Merry Xmas and Happy holidays! Regards RG
Who would you have build your home?
Building is starting to come back to life in Cape Coral. There are a lot of new builders, as well as a number of builders that survived the crash a few years ago. Who are some of your favorite area builders?
FHA 203(k) renovation general contractor -
Any recommendations on a general contractor in Santa Rosa County, FL, who has experience with 203(k) renovations?
i built my home on 1.25 acre i got certificate of occupancy in the city limits need 25,k
home value 104,000 but working at slow pace as i can afford
Thinking of closing open foyer (2 kids)
I have a townhome with open foyer... never been fond of them, and now that kids are getting older, I am getting a bit nervous about them trying to play superman, since open foyer is open to... 2nd floor…
I'm thinking of adding an enclosed patio on my backyard like a sun room and enclosing the front yard making it like a courtyard.
is the added square footage of the add on and courtyard adds to the overall square footage of house when I sell? Does buyers like courtyards or they like to see an open concept?
Kitchen renovation
I would like to make my kitchen an open concept but that means I have to move the fridge closer to dining breaking the triangle rule (sink, cooktop, fridge together). Kitchen is very important to buyers…
How do I fix an refrigerator with a leak in the bottom of the freezer?
I purchased a home that has a side by side refridgerator with a leak in the freeze. I have noticed a build up of ice at the bottom.
Has anyone had spray foam insulation or used recycled materials to insulate their attics?
Looking for reviews , opinions, from anyone who has had either spay foam insulation or used recycled materials to seal their attic space. Also if you can provide the experience and energy savings.
Renovate to open floor plan
We have a SMALL 3 bedroom home with 1 small bathroom and no dining room space. We are thinking if renovating out the smallest bedroom to open the floor plan giving us 2 extra feet of bathroom, great room…
I'm thinking of finishing my basement and putting in a full bath. I live on a very desirable block in Point Breeze, Philadelphia. The estimates
so far are expensive but they have to cut into the concrete slab to put in the shower. Would this be worth it and increase the value of my house?
Remodel My Kitchen,Bathroom,Bedroom.
"""I am planning to buy a older home which needs some work - it is a fixer upper. I want to redo the floors, bathroom and kitchen. It is a two story house measuring about 1,000 sqft per floor I would…
merging 2 coops
Hello, I am looking for advice on merging two separate coops. I currently live in apartment L, and I am considering purchasing apartment A. The price is OK, and the board and super are both ok with it.…
Does anyone have recommendations for kitchen remodeling? Places to purchase countertops and cabinets?
Also I was wondering about suggestions for what type of flooring is durable and a good price. I was looking at bamboo, engineered. Also are there any resources for comparing prices design etc for remodeling…
Looking for good plumber in edison,NJ?
I am looking for a good plumber in edison,NJ.Can some one please help me if you know any one?
New Windows or Quality Storms? Is it worth the investment for the storm windows?
We have older single pane windows on our house. Beautiful big floor to ceiling windows with the grids onthem. problem - they make the house freezing!! We have had some quotes for updating to new energy…
I need a certified fha203k general contractor for small renovation in Norristown, PA 19401. See comments below:
Small renovation to include the following: * certification of burner * chg 60 amp box to 100 amp * run gas line to kitchen for stove * Drywall half bath and small patch in small attic * brick pointing *…
42" or 30" kitchen cabinets
I have 8' ceilings but nee the storage
Remove a bedroom for a master bathroom?
I am looking at purchasing a house in Rivervale NJ. It is a 4bedroom 2.5 bathroom slit. The only downside to this house is the master bathroom attached to the master bedroom is tiny. One option we have…
Is it good idea to take hardwood option with the builder or take the carpet and do the hardwood later?
For us it really doesn't matter, except the hardwood look and resale.
are there any statistics on the projection of activity of remodeling in the southwest?
I am looking for the last 12-24 months and a projection of the next 12-24 months of activity in home remodeling.
I just discovered our 9 year old home that we purchased new has extensive mold in the attic. This is clearly builder negligence? Am I stuck with this?
The interior of the attic is wet. The compressed board and beams are wet and stained dark. There is significant moisture present doe to a lack of ventilation that was not provided. The insulation is right…
Building a roof deck in Boston
I live in east boston and looking to build a roof deck. I have spoke to a few people about the steps required prior to laying down the wood, but I haven't reached out to any contractors to get a…
I am a general contractor and want to get into the rehab and repair with Fannie Mae. Any advise?
I am set up as a supplier with Fannie Mae but apparently that does not mean anything. Does anyone have a contact in Illinois? I have been a general contractor for 20 years and have rehabed many homes for…
Do you need a permit in Weehawken to remodel an old bathroom?
It's a single family in Weehawken. My bathroom is very old, I want to replace the existing old tub, toilet and vanity sink with a new one. Do I need to apply for permit?
Can someone recommend a solid general contractor? ?
I'm looking for someone who can remodel a few parts of a rental.
What can be done to the outside of a property in San Diego to make the value of the home rise?
Are there elements that are valued more in San Diego than they would be in other areas?
Can anyone recommend a reliable Handyman in central Palm Beach County?
I sell homes and many times they need 'touch-ups' or repairs. The contractors do not seem to want smaller jobs. Or if they are interested they tend too charge too much. I need people who like…
What is the cost of adding a basement bathroom?
We are looking to add a bathroom to our basement. What would be an average estimate for adding an average bathroom with shower (no tub).
Recessed lighting installation
Hi, We own a duplex down in the city and want to convert the very old (and the touch) track lighting to recessed lighting throughout our 900 sqare foot lower level. What's the approximate…
E.Nashville Contractor recommendation??
Hello, I just purchased a house in East Nash. I want to turn the unfinished upstairs (apx. 500 sq. ft.) into my bedroom oasis, including a super huge closet & bathroom. I got one bid from a contractor,…
roi on swimming pool in back yard
I am thinking about putting in a pool, but don't know if it is a good investment. I may sell in the next 5 years
I've been thinking of putting down a wood veneer floor ($1.75 sq. ft.) instead of wall to wall carpeting. Good idea?
I recently purchased a tiny (528 sq. ft.) investment property in an up and coming neighborhood which needs some work before I put it up for rent.
I'm wondering where to even start the process of turning a bedroom into a master bathroom?
I am currently living in a 5 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. The master bedroom is off the living room and it shares a wall/closet with the bedroom that we want to convert into a bathroom. The kitchen is on…
Roof replacement cost? 3500 sq foot Victorian era roof.
I'd like to use 50 year architectural shingles which I have priced retail at $200 a square. Apparently there is cedar shake underneath the existing roof that will need to be removed and replaced with ply…
working with contractors
hello all, I'd like to ask the pros here about staying in control of the contractors while being fair to them. One of the things that scares me the most about hiring a general contractor or…
Renovation financing options for second story addition
I would like to add a second story to our standard 950 sqft raised brick ranch. I estimate that it will cost around $125 - 150k to do the work. What kind of financing options are there for this type of…
Need help deciding between laminate and carpet in bedrooms, when the rest of the house has lovely hardwoods (that I likely can't afford to
match). I'm buying a house with mostly lovely solid hardwood floors (a warm medium/cherry-ish oak color), but with BAD old berber carpet in the bedrooms. Would it be bad to replace the carpets with…
Looking for a good pest control contractor in SF.
Bought an old home a few months ago and want to address the potential pest issues raised in the disclosure documents. Looking for someone who is trustworthy and doesn't cut corners (unless those corners…
How much will taking out a 3rd bedroom hurt my home value?
The previous owner of the house make-shifted this bedroom for resale value (no closet or fixed lights, the dividing wall was built on top of old carpet which will have to be torn down). I have been remodeling…
How much value is added to my home by adding two bedrooms and 1 bathroom?
Hello, We have a home built in 1949, it has brick exterior, gabled roof, three bedrooms, office, family room, living room, kitchen with breakfast nook, 1 bathroom, laundry room, unfinished furnace…
have anyone had experience dealing complaints to the contractors board? my contractor is not performing. Please share your experience and advise.
I plan to file the complaint soon since he's threaten to lien the property and file law suit. he have not showed up to the job site for a month and asked for payment not deserved.
What would give us more value if we were to sell in 10 or 20years?
Would it be more value to have the 4 smaller/medium sized bedrooms and 2 small bathrooms or move down to 3 bedrooms and 2 bigger bathrooms plus laundry on that side of the house? We have a 4th bedroom…
Distinction llc . Contractor ( home remodeling and concrete ) in albrightsville area serving carbon county and lehigh valley .
We are offering our services for your renovation project . If you have any questions or are looking for a contractor in albrightsville area please feel free to visit our website…
What would it cost to tear down and rebuild a new home on our lot? Our 3 bedroom 2 bath 1639 sq ft home was
recently appraised at $750k. Rather than do a complete remodeling, we have decided to tear down our current home and build a new 2500-3000 sq ft home. Where can we get an estimate from a home building…
Can anyone recommend a few good Masonry's?
I haven't had to have a complete fire place and chimney taken out of a house before. It's old an crumbling and the new Buyer would prefer to see the cost of just taking it out.
Do I need a designer if I am hiring an architect?
Hi, I have decided to hire an architect for a 2 bedroom 2 bath addition. The architect does have some designing experience. My question is: do I need to hire a separate designer to help with the fixtures…
How much does it cost to build a log cabin per ft?
I want to build a log cabin in Williamstown nj 1600 ft
Does adding solar panels and radiant floor heating add to resale value of a home in Sturbridge? Do buyers care for these "green/efficient"?
options? We have a 1200sq foot, 2 bedroom, soon to be 2 bathroom, house in Sturbridge MA on Cedar Lake. We are doing a remodel and thinking of adding solar panels and radiant floor heat. We like the efficiency…
Needing a home improvement/remodel general contractor
I will need some of everything. Must be prepared to submit qualifications of my lender for approval. Would like to work with someone who will allow me to do the removal/demolition before construction begins…
If a house would sell for about $105K, would I get a return on investment if I spend $35K on a remodel?
It's an 85-year-old house in good condition. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1000 sq ft. If I remodel the bathroom and put on new siding, would I see a higher sell price? Or is the fact that it's a small,…
We recently turned our crawl space into a full basement and we are trying to determine how much value it added to our house.
The basement is unfinished and measures 20' x 30' and does have a well window that can act as an exit. Is there a dollar amount per square foot for a basement? We live in Fairfax County, VA. Thanks
Ballpark Renovation Cost
I'm looking at some homes in the bay area to buy, renovate and live in it. I'm looking at this property and I'm wondering how much they spent to get this done? The original house was 1500 sqft, they expanded…
Contractor for new bathroom in Oakland Hills?
We want to add a new bathroom to our home, and are looking for any contractor/designer/architect recommendations. The house is in the Oakland Hills, and ideally the bathroom would be built in the space…
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