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Is it a good idea to replace tub with a stand-up shower?
Hi, we live in a one bedroom condo and have a pretty decent size bathrom. We are considering to remodel the bathroom. If we replace the tub with the nice/modern stand-up shower will it lower the value…
Are you in need of physical therapy service? Will trade PT service in your home in trade for log cabin repair/maintenance on foreclosed home.?
email if you are interested in trading service in Sevierville TN area.
commercial property/warehouses turned residential?
I've been looking at several 2 or more story warehouses for sale. I was wondering if it was possible to turn the property into a home? possibly even rent spaces out to people, but also keep the first floor…
Looking for reliable/affordible contractor to build an addition and garage conversion in Santa Barbara. Any reccomendations?
Much like the subject says, I have submitted plans for a garage conversion and remodel of a small house in Santa Barbara (Westside). Looking for a relaible and affordible contractor for the rough construction…
Permit for breaking non-structural wall?
Hello, For acquiring a permit to break a non-structural wall, what does the Sunnyvale City Hall generally require, in order to verify that the wall is non-structural? I checked with my Townhouse…
Will a backyard of approximately 700 sf diminish the resale value on a home that is approximately 1850 sf and 4 bedroom and 2.5 baths?
I'm in the beginning stages of planning a home remodel that will take my 2 bedroom, 1 bath home (1200 sf) to a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home (1750 sf). Not including adding a small bedroom, and master suite,…
What is the cost of adding a basement bathroom?
We are looking to add a bathroom to our basement. What would be an average estimate for adding an average bathroom with shower (no tub).
Carport to garage conversion
Purchased my first home about a year ago in the Bitter Lake / Greenwood area, and am looking to transition the existing attached carport into a 2 car garage. Just starting out the research process and…
I live in rockville centre ny but school zones cross property lines making it oceanside schools if I extend my deck will that change.
Neighbors on both sides go to rockville centre . I am .2 miles from school. What can I do. I pay RVC taxes
What are must have amenities for renters in Weston, MA?
I am considering renovations to rent my parents home in Weston, but it is a very unique home and want to make sure its peculiarities do not limit potential renters.
what is more cost effective to add a bathroom /laundry room above the garage, add a shower to a half bath or a full bath in the basement?
The garage is a one car garage, the half bath is on the first floor next to the kitchen and on the other side the living room. The basement area we are thinking of is under the kitchen and it would be…
My neighbors are building a large deck around their new pool. How far away do they need to be from our property line with their deck?
The pool is technically above ground as they dug into a hill to make it have a flat surface to sit on. They tore off the small deck attached to their house so that they can build a large one attached…
Swimming pool inspection/maintenance in Long Beach
Do you have a reliable swimming pool maintenance/inspector in Long Beach area? I am closing a deal and is requiring the pool to be inspected/functional before close of escrow.
what is the minimum garage size for a two car attached garage in Cupertino?
hi - I live in Cupertino - we are remodeling our home and building a new garage. I know standard requirement from City is to have 20' x 20' clear area -in our case, it is coming to 20' wide by 19' 3" deep.…
Does combining two bedroom into a master suite add value to a home?
We recently bought a 4 bedroom home in Iowa. It is a 1920's bungalow. Currently there are two bedrooms on the main floor and two in the basement. The basement and foundation are less than 10 years…
general contractor in smyrna area
can you suggest any general contractor who can help looking into the inspection report and do all repairs and also some remodelling work in smyrna area
When should be the right time to preform a full house cleanup and carpet renovation?
I have guests coming and am having trouble deciding whether it would be better to do a full house cleaning and include carpet/ rug cleaning in it. Its been more that 6 months and I am confused. Any suggestion…
Looking for a design consultant on a remodel of our bathroom and kitchen in Bent Tree West.
We'd like a few consultations with good spacial ideas for a remodel of a house we are going to sell. Also, the possibility of selling it to a contractor as is. Any suggestions for either or both…
Investment value of small 1 1/2 bathrooms to 1 large bathroom.
I have a one and a half bath. The half bath is in the master bedroom and rarely used. The full bath is in the middle of the house and the most commonly used. Because of the layout and usage level I am…
upgrading floor from water damage. planning wood flooring in the public areas. do we need to redo the carpeting in the area that wasn't damaged?
- BRs carpeting is decent in the bedrooms. wondering if the combination of new and old will be a problem if we want to sell in five years
How much does it cost to repair cracks in foundation and make soil changes?
Liked a cupertino home but the structural report suggests that some foundation work be done. There are 11 odd vertical cracks along the foundation, possible caused by differential soil soaking/drainage.…
have anyone had experience dealing complaints to the contractors board? my contractor is not performing. Please share your experience and advise.
I plan to file the complaint soon since he's threaten to lien the property and file law suit. he have not showed up to the job site for a month and asked for payment not deserved.
where can I find the plot plan for my home online?
287 arden rd pittsburgh PA 15216
Advice on who to call to re-route gas pipe for a front brick/concrete patio project
Dear Fellow Trulia Users, I am wondering if anyone know who should I contact if I am trying to move the front gas pipe in front of my home to maybe 1 foot towards the sidewalk so that I can convert…
Heating with wood in Haywood co.
I am looking to replace my propane furnace with a wood burning stove on a house we are buying.Can I get a CO in Haywood county NC using this type of heat?
Building a roof deck in Boston/Back Bay
Searching for a contractor that can construct a roof deck on a 4 story building in Boston. Any suggestions or recommendations would be most helpful. Thank you!
I am looking for a basic rehab estimate on a 3 story home in shell form.
The house is 3 stories and 1950 sq. foot. I should add that when I say shell I mean you can see through the floor boards and there's pigeon poop on the third floor.
What's the better upgrade - carpet or laminate flooring?
We're planning on selling our condo 1 to 2 years from now. By that time our floors will be in desperate need of an upgrade. So what's the better upgrade in terms of ROI - should we do upgraded berber…
What are square foot costs to build a custom home in Las Vegas today? Don't include lot development costs.
Lets suppose it is a 3000 sq ft home with granite in the kitchen; all G.E. appliances; 3 bathrooms with tile walls in the shower/tub area; half the floors are wood laminate, half are ceramic tile;
I am refinishing beautiful, long-leaf pine floors in historical home. For best resaIe, should I choose a high gloss or low-gloss sheen.
Pic of the home before the remodel:
I am looking for a reputable general contractor for a 203k home repair in Dallas TX. Home has been inspected. Any recommendations? Need ASAPThank you.
House needs foundation, roofing, and plumbing repairs (gas and water). Am in a hurry to find someone good - the seller is being difficult and is wanting to close on Sept. 15, which is probably not going…
I currently own and rent out a home on Eastland Ave near the Wild Cow restaurant. I plan to turn it into a Pre-School. Any suggestions?
Plan to add more square footage to home in order to build a Montessori school for ages 3-5 year olds.
Can you really Not stop a Trane (A/c) ?
our 11 year old A/c is on its way out & I'm considering a new Trane XR-15 w/ TAM7A0C42H31SD (just north of $6k) ... feedback please
Anyone have experience with house sealing services for pest control (specifically scorpions???) (YUCK!)
I live in NW Peoria. I saw one dead one in my home. That's one too many for me. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I didn't know where else to ask this.
Remodeling a MH
I am looking at a prime location in a MHP. The MH itself will need to be gutted as not permitted to bring in a new unit. Sources for information on what I am up against with the city?
How important is a bath tub in a master bathroom?
We recently purchased a home in Morningside and are in the middle of renovations. The master bath is fairly small (9ft x 5.5ft). It's possible to fit a drop-in tub in the space but that would definitely…
addition costs per square foot
What are the average square foot costs foe an addition in California? Specifically in the San Francisco Bay area? we're thinking of doing either a one or two story addition to our home but need…
I am repairing my house that was damaged. I have a 2 story house.The insurance company will pay for a new roof and the siding which was aluminum
on the gables of the upper roof. They will not pay for the replacement of siding on the lower garage gable nor a small are on the back of the house. Should I replace the upper roof with aluminum siding…
Contractor/mason to replace a 3rd floor balcony on row home
Hello- I am looking for referrals for a contractor/mason to take on the job of replacing a 3rd floor balcony on a historic row home. This person needs to be familiar with working with the City of Philadelphia…
I want to turn a bedroom into a master bath. Will this increase/decrease my home value?
I have a 6 bedroom, 3 bath 2,600 sqft home. Two baths have shower/tubs and the master only has a shower. Two of the bedrooms are in a in-law suite. I want to convert one of the bedrooms into a master bath…
Can I add a second stove/oven to the ADU?
Many years back, we built an attached addition to the house for my grandma to stay with us. At the time, we installed a sink, but not stove/oven, because we believed having a second stove would change…
What is everyone using for garage floor coatings?
What is the latest and greatest? Epoxy? Paint? I am getting ready to do mine!!
How will a garage conversion affect the value of my home?
We have a 3 bedroom 2 bath manufactured home with a detached garage on 2.5 acres. We are considering converting the garage into a two story 1 bed 1.5 bath guest house. Will this have a negative or positive…
I have a house that is 300 feet from Long Island Sound.
Hurricane Sandy beat it up a little but not nearly as bad as some of my neighbors. What is the cost to raise it up to conforming height with FEMA? Is there a standard price per foot? I'm still…
15 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into an Enjoyable Summer
Make your backyard area a decent place to for meetings and gatherings. Check the blog for more on how such decoration tips can revitalize your backyard for enjoying your weekends. http://blog.californ…
Dirt mounds left on our lot by neighbors after building their home
Do we have grounds for asking our neighbors to get our lot cleared after they had the builders put left over dirt on our lot when they finished their construction? The mounds of dirt have since grown…
How much value does a basement bathroom and egress window add to a home?
I am thinking of doing some remodling and want to know how much value it will add to a 3 bedroom ranch style house built in the the late 1960s with a full basement. I can put in east facing egress windows,…
What is the proper percentage under the listed price to make a bid ?
this pertians to a house with about 25k in repairs. Roof, kitchen, siding, and bathroom
Any recommendations for roof deck contractors/builders in jersey city?
I'm looking to build a roof deck for my condo in Jersey City. Its about 20X20 feet. Will appreciate someone whose work i can see in Jersey city and knows the city approvals process.
working with contractors
hello all, I'd like to ask the pros here about staying in control of the contractors while being fair to them. One of the things that scares me the most about hiring a general contractor or…
I've been asked to remodel a 3 story home that is damaged in many ways. Vandalism , all the plumbing was taken( copper pipes ect). Broken windows,
Need flooring, painting, patching,scraping. Whats cost for job like this? Time and Material or Sq ft price
I have a pending transaction to buy a house built by Braddock & Logan in 2005 in the Valley View Estates Development in El Sobrante, and my general ..
...inspector noticed that the hot water pressure in the house is abnormally low. When any hot water faucet is turned on, the flow is adequate for a few seconds, but then tapers off. The level of flow…
Building an Extension onto your home
How do you go about building an extension onto your home taking up some of your yard space. How do you get the permit? How long does it take and can you build the extension yourself if you get some sort…
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