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When re-tiling a master bathroom, will leaving a fiberglass pan as the bottom of the shower stall (instead of tile floor) effect our potential resale?
We are re-doing all of the tile in our master bathroom. This includes the tile floor, tub surround, and shower stall walls. Our current tile is a basic white ceramic and our shower stall floor is a solid…
Finishing basement vs appraised value?
We are planning to finish our basement around 800 sq ft - with one bedroom, full bath and kitchen - and making it walk-out we are in Shrewsbury, MA -will it increase the appraised value of the home?
If we replace the jacuzzi tub in our master bath with our w/d, will we be increasing or decreasing the value of our house in the Phila. suburbs?
We are considering a full master bath remodel. We never use the tub and having the washer/dryer on the 2nd floor would be convenient. It is a single family 4 bedroom 2-1/2 bath house valued around $525…
What is the average $/sq ft for adding on to a Seattle house? We're looking at doing a basement/1st floor addition -- just rooms no
bath/kitchen. We live right on the border of Greenlake/Greenwood. Our basement is level with the backyard and our bedrooms are in the basement. The addition would be an add-on to a living room upstairs…
I received a violation ticket for leaving out some construction debris on the curb (for pickup) and front yard. Any advice on how to handle?
I called the court for amount of penalty, but was told court appearance is a must. What can I expect? Does anyone know how much the penalty is going to be and if I have a chance of getting it reduced?…
How much does it cost to convert a brick two-flat in Chicago into a single family home? Is ther anyone willing to share their first hand experience?
I can't find any estimates or even ballpark figures out there, however many multi-units are advertised as 'great single family conversion'.
Do I need a permit to clean up and finish a bathroom in basement where toilet and sink already exist?
The basement is "semi-finished" and when we bought the house it was listed as having 1.1 bathrooms. The 0.1 bathroom downstairs is nothing but a not-to-plumbing code toilet with a stall built…
I'm looking at a home which will require an addition downstairs. What's the best way to ball-park estimate the impervious cover I can add?
I realize an engineer is needed for an exact answer, but I'm hoping to find a quick-and-dirty way to estimate by using the survey, local codes and a calculator. I just need a method. thanks
Is it a good time to buy now in the redevelopment zone? Is Union Ave, part of these changes?
I am worried about eminent domain in Long Branch. I own property in the area and am having a hard time selling. any advise?
Exact meaning of TLC in real estate listings?
Sure, TLC = tender loving care but what does that phrase mean? What level of remodeling and renovation are we talking about? TZ
How difficult is get a zoning change from single family (10A) to multi-family in Philly?
I am looking at renovating a 4 bedroom house zoned 10A in Northern Liberties into a multi-family 2 apt (3 1) building. How difficult is it to get the zoning change and what steps need to be taken.
We are looking to purchase a home, and have some renovation ideas, but have no idea on cost
We want to add a master suite on the second level, over the garage. There is no bonus room roughed in, so it will need to be created, roof raised, etc. We want a very basic room, walk in closet and full…
How much approximately is to change to copper pipes & update the electrical wires?
The house is around 1920s & I just wonder how much does it cost to change to copper pipes & update the electrical wires. It has a basement so we could see all the pipes down there.
I am looking for a professional loan Company in Seattle area to assist with a 203K loan, it's an existing property with small refinance of around
175,000 on property valued in $700,000, I need an experienced contact to helkp through the whole process
How many sq feet can I build with $100,k ? Want to build a simple but attractive single story house. Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, south
Florida. DETAILS: _ Spot build. _ Land - Is a cleared forest, no stumps. _ Construction - CBS. _ Finishings - Builders grade, entry level, but pretty exterior. ABOUT THE HOUSE: No garage. Hip…
We are prepaing for our next home imporvement project. Should we get hardwood floors or stainless steel appliances?
The kitchen already has granite and white cabinets, which are nice looking. We would do the hardwood floors throughout the main level of the home, (including replacing the hardwood already in the kitchen)…
The Foster homestead owned by Jim Dannis just sold last week. My family built it in 1779. Can you tell me who bought it and for how much?
C. Foster Schneider I want to contact the new owners for info on the home's history since we sold it 708 SW Prairie Ct. in 1932. They might be interested…
how can i get a remodeling job from the bank in the foreclosure houses?
remodeling ,demolition,framing ,carpentry,insulation plumbing,electrico,drywall,primer interior trim, paint and tile
If I finish a 24x24 building on my property into a complete 1 or 2 bedroom living area complete with kitchen and bath add value. I live in Maine.
Trying to add value to my home. Valued at $140000 when i purchased it in 2008, 3 bedroom ranch, 1 bath, full basement(unfinished, not a walk out). 5 acres. I'm just not sure since the building…
Would IKEA kitchen cabinets hurt resale value for condo between $650K-750K?
Non-IKEA kitchen cabinets run me about $12K-15K (not even high end) while IKEA cabinets would save me substantially. I want to use the saving from the cabinet to spend more on appliances and countertop.…
can you get fined for putting in a new bathroom without a building permit?
is it the contractor or homeowners responsibility to get the building permit
How much value will 2nd bathroom add?
1959 ranch with 3BR 1 Bath, 1000 square feet on 1.4 acres. 2nd full bath would be in the basement.
Looking at a 203K, if the current mortgage balance is $120K and we do $50K in improvements, what would house need the "after" appraisal to
be? What we are looking to do it replace all windows and siding in our current house, would also like to redo the kitchen and possibly repair a wet basement, but with a mortgage balance of $120K, will…
Working with 203K loan for first time. Escrow is open, 203K consultant working on his report. I need to find contractors that work with the 203K in LA
Looking at $50K-$75K total rehab of two 900 s.f. homes on a large lot. No additions or structural changes.
I'm in the same boat as John, I'm also in the 203K process, only I'm in Northwest Indiana. My client was referred to a contractor who
seemed shady. I'm looking for a 203K contractor who will work in Northwest Indiana. Thanks.
How much value will we add by expanding our driveway from a one car driveway to a two car driveway?
We live in Centereach, NY and are redoing our driveway which currently is only one-car and is broken up. We are expanding to a two-car and adding brick detail. Would this add value to our home in the current…
What renovations provide the best ROI?
Just wondering what rooms I should redo next. What rooms typically provide the best ROI with upgrades?
My renovation contractor went bankrupt before finishing job. Subs were not paid. What do I do? What is my risk?
Am I liable to pay or receive workmans liens? Should I negotiate w/ subs to pay and finish job? Or should I restart jobs with new subs?
FHA 203k loan Contractors in NJ
I'm in the process of doing an FHA 203kloan on a property. I was looking for recommendations for contractors that are willing to work within the program. I appreciate any names people could email…
San Diego Condo Conversions?
Does anyone know who the most reputable condo converters were in San Diego during the hay day? The reason why I ask is because I am looking into buying some condos that are not FHA approved because they…
My client has asked me to get some opinions on whether or not she should install dampers at any of the bathroom exhaust fan terminals.
Cold air is currently coming back down the vents and into the house. We've heard mixed opinions on whether or not to install these (we're told they can freeze open and freeze shut. If we are…
can someone recommand good interior design decorator in santa barbara?
we recently purchased a house, and would like to find a designer to give us recommandation starting from picking room color till end of purchasing furniture.
A 1800 SF, 2BDR 1FB Ranch. Like to convert to Colonial for more room. A ballpark number for extra
sq/ft I can expect with an extra floor with an additional FB on top. My home is in Andover, MA.
Pool converted to pond?
Hi, I have a very old in-ground swimming pool in need of lots of repairs. Since removing the pool will be very expensive, I'm thinking about converting it into a pond instead. See:…
With all the talk @ a recession and job losses, why am I not seeing more aggressive pricing from contractors?
Additions & remodeling are still being priced at around $275 - $300 SF where I live. I don't get it, we are seeing price deflation on just about everything else, but the prices of remodeling. Just curious…
In need of a general LICENSED contractor in Brooklyn, or NY area. The following needs to be done: Full Renovation of ground floor/basement Install a new kitchen new floors insulation new sheetrock new…
I have recently bought a condo in Cupertino. I want to undertake certain renovations which includes converting a one bathroom upstairs into a two
bathroom unit.Also plan on moving the washer dryer unit from the lower level to upper level and lastly move a kitchen wall 6 inches to the left to make room for kitchen cabinets.I have already written…
HomeStep Contractors
Is it possible to take over the business that another HomeStep Contractors want to sell?
not knowing where to turn, I've come here. I have purchased a home this year and have done some renovation through a contractor. In the
process the contractor replaced some plumbing, including supply lines and drains. I understood this to be part of the original contract, because he never mentioned that this was not covered in the original…
How much should I budget per square foot for custom built home?
I have purchased land and started the grading in San Diego, CA. I'm now trying to budget for building a custom home with custom cabinets, granite tops, travertine flooring throughout, distress wood…
Cost and ROI of Los Altos remodels
I'm looking for a 4BR home with at least 2500 sqft in Los Altos and I've come across a few places with potential but require substantial renovation. I have been primarily looking at places that…
what is the code for the ceiling height of the first floor of a carriage house in Chester township?
We are fixing the first floor of a carriage house and want to know if 7'4'' is an acceptable height for the first flooe as a dwelling.
Looking for input on kitchen flooring preferences....
What flooring do high end buyers prefer in their kitchen? As a follow up, for a large kitchen, do you think the larger tiles are the best bet? How big would you go?
Looking for input on buyer preferences when it comes to hardwood flooring choices....
When it comes to hardwood, what colors and widths are most popular among high end buyers? Also hardwood on entire first floor?
Owner on West Ave, home is outdated ... any ideas on costs of tearing down and rebuilding? Home on track to a lame duck. What are permit reqs, etc...?
Looking at a few options...a) remodel (not a fan as we do not have central heating/cooling) b) tear down and rebuild ... looking to get an idea of the costs and hurdles c) maintain and slowly lose rentals…
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