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My husband and I just settled a lawsuit where we purchased a home with a undisclosed defect. How do we try to sell our home?
My husband purchased our home where the seller did not disclose the fact he received water in the basement. We didn't know about this issue until we recevied 3 feet of water during heavy rains.…
Exterior egress staircase in San Francisco
The second-floor exterior egress staircase of our income property in San Francisco needs replacing. Where/how can I find out if a large metal spiral staircase would meet code? I've already searched…
who built my house?
I need to know the brand name of the casement windows that were installed, my house was built in 1980.
What is the average cost/sq ft to add a laundry room to an existing home in Charlotte, NC?
The existing one needs to be torn down (poorly built addition by a previous owner) and a new one (larger, better) built in its place.
Looking for a honest rehabber and property manager for a property in th south side area. Please respond quickly.
I live out of town need an experienced and honest rehabber and PM , to work with possible future deals respond fast
how do i register on the reo accounts vendor site?
I need to register on a list of vendors for REO agents to contact as properties that need services including winterization, trash out, and lockout come available. What website do I visit to accomplish…
Is an addition a mistake?
We bought our current 2 bed/1bath 1100 sqft ranch in RI for $279k at peak of market and owe about $230k. After 7 months on market we only got $180k offer, everyone else said it was too small. We also cant…
2 car garage was made 1 car garage with more living space added. keep 1 car garage or change it back to a 2 car garage with less living space
The house we are purchasing needs cosmetic work throughout. We cant decide if it would be better for resale if we keep the 1 car garage with extra living space (den/rec room) or change it back to a two…
Hi there, I am an agent here in San Diego, we are looking for a licensed genral contractor who is already validated for a Wells Fargo 203K loan!
Closing date is Aug 20th so we need someone ASAP! Please contact me if you would like some work ;o)
Will mold die off and go away after water source is eliminated.?
I am replacing flooring in my sun basement. I found mold under part of the carpet near the door, which has been replaced as well as all of the windows and new stucco on the outside. When removing the baseboard…
mill iron road muskegon michigan
burned out house at 1990 mill iron road muskegon michigam
Looking for a contractor in Alpharetta for basement
Good morning all, I am looking for a contractor (affordable and reputable) to finish my basement. Should you have any recommendation please let me know. Best, Filiz
Convert garage to master suite?
We have a small (1100 sqft) ranch. It has 2 bdrm and 1 bath. We also have an attached 1 car garage (12x22ft). This garage is linked to the house via an 11x11ft sunroom (heated). We're pondering…
We're remodeling our kitchen. Hardwood floors, new stainless steel appliances and custom cabinets. Should we buy laminate or granite countertops?
We would prefer granite but several friends have suggested we won't get the cost of the countertops returned when we sell the house because of the area we live. Is there any truth to that?
We are thinking of turning our attached (but not accessible) garage into a family room and extra bathroom. (3br/1ba Lancaster, PA) Our garage is
situated in a way in which, if there are any other cars in the driveway, no one is able to actually get in and out of it without moving all other vehicles. It is just used for storage currently and we…
how much should i charge to paint a apartment building?
to prep and repaint a two story five apartments in one building
What are some ways to add curb appeal to a sand mound septic system or community retention basin in the yard?
Seems like there should be some way to change one of these negatives into a positive. Any marketing tips or decorating tips would be appreciated. I am trying to sell a gorgeous home that has a basin…
are they in need of low cost housing in the arroyo grande area?
will the gov. assist in repairs for low cost housing
Finished basement estimates
We purchased a new construction home in 2007, 25miles outside manhattan. We are finishing approximately 1300-1400sqft od basement. We've beenquoted 37/sqft to for the core build out. Includes frame…
how much space is required for a toilet in a bathroom in Houston, Texas?
I've purchased an older home and would like to remodel the hall bathroom by incorporating an additional 2 foot by 5 foot space from the laundry room and moving the commode on the other side of the…
I'm considering doing a bathroom remodel (2bed, 1ba, 1300sq ft.) and would prefer a walk in shower w/o a tub. I realize I need a tub for resale
(planned in 5-7yrs). Would a low-profile tub be sufficient or are buyers looking for a full, traditional tub? Thanks in advance.
Building Cost
What is the ball park building cost to build a 3,000 square foot colonial in lower westchester these days ?
We just closed on a 203K loan and the contractor will begin the work listed in his bid soon. My question is are we (the owners) allowed to do things
such as painting rooms and cleaning carpets, (things NOT in the contractor's bid) prior to the final inspection?
Where can I find handyman/general contractor reviews and recommendations?
Some section 1 work need to be done, but it is relatively small.
What are the steps I need to accomplish to combine two adjacent condos in Dallas, Texas?
I'm already working to get HOA Board approval; however, I'm not clear on the City and County requirements for permits and deed changes. I've heard that I'll have trouble with only…
Is adding a second bathroom still worth it in this real estate market?Is adding a second bathroom still worth it in this real estate market?
I bought a 3br/1ba house last year in Tucson, AZ for $220,000 and I'm considering adding a second full bath for guests. The estimates for the bathroom came back around $16,000 to get it done right…
We liked a house that has old heating and air conditioning systems (1979) that probably will need to be changed. Do you know how much it will cost?
We liked a house that has old heating and air conditioning systems (1979) that probably will need to be changed. Do you know how much it will cost? I know that you can't give me exact cost, but I…
Which is better for resale, 4 bedrooms with 1-1/2 baths or 3 bedrooms with 1-3/4 baths?
We own a 4 bedroom cape. Main floor has two bedrooms and one full bath. 2nd story has 2 bedrooms and one half bath. Very inconvenient for people sleeping on 2nd story! We are contemplating stealing…
I recently purchased a home, after having some pluming issues I have found that PVC pipe was used with CPVC pipe in my kitchen (this is a no no).
The plumber that came out said that it was a disaster waiting to happen. The pipes are visible. Is this something my inspector should have advised me of?
House resell value of a range buy a 36" or a 30"...that is the question.
We are deciding whether to buy a 36" range or a 30" range. We currently have a 30" range in a space for a 36". We are considering selling our house in a year, so my core question…
Turn a 1/2 bath into a full...worth it or not?
We have a 3 level townhouse, with a 1/2 bath in our basement that we are considering adding a shower stall to. The basement is currently not finished, but we have plans to finish it out completely and…
Finishing our basement to rent ... make it an ADU or just a regular basement and get special permission with City to add kitchen to our title?
If we want to finish our basement (using licensed/bonded contractors) in such a way that we could use it as a self-contained rental (legal egress in bedroom, direct outside access, living rm, bath, kitchen,…
How can we start cleaning houses for yall 817-503-3195?
I would like to start cleaning vacant houses
What type of improvements can you make to homes in Tahoe/Donner? Are you allowed to change the configuration of a driveway (remove 2 trees, etc)?
Have seen a few places in Tahoe/Donner that I like, but the current drive configuration is horrible (street parking only). Is there anyway that you can actually put in a new driveway in this community?…
We currently living in a house with a 1 car garage. We are considering converting it to a 2 car garage,
pending township ordinance, etc. My question is how much resale value is there in a 2 car garage vs a 1 car? We are trying to decide if this makes sense to do in the long term. Thanks
Hello - I am considering a move to the greater Plymouth/Quincy area. I would likely need to have an outbuilding built...
Hello - I am considering a move to the greater Plymouth/Quincy area. I would likely need to have an outbuilding built (painting and photography studio). Are there zoning restrictions in the towns in…
I am on long term disability and getting other disably check form my old empolyer and what to see if i could be approved for a loan to fix my condo ,
I do not have a morgt I am the owner of my condo no bal title free. please get back with me . thank you steve galvan
Does 203k streamline require all interior painting to be done?
I know 203k streamline requires all peeling paint to be removed, but do we have to paint over it? In addition the previous owner replaced and patched drywall, but didn't paint over it. Will FHA make…
Hello All, Would some of you realtors comment on the
way to reach out to realtors? I have been calling their offices and sending them emails if office manager expresses interest. Planning to send brochures as a follow up. We have a great company, custom…
My home has a swimming pool that is in need of some repair. Is it worthwhile to make the repairs?
Home was built in 1970's. Inground pool built in 1978. Needs plaster replaced. Approximately $9000.00 cost to replace plaster.
Is it possible to remodel the masterbath of Eichler homes? We liked the house in Sunnyvale. But the entrance
to master bath is too narrow and the bath tub and commode are too cramped. Is it possible to remodel master bath of Eichler homes?
i have a 4-bedroom floor plan, but the 4th bedroom was made into a sitting room, open space between master and sitting. I want to convert it to a
bedroom for an appraisal to increase value. I am putting a separate door in for entrance, but does it have to have a permanent wall dividing the two rooms or can: a, leave it open; b, put in something…
Will the size of an existing carport be "grandfathered" for Chicago zoning purposes if we replace it with an attached garage?
We just bought a house with an existing 16 ft wide carport off one side, which extends almost right to the lot line. We would like to remove the carport and build an enclosed, attached one car garage.…
Advisability of tearing down a rear addition?
I'm interested in a house that has a rear addition to a 2-flat. Basically, the house was elongated: the addition extends the traditional back porch area, and was enclosed to make additional living…
203k final inspection: does trim need to be painted?
We did a Streamline 203k loan and we sent in for our final inspection so we can get our final dispersement, thinking it would be 5-10 business days before the inspection was scheduled. Well, the inspector…
Insulate attic before or after adding ducting for A/C?
Am getting ready to install and HVAC system with ducting in the attic crawlspace (about 18" high in most places). I would also like to add insulation to my attic. Shoul the installation go in before…
Does anyone know how much appraisers are giving for finished, daylight basements? We are considering adding on to our home and part of the addition
would include adding on to our existing daylight basement (would have windows, etc.)? We are trying to decide if it's worth the investment! Thanks!
Hi, we are currently thinking about adding on an addition to our home which is located in Hopewell Plantation in Alpharetta. The addition is going to
be 2 floors including a partially finised terrace level. The main level is 3000sqft with 2bedrooms and 2.5baths. This is being added onto a home that is approximately 10,000sqft. on a 1.5acre lot. This…
propery lines
need my property lay out
I am a lic Contractor in Riverside Ca .
I do remodel renovations on properties for banks for the last 15 yrs. Due to the money and forclousure rates the banks have stopped refurbishing the properties and selling them at auctions. How do I get…
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