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Are there restrictions on out buildings?
Does Rotunda West restrict the construction of freestanding out buildings
My home is in need of repair, but with mortage payments I can't afford these repairs, My insurance refuses saying it due to "normal wear
and tear. My house was built in 1905,it has alot of of orginal wood and all rooms perfect except kitchen floor. The floor has fell in around kitchen sink. I am afraid to let anyone come to my home and…
I'm looking at a duplex foreclosure and wonder how much it is to remodel it. Focus would be on inside, new floors, kitchens, bathrooms. outside
paint. two units, 3 BR and 1 bath, 2 BR and 1 bath. all the floors, bathrooms and kitchens need to be remodeled. nothing there to work with. floors should be hardwood floors, 3k sqf is the total footage. furnace…
I am a Gen. Contractor wanting info on home trash out.How do i get involved?
I have all equipment needed and licenses need and would like to make contact w/someone in charge
Anyone in Portland, OR know of someone who can make old, uneven concrete stairs look good?
We are going to have our concrete basement floors sanded down and done over with colored epoxy. Before we do that we realized we should probably have a plan for the concrete stairs leading down into the…
I have a 3/1 Tudor in Curtis Park Sacramento, CA I was thinking of converting a bedroom to a master bath is this a good idea?
I live in a older home in a nice neighborhood but it only has one bathroom. If I were to convert one of the bedrooms into a larger closet and bathroom would that dramatically effect the ability to sell…
what questions should I ask when interviewing developers to build a new home for us?
I have norrowed the search for a general contractor down to three and would like some help in developing questions to ask the prior clients when checking their referneces
Who else do I need to contact about property preservation?
Have contacted some rental agencies as well as agents and brokers.The process is slow and I turn in my insurance as well. What else do I need to do?
I'm in the market for a new range hood — what features should I look for?
In general, care more about function over form (i.e., as long as it's not ugly). Thanks, in advance, for any advice you have.
Does anyone know of a reputable Termite Solution company in South Florida??
I have encountered a few houses with termite problems, and I would like to bring solutions to my clients.
Hi, I am looking for a structural eng in San jose that can help our drafter with struct calculations for house renovation (garage addition) permits.
The plans are done but our drafters is not so sure about the structural calculations and we need someone in that area to help review the plans. Thanks for your recomendations!!
can i install new septic tank system?
had a home fire (100% loss) and i want to build on different area of my property. I had old tank system, can i put same type of septic sytem with new house
how much to tear down and replace a chimney?
Wood chimney on a 2 story home exterior
In central NJ can I rebuild an existing oversized garage into guest house (mother daughter) ?
I have a single family house in central NJ. On the property there is an oversized garage and I would like to rebuild into a separate small house and rent it out. Can I do it legally in NJ ?
i am looking on how to obtain information for a property that was built in 1956 but it is obvious that plenty of building and renovations done to it
my inquery is for permitting information on such property and old pictures and blue prints if possible,this house for sure has had reroofing and electrical upgrades and so on........
Considering remodel of home in delray beach, FL - demo/reconfig int. walls, and change location of a shower and toilet. what is a rough cost per sf?
I'm planning to use pretty economical finishes. Home Depot tile, drywall, etc. Any chance this can be done for $50/sf or less?!
What do you all think about slate tile floors in a kitchen?
My husband and I are young, so what I've heard about pain in the feet and legs and back caused by standing on tile floors doesn't really concern us too much. Our home would resell to other young couples…
approximately how much per sf to build addition of family room 10 x 25, wood frame, stucco exterior,
conventional framing for roof trusses, 12'1 pitch on flat sloped roof-roll roof, basic tile flooring with sheetrock interior, 3 windows and 3'0 door, basic code requirement on electric?
what are residential constrruction costs in albany, ny?
What is the average cost per square foot for a single story addition to an existing house? I am considering a bedroom & bathroom totalling approx. 250 sq.ft, Mid-Range millwork, fixtures, and finishes...
Can someone tell me how I can come about getting a grant to purchase a home? The house I am interested in needs a lot of work .
The reason for grant will be to purchase a home at a reasonable price. If I can get this grant; I wil also be able to remodel the home entirely even adding a few rooms. Please get back with me as soon…
When can you tell if a home is worth being renovate? Is it worth the time and money? Will it be worth me just getting one already for the move in?
I am interested in buying a home for the family. We are currently renting right now. I need to know the above question.
Certificate of occupancy
If a porch was enclosed over 20 years ago, do I still need to obtain a certificate of occupancy?
Estimated cost to build a garage in Westchester?
I'm looking at buying a home in Westchester with no garage but space for one. How much would it cost to build a nice but simple garage for 1 car? What about 2 cars? Wood not metal.
Can I Get An Insurance Policy With Out Giving My Social Security Number?
Looking to get a small Liability insurance policy . Been in Business for 20 years never had one . Or ever had a problem on a project
Which is better 4 bdrms and 1 1/2 baths (1/2 bth upstairs full bth down and 1 bed down) or 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths (1 bath and bdrm is downstairs)
We need to do some remodeling because I am pregnant. Currently we have 2 bedrooms upstairs with a huge bathroom and a small office downstairs with a full bath down stairs. I don't know if I should…
What is a good price range per sqft for complete interior remodel? 1979 Lake Austin 2 bed/2bath house I bot to live in?
Kitchen and 2 baths are laminate and flooring it carpet. Space needs to be better used because is small house (this will not be an expansion/no addition added) and all finishes have to be redone.
My husband and I want to add a family room. What can we expect to pay per square foot?
We won't be adding any pipes so don't need to calculate any plumbing and we live in the Boston area.
Is it worth it to finish the attic?
Our 2 story townhome is currently appraised at $130k with 3 bed and 2.5 bath. If we finish the attic it will add at least 600 square feet to our home including the storage space.
can I qualify to get a repair loan, even though I might be in foreclosure and where I call for help?
Can I get a loan to repair my house even though we are going to be in foreclosure, can naca help me
Are there any true private lender in philadelphia pa?
I am an investor looking for a real private lender for my real estate deals and rehabs deals,the lender should be equity driven not credit score driven.I have two buildings that have no mortgage on it…
I have bought a house in CA for $750k, I paid $60k so far and did a major remodel for $250k (everything new except garage). How appraisal calc works?
This house is located in Manhattan beach, California. I want to know 3 things 1. How the appraisal process works for new major remodel? Essentially like to know appaisal value get calculated? 2. What…
Adding a bedroom to a 3 bed/2 bath SF ranch house
We have a 3 bed/2bath ranch style SF near mission blvd. We are considering adding a bedroom. We already have an extension to the house which makes it different from other 3 bed/2 baths in our area, it…
on a 203k loan do i have to have a general contractor when i am only doing a furnace and septic system
my lender keeps asking about my contractor but i am only doing a few things to the house so can i just get the estimates from the companies i wish to hire
need a good roofer in hurleyville
do you have a reliable roofer in the area. I will soon contact u to give you an exclusive right to sell my property but, first I need to repair or replace my roof, call me lisa rodriguez 7185072754 for…
GFCIs - Do older homes have to have them in bathrooms and kitchens which have not been renovated? Reply with link please!!!
Home inspector stating that as of 2008 older homes that are sold must have GFIs, just like new homes. Electrical engineer states only if there were renovation to the affected area. Need to know which…
Looking for 203k contractor in grant park atlanta
Looking to purchase a 100 year old home that needs renovation
Is there any recourse when a house is condemned?
Can a house be condemned for asbestos lead and mercury? Can a condemned house be renovated back to safety?
how much it would cost to build a 8000 sq ft home?
how much it would cost to build a 8000 sq ft home
Sliding house - ballpark idea on what it would cost to rebuild?
There is a house in the Lamorinda area that has been in a slide. Most of the property is on a downslope. We were told that the house would have to be lifted, foundation re-poured and then re-leveled,…
I need a 203k approved contractor for a complete renovation of my home in nassau county ny
i need 203k approved contractors with experience in nassau county, roslyn heights, ny, to renovate my home, with references and other jobs that i can visit.
I want to buy a house but is very poor conditions, it would be best to demolish and build new, what you need to have the permissions to build a I
I want to buy a house but is very poor equal conditions, it would be best to demolish and build new, what you need to have the permissions to build a new house? or What are the first steps to get any approval…
how much does it cost to tear down and rebuild a huse in Dallas, TX?
still paying for current house, only lived here for 4 years on a 30 year mortgage.
sump pump needed in below grade level houses?
Our below grade level basement never gets wet but gets humid. An HVAC consultant recommended a sump pump on top of a dehumidifier. Is that typical / required in below grade level basement.?
I have a semi-detached, two-floor garage/great room that I'd like to convert into a rental. Is that legal in rural, Western Coventry, RI?
My home has a shared driveway with my neighbor (we both own about 4.25 acres with a small pond at the front of the property). If I were to build an apartment in the garage, the tenant would also be requried…
What do you recommend when looking for a good kitchen and bath store that provides tiles?
I was wondering what is the best way to go about finding a kitchen and bath store that provides tiles. Are there questions I can ask? Does anyone have good recommendations or opinions on tile providers…
New General Contractor needed for 203k loan (full, not the streamline)
We are trying to close on a 203k loan and now need a new General Contractor to do the rehab. This will be a full 203k NOT a streamline. Does anyone have any recommendations for an experienced GC who services…
New General Contractor needed for Full 203k Rehab loan in NOrthwest Indiana
We are trying to close on a 203k loan and now need a new General Contractor to do the rehab. This will be a full 203k NOT a streamline. Does anyone have any recommendations for an experienced GC who services…
New General Contractor needed for Sull 203k Rehab loan in Northwest Indiana
We are trying to close on a 203k loan and now need a new General Contractor to do the rehab. This will be a full 203k NOT a streamline. Does anyone have any recommendations for an experienced GC who…
I'm want to get a side yard reduction variance in Mar Vista, does anyone have any info on this kind of thing? Hopefully success stories.
My house has an unattached rumpus room, that we'd like to attach to the main house without moving an exterior wall that is right on the property line. We'd want to get a side yard reduction…
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