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Extended Loft or a 5th bedroom?
we are planning to buy a new home where we have one master suite. additional living room which we decided to convert an in-law suite and another 2 bedrooms(smaller size) on the second floor with an extended…
Seeking an experience real estate attorney to provide their expertise from beginning to end with purchasing my first two family home in the Bronx, NY
A few of the properties needs TLC. Hints: I also want to make sure that I get the Seller Concessions!
How much to rewire a small 2 story house with a finished basement?
Also, is it dangerous to leave old wiring in a 20's home intact.
can the work be done by the home buyer?
if i buy a home with homepath finace can i do the work
Is an attorney able to help secure funding for a rehab?
Is an attorney able to help secure funding for a rehab?
Is there an Identity of Interest issue when the Realtor involved in the transaction is also the....?
...contractor doing the work in an FHA renovation loan? As a HUD Consultant I've seen a few of these and I've not seen anything in the HUD Guidelines prohibiting this. However I recently had…
Forms of Egress (exit) for a bedroom
Does a second exit through a bathroom and out a separate door (in that bathroom) count as egress for bedroom definition? I am creating a bedroom that has no exterior window. It has a door, and it has…
anyone know about converting a 2 story business bldg into a residence with a business office in downtn/chinatwn Oakland, CA?
we're thinking upstairs (former printing business) would be bedrooms / living rm, downstrs wd be kitch (former restaurant kitch) & dining rm, with the separate business office & waiting area.…
How do I find an experienced 203k general contractor in phoenix az?
I plan on using a 203K standard FHA loan and need a contractor to oversee the project. Preferably one that is already familiar with the 203K loan process. I know someone who is experienced enough to do…
It is best to finish split level basement with additional bedroom & 1/2 bath or expand the family room to include wetbar & 1/2 bath?
Family room area includes wood burning fireplace (brick) and 2 windows - room is 21x14. Unfinished portion is 16x13
Is there a new trend of "luxury height" bathroom vanities in San jose, CA?
I’m starting to hear about the trend toward “luxury height” bathroom vanities in which they’re like kitchen cabinets at 36” tall. I’m tall so this was the way I…
what is the average cost of a family room addition with a conditioned crawl space in Langhorne, pa?
Want to have an addition build that would be approximately thirteen feet by thirteen feet. Want the addition built with a four foot crawl space that would be accessible from the basement.
Would converting a half bath to a cramped full bath hurt my resale value?
I have a 3 bedroom, 2 Full, 2 Half bath house. I wanted to rent my basement's room out, but I would need to provide a full bath for the person down there. There is currently a half bath. Unfortunately…
Removing the tub from an en suite bathroom. Does it hurt resale value?
Hi, we have a 4 br, 2.5 bath house. We are considering renovating the en suite bathroom which currently has a tub and stand up shower. In the current plan we will lose the tub and go with a massive walk…
bought a property that consisted of two lots with warehouse type building, sitting on one lot, that I converted to a duplex. One lot had water meter
and the other lot had sewer line that serviced the property before I bought it. The property is located in Cloverleaf, TX and is serviced by Water Control & Improvment District #36. WC&ID has a…
interested in converting unused formal living rm into master walk in closet, so current closet can expand master bath. will it hurt marketability?
Large 3600sq ft home. Have family room and separate dining room. Current formal living room off of entry way is not being used.
need to find blue prints to our home built in 1917 in rural hall nc.. was renovated in 1980s after being vacant by previous owners
need to know where headers and fireplace are. Lots of walls have been covered over even hidden fireplaces all plaster
How can $600 save you months on the market? Bonus Room conversion is the key.
It's a well known fact that 4-bedroom homes sell much faster than 3-bedroom homes. And our local Carolina Multiple Listing Service requires us to list bedroom counts according to the existence of…
adding a bedroom bath shower 20x24 brick to grade vynyl siding home currently 1700 sq feet 3 bedroom 185K new value in Va. any thoughts? average ok.
Basic ball park adding the 480 sq feet from a 3 bedroom to a 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bathroom. upscale subdivision.
Is it better to have a tub or a second sink in a master bath? To put both in I'd have to give up some storage space.
I don't use a tub much but I understand others may find it important. Is it more important than a double sink? Space allows for both if I give up some storage space. How important are each in California?
Financial Products for home improvement/face-lift etc.
Are there any financial products/resources available for home improvement/facelift expenses, for a property being purchased by a first time home buyer? Or if there is any regulation or policy under which…
i need 203k contractor
buying a house in mt vernon ny the bank need a 203k contractor to do the work
Looking for a honest experienced handyman for sheet rock repair, bathroom tile and carpet installation
Our rental house in 78613 undergone some water leakage which requires us to 1.reinstall living room carpet (approx 14 feet by 24 feet) 2.replace one sheet rock and re textures half of living room ceiling 3.install…
Do I need a permit to renovate my kitchen, in Santa Clara?
I don't plan to mess around with plumbing or gas. Right now, I'm thinking about redoing countertops, updating my appliances, and installing new flooring. I've been reading up on city codes,…
I need a BINDER : temporary insurance while house rennovation completed & house eligible for "occupancy permit". (Insurance lost when
work stopped.) Seattle : fire 2006 ; 2 windstorms, drenching rain - 11-18-07 and 01-08-08 (3 Claims ) There were 180 days of delay caused by the Mortgage Company refusing to accept the Bid for months…
how will the real estate value and real estate taxes be affected by adding a studio on top of a two car garage?
We live in a private association with deed to private bay beach. How complicated is the process? We are new to the area.
What are you looking for in a remodeling contractor in Falls Church?
What qualities and characteristics do you want to see in a remodeling contractor before you hire them to do work for you?
Garage to room
Would it be possible to turn a garage into a room to live in; including a bathroom, carpet and to keep the garage door, but add a regular door on the side?
In a small kitchen in suburban Chicago is better for resale to have a banquette or an island with a couple of stools? Can't do both.
Looking to do some remodeling in our kitchen for sale down-the-road. We will remove the banquette if an island has better resale value. We don't have enough space to do a banquette and an island.…
General Contractor Referral
Hello ! I need to ask you this question and it might sound very perennial. I need a referral on a general contractor as we are not sure where should we go with this question.The issue is, we want to add…
Offering on home in Kenner La, I am offering 1.2 they are asking 1.7. Needs work but i can do, I like interest on with 5 year arm, Is this good?
How can this be succeesful for me Property will value over asking if they exceopt and give me strong asset potential,
Original Hardwood Floors - just bought my first home and it has original hardwoods throughout - and I don't like them.
I realize this is a huge selling feature - but a couple of things. 1. I really like carpet under my feet in bedrooms. 2. I really don't like the look of my original hardwoods. They are…
Adding a balcony
Can I add a balcony to my upper west side apartment building? How much would it cost? Its a 30 story building with 9 apartments on each floor. Just having a balcony will just complete my apartment.
what is the cost of an addition of 490 square feet to a home in saratoga, california, 95070?
i plan to add 490 square ft and remodel the master bathrrom with this square footage
Looking for a contractor
Hi, we're looking to add pocket doors to a room in our Edwardian home (to separate a bedroom from a living room). We think there used to be doors there but were recently removed. Does anyone know…
what are the restrictions on remodling/adding on a room to a house in Palm Springs, CA?
I would renovate one of the bedrooms in house I am looking. Add an addition to house like a bathroom and enlarge the bedroom
how would an outdoor Endless Pool affect the value of a house in san francisco?
There are 361 single family residences listed in San Francisco on Trulia. Only 4 have pools. Of those, two are indoor regular pool, one is outdoor regular pool and one in indoor Endless Pool. We just installed…
What to look for in a contractor?
Whether you are about to under take a remodeling project, no matter what the size, what are the things you look for in a remodeling contractor that help you make your decision?
Are there professionals that help improve the curb appeal of a house?
I have a home with old / drab / exterior. But there are many different aspects outside, and I am a new homeowner, so I'm not sure if landscaping companies cover everything. This would include landscaping…
What is "Current Title Report"?
Is "Current Title Report" different than "Preliminary Title Report" or "Grant Deed". City of Saratoga needs this for permit processing.
Question with adding Master Suite in Noe Valley SFH, what should I look for and seeking advice from everyone
I would like to addition a 12X12 or a avg size master suite in my home in Noe Valley. I have thought of 2 options, one is to add the room to the back of the house by the bathroom and family room; another…
Saw that someone had broken into outside shower in SH & stripped the copper pipes right off the wall! Any ideas on how to prevent this?
Locking it wouldn't help because someone could just crawl under the door or enter through the open roof Does anyone know what other homeowners do since most of the houses are unoccupied all winter.
What is a ball-park figure for renovating a 2 bed 2 bath apartment in riverdale?
Requirements: new kitchen appliances, cabinets, floor. New bathroom fixtures -- toilet, sink, faucets. Renovation of 1 shower. Paint throughout.
Can you DIY a furnance install with the help of a professional in campbell? Do we have to use his contractor license on the permit?
I have a friend that does this for a living, however he works for a contractor and does not ahve his license. Can he install the furnace and be permit legitimate?
I want to build a small pole building in my back yard. I need help on the size of the holes and poles for siesmic concerns.
13' X15' building. Simple gable design roof. Ridge pole 9' long. Wall poles 7'. Looking for diameter and depth of holes and pole dimensions.
Recommendation for a good and reliable handyman in Reston VA.
I am looking for a good, reliable and wise handyman in the reston area who is also familiar with Reston association's covenants. Work required may involve laying hardwood floors, and drywall work.
Can I remove an interior non-load bearing wall without a building permit in Montgomery County, Maryland?
We have already had a structural engineer look at the house and confirm the wall is not load bearing...
We have the usual older home on a 'nice' street with 6600 sq ft lot inside the Heights with new construction garage apartment (rented) in
the back. The time has come where the original home no longer has much if any economic life. So the choices are either #1 sell the property, #2 contract a major remodel / refurbishment or #3 tear down…
Can you help me find a grant to repair a house I own in which my disabled sister lives?
I do not live in the house but I take care of all my mentally challenged sister's basic needs and financial affairs.I also assist her in taking care of her two children, ages 13 and 10. There is a…
Demolish 1 car garage and build a 2 car garage?
I own a 1954 3br 2bath 1 detached single car garage home. Houses around my neighborhood value roughly between 100k to 230k and my home's price is at a lower mean of this range (Cannon park) I am wondering…
Below Grade Bedroom
I am looking in to buying a fixer in the North End of Boston and there is a basement space that comes with the purchase. It is an old basement and needs to be completely renovated. Is it possible to renovate…
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