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Has anyone bought an exterior door with a composite frame?
Replacing a french door that had rotten around framing
Extending a bedroom
Hi people. What would it cost to extend a bedroom by probably ~60 sq ft. Including foundation and roof. With permission at Fremont ca. It is 1960 house. What are the assumptions in the pricing? Of course…
Thinking hiring a contractor to build a backyard casita 400 sqft on a lot of 8000 sqft , would it be an issue?
The house is located up the hill, I'm not sure if the city would let me so I'm asking hear before I start planning. Woul love to hear professional opinions about it and yes it does have HOA fees…
who can give a repair estimate on the foundation of 410 Nebraska Street, Lawrence KS?
the foundation is falling apart next to the garage. who can give a cost estimate to fix it?
Yikes! Yet another detail with multiple answers and approaches thereof. We are buying a 2,000 sq.ft ranch.
What is an accurate real cost to rebuild to current code requirements, including amenities.
how one convince the HOA to review/revisit possibility of installing floating engineering floors with special sound proof padding?
I have learned that our association doesn't allow engineering floors on any floors except bottom one. How does one approach association to find out what has been done to reaffirm this decision or what…
Metal stairs & landing need work
Greetings, I purchasd a townhome last month and noticed that the stairs are begining to show some rust and the top landing is rusty as well Does anyone know of any honest, fairly priced company or person…
Office build out cost per sq ft?
What is the typical cost one can expect to pay to build out a general office in NYC starting with a completely raw space?
I am looking for a lot in a good area to build a house in a good area but can not find a contractor who can give me a avaerage construction cost in NJ
I am looking for a old house to renovate or build a new one on that lot . can some one please give me break down of cost .
Looking for a licensed contractor (75214) to do a small bath remodel. Would like someone that can show me their work and possibly use me as well.?
I have experience flipping houses, and although I am a woman... I know what I'm doing. I am looking into becoming licensed, but I want hands on experience under the general contractors direct supervision…
I am a single parent considering buying around the Fort Mill area. A 4bdrm in need of TLC to stay busy. Need nice school district. Low/No crime area.
Surrounding areas welcome also. Not wanting a piece of over priced money pit that has been sitting vacant for several years. Looking for something at least in condition to be able to live in while doing…
Is there a good roofing company that can do work for a reasonable price point in or around burtonsville MD???
I tryed MD Insulators but after several calls they still never even came for the estimate? They kept saying how they would be out and now it is 3 months later?
Converting a whole floor in a private home into an apartment.
What are the guidelines in the Telford/Souderton areas in converting a floor of a home into an apartment?
I need to have an 11 X 25 ' room addition added to the back of my house. ... how much per square foot should i expect to pay?
there is an existing concrete patio slab that is approx 10X22 the room addition will be built over It will end up being 3 rooms (an extension of an existing closet, an 8X11 utility room with w/d connections…
do we need a permit?
making an extra room through our crawl space and making a bathroom out of a huge closet in queens, NY. do we need a permit? the contractor said we didn't how can we be sure?
Should we add a 3rd full bath or a walk in closet? We have 1 bath per floor.
Single family 1700 sq ft home. Both our full baths are small and attached to bedrooms one on each floor. This leaves our 3rd bedroom sharing our small master bath. Should we add a 3rd detached bath or…
What is the process to add a half bath to a home in the garage?
Is this something that can be done quickly and around how much does it take? Any information would be very helpful. Thank you. Best, Claire
Is it worth it for an owner of a property in a very highly desirable area to renovate for a little more rental income??
Please keep in mind that the increase in rent will NOT be substantial, as the unit is already getting a high rent for the quality it provides??
REO Prep: Looking for a couple HVAC companies in San Diego (Santee 92071)
Looking for a couple HVAC companies in the Santee, CA (92071) area. If you are a HVAC company or if you know of a quality company please email
Remodel/Sell in Boulder or just Sell?
We have an old house in the Whittier neighborhood, Boulder - It is 1865 sq/ft but the house has a few issues. It needs one corner pinned with structural helical pins, the basement floor has buckled, it…
Adding sq ft in san diego to an existing home
how much does it cost per Sq Ft to add onto a 2 bath, 4 bedroom ranch home. Out, not up, no plumbing?
As a Canadian citizen who owns property in the Phoenix area I was told that I can not do renovations and/or
upgrades to my property. I must use local contractors. Is this true??
What is the approximate cost and return of raising the roof and adding a second story to my single-story house?
This is assuming the structure could endure the added weight, and there is no complications in actually raising the roof for a second story.
would merging a small bedroom and living room into large master suite add value to the house?
we have just purchased a 4 bedroom home in SJ, CA. However the master bedroom is very small - and so is the master bath - which just has a 3x3 shower. we are contemplating converting the living room…
Looking for an out of area Home Inspector
I have a deal that I am helping a friend out for in Chicago and would like to find a local home inspector. I checked reoprep vendor site and I do not see any inspectors listed there for Chicago. Does anyone…
Keep laminate, or replace with carpet now, or hardwood later?
I just purchased a 3400 sq ft home which has travertine in the entry, kitchen, and family room (although a little damaged), and dark laminate in the rest of the main floor and upstairs (bedrooms/hallway).…
Remodel & Renovate financing
What kind of financing is available for refurbishing a house in the historical OWE
What is the per Sq Ft construction cost for an average house in the Milan Italy?
just for estimation purpose, looking for the construction cost for a exhibition hall per sqft in Milan Italy
Seeking a referral to an architect for badly neglected mid-century property. All the better if they are experienced w/ remodels & have a green
ethic. Just purchased a two story, split-entry home. It was designed in 1961 and built in 1971 on a hilly site. As we develop our updating plan, we need someone who can look at the property in its entirety,…
is FHA 203k loan for remodel possible if we already bought the house and already have a mortgage?
is the fha 203k loan only available when you buy a home? we already have a mortgage on a house in Danville that we bought 3 years ago. could we still get a 203k loan separately to remodel the home? we…
Aside from home depot,lowes,sears for a home updates where can I find a good trusted contractors?
I'll be moving in a condo next month and I need interior painting,change tubs,showers,vanity cabinet,add lightning fixtures,also ceiling electrical.
Currently looking for certified Home Inspectors
Looking for any certified home inspectors that are licensed and insured. Please email or register here:
How can I get a loan to fix up an old house (1865) that was gifted to me? Banks consider it "no value," yet assess it at $130,000
appraisal. I've been told to "fix up" the house first, then they will approve me for the loan... however, I need a loan before I can fix it up... Ugh! This is my (and my 4 kids) primary…
Finishing basement - 46220 = how much added value?
My house was appraised for $125,000 about 2 months ago. About 45% of the basement was finished including a full bathroom when the house was appraised. All things being equal, how much value will be added…
How can I keep my remodel budget as low as possible?
What kinds of repairs can I do myself and what should I hire a professional for? I want to redo my kitchen and front yard. I wouldn’t consider myself particularly handy, but I do have a lot of patience,…
Is my lower level a basement?
A have a home that I might want to buy as an investment. It has a lower level with 2 more rooms and bathrooms and windows, and another level that leads to a basement. My question is about the lower level…
In 18 mths we’ll sell single story, 1995, open concept home. Carpets need replacing-laminates or hardwood? Comps sellt 215-260k. Investment return?
We've already updated kitchen (granite) and updated all finishings in bathrooms. Thank you for responses!
Contractor in lehigh valley, pa familiar with 203k rehabs
We are looking for a contractor familiar with 203k loan rehab process. Our estimates must be able into the bank within 48hrs ( yes, i know ridiculous ). Its needs painting, electrical, bathroom work etc.
House without central AC. What do I need to know before consider the house?
House without central AC, and without duct system for heating (use baseboards). What are things that I need to know or consider? Is ductless AC a good option? any other options without adding duct system…
What can I do to ensure my remodel goes according to plan and measures up to my expectations?
I want to be prepared, and make sure I know what to expect from my contractor. Are there certain questions to ask before we begin or research I should be doing on my own?
Would like a recomendation for renovations and remodels on kitchen counters and flooring.?
Could anyone recomend a reliable painter and someone who replaces old counter tops. The client lives in Roseville Ca. Helene M Moore
How do I fix an refrigerator with a leak in the bottom of the freezer?
I purchased a home that has a side by side refridgerator with a leak in the freeze. I have noticed a build up of ice at the bottom.
looking into updating our going to be new coop kitchen and looking to find out how much it would cost
the coop is in forest hills and the kitchen needs both new appliances and maybe expansion because it is so small
Estimated cost of a 300 sq foot addition?
We have friends that have had their house on the market for 3 years and we are now considering buying it at the end of our lease. We like the location, detached garage and the wooded half acre it sits…
what's the penalty for dividing a living room into a 1/2 bedroom and 1/2 living room without a permit in sf?
When we bought the house, the living room was too big and so we divided the room into 2 without permit. We also replaced the carpet with wooden floor without permit. Now, we are in the middle of refinancing…
Can I add a shower to a 1/2 bathroom in the basement of a Floral Park Home?
We are considering buying a 4 bedroom 1 1/2 bathroom house in Floral Park. I hear the village is very strict about installing bathrooms, How can I find out if I can build a shower into the 1/2 bath legally…
Our home currently has no mortgage. We applied for an equity loan since the house is dated 1865 and in need of serious repair. The bank approved us for $80k, provided their assessor came back with an appraisal…
Should I put wood or tile floor on my bedrooms in Florida?
I recently purchase this house with 2 floors. First floor has ceramic tiles already. I would like to install ceramic tiles on second floor as well. This is a investment property. I will rent it now…
4x24 foot about ground pool how much will it cost to fill
Thinking about buying a above ground pool need to have water to fill about how much will it cost pool 24x4 feet
Does anyone have recommendations for skilled workers in home remodeling and renovations who want to work in Roseville, CA and Auburn, CA?
We have foreclosures in Roseville, CA and Auburn, CA that need complete remodels or renovations and are looking for help with demolition, drywall, texture, flooring installers (laminate and tile), electrical,…
contractor left after paying 30,000. no work completed..what can I do?
No Money left ....2 kids to provide for ....can't find employment.
painters , handman, and movers
I am looking in the area of Brookshire painters with good reviews. I just bought and need painting done at a decent price. Also, someone who is handy. I don't want to be ripped off or pay lots of $$.…
What is the typical price per sq. foot for a 15' x 14' sunroom with a large doorway in a load bearing wall?
Our house was built in 1997 and has a slab foundation. The large dooway between the house and proposed sunroom (a load bearing wall) is a must for aesthetic purposes, as we have a very open floor plan.…
When did Grover Beach stop using asbestos in the homes?
I am working on a home built in 1964 and don't want to run across asbestos in the attic or behind the wod panel trim in the front of the house.
House addition question? what to look for and how much should I be expecting for an addition of about 860sqft?
Hi, I am planning for an addition to expand living space for my Edwardian house. I have planned for a $120,000 project, but don't know if it's reasonable. Can anyone please let me know if…
resale value of adding a garage to a bungalow
I have a craftsman-type brick bungalow in Winlow Place with very tight driveway access (8.25-8.5 ft wide) between house and wood fence. I currently have an ugly detached carport and need a new driveway.…
How do I obtain a job cleaning foreclosed homes? Who do I talk to??
Someone I know works under a contractor, however, I wish to find a different contractor to work for.
Anyone in LA need a trash out or debris removed?
I typically work in San Diego however I have a job lined up for a friends bakery next week removing old appliances. I will have a 8x20 cargo trailer if anyone needs junk removed:)
How much would it cost to add a 600 square foot addition, new septic, and full basement in the Dayton/Cincinnati, OH area?
I would want to remodel the 1200sq ft after we have the addition on, but plan to do that slowly....this would include the kitchen (a few years down the road).
Would like a recomendation for renovations and remodels on kitchen counters and flooring.?
Could anyone recomend a reliable painter and someone who replaces old counter tops. The client lives in Roseville Ca. Helene M Moore
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