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Best Monmouth county town close to Old Bridge?
We're looking to move out of Old Bridge to upgrade to the better school systems in the surrounding areas--either Marlboro, Manalapan, Holmdel (so expensive!!) or Morganville. I want to live near normal,…
Why is deer hunting allowed in subdivisions in Independence where children play?
Stop hunting in subdivisions where children play. We moved to Independence, KY five years ago from Colerain OH.. We were excited about our new home and grew to love it until we sold our home last week.…
Which neighborhood is nicer? Willow Glen in San Jose or Hillcrest in Milpitas?
We recently moved here from LA and found two beautiful homes in respective neighborhoods. My husband works in Cupertino, Willow Glen seems closer but the crime rate is higher compare to Milpitas. 16 miles…
I'm thinking about moving into the city and was wondering about bay view. Is it safe to walk at night there?
What are the different parts of this neighborhood like? Are there decent organic grocery stores there?
Hello everyone, does anyone know about living in Perry Park, Co? Is it family friendly? Is it perhaps too dangerous as it can be close to fires? Thnx
What would be best route to get into Caslte Rock, i.e the outlets area if one doesn't want to take I-25? Thank you for any information.
Train noise near Cedar level crossing in Newark, CA
Hello, How frequently do trains pass the Cedar level crossing in Newark? This is the one just south of the Cedar - Thornton intersection. Would it be like 5 trains a day, 10, or more or fewer? Also, do…
We are relocating from NH with two children ages 10 and 5. We have narrowed our search to Wellington, Delray and Boca.
Can anyone give me their reviews of The Preserve and the Oaks in Boca. Pros and Cons for both communities. Thanks.
What your Dad taught you about WORK that you will never forget ? " Happy Father's Day to all fathers all over the world !! "
This is my 9th Father’s Day without a father. My father was a very traditional Chinese father and he did not talk very much (unless after his favorite drink :-). I remember I went to his work place…
The CA water shortage is a real problem.
As California withered through a drought in 1977, Gov. Jerry Brown called for a 25 percent reduction in personal water use statewide and flew to Washington to press the Carter administration for federal…
What's the best Bay Area town / neighborhood for a family with small children & dogs?
We're an active family that likes to be part of a "village" or community, where we can walk for most amenities and a good cup of coffee and run into neighbors at the farmer's market.…
We are a small family living abroad but thinking of buying a condo in PCB...
We have never been to the city yet, where can we find internet sites giving us ideas about what it's like to live there (especially active discussion forums?) Thanks!
Where would be a good place to buy land to build a log cabin in southern missouri?
We are thinking around 5 to 10 acres with a nice view. Rural but not too far from town or neighbors.
Family relocating to Atlanta
Hubby, our 3 kids and I are relocating to Atlanta in 6 mo, Hubby transferring to Coca Cola and I work in medical field. We are a young African American family. We are looking for a good, safe and affordable…
We are a newly retired couple from out of state. We wish to be closer to our only daughter. She lives and
works in the Minneapolis area. Do you think Hastings would be a great place to start this next phase of our lives? We would like to be close to a college or technical school. We also would like to know…
Why are the homes are Butler Road in Franklin Park so Expensive?
Do the schools in Franklin Park, provide school bus service?
Anybody know of any handicap accessible renting options,websites?
My little girl has angelman syndrome and she needs just a little bit more space she's usually in her wheelchair,but I'm not sure where I should be looking since I'm renting and not buying? I really hope…
Soon to be graduate student moving to Denver
I'm looking for some good neighborhoods that are affordable for a college student and her working boyfriend. Any suggestions for a nice area close enough to downtown with plenty of cool bars/restaurants?
Will my mixed family encounter racism both ways?
I am considering taking a job at MCLB Albany. We are currently located in Beaufort, SC. I am Black and my husband is half German half Cuban. My children have only been around the military. I am concerned…
Mount Prospect was named the best place to raise kids in the US. Does this impact your location decision?
I am curious if buyers consider such a rating as this most recent one of Mount Prospect, to be one that would influence their decision on choosing a location to move. OR is this just one of those "nice"…
Is Maynard, MA a welcoming town to newcomers, multi-racial families?
We know more about the surrounding towns and would like to know more about Maynard on these important points. Thank you
I'm looking for vacant land in the pines in or near Prescott. Zoned ok for a get-away with RV or container.
Dont need utilities. Space/acres under 200K. Any chances I can find this?
We are getting relocated to the Dallas area
My husband is being relocated for work and we have a son going into 4th grader and a daughter that will be starting high school. We are looking for an area with great economic and cultural diversity.…
Rating Cornwall, Monroe, and Cold Spring, NY
My wife and I are considering moving into the orange/putnam county areas. We are 27 years old and trying to find the best town fit for us to start a family in. If anyone could shed some light between these…
Display property in 360 degree
I am Jack from Easypano, which is specialized in developing panorama and virtual tour software. Most of our clients are from real estate industry. I was wondering whether you are interested in our products…
Hi. I am considering a move to the 78248 zip code in San Antonio. I am concerned about airplane noise and being in the "flightpath." Is
there any way to find out what the most common flightpath is on approach to San Antonio Intl Airport?
I have read reviews for what seem like nicer complexes (i.e. Canterra) with a complaints of cockroaches. Infestation issuee or desert crawlies?
I know that online reviews can be one person who is bitter and venting, as it seems every complex I've viewed has someone complaining about shady management. It gives the impression there is nowhere decent…
How do i evict or get my wife to move back out of the house that she moved out of on her own accord for a year but we moved her back in a year later.?
My wife and I rented this house in American Canyon starting 4 years ago that we still live in. Originally we had a 1 year lease. We have never renewed the lease so we are now on a month to month. In…
How has Latino immigration improved the economy in McDonough?
I am a history student studying immigration to McDonough. Most economists in the area say that the common belief that immigration hurt the economy is almost entirely false, but I can find very little data…
Is there a lot of juvenile crime & vandalism in millstone township, nj?
I've heard there are several families in Millstone Township, NJ whose juvenile children and young adult family members harass other residents, break mailboxes, destroy fences, egg cars, dump trash on properties…
We are flying to Oregon to look at neighborhoods and schools (preferably Montessori) in mid October. Any recommendations ?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3087869359-1845-SW-Pheasant-Dr-Beaverton-OR-97006?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3087869359-…
I rent a house that's considered 5 bedrooms. 3 bedrooms are on the 2nd fl. The other 2 bedrooms are in the attic. There are no basesboard heater
Up there so it makes it inhabitable to sleep up there during the winter. Is this legal to have?
What is Pasadena CA like? We are looking at moving (new job) and I'm concerned it is too
family. I like walkable small towns, with parks and activity for family. Is it too close to LA to have this small town feel?
My husband is considering a job Memphis. Interested in hearing why Germantown and surrounding areas are a nice place to live.
We've lived in Washington state, Colorado and southern California. Would love to hear how this area stacks up.
In California there is plenty of entertainment. Other than a bowling alley, a skate rink, and movies theaters, what is there to do in Pearl/Flowood ?
I have not seen much to do socially since I moved here to Pearl. What all is there to do for entertainment?
My wife and I are looking at retirement homes in the Orlando area and have some queries about the Bellalago neighborhood of Kissimmee.
1. Many blogs about Kissimmee are negative especially about traffic and crime. Do these negatives also apply to the area around Bellalago ( we do not need to commute to downtown Orlando)? 2. There does…
Looking to relocate to NJ - Suffern or Rutherford - Rental now, but later to buy.
Will be working in Hoboken, but do not wish to stay there. Couple - no kids so school is not important. Gym, restaurants - quality of life important. Which offers more - Suffern, NY or Rutherford, NJ.…
What is the average Oskawana Lake, NY resident like?
My husband and I are in our early 40's and I've lived in NY City my whole life. We have decided we want a yard, more room in general and peace so have looking in Putnam County, ( also to avoid Westchester…
I am thinking of a move to Cape May Court House to be closer to the beaches at a more affordable price than
buying on-island. Does it have a smal-town feel? What is the down-town area like? Thanks.
At 66 years of age, should I consider purchasing a home or renting? I am a widowed retired school teacher.
I have been living in maine for 2.5 yrs. and have lived in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area prior. I am thinking of moving to Amarillo, Tx. in the about a month.
My friends retired to the house of their dreams in "the country" until natural gas developers started fracking in the next town. Result: all the
quaint local roads have been ruined by the heavy truck traffic, the quiet is gone as the noise travels for miles, and all the local wells are poisoned. Is there a way to find out whether this area has…
Gay friendly apartment buildings in Orlando?
Looking for info on Gables Residential and places with similar looks, prices and accommodations.
Loft conversion room
How much would it be to a add 140 sft floor with insulation , 1 13 ft wall with a pocket single pane French door, 6 recess lights, 1 switch, 4 receptacles, 1 cable hook up, 1 ac vent.. Thank you..:)
What would you say, statistically speaking, the rate of homelessness and poverty is in the Willimantic CT area?
This is for a project I'm currently very absorbed into. I'm passionate about my work and would like to know the real details about this.
Does anyone know of someone who is taking out an old privacy fence? Need some desperately. Prob atleast 10-15 panels?? One side of yard has
neighbors with a ton of aggressive little dogs. Trying to find something as I have a toddler and a baby on the way? And their dogs keep going under their chain link! Grrrr Thanks
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