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Best place to live near Richardson? I have researched Money's list of best places to live and looked at
school ratings. It looks like Allen, McKinney and Richardson are the top areas w/out spending the big $ for taxes in Lucas, Parker and Murphy (and Plano). My wife and I have a three year old so elementary…
In terms of buying, how is the area downtown between fourth and first on Brunswick?
Especially safety-wise for a female walking alone after dark? Thank you!
hi does anyone know were 514 Crafton Ave Pitman, NJ 08071-1708 family have moved to?
looking for a firend thats moved house, please email me at wjh123@hotmail.co.uk
Hi I have a rental home in kissimmee. Please tell me why the turf has been affected by the recent cold spell
I rent and own homes in the UK and also have a holiday home in Bulgaria where the temperatures drops to -30c and do not have a problem with the grass dying off under servere weather conditions. Just…
Thinking about moving into the burbs--torn between Orange County and the Valley.
I'm more interested in living somewhere fun with lots of entertainment options and things to do versus a "family friendly" suburb filled with kiddie parks. Any suggestions?
Germantown vs Collierville
So, I understand that Germantown used to be the go-to place for the area about 15 years ago and Collierville has a cozy small town feel because of the town square that, quite honestly, I would only have…
Material defect and breach of contract?
If a building's documented electrical problem was not revealed to me before I ever went to contract and now, as the new owner of this unit in a condo conversion building, I am being asked to pay for a…
my husband and I are looking for a 3/2 private home that allows small well behaved pets. We are sem-retired
and can spend 800-850 per month...possibly an owner finance....maybe help someone looking at foreclosure......anyone?? thanks....Kathie
What do I do about people leaving trash on my curb on NON pick up days? I keep getting fined/violations (ECB)
I have a vacant 2 family brownstone in Bed-Sty going through the slow foreclosure process... waiting for it to go up for auction. Stage of foreclosure-a referree was assigned in Dec. 2008 to examine…
Foster City townhouses question
We saw a few townhouses in Foster City that have 2 levels, usually kitchen and living room are on the ground 1st level with bedroom upstairs. My wife is concerned that it would be cold, damp and moist…
I could not afford my house when I bought it and now they raised my payment. please help I need a short refi
can you reccomend anyone in michigan that could get me approved before I have to walk away from my home.
Probably relocating from Cinnaminson, NJ, to Richmond, VA area. What are the best towns/schools?
Merchantville? Glen Allen? Elsewhere, comparable or better than Cinnaminson? Thanks!
We're thinking about buying in Sail Boat Bay condos (Gulf Shores).
Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks,Geoff
What Are your views on flooding in the South Gateway Neighborhood?
I see that there are neighborhoods with serious flooding issues. What are your views about the storm water in the creeks causing flooding both in the neighborhoods and to Mill Creek residents in downtown…
We are leasing a beautiful home and just learned that the owners have filed for BK (Ch 7). What can we?
expect? We want to stay but the lease is null now , right? What about our deposit (> $7K)? It was handed directly to the owner not a broker. The owners filed back in November and just learned that…
A 's stadium in Fremont good for home prices ?
I live couple of blocks from where it is going to be built some people say its good for the home prices some say it would fall .whats the real deal ?
What are you looking for in a home so that you and your new love will have a happy relationship?
His and her sinks in the bathroom? A 2-car garage? Maybe an ocean view? Valentine's day is coming and we're wondering which home features you think will help keep the magic alive.
Gated communities in or near Baltimore City?
I am looking for nice private/gated communities inside or relatively near the Baltimore City. Could anyone help out?
What is the HOA contact number at Stoneybrook Community, Estero, Fl? What is the Guardhouse or Community Gate?
Telephone numbers. Ineptness by Guardhouse employees re: my scheduled Surgery and not allowing Van from Facility to enter Community to pick me up!
How hard is it to find renters in Cape Coral?
I'm buying a duplex and would like to rent out one side. It's near downtown and the post office. Would I have trouble renting a 3 br 2 bath duplex for 750 a month?? (Built in 2006)
Living in Lansdale...specifically Belthel Grant
We are relocating to PA. My husband works in Ambler/Blue Bell and we have 3 small children. We are considering purchasing a town home/condominium at a development called Bethel Grant. Can anyone tell…
What features do you think are necessary in a home to keep you and your significant other happily in love?
A dish washer and garbage disposal? Plenty of closet space? A jacuzzi tub? Valentine's day is coming up and we want to know what you think is needed for the two of you to cohabitate blissfully.
I need a co op or twnhouse that allows dogs!
Send me a list of properties or the way to search for them online before I come in to see you
Write your question here
I am disappointed as to how dirty the national seashore is now. is there any program or people to contact in order to make an effort to clean up this mess. it is a shame to see such a treasure as dirty…
What features do you think are necessary in a home to keep you and your significant other happily in love?
A nice deck or balcony for the two of you to unwind? A big garage that doubles as a male retreat? Plenty of closet space perhaps? Valentine's day is coming up and we want to know what you think is needed…
What are you looking for in a home so that you and your new love will have a happy relationship?
His and her sinks in the bathroom? A 2-car garage? An awesome ocean view that you can appreciate together? Valentine's day is coming and we're wondering which home features you think will help keep the…
How can you list a house as derelict as 270 Ormond St. SW. It's a disgrace to the city!
As of 12/8/08, the house at 270 Ormond St. SW is not as described. The house has no HVAC, the windows are broken and partially boarded up, and the people who are living/squatting there now have no regard…
What do you think of the Inner Parkside neighborhood in San Francisco?
What do you like about the area? What do you not like?
What are you looking for in a home so that you and your new love will have a happy relationship?
His and her closets? A bit hot water tank so you don't run out? Maybe two shower heads? Valentine's day is coming and we're wondering which home features you think will help keep the magic alive.
Fulton Square
Regarding this Birch ct listing, I find some things rather strange. According to this website: http://intouchtours.com/listing.asp?nobiz=1&idx=25734&us=43320.91 It was being offered for $375K. It has…
How are you doing in the real estate world.?
I am stuggleing in real estate right now and I am looking for new income streams,I'm thinking about networkmarketing any tips.
Are there any soundproof buildings in New York?
I saw a similar question in another section. I never thought to ask but such a place might exist. I'd really like to know.
Property crime seems exceedingly high. Are these current trends??
considering a move to the country in Round O area - The crime rate concerns me, however. Are there any updates to these trends, any improvement?
Have you ever traveled to Belize and what do you think about living there.
I represent two developers in Placencia,Belize, and wonder if any of my readers have been there in the last few years. I was there last year and liked it a lot. What do you think about it ? Would you…
What is the best way to rent your house to a corporation?
The house is modern, furnished tastefully, in a beautiful area of Boulder county with open space and farms in the backyard and gorgeous mountain views!!
Any opinions about buying in Carbondale, PA? My niece is looking for her first house and wants to relocate
from LI to near Scranton. Not sure if she would be better buying in Scranton itself.
looking for town with character north of Raliegh, NC. ie, aquatic neighborhood, historical, heavy recreation.
Looking for a neighborhood that has character. Not looking for dense homes with Target and Costco strip malls. Perhaps extensive fitness paths, historical town, artsy neighborhoods, lake district. Needs…
Hi, Any one has more information about the CHASTAIN SUBDIVISION , Raleigh 27610? (Ricker RD)
($74/SF), new construction. Any other good subdivisions in the same price range? Thanks Adel
What is the crime rate for the Lakeview neighborhood?
Trying to purchase a condo and I would like to know crime rate for Lakeview in Chicago IL.
We have neighbors who are constantly complaining about our dog barking. We work at home and he is not
disruptive. We went to their unit to try to understand what they were hearing and it was barely perceptible. The neighbors before them never complained. We live in a dog friendly building and do everything…
Close to Park with basketball, pool, 5 - 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage, RV parking GREAT DEAL
Does this exist in IRVINE, South Coast Metro, , Costa Mesa, close to Fountain Valley workplace? Have children with Autism. $750,000?
Hy, y from brazil, very more information the house, ok
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1062844682-1740-Fillmore-St-Philadelphia-PA-19124
Is the area of SW 12st of Cape Coral a good area?
Hi, Is the area of SW 12st of Cape Coral a good area? By good, I don't mean high end or anything but generally a safe area and good school?
Anyone looking to buy farmland? Selling 18.73 acres of income bearing Alfalfa.
Property includes city water, canal water, electricity. 2 hrs. from LA 4 hours from SAC. Access to Hwy 99 and I-5. Produces approx. $5000 per season. $2000 USDA stipend transferable to buyer. May be…
hello my name is katrina rossow and i am a single mother and i am actually about to be homeless and i have
absolutely no transportation, how would i go about tyring to get a donated car
Do other real estate agents get "separation anxiety"?
The part I hate about real estate is that you work with people for months, have been a big part of their lives, and suddenly is over! I become friends with most of my clients and I get very depressed…
I am a 55 year old retired African American Minister. My wife is a 49 year old child care teacher. We live in
Atlanta and are considering moving to Stockbridge. All of our children are grown, one 26 year old daughter and her child live with us. In your opinion, is moving to Stockbridge a good idea?
My 2 year old home is missing fire caulking between floors (in the holes used for wiring) What's my recourse?
We opend up a wall to do some additional low voltage wiring and noticed there are electrical wiring holes and they are not caulked. What should we do???
Is it a good idea to invest in Newfoundland, PA ?
I saw a dozen good-priced homes in Newfoundland, PA. Is it a good idea to invest in real estate in this town ? Is there any trap here ?
Does anyone know how the cost of living (and other info) compares between Martinsburg WV and Winchester VA?
We're currently living in Martinsburg but may move to Winchester area. Looking for info...
What were the EPA results of the Horseshoe Drive superfund reclamation?
Results were scimpy thru the EPA website, how much remediation was done? Is it finished? Is there more to still do? Thanks,
I understand that Realtors have insurance in order to sell houses.
Can a displeased client file a claim against a Realtor's insurance for damages/fraud that resulted in the sale of a property? If so, how can this be accomplished?
Is it a good investment to buy houses in Newfoundland, PA ?
I found a number of reasonably priced houses in Newfoundland, PA. Is it a good investment to buy houses here to rent out to people who come to the poconos during the winter months for vacation ? This…
State ofNew Jersey- Can the condominium board of directors force an OWNER to remove their animals? (Exception
after submitting a doctors letter suggesting a small pet for a disibility!
How does this neighborhood compare in crime rates for Lancaster City?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1050209177-419-N-Charlotte-St-Lancaster-PA-17603
The house located at 1391 Baird Bvld. in Camden, nj is a mess. I live next door to it and am seeking legal
council. Can you tell me what realtor has this home so that I may continue with legal proceeding. I am having a serious problem with my porch and mold as a result. I look forward to hearing from you soon.…
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