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I am a 55 year old retired African American Minister. My wife is a 49 year old child care teacher. We live in
Atlanta and are considering moving to Stockbridge. All of our children are grown, one 26 year old daughter and her child live with us. In your opinion, is moving to Stockbridge a good idea?
My 2 year old home is missing fire caulking between floors (in the holes used for wiring) What's my recourse?
We opend up a wall to do some additional low voltage wiring and noticed there are electrical wiring holes and they are not caulked. What should we do???
Is it a good idea to invest in Newfoundland, PA ?
I saw a dozen good-priced homes in Newfoundland, PA. Is it a good idea to invest in real estate in this town ? Is there any trap here ?
Does anyone know how the cost of living (and other info) compares between Martinsburg WV and Winchester VA?
We're currently living in Martinsburg but may move to Winchester area. Looking for info...
What were the EPA results of the Horseshoe Drive superfund reclamation?
Results were scimpy thru the EPA website, how much remediation was done? Is it finished? Is there more to still do? Thanks,
I understand that Realtors have insurance in order to sell houses.
Can a displeased client file a claim against a Realtor's insurance for damages/fraud that resulted in the sale of a property? If so, how can this be accomplished?
Is it a good investment to buy houses in Newfoundland, PA ?
I found a number of reasonably priced houses in Newfoundland, PA. Is it a good investment to buy houses here to rent out to people who come to the poconos during the winter months for vacation ? This…
State ofNew Jersey- Can the condominium board of directors force an OWNER to remove their animals? (Exception
after submitting a doctors letter suggesting a small pet for a disibility!
How does this neighborhood compare in crime rates for Lancaster City?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1050209177-419-N-Charlotte-St-Lancaster-PA-17603
We are looking for a rental house in the Cottonwood area or Sugarhouse area.
We need a 3-4 bdrm 2 bath w/ 2 car garage & RV parking, allowing pets(2dogs/2cats). Needed by January...Max Rental would be $1300.00 pm. Please contact me if you have anything to offer. lsimpkins248@comcast.net
The house located at 1391 Baird Bvld. in Camden, nj is a mess. I live next door to it and am seeking legal
council. Can you tell me what realtor has this home so that I may continue with legal proceeding. I am having a serious problem with my porch and mold as a result. I look forward to hearing from you soon.…
Is there a certificate of occupancy for 686 Ford Rd , # B, Sacramento, CA, 95838 to be rentable?
owner of property is renting several properties absent written leases and pr5acticing unlawful and intimidiating activities.
What telephone company provides local service to 3 Cassena Ct Sumter SC?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1050474627-3-Cassena-Ct-Sumter-SC-29150
Which Sacramento neighborhoods should I look at for my family with young children?
Housing budget is under $600K; proximity to parks, river, & good daycare and public schools are important; job will be located near Cottage Park?
What buildings have specific dog oriented amenities? Dog spa, mud room, etc?
Building could be rental, new developments, condo or co-op in Manhattan and Brooklyn areas
What are some family friendly neighborhoods located within Boston proper? Looking for decent sized homes,
good schools, good transportation, nearby kid friendly amenities. Price range from 900,00 to 1,500,00.
I leased an artist live work loft in 1997, land lord permitted a roommate, who was NOT required to sign lease
now I need the space he is taking to work in and he has become an abusive slob who does not need work space, works elsewhere, he started paying his half rent directly to owner's agent instead of me I…
I leased an artist live work loft in 1997, land lord permitted a roommate, who was NOT required to sign lease
now I need the space he is taking to work in and he has become an abusive slob who does not need work space, works elsewhere, he started paying his half rent directly to owner's agent instead of me I…
Would like info on rental homes?
I would like to have information on rental or rent to own homes in the Cranbury,titusville and franklin areas. Pictures and details are important, perferably country setting.
How is the quality of life, crime,schools, shopping, drugs, cost of rent.?
How is the quality of life, crime,schools, shopping, drugs, cost of rent. -- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/homes/Michigan/Highland_Park/sold/2612422-220-Church-St-Highland-Park-MI-48203
Crime rate in LHC?
Interested in home break ins and car thefts in LHC? Safe to park on street in front of house? Need home alarm system?
Crime rate in LHC?
Interested in home break ins and car thefts in LHC? Safe to park on street in front of house? Need home alarm system?
What is life like in the St. Joe/Mexico Beach, FL area like? Is it as touristy as Panama City Beach and?
Destin? My husband and I are looking to relocate to the area. What is the job market like there? The infrastructure? What kinds of shopping/activities? The community itself? I visited there before on day…
I'd like to know about the neighborhood known as Harleston Village, in Charleston
Well, I've heard it is a good area to buy in, to live in...
Riviera Cove, Lakewood Ranch. What are Lorraine Road traffic volumes and noise like.?
I am particularly interested \in views\ as to the pleasantness and safety of this location. Is it as nice and quiet as it appears.
What has your state have that you can not find in Washington State?
I have traveled in 15 or more states and found them to be interesting but not unusual.
please help
need a furnished 1-2 bedroom apartment on month to month apartment for a quite, clean, no pet/smoking couple with excellent cerdit and going to work in LIJ hospital. moving date Dec.1 2008
Why is Stamford Hospital destroying this home at 74 Finney Lane? My sister lived there.
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/homes/Connecticut/Stamford/sold/21089039-74-Finney-Ln-Stamford-CT-06902
Need general info on areas of Redding to re-locate to?
Re-locating to Redding within a few months, from southern California. Can anyone assist me on preferred areas, such as N/W, S/W, N/E, S/E? Is one location better, newer than the others? Want a nice well…
Moving from California we don't like, to Tennessee, Georgia, S .Carolina or N. Carolina .Close to Smoky Mount.
We are looking for small acreage by larger city. No kits. We are in real-estate. We are considering these places: In Tennessee three areas .Johnson City, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. Georgia: Athens…
Is the eviction a public record?
I have a neigbor who make my life miserable,noises,bad odors coming from theyr apt. etc etc.l found that they where evicted from the orevios place,is anyone know if ther is a way to know what they do to…
I am interested in relocating and would like to hear about how Punta Gorda is with regards to family life - we
have 3 children ages 8 and under. How does Punta Gorda compare to Cape Coral? Also, does anyone know of a really GOOD agent - that actually will work to get you the best home and price without all the…
Noise level of Portrait Homes' Townhomes (i.e,
Anyone live in any of the Commons (Fenwick, Grand Oaks, etc.) who has an idea of how "leaky" the walls are to your neighbors? They seem well constructed, and, from what the real estate agent told me,…
which corona is better investment
compare corona 92881 and 92880 what is the big different like tax school and future. I have three kids is it better move to 92880 area get a big sf. house or move to 92881 area get a large back yard.
Any insight into the 7 Hills neighborhood?
Some houses look nice while others look totally rundown. Is it a close-knit community? Block parties, neighborhood watch? Do homes suffer from foundational issues? Drainage or erosion issues? Parking…
Should shredders become standard amenities in condo developments?
I'm interested in opinions. It seems there have been basic advances in amenities such as internet access etc. But do you think it makes sense for condo developments to provide shredding kiosks as an amenity…
Liberal, academic, artistic family w/young child. Longmont? Niwot? Louisville?
Liberal, academic, artistic family w/young child relocating. Should we choose Longmont? Niwot? Louisville? Can spend up to 450K. Thanks.
Opinion on South Side of Youngstown
Can anyone tell what is the south side of Youngstown like, In particualr the crime, people in the area and so forth. Im looking at some places on Julian Street, as Im looking to buy a property down that…
Hoa fees in queen creek 's neighborhoods...........worth it to live in these places?
Are the Home Owners Assoc. fees similarly priced in the different subdivisions of Queen Creek? What would one expect to pay yearly for this privilege? What about other areas around phoenix? Is security…
My husband and I own an investment property in Brandon, FL. We had a property manager that went out of
business. In the transition and HOA semi-annual payment was missed. I want to pay the dues but not the fees that have lumped on in 2 months. What can I do?
What do you think has been the worst that has happened in 2008?
I want to know what each of YOU thinks has been the absolute worst thing that has happened in 2008. Whether is has been a personal event or political, financial, international, you name it...
I pay rent to a master tenant, he says he can come into my unit, because it is a single family and my area is
common space even though i have a seperate front door, seperate bath, kitchen.
Does anyone live near the railroad tracks in Bloomfield Hills who can give an opinion on the noise level?
We are considering moving to the Kensington/Opdyke area (near East Hills Middle School) but we were concerned about the noise coming from the railroad. We currently live in Royal Oak and we can hear the…
We live in NC. We are renting a 2 bedroom apartment for $800 a month- utilities included(electric,water,heat
and cable). Our landlord has showing up at our door - getting in my husbands face telling us that we are underminding her because we left a side porch light on that we did not even realize was on. She…
I am shocked at some of the things that some of these agents are putting up on this site regarding the candidates. I am looking for a house in a particular area and was given the name of a Realtor. I decided…
My wife, 1 yr old and I are moving to Chicago. We love outdoors, I work on S. Wacker. Where to live?
We'd like to rent at first before we buy another house, to get to know this great town. We love the outdoors and getting places on foot, riding our bikes. To combat the winters, my Southern-born wife…
Land Lord is giving our home away!
We are 4 girls that were planning to move into a 4 bedroom apartment. The day that we were suppose to sign the lease on a specific day; but when that day came; the landlord explained that he didn't have…
I am moving from Austin, Texas and I would like to rent a home before buying. Can you help me with this ?
I recently got married and my husband is from Eugene. We are wanting to rent a home first so we can take our time before purchasing. Who can help us with this ?
This question is for Real Estate agents throught the US.
I am retired and live on a fixed income of 30K per year. Where is the BEST place for me to live? I can either rent or own. My downpayment would be around 25-40K your thoughts! Chicago winters are too harsh…
can I break a lease?
there are sewage gases coming out of drain in basement of single family house I'm renting (6 months into lease). It's been 6 weeks since I notified landlord and he has not come by to fix it. I'm concern…
Does any one know a company in the east Fishkill, ny area that will treat our well and retest it?
Our well tested a bit high for coliform bacteria. We need to have it treated and tested again. Thanks
Looking for private community (golf, gated, other) property around San Antonio (Bandera, Kerrville,
Fredericksburg,etc). Existing property less than three years, approx 3000 square feet. Would prefer vacant lot in same community. Considering retirement around San Antonio would like area advice.
We are buying the home at 5815 Winacre Drive LaFayette NY 13084.
We are wondering if there are any children aged 7-15 on the sreet for our daughter to play with?
what are my options if I rented a home full of mold which was not disclosed before rentl?
The owners of the house still deny the condition even though they did a partial remediation after an inspection.The house was vacant for over a year after the first storm where they partially fixed it…
What is the community of Greenfield like including population,age groups,ethnic background,social events,etc?
Interested in ANYthing about the community and surrounding vicinities, crime, etc. Thank you much.
Am I eligible to run for a positon on the Coop Board of Directors as spouse of a shareholder?
My wife purchased a coop prior to our marriage. Since our marriage, we have both lived in this coop. Is there a requirement that I need to be on the Proprietary Lease in order to run for a position on…
Would it be wise to buy a townhome at The Park at Browns Mill, 30315?
I am interested in a townhome in this subdivison, the prices are low and the properties I've seen are nice, but would I be making a wise decision purchasing in this area? I am thinking more on property…
Who is responsible for the property @ 4820 WEst Quincy Chicago, IL ?
Who is responsible for the cutting of th grass and landscape? Who is responsible for damages to the property done by renters? Example: Padlock on gate, all locks on each gate have been broken by renters…
how do I get information on getting a home for my 18year old handicapped son?
I want to put a house on my land so he can be somewhat independent and get hadicapp accesible to get home health care. My house is not equiped and I can't hardly lift him any longer. He will need in…
My son is about to turn 18 years old. I want to get a small home on my land for my hanicapped son.
Is there any funding for something like this he is on ssi and I don't really have handicapped facuilties and it is getting impossible to care for him so I want a home for him that is hadicapped so he can…
Can collection agency collect money after three years?
l was in the hospital more than three years ago,l have received bills from the hospitalwich i pay,now 3 years later l found in my credit report a bill from a radiology wich l never received a bill from…
dear folks..anyone recommend local real estate person in yazoo county, mississippi ?
my search has been only shunted to national outfits, etc........mattbard@yahoo.com .thanks
can you sue your landlord if he never had a certifate of occupancy,when he said he did and the apartment on?
this proper is under a house instead of a house with the tax assersor
what was the peoples name who lived in this house before they sold it ?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/homes/Illinois/Cicero/sold/446206-2218-S-61st-Ct-Cicero-IL-60804-SIL
i need a section8 house for rent and i don't know what website to go 2 i need a two bedroom house price less
i nee an section8 house for rent and i don't know what website 2 go 2 i need a 2 bedroom house less than $600 dollars please help
Cost of living and quality of life?
Hello, we are a family relocating to MD. We have been told Rockville is a great place to love for kids,safety, schools, etc. I have small children and will not be working right away. We will be living…
my question is this; i preformed work for a woman whom led me to believe she was the owner
of a home in which no one was living in, i preformed the work she provided materials and provided me with 2 lowes gift cards worth one hundred and 2 hundred $. she met me one night and said she never asked…
I am wanting to relocate from New Orleans. What i really want to do is move to Colorado or a moutian area?
where skiing takes place during the winter or year round. My question is that I am looking for 5-100 acres so I can build my own log cabin in the mountians for a place to relax and decompress from the…
Buying in Downtown Rock Hill???
Im thinking of investing in a house in downtown Rock Hill, it's on State Street Extension. I'v heard from a few people that area is a high crime and drug area. When I drove through the neighborhood…
Brentwood or Oakley California?
We are looking into buying a home in either Brentwood ot Oakley. The realtors I've spoken with seem to be steering me more towards Brentwood and I'm not sure why...the prices are lower in Oakley. What…
Donna my name is rebecka and I am lloking or somewhere where my mom could live with her husband for Senior
apartments I was wondering i there was anything available that was not section 8 but for low income seniors . The rent would have to be like $300 or less if you could help me just e-mail me back as soon…
We are relocating from Las Vegas to Middle Tn this fall. My husband has several job interviews which seem to
be around the North Nashville area. I would like to know where the best place to raise a family would be around there. A place with low crime, great education system and fantastic family environment?
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