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Experiences of Bayview?
Is Bayview Heights the only area experiencing demographic mixing? How about 3rd, between Evans and McKinnon? What areas would you consider as safe as say...Excelsior/Outer Mission?
We are interested in relocating from Chicago to southwest Florida. Which towns should I be looking at?
I have extensive experience in title companies and real estate law firms, and would like to go back to work when market conditions improve. I like Venice, but it appears to be all residential. I've…
We are possibly relocating to SC in few months and interested in towns that are charming and have
homes/townhomes in price range of 190's to 230's. Enjoy newer homes and walking trails and trees. Close to lake would be nice. Commute from Charlotte airport to consider-no more than 35 minutes. Thks.
my father died and i just got out of prision i have to keep my daughter with me and owe 5000$ dollars to
catch up what rights do i have to keep the house and if i pay the 5000 will the bank forclose on me any way
I'm considering relocating to the DFW areas after living in Europe for over 20 years.
My job would be near the DFW airport, in Euless. I'm looking for a neighborhood that might have a European feel ... which means shopping within walking distance, restaurants, etc. Is there any such animal…
Any one have a suggestion what to do with a mice infestation?
My (rental) building has constructural problems that they now are going to fix after 2 years. I have now for the third time a mice infestation and all my landlord does is handing me some glue traps. 311…
Vacaville "Country" Internet Providers
This is an odd real estate question BUT, I am looking at "country property" between 80 and 505 between Midway and Allendale. I work from home so "reliable" internet is a must. I have contacted Verizon,…
I am relocating to Shrewsbury PA from Rosedale MD. Can you share your thoughts on the quality of life in?
Shrewsbury as compared to Rosedale? thanks I work in downtown Baltimore, but wanted to move to a more "country", rural atmosphere with traditional values and work ethic. Thoughts?
my husband and I are looking for a 3/2 private home that allows small well behaved pets. We are sem-retired
and can spend 800-850 per month...possibly an owner finance....maybe help someone looking at foreclosure......anyone?? thanks....Kathie
Looking for young kid-friendly neighborhoods in Milton, GA? Looking in the Birmingham/Freemanville area.
Heard about a number of subdivisions (White Columns, Wood Valley, Taylor Glen, etc) but don't know anyone in those to really ask. Any help is appreciated!
Anyone know about the Home Owner's Assoc. for 40x Brown Street - Governors Court in Northern Liberties?
Looking for information on how good they are to deal with. Responsive? Too strict or too loose over rules/ regulations? Etc.
We are interested in finding an organization that could give forgiveable laons to individuals.
Because we started to build, banks, etc. won't loan money to us. We have three cabins and a house we want started building for ourselves and our grown children, but can't find financing to finish. We know…
Is Windemere/Gale Ranch area affected by power lines?
how close are the power lines and what is the general affected area?
Quality of Life in Glen Head New York???? Thinking of relocating to Glen Head from Bayside New york...have
two boys one entering elementary and the other middle school..wanted to inquire on the quality of life for a family, schools, after school events, programs, sports activities,,etc...Any and all responses…
How does one determine if a property in the city of L.A. is in REAP??
If you have to ask what REAP is, you won't know the answer to my question but thanks for stopping by anyway!
My cousin recently moved out of her homein Seattle-5737 Coniston Rd. I am trying to locate her realtor who cd
assist me some info. I am a realtor in Lincoln,Ca, newly retired. eml is ginishadle@gmail.com many thx in advance
Where should we focus our search for ideal community within 25 min. drive of Burlington, MA?
Form doesn't allow for actual moving location: Moving from UK for job in Burlington, MA and want commute less than 25 min. Have 2 young children so excellent schools (public or parochial) that are not…
Mountain House or Brentwood?
We are considering a move to Mountain House, but are also interested in Brentwood. I am looking for opinions regarding these communities their differences, and how they are as far as raising kids. I've…
I'm looking to move to Rochester from overseas. How can I find out which neighborhoods have the most active?
community. I'm looking for a neighborhood where one can get involved and share
Iam planning to relocate from the Central Florida region to the eatontown, NJ area. Can anyone give me any?
info on the cost of living. How much annual income would be needed to live a quality life in the NJ area?
I'm moving out of Manhattan by early next year. Looking for a house in a country setting, in a warmer
climate, not far from a city and ocean/lakes/rivers. Also looking for a locale with a community of innovative, non-traditional artists of all genres. Any suggestions?
What is the neighborhood like on Sunnyside between Harper and Mack in St. Clair Shores?
I am interested in a bank-owned home on the corner of Sunnyside and Helen. Any information is appreciated.
Dogs on Galt Ocean
I live on Galt Ocean Drive. Love my direct ocean view but my condo does not allow dogs (pets of any kind/size). Is there anything I can do to change their minds? Alternatively, are there any Galt Ocean…
What do I do if a tenant does not get out after a 60 day eviction notice for owner occupied?
The apartment is under rent control. Tenant is under 62, no children, no disability and has been a troublesome tenant for 34 years. I recently inherited this 4 unit complex. Thank you
Need recommendations for towns to relo to near Rocklin. See details below
Hello, I am looking into relocating for a job in Rocklin. I hear that area is pretty good for families andthat roseville gets high marks. Looking in the $300-400k range and have a three year old daughter…
how can i legally get my significant other out of my home?
Significant other has lived in my home for 20 years. He has become mentally abusive and I want him to leave. I do not wish to harm him however I want him to leave my home. How do I do this?
what are the closest housing developments to princeton junction train station?
I'm looking to commute to NYC from Princeton and would like to look at communites that are within walking distance to the train station
Is septic and/or well water a problem? In my head I think of these as being huge negatives.
I've had experience with well water in particular, in upstate NY, and it was awful. No water pressure, bad smell, etc... I'm assuming it's not that bad down here but wanted to make sure. Regarding septic,…
i need help in locating Juan Munez. I dont have funds to go legal.He has 17 yr old bro.who is lookn 4 him?
i dont have money to go legal. My grandson talked to both fatherHector and son Juan. Diereze is lookin to meet his father for the first time. Juan knows today that he has a sib. if he is at school, maybe…
How old do you have to be to become an agent.?
whats the minium age that you have to be.
We also have a deadbeat who refuses to pay association dues; however, in this execrable market, there is no
chance that he could sell the place--we could place a lien and get paid ten years from now if he sells, but what if he goes into foreclosure (much more likely than selling)? Do we get anything back? Basically…
best way to get to NYC from east windsor
I am considering a townhome in East Windsor, NJ. What is the best route(s) to get to NYC.
My wife and I are looking for a seasonal home (we'd be there November thru May). We really love the Mid
Atlantic (Maryland and Virginia). We want to be on the ocean (I sail) but also near horse country (my wife rides/fox hunts). Any suggestions?
We want to buy a condo but I read so many bad opinions about some communities in Pompano and Margate.
How can we find a place that looks like we are : quiet and clean. Just a nice vacation place.
I am looking for a house no land. I am looking for sell or finanace rent of option to buy, land contract,
garage, half or full acre of land, and 3-4 bedroom with 2 bathroom and all aplliances included. iam looking for 20,00-60,00 pricing
I'm looking to relocate to the Dallas area from California within a year. I've looked at Cedar Hill, Frisco,
Richardson, and Plano. Which area has the best school district for high school and elementry school? Also looking for best price for square foot considering REOs with 3700 sqft or more in areas holding…
Could someone please give us the pros and cons of living in Redlands, CA? We have family in Riverside, CA
that we want to be close to, but think Redlands looks more like something we would like. Thanks for the help!
how is the quality of life in brunswick,ga.?
thinking of moving there from the north east..
Hi, Our HOA needs information on how to limit rental properties in our neighborhood.
Does anyone know of an attorney, website, that can provide GA rules on this subject. we know we can amend our covenants but don't know if there are restrictions.
Should I be concerned about buying a house that backs up to the High Voltage Power Lines? Health or Resale ?
I found a house that I just love, it is on 5 acres. The neighbors property has two of the High Voltage Power lines on the back part of their property. The property I am considering does not but the power…
are there any rent to own properties?
Seeking to own property without cash or credit
Where in the US or Canada can you live and shop, work, get medical care and socialize without owning a car?
(Yes I've asked a similar question before but it showed up under Alabama!) I'm asking because I don't want to drive and might want to move out of NYC someday....
We are currently city dwellers, being forced to move to the 'burbs b/c of space. We have 3 boys 3yrs and
under, and are looking for a great Boston suburb to move to. We're hoping to score a house on a side street near a town center so we don't have to completely abandon our lifestyle of walking everywhere.…
Moving to Havasu ,whats the best cell phone company for wireless
I have Verizonwireless, can I expect good reception in LHC?
What makes acerage, building and homes so much less in RedRock than most other areas of Arizona?
I have been looking at many different places in Arizona and have been shocked to see just how much money is needed to buy land or home. Why is RedRock so much less expensive than so many other areas?…
There is a Protected Tree area behind our home with a pond that was drained by our builder. What, if
anything can be done to restore that area? Can't find rules about Protected Tree Areas? anywhere.
Seriously, renting with a dog in San Francisco...can this be done?
My wife and I are moving from New York to SF with our dog and are really having a tough time finding places. Are most people who put no pets up for negotiation - like an extra security deposit? Also, any…
What makes Noe Valley so attractive to young families?
I hear more and more young families moving to Noe Valley, especially after they have a baby. What is it about this neighborhood that young families prefer?
Where Can I Apply For Federal Bailout Funds?
Does the Obama plan include me? Do I have to hire a lobbyist to get the funds? Do Realtors and Mortgage Brokers Qualify? We were hard hit by the housing crash.
Which web based tools can I use to help me find a suitable community to buy in, in the Sarasota county area?
We're looking for a rural or small town location to purchase a winter home. I'd like to be able to compare data like the number of homes per sq. mile, property tax rates, crime rates, average income,…
Best place to live near Richardson? I have researched Money's list of best places to live and looked at
school ratings. It looks like Allen, McKinney and Richardson are the top areas w/out spending the big $ for taxes in Lucas, Parker and Murphy (and Plano). My wife and I have a three year old so elementary…
In terms of buying, how is the area downtown between fourth and first on Brunswick?
Especially safety-wise for a female walking alone after dark? Thank you!
hi does anyone know were 514 Crafton Ave Pitman, NJ 08071-1708 family have moved to?
looking for a firend thats moved house, please email me at wjh123@hotmail.co.uk
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