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I am looking for a winter home. I like the look of the new loft-condos in the channelside area.
Walkability and safety are important. Is the area safe or dodgy? Are there restaurants and cafes nearby? Any good alternatives worth considering?
Single man looking to relocate, age 42.
Hi guys. I've been looking to relocate to florida as a single middle age hi income man. Been to Clearwater to St. Pete, girls to young and not too classy.Like Saracota, nice town but what about east…
>>>BAKERSFIELD, Ca.. Is this a nice place to raise a family??????
Is crime a problem in Bakersfield? I have always thought of this area as similar to Fresno, which has a bit of a bad reputation (to outsiders) my opinion. Do you know Bakersfield, the weather, crime,…
Is there an interesting town in NJ for raising kids?
I would like to find a community where I could find: • People who are well-educated but not pompous, • Successful but not materialistic, • Open-minded but well-grounded. • Wide…
Is the quality of the air really bad??? I think the area is beautiful, I have asthma could I live there?
Relocating to Union County from New Jersey
My wife and I are looking into Union County for the school systems and the low taxes. We have 3 young children, any recommendations for Stallings, Indian Trail, Wesley Chapel, Weddington... We are looking…
We bought a property early this year. During the negotiations, the sellers offered to pay for some of the conversion of a heating system (oil to elec
tric for $8000). The sellers wrote the addendum which states that they would pay for the conversion and all we had to do was give them a copy of the completed invoice within 120 days of the sale. Now,…
We are considering a move to San Antonio in the next 2 years. We have lived CA for the past 3 years &
recently had the good fortune to sell our house in SoCal and are now renting until we can retire to TX. We lived in Austin back in '81-'82 (one of the 6 states we've lived in) but never in SA. I need to…
Is tap water hard in Vancouver requiring a water softener for dishwashers?
I don't like the cost and inconvenience of a water softener.
Houseguest not on the lease and now wants to come back to take more stuff
I had a house guest that was here for a month, and has left with a police escort. She was never on thelease, never paid any bills and has taken her stuff with her. The police that were here told us that…
We are trying to decide where to relocate. I want to eventually buy a 4/3 with a pool in a good school district. We want to rent until our house
sells so we need to find a rental with pool/pool acess and want to try so the kids won't need to change schools. I like Lake Travis/Hudson Bend area and My husband likes Westlake. He will be working…
My mother-in-law passed away in Nov. 2008 without a will. She had a home which one of 4 siblings moved into. The siblings were alright with the
arrangement since their brother was homeless and waiting an increase in VA non-service connected pension. He was asked to just pay RE taxes and sewer/water, elec etc since he did receive some money to…
Family relocating to Ohio. Business is in Sharonville and would like to live within 15 or 20 from there. We need at least 2,000 sq ft and 3
bedrooms. I'm a city girl and don't mind living in the city but I dont really know anything about the neighborhoods. Any Suggestions.
My daughter, her boyfriend and her two kids have been living with my husband and I for the past four years. They do not pay any rent or utilities.
I asked them to move out and they are refusing to do so ( they have a million reasons why they can't move out). What legal action can I take to force them to move? How long will it take?
south or north charlotte?
i'm lookinfg to relocate from CT to NC and and trying to find the best location for my family with decent schools but obviously I'm not familiar with the area.looking to rent first and buy, 3 bedroom 2…
Are there any summer activities in the local area for kids 8-10 years old?
We are looking to move into the area in the next 6 months, are there local summer camps, sports etc?
I am a Latino married w/ two kids, we're considering moving to Sharon, MA.
I checked greatschools.net. and have excellent ratings , which is the main reason why we want to move to Sharon. But wanted know how open\acceptable the town is to new comers, eventhough I've lived in…
Are there any reputable Home Inspection co.'s & title co.s you'd refer & who are they? phone no. & address please?
I'm looking to invest in Albany, GA. What is the business climate like there? Is it a progressive , average , or slow paced? How is the overall quality of life ? Are people hospitable…
This may be a bit of a weird question. We own a house in Crystal Gardens, Avondale but wonder what other areas of the country we might like to move
to. We're young retirees and thought this would be a great place to retire but there are lots of quality of life issues that are wearing. Any suggestions as to areas we might scout for a lateral…
Looking in Country Club area in Richmond; prices are great for size-seem too good to be true. Why?
Is air quality or crime a major factor? Homes being flipped? Casino? any info appreciated.
In the Josey Estates, I believe it is, there is "co-op" water. Please, explain the "pros and cons" of this.
I'm planning to move back to TX. I like this area of Red Oak. The reason this seems a problem to me is that in the area in WA, where I live, "co-op" water means that one family owns the well and the…
what are questions to ask the police about moving into a particular neighborhood?
I'm looking at two homes in similar neighborhoods and am concerned about safety. What questions should I ask the police in regards to overall safety of a neighborhood?
Great place to live in ocean county.
I am married with two children 3 and 6. I am looking for a town in ocean county that is kid friendly, good school system and generally a nice place to live. Any suggestions?
do I need to have a licence from any division of hotel to rent out my home on a weekly basis?
the question is ,in a residential zoning ,out of a community ,does the home owner turns into a busines owner when renting out his house for more than 6 weeks and less than 6 months
What are the needs of Beverly poor? I'm working on a community initiative with a local church and wondering
I'm working on a community initiative with a local church and wondering where the greatest needs for manpower are in the Beverly Area, specifically the Gloucester Crossing community, Mill St./Dane St.…
Marin or Orinda? I grew up in Piedmont, lived in SF for 15 years after college, and have been renting in Mill Valley for the past several months.
We have a 9-month old baby and are trying to decide where we should settle: Orinda/Lafayette or Marin. We have loved Marin so far but it seems you get more house for your $ in the East Bay, especially…
Looking to relocate from Ny will be commuting to Nj. not sure whch areas I should be looking into, Bethlehem, Palmer, Easton. Any adivice?
We are a family of 5 have litle kids so we would need family oriented safe neighborhood and good schools. Any subdivions to look at we are planning on taking a trip to see areas in feb would like to get…
Parking of rv beside home in Nixa MO
Does Nixa have any zoning/restricitions regarding parking a rv beside ones home
Housing for elderly in-laws.
Need housing for in-laws. Still healthy and active at 74 and 75 years old. They are social security plus limited income from some sporatic work. What's the best way to get them housed, charity…
Are there any country clubs in the Delray/Boca area that are not redidential. We are looking for a social membership
Are there any social country clubs that we can join without being a redident of that community. ANy country clubs not associated with a specific housing development
What do think about buying a house facing highway?
I actually barely hear the noise when I was there during my house hunting. The house is kind of on the top of the hill. However, I'm aware that location might decrease value of the house in case I…
1. what hours can a contractor work?
2. can a contractor block access to others on the street? 3. What is my recourse?
which Bay Area city has the best weather?
Hi, My husband is interviewing for jobs in Cupertino and Palo Alto. I'm going to try to get into UC Berkeley. I lived for many years in the midwest and northeast and developed a serious case…
Someone used my identity to secure utilities at a home I worked on, the home eventually was listed by a real
estate women whom lived near by, I am wondering how would it be possible for a realtor who is showing the house and actually lived only two doors down from the sale property not to have known the status…
I am looking to buy in Andover and have a young family. Are there any best bets for family friendly?
neighborhoods or elementary school areas where I would be best to focus my attention?
What's the deal with allergies and sickness in the Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, etc areas?
Is there some definitive reasoning behind this that I should be aware of before buying in one of these areas? We notice ours and many other family's children seem to be sick often and in fact more…
OFF TOPIC; NOT RE RELATED - Fun question about the Winter Olynpics
If you could be a Winter Olympian in Vancouver 2010, which sport would you participate in? For me it would be Ski Jumping. Those athletes are amazing and fearless! Imagine going down a 45 angle ramp…
I would like to hear from someone who has or is buying a house thru Dallas' Enterprise program, Please.
I want to speak with someone who has shared a decision with me & their peerspective.
Question for pros and every one familiar with Baton Rouge, LA: how the upcoming construction on WalMart on
Burbank/Bluebonnet intersection will affect quality of life in Springlake and Faihill SBDV ? Thank in advance
I am an interior architect/designer, health coach, and mode originally from San Francisco. Am looking for a guest house - ione bedroom to rent.?
Would also like possibility of some traded services- business, health coaching, writing - cooking that might be needed. Any suggestions - I could certainly help with any remodels as well, as I have worked…
Is there a water tabel map available for zip code 19711?
The U. of Delaware has a water tabel map and it has been on the net but the last time I saw it the range was from 10 to 40 and it wasn't clear if it was inches or feet.
It's Presidents Day! Who was your favorite President?
There were many great presidents from Washington to Obama. Who was your favorite? I liked Regan and Kennedy. Those were the days when the office of the President was respected. Today we have division…
HOA changed property management Co. and was never notified!!!
So after nearly 5 years in our current home and paying all of our HOA fees through automatic payment. And evan recieving letters on how well maintained our front yard was. Apparently our HOA hired a new…
Looking for a Simsbury neighborhood where kids (all ages through upper teens) come outside to shoot hoops,etc
We are planning a relocation to Simsbury next summer. We are looking for a home in a kid-friendly neighborhood.
I am researching areas in Cumberland and Dauphin, PA counties? Could you give me your insights?
My family is considering moving from Phila area to either Cumberland or Dauphin county. We are looking for a small-town feel with quality schools and a safe community. We also need to be near a good hospital…
Is it a good idea to install solar panels now?
Cost of installing solar panels is still very high. Does it eventually pay off? Does property value go up if you have solar panels?
just want to hear from people who have relocated from Northern NJ to Knightdale, NC
Just came back from visiting the Realeigh/Durham area and even looked at new construction single family homes in Knightdale and I just want to ask folks who have relocated from Northern NJ to Knightdale,…
Will the Staten Island Board of Realtors ask their elected officials to adopt the same Fair Housing Law as LIBOR and Suffolk County did?
Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, flanked by members of the Long Island Board of REALTORS, signed landmark legislation Monday which provides protection for prospective cooperative home buyers against…
My family (wife and kids 10, 8 and 6) are interested in moving to the burbs for the schools
and lifestyle (weather, outdoors,etc). We're looking at Piedmont and Mill Valley. Can someone tell us about: (i) commutes into the City; (ii) schools; and (iii) community/culture. One other thing, we're…
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