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Does anyone have any info on Mill Stream Village Condos in rochester hills? There is a unit for sale I am interested in.
Just read a negative review about condo association from April 2011...does anyone live there or know about the condo sub???
What part of ynkers is the best area to live?
Meaning a quiet area, less crimes, less shooting
What is small, shore/fishing town with easy commute to NYC?
We currently live near Elizabeth and need a single-level ranch home, $200k or less, in quiet, beach/fishing town not affected by Summer tourism? Thank you. My email is, fmarcanojr@gmail.com
best place to live for couple in 40's no children
My husband and I have no children, and are in our 40's. We are not planning on having children and would like to move to a metropol area but also be around mountains and a the ocean. Stable economy…
Does anyone know where I can get info on rental units available at Mira Vista? Are they through a mgmt company or private owners?
We currently live near this property and are very much interested in renting a 1bedroom unit when our current lease expires. We would love to be able to talk to someone and possibly get to see a 1 bedroom…
What energy rebates are available in your area?
Does the local utility provider offer incentives? Are there energy star rated builders in your area?
Relo'ing to San Francisco.
Husband's job in S. South San Fran. Elementary aged kids. Looking for good schools in affordable area within 30 min commute. Will be looking to rent, as housing is $$$ and the company is willing…
What makes Noe Valley so family friendly?
I've heard many people say Noe Valley is family friendly. Considering it is still in the heart of San Francisco, what makes Noe Valley a great place for families?
What is needed more for our industry? Stabilization? Growth in Equity? Innovation?
In contradiction to many of your responses to describe our market and remarks of having nearly reached bottom and have expectation of setting goals with what tomorrow brings. Why be looking at what worked…
My wife and I work in SF, have three kids aged 5, 8 and 10, and want to move to the burbs for the schools
and lifestyle (weather, outdoors,etc). We're looking at Piedmont and Mill Valley. Can someone tell us about: (i) commutes into the City; (ii) schools; and (iii) community/culture. One other thing, we're…
What's Mendocino like?
We're going to Mendocino on vacation next week. I've heard lots of great things about the place, and I'm wondering what I should know about the area. In particular, I'd like to own a home in the forest…
CODA, Delray Beach: Under construction indefinitely?
The price, location and floorplan of the CODA development look good, but will the place ever be finished? The dusty lot street view photo is concerning and with the downturn it'll be even more difficult…
Ask a thorough question Be precise and provide enough information, to get better answers!
Ask a thorough question Be precise and provide enough information, to get better answers!
What are the differences between the Mission and Mission Bay?
I've heard that the Mission is exciting part of town with lots of bars and restaurants. Is the Mission Bay similar?
The Condos board wants to structure the Condo Association as a broker, and use a third party electric company to save on the buildings energy cost
Is this ok, Can the board do this, and if so can they offer the owners in the building a savings using the same company to there individual units?
The Condos board wants to structure the Condo Association as a broker, and use a third party electric company to save on the buildings energy cost
Is this ok, Can the board do this, and if so can they offer the owners in the building a savings using the same company to there individual units?
Florida…Thoughts on where?? We are putting our 2 acre home in Pa on the market, leaving behind the cold and seeking sunshine :)
And the Journey continues... We (my husband, I and our two very friendly 10lb Shih Tzus) are looking to simplify & w/the warm weather current market; FL has caught our eye. We will take a road trip…
Where ca I locate safe, temporary emergency housing for a senior in albany, city new york?
senior needs safe, emergency housing in Albany City, New York until mid January 2012. At that time hopefully, I would have ascertained secure housing for myself.
Where can I locate a 1 bedroom apartment for rent? I possess a portability section 8 voucher. Pine Hills across from Washington Park.
Senior citizen recently located to Schenectady NY. Possess a Section 8 Voucher. Seeking private, safe, clean 1 bedroom rental in Pine Hills NY, across from Washington Park. Hopefully, there will be…
crime report on 29907
I am looking on buying a house at Marsh Drive in Beaufort, SC Is it a safe place for a single middle age woman and her dogs? Thank you
I rented a home -and now the tenants are renting the basement illegally. What do I do? I dont want to get fined.
The lease stated no subleasing- the lease has expired but I believe that the tenants continuing to pay rent indicated a month to month with the same conditions applying. I recently found out when having…
is it just me. it seems in San Antonio apartments don't care about the quality of residence. as long as they get section 8 money they let anyone
in. a veteran cant get crap but people abuse the system as well as the apartment and rentals. jacking the rents up so they get state money. people just selling drugs etc. and managers of apartments turn…
What is the current status on Venetian Palms? Is it a safe and stable community?
I'm interested in purchasing a 1/1ba condo but the info available on VP is over a year old. Some of the info is less than flattering ..i.e. crime on the increase, etc.
Hi, my daughter has just taken a job at Kellogs in s Chicago (110st & I94). What would be a good, safe area for her to rent?
She is a small town girl from the UP, not used to the city, that likes to run, walk her dog and spend as much time outside as possible. As a father I want her to be safe a would really appreciate some…
I have a Reverse Mortgage (FHA) I have been told that I can have a 2nd FHA loan under Fannie Mae guidelines because I have a disability and trying
to get a warmer place to live. My current home with FHA loan is listed for sale. Wells Fargo did an offer to buy the home I WANTED in AZ. Week before closing they say I can't because of the Reverse…
I need a lawyer!!
Hi. I looking for very good lawyer who will consent to help me! About my problem I have a roommate, whom I almost evicted (I took a lawyer who has helpping me). But I don't want her just evict..…
Does anyone know about jobs in Kona? My husband and I are strongly considering relocating there. He is an
IT Manager at Honeywell and I am a mental health therapist. If anyone has any advice or leads to find out, I'd appreciate it! It seems rather small, so it's one of our concerns. Thanks! Marla
Relocating to Chicago, IL from Cupertino, CA
Is it worth the move? We want to move out because of the cost of living in Cupertino. But the schools and weather are perfect. How is Chicago in terms of schools, weather, cost and real estate? Is it a…
Where would a single middle age professional woman live in the Battle Creek Kalamazoo area? Modern apartment buildings? Townhomes? Nabes with no kids?
Moving from the dense safety of Manhatttan (NYC), where would someone accustomed to apartment living find a comfortable, affordable home to buy or rent in the Battle Creek Kalamazoo area? I need privacy…
Continental is "managing" my h/o assn. but assisting board to flout by-laws & not providing services required. How to get them to?
comply with rules? Annual Meetings of Members and elections of Directors are being manipulated by "professional" property mgr. & entrenched board acting in collusion; e.g., no nominating…
Whats the best place to live in Chula Vista?
I wanna a modern and safe place.
looking for life long learning, social, day and sports activities for young adults with special needs.
Opportunties for life long learning, day hab., vocational work training, shelter workshops, special olympics, social and day opportunites for young adults that have graduated from high school. The students…
Looking for a walkable central NJ town with restaurants...does it exist??
My husband and I are in our early-mid 30s (no kids, not sure about them in the future) and looking to move into a new home. We would love to leave the cookie-cutter suburban sprawl we currently live in…
What is the best way to rent your house to a corporation?
The house is modern, furnished tastefully, in a beautiful area of Boulder county with open space and farms in the backyard and gorgeous mountain views!!
We may be doing a potential relocation to Dedham area and we are not familiar with the various surrounding areas. Need advice
Which areas within a reasonable drive should we investigate? We were looking for a 3-4 bedroom, 1750 sq ft or larger. We were trying to stay under $300K if possible (not likely). Brockton shows up with…
Crystal River Nuclear
I read somewhere that Florida Power is planning to build a couple more nuclear reactors at their Crystal River facility. The article said that the location was near Levy county. How close is that facility…
I'm moving to Homestead, FL next month w/ my husband and two children. Trying to narrow down the safest, family friendly neighborhoods.
Recommendation I think I've narrowed it down to Mandarin Lakes, The Redlands, Waterstone, Estates at Mendicino, Keystone, and Portofino Oaks. Any other good ones I'm missing? I know Realtors…
If considering buying/renting near 16th and Mission, how noisy is it at night, weekends vs. weekdays?
Are there any noise concerns with living near 16th and Mission? What are the main causes of the noise or the type of noise?
OK, would someone please tell me where all the jobs our Politico in DC keeps telling us we need to jump start the economy are going to come from?
I keep hearing the Obama Adm and Congress ranting about job creation being the #1 priority to refueling the economy which seems like a reasonable concern. The only thing I'm having a problem understanding…
im trying to moved to vegas and have a foster home business, which place is the best for this kind business?
Interested in foster home business because im a licenced operator for foster home in hawaii and intersted to move in vegas.
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