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my landlord rich humifnny sold his houses.
i live at 1249 apt.1 oak grove steubenville, ohio. did you buy it? if so why havent you been to see us? where and when and how do we pay our rent? i always pay my rent on the 3rd of the month.
Why are you still listing Mr. Ed Yannett as my agent? He has not been my listing agent in over 2 months.
My current realtor is Craig "Sax" Saxon with Mopper-Kelly Realtors. You have updated the listing and photos to the information that is correct for the new realtor, but not the realtor contact…
How can you list three (3) of my properties for sale when in fact THEY ARE NOT for sale. I am the owner of these units...PLEASE RESPOND.
1005 Rainbow Drive, Kannapolis, NC 321 Hillandale Drive, Concord, NC 231 Vance Drive, Concord, NC
Where can I go to find legal advice regarding builder negligence on a 14 year old home?
We purchased our home in November 2006. Four years ago we discovered extensive mold. A mold remediation expert informed us that the mold was probably already there when we bought the house. At the time…
How much is a acre of land costing in dayton/liberty tx area?
looking to purchase some land 2 acres exact.
What is the best electric razor.?
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Can't edit home facts for my property.
I recently purchased a home and I want to edit the facts on Trulia about my property. But when I click on the link to do so, nothing happens. How do I make corrections to the information on Trulia?
Need to remove photos of 19600 Brockton Ln, Saratoga
Need to remove photos of 19600 Brockton Ln, Saratoga
How Do I change public record information published in Trulia?
My home 1792 Blakesley dr, San ramon , CA -94582 is listed as 3 bed room under public record as opposed to 4 bed room. I have an attachment from contra costa assesor office mentioning the same. Please…
Looking for a Church in MI !!!!
Looking for a church to buy. Open to any suggestions or properties. Area is anywhere between Ann Arbor to Detroit and between 69/Lapeer and Detroit/Livonia.
How do I remove my home from your listing? You have my home listed for sale and FORECLOSED, which it is not and never was. We purchased privately.
There are people showing up at our house asking about the foreclosures. With children at home, this is a bit disturbing. Please remove our home from your site. 487 Rivard Blvd, Grosse Pointe, Michigan…
How can I correct the zip code to a property?
6655 Primero Izquierdo, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
I live in the Highlands Condos and we are having a conversation regarding pin hole leaks in the pipes in the wall of the individual units.
4plex condos. Who is responsible for the repair costs of the leaks besides the main line into the units?? And who is responsible for the damange the other units?
My husband and I drive past the homestead located at 4130 Ga Hwy 26 E in Buena Vista, Georgia regularly on our way to and from Montezuma. History?
We find that we are very interested in the history of this home. I found one source that refers to it as the Stevens-Snider home. I notice that there are roads called Stevens and Snider. I found where…
We are looking for a rental home in Clarksville area,will be relocating from Florida
4-5 bdrms/3 bths, for a minimum 2 year lease, no pets, good area, and schools, between $900-$1200, will negotiate further for the right property, will occupy 7/16 or 8/16.
great new houses in here?
is this house still available?
I am interested in this house, please let me know as soon as possible since I have to buy a house in next four weeks... Abdul Narejo -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.truli…
Homestead exemption in Texas
A friend of mine lives with his elderly father. His father wanted to change the deed to my friend's(son) name so that no complications occurs in case he died. This happened last month. My friend is not…
Relocating to Temecula for under $1200/month?
I have a family of 5 and would love to relocate to Temecula. My husband has a job offer of full time employment at $15/hr, and I am a LPN so it seems I would make around $20/hour. Would it be possible…
Proshred Elite It is essential to avoid
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Should I renovate or sell my house in Greenlake, Seattle?
I have questions to ask the pros here. I have an older home built in 1900s in Greenlake area in Seattle. It is a cottage home with a basement. My basement leaks when it rains a lot. I currently have about…
Is this condo for sale?
It shows in Trulia but it's not listed in the MLS -- This question was asked from this property:
How is the value of my home calculated.?
The value you show for my home (3015 Weaver Rd, Lititz, PA 17543) is way below its appraised value. You show $481,000 where it is appraised at $531,000. How do I remedy this?
My home at 1420 S. HWY 101 DEPOE BAY, OR. 97341 I would like to update information on my home.
I try to update, however it gives me a message e-mail will be sent to me telling me what to do. I never receive any of the emails. Please advice. Thank You. Donald G BRAATEN…
How do I remove pictures of the inside of my home?
When it was for sale they posted all the pictures of the interior and exterior of the home. I have now purchased it and have remolded the inside so I would really like to take these off the site. They…
Is it a good idea to rent out our current home and buy a new one to downsize.?
Is it a good idea to rent out our current home and buy a new one. We will incur$400/mo loss. Plan is to hold on to it for another year until we breakeven.just wanted to take advantage of the market before…
what exactly does PV option mean when it comes to the school district in this area.?
is there an absolute guarrantee that your kids will get into pv schools. or is a permitt required. or based on availability??? -- This question is about this property:…
how does someone get to view this property? I own a nearby condo and know that this property has not been occupied for many years
-- This question was asked from this property:
How do I remove my photos from Trulia for my property?
My property: Contains photos in the profile which are my personal professional photos, and which I…
Buying a home with a judgement.
Is it possible to get a loan if the buyer has a judgement against him/her? Are judgments public information?
Will FHA appraiser require that I repaint chipped exterior paint?
My home was built in 1998, there are some part of the exterior facia with some chipped paint and some windows on the interior have chipped paint as well. Will and FHA Appraiser require those be repaired…
How to add pictures to my house listing?
How do I edit my house listing because I want to add pictures to the listing. Can only my agent do this?
how do I find the value of my home in 2008?
117 Curtis avenue, Wilmington, de
How provides more Frequent Erections ?
It's how to begin working with Testo Vital. Unmistakably, I don't guess that is the answer to that predicament.
my parents live in a 55 and over can a daughter age 50 live there to care take mom she cant stand long since surgery on legs.
they received a letter property owners association that they were informed that third resident was under 55 and would have to leave in 30 days. my dad called office let them know I care take while he…
Value of unfinished basement space
Hello, I have a basement that is dirt floors, about 6 feet clearance and brick foundation in a Victorian building in Noe Valley San Francisco. How much is unfinished basement space worth per square foot?
Worth of unfinished basement
Hi I have a property in Noe Valley, San Francisco with an unfinished basement. It is basically dirt and brick foundation, with a 6 foot clearance. How much is unfinished basement space worth in this…
Worth of unfinished basement
Hi I have a property in Noe Valley, San Francisco with an unfinished basement. It is basically dirt and brick foundation, with a 6 foot clearance. How much is unfinished basement space worth in this…
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