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Hello, Are there any buildings on the property or fencing thank you,
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Why do you have the wrong information on my house at 384 Herrington Drive, Cross Hill, Sc.?
First of all the home was not built in 2007. Second it is 5500 sq. foot custom built Poly-Steel with 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths. It has an 8 car garage on 1 acre on Lake Greenwood. Where do you come up…
why do you have an old picture of my home and the wrong style?
It is an expanded ranch with new landscaping not a cape cod. The address is 549 Roosevelt Ave., River Vale, NJ 07675
Map with property lines! Looks like there is a pond on the property
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General Info. Last time timber was harvested. Info on Land contract available
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I've found a home and sold my other one, I can't remove pictures or my info.
My property which was just sold was listed on here by a different site. I would like for all of my contact info, and the pictures and listing removed from the site as it is no longer necessary. Can you…
My neighbor put a fence up on my property. I did have the property resurvey to the amount of 1400.00 She then took the survey markes down. I called t
local sheriff and they haven't filed a report yet with the county attorney. this has been 4 wks ago. I need to move this along asap
Personal home now deemed unliveable and 1 acre m/l owned 5/6 by my now deceased mother and 1/6 by her aunts decendants
My mothers home of the last 13 yrs is owned in part(1/6) by 17 cousins. Original deed has listed my grandmother, my great grandmother, and my aunt. My aunt passed years ago so it specifically states her…
How soon will new development began in the 48210 zip code area north of McGraw and west of Livernois / West Warren area, Detroit, Michigan.?
There is a lot of open land and empty homes in a good location close to downtown Detroit and convenient to Wayne State University.
I've noticed that several "custom home builders" have numerous homes "For Sale" in new communities. How is this possible?
It's always been my understanding that a "custom home" was built at the request of a specific client and not built and sold to whomever.
This is when life becomes really exciting.
You start to excel not just in one or two areas but in everything you do. You become a superstar performer Muscle Building Review across the board.
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how do I upload houses for rent?
We are a property management company that I would like to advertise on Trulia. How do I do this?
take off sold house photo
Hi Trulia, My house was shown sold on your website and I want to take off the house photo. Could you help? My house address is 1782 Karameos ct., sunnyvale CA 94087. Thank you
you have the wrong school district for me home, please fix
60 Upper Toyon Dr Kentfield CA 94904 this is District is Ross, NOT San Rafael. Please correct ASAP Thank you
How do I correct wrong info. on your site?
my home at 60 Upper Toyon Dr is in Kentfield and Ross school district. Please correct.
Who manages Highlands of Brentwood?
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Can someone please confirm if this listing has been rented or if it has been taken off the market.?
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Over 30 photos of my personal property are listed on your site and the house is NOT FOR SALE. PLEASE REMOVE THESE PICTURES IMMEDIATELY.
Your posting of these photos of our personal property are a security risk as well as an invasion of our property. This house has not been for sale for over a year and a half and we are still living here.…
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Is this part of the old anderson ranch which was sold in the 70's? That is my grandfathers ranch and eventually we would like to buy as much property
as possible in this area. He sold it to the Marks family. Thank you -- This question was asked from this property:
Hello, can I schedule a viewing of this home and property?
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Why didn't you update my property facts? How do I upload new pictures?
I'm the owner of 1016 Ingraham Avenue, Delray Beach, FL. Your information about the property is all out of date. We bought it in 2011, tore the house down and completely rebuilt. I've edited…
Why Should You Engage an Experienced Pest Management Firm for Pest Issues in Your Residential Home You'll find different types of pest?
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Property Line Maps
I notice when I zoom in close enough on your maps that I can get detailed property line information. When I try to obtain this information from my local government they want to change an arm and a leg…
Property Line Maps
I notice that when I zoom in close enough on your map I can get detailed property line information. When I contact my county courthouse about digital property line information they try to sell me software…
Living trust and real estate.
This is more of a legal question but I'm hoping someone might be able to answer it anyway. Sadly my mom has become terminally ill, she had started a living trust in order to make things easier on…
Request to remove our home's photo from your site.
Our house's photo, 15 Davids Lane in Howell, NJ 07731, is out of date on Trulia's site. The roof has recently been cleaned and looks much better now than what is shown in the photo on your site.…
Why is Sandra from Century 21 posted as the Broker on my listing?
Even though my name and number are present. Just on top is Sandras name and number. It also shows below. I am a Keller Williams agent New Tampa. What is up?
I would like the address of this property so I can compare it to my parents home
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What is the pet policy at 620 Peachtree St. NE?
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What is the selling price and how firm is it?
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Is this home for sale ?
Want to buy this home as it was home my gpa used to own..! Cash offer -- This question was asked from this property:
I am a member of an LLC. The LLC consists of 2 rental properties. Both properties have been paid for, I want to be "bought" out of the LLC's.
These LLC's were an inheritance with my sibling's, when my father passed away. The mortages have been paid for, for years and at the suggestion of our attorney, we were advised to put these properties…
I own the home at 352 Clearwater Dr., Nashville, TN 37217. You have this property appraised at 65,000.
You have the other side of this building , 354 Clearwater Drive, appraised at 66,000.Can you tell me why, since my half has a new roof, and new central heat/air system?
hello i have a few inquiries about the house at this address please contact me at 985-956-0372
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Why is 52 Old Post Rd 06443 (mine) listed as Apt/Condo and not Single Family Home?
The CTMLS listing is and always has been single family. Also Trulia's "public records" data does not agree with Madison's Tax Assessor website which shows 2014 tax data.
who is the owner of 6713 anglin dr foresthill tx.?
trying to find the owner of this property not the manager but the owner.
Why don't you separate the single family homes in Point Loma Heights from the townhomes and condos?
It skews the average selling price for both and therefore is not accurate.
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I s this home in Lake Wildwood?
-- This question was asked from this property:
Is it possible to remove photos from a listing that was sold years ago?
would it be possible to remove photos of my home off your website. this is the only website that hasn't removed them yet. We would really appreciate it so very much. I emailed about 2 other times,…
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