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Just had recent upsurge in HOI in South Florida. I'm buying a wind mitigation review?
Is there any other inspections I should need to aid reduce the rate? Simply had a new top last storm in 2005. Have storm shutters for the home.
What are my limits if I want to have my kids party at the local park what are the rules and fegulations or where can I get them?
I have never had one there but I heard you cant have a pinata and a kids party without a pinata is no kids party.
This is about recreation on Lake Tahoe. I heard that jet skis are not allowed on Lake Tahoe. What about?
Waverunners ? Or could it just be that the older 2 stroke powered ones are not allowed. Anyone know the answer for sure. Thanks...
Regarding the noise from the power boats on lake tahoe, is there a restriction as to when the boats must be
off of the lake at night or is there a reduction in speed required at a certain time in the evening ? I'm very curious since I was very suprised at the amount of noise when I was vacationing there…
Omaha homes with access to trails?
My wife and I are considering a relocation from San Francisco to Omaha. We are both outdoor enthusiasts (trail running, mountain biking, hiking). Are there neighborhoods in Omaha that offer immediate access…
Hi, I am looking for a house to rent. I prefer south charlotte area or any area close to water. I do a lot of fishing. I also have pittbulls.
I prefer no close neighbors if possible. I am a disabled veteran and like my own space. I would like to stay in the range of $700-$1000 a month. I need to stay close to Charlotte. 3 br/ 2 baths, fireplace.…
Is there any nice parks in Waterbury?
Is there any nice parks, pools, places to go to with my kids?
who can replace basketball net at park near 2903 amhurst in springdale? how to contact? thank you.
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Are you ready for the 2013 Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge?
The Tahoe Rim Trail has over 165 miles of pristine, breathtaking views, vistas and spur trails. How many of them have you been to? To help you begin experiencing some amazing spots along the 165 miles…
2013 Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge. Are you up for it?
The Tahoe Rim Trail has over 165 miles of pristine, breathtaking views, vistas and spur trails. How many of them have you been to? To help you begin experiencing some amazing spots along the 165 miles…
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======Hello all buyer======= I have hack some shop..and get cc fresh and good balance I want to trust and reputation as the leading I hope we will have business good and long time =====Contact…
While Layfette Park is under construction, where can one walk their dog? Neighboring parks?
I am Trulia's Community Manager and I absolutely love this park, but it is currently undergoing a MASSIVE $10M renovation for the next 10 months. Any suggestions about alternatives for dog walkers? Thanks!
How do I list my property on here?
How do I list my property on here
Would you consider putting a park at the east entrance to Big Rapids on M20?
The Eastgate property is vacant and reasonably priced. It's a great welcoming location for residents and visitors. The East side of Big Rapids has always been considered the ugly step-sister to the…
What are the best public parks in my area?
I'm a jogger and hoping to find a nice path or track to use.
How bad is the smell in flour bluff? Does the strength of the smell vary during the year? Is the yucky stuff always on the shore or just right now?
I would love to live on the water, but I don't want to live there if the smell is really bad and the water is too yucky, mucky to go in. Is it always like it is now? Thank you for your truthful…
What are the future plans for the Brooklyn Bridge Park?
Thus far the Park includes such attractions as playgrounds and greenways, bike paths, dog runs, and novelties like the Spiral Pool. The Park will ultimately encompass 85 acres and span 1.3 miles, and…
Golf Course info. requested for Summerlin/Red Rock.
My wife and I are comparing Las Vegas with Phoenix for a possible retirement home within the next 2 years. The Summerlin area, including Red Rock Country Club in Las Vegas looks interesting. We would want…
Dog parks in Fort Lauderdale, FL?
Where are some popular parks to bring a dog?
First time home buyer, where do i start?
My fiance and I are currently renting and our lease has been up for quite a while. We want to start our quest for buying our first home. Will only have money that we can save from our tax return. All 3…
What is your favorite park in the northwest?
The kids love Gassworks in Seattle as it is the BEST hide and seek park anywhere!
Does anyone know where Settlers Landing, a park in Kirkland, got its name from?
It is a beautiful little park with a very specific name. I am interested in the history of it.
Can environmentalists "condemn" my home?
I've heard that there is a movement to let the Sea Bluffs naturally fall. What protection do I have from that if i buy a home on the sea bluffs?
High Rock Park water problem...
There is a brook that runs on the side of my property. After Superstorm Sandy, the brook got filled with leaves causing water to slowly seap into my back yard. My grass id now dead and my backyard is…
Is there a single family home near Seaworld or Disney?
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What are some ways to get involved with a community events?
Gardens, neighborhood associations and the like...
Where are the best orchards for families to go apple picking?
Do you have a favorite apple orchard that you'd recommend as a fun fall family activity? Here are a few:
Are there public parks or spaces in Springfield which permit open barbecues?
I'm looking for recommendations on where one could take their family and friends for an outdoor barbecue in the Springfield area. Any suggestions?
Centerville Hidden Gems - Got any?
Not that it's so hidden anymore, but Long Beach is a great little spot!
Outdoor sports teams
What kind of options does one have to play an organized sport (like soccer) in a public park in Miami? Does anyone have recommendations about leagues or parks to check out? Thanks!
What Park and Recreation area do you recommend?
What Park and Recreation area do you recommend in South Florida to people who like open air sports and activities (tennis, volleyball, racquetball, catch)?
I am searching for a suitable lot in Venice, FL, for a RV ground with water supply and electricity !
As I know there is no RV ground on Venice Island !? Do you have any opinion about that ??
Durham main park?
Looking to possibly move to Durham. Received some good advice from one of the realtors on Trulia about Durham being a good place to live. I actually went to Durham and compared it to Raleigh. I liked the…
How strict is the open alcohol policy in Dolores park?
There is a lot of hype about SF police cracking down on picnics with alcohol in Dolores park ( Is it actually illegal…
How are the parks and recreational areas in Tequesta?
Are there dog parks and running paths?
Aerial spraying for West Nile virus
The Dallas County Medical Society says the county should do aerial spraying immediately to help reduce the spread of the West Nile virus. The nation’s top health officials say more serious illnesses…
Community/Neighborhood block party
What is the best way to coordinate a block party that encompasses an entire neighborhood community? Is there any kid of approval process needed from the city if we'd ideally like to close an entire city…
How are the parks and recreational areas in Brooklyn?
Are there dog parks and running paths?
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