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Relocating to SD
Our family is relocating to SD and husband will work in Del Mar. We can't seem to afford anything in Del Mar, our prefered neighborhood. Our friend told us they would avoid La Jolla, our second choice,…
best place to move to in florida
i live in ri and love fla. i am considering to move to florida by next spring. I want to rent a home and need a nice a nice community, low crime and all that city crap.
Rent or lease option?Confused about what to do. My husband has a judgement from from a CC that was entered in 2007(from a 2003 last paid CC)Since
2008 they have taken our state tax returns to pay towards this.I have had no letters from the company saying a payment was received, nor do I know how to find out the balance..The judgement said we owe…
who owns the titles/deeds to 5816 and 5900 Crestview Fairfield, OH 45014?
I want to contact them about these vacant properties ASAP. Thank you.
I am planning to move to Miami for college, I am searching for a apartment in Miami Gardens for a reasonable price, 1-2 BR Price range: NO MORE THAN $900/Month. Only problem is i have no credit and no…
I need to find a rental home that may turn in to a contract for purchase in Franklin Indiana.
I need to find a rental home that may turn in to a contract for purchase in Franklin Indiana that will allow me to keep my black lab. she is fixed and a good dog and gives my kids the comfort they need,…
Best neighborhood/where to start?
My husband and I are considering relocating to Atlanta, and as a part of those considerations, are doing some initial real estate searches to see what homes in our range might be like in Atlanta. Could…
I am moving around the West Chicago area, and am woundering what are some great places to live?
I am starting a job soon and the company is moving from Glendale Heights to St Charles in a couple months. I was told that Wheaton and Naperville IL are some good places to live in. Not sure if anyone…
can i buy a foreclosure being on disability and having a credit score of over 700 can i get pre aprroved for a loan for a mortage?
please email me at override25@cox .net the house i would like to buy is in Fall River Mass . Right now i live in Florida
Is there a way to walk into a pre foreclosure and assume the loan or take over payments?
Relocating to Bakersfield and we'd rather own than rent, but we don't have much for a down payment. Need an agent/agency to help us with finding a home in the Rosedale/Stockdale.
Which New Jersey towns close to George Washington Bridge have best school districts?
I have a new job located at 165th and Riverside in NYC. Need to be close to public transportation, great elementary schools, and 1 to 2 bd rental.
I want to move to Vegas.
Ok so. Ive been wanting to move to Vegas for a good while. And now I really want to do so. Im NOT done paying my house off here in Pomona CA. I have two daughters that are in college. Do you think I could…
Voucher maximun subsidy is $1950 can some please help me? ... I`m having a hard time finding a home , I have a section 8 voucher for a 5 bedroom
I'm looking for a home in the Brandon area. If you know some or if you your self could help me please email me @ please i'm running out of time thanks
how much do i have to put down?
hey, guys i was wondering how much do i have to put down on a condo that cost 175000? should i get a loan/mortgage to help lower the monthly payments. but cause i plan to move soon. an im trying to figure…
I just got a job at Dell in Round Rock. I am looking for a rental house near work (I hate traffic) - should I live in Round Rock or Pflugerville?
I am a health nut, so would like running trails and healthy food options and yoga studios nearby. If I don't want to pay an arm and a leg, what are some good options for a single female, age 30?
how much do real estate agents earn in the Indianapolis area?
I am considering relocating to Indianapolis and I'm interested in knowing how much Real Estate Agents typically earn there?
What is the easiest way to relocate?
Help! We need assistance in locating a rental property in El Paso. We have searched through most of the apartments and we aren't having any luck. We have 2 dogs that will be coming with us, and we…
I have a foreclosure on my credit. is there anyone who will rent to me?
I am moving from Markham IL where I have been renting from family. I start a new job April 11 in Champaign,Urbana. I need a place to stay fast, I also have my daughter
WPBFlorida. 55 communities such as Coral Lakes & Cascades, seem to have great amenities. The concern is where is best for ages late 50's
early 60's? Would like to spend no more then 350K. No Golf (don't play). Active Clubhouse. Newly retired and new to Florida. Want to meet and make new friends. Are some of the "established"…
We are relocating to Austin from New Orleans with a 5 and 7 year old. Looking for a beautiful place near a top elementary school--public or private
We are moving and looking for the best school for our children and would like to live near the school. It's important that the school be beautiful environmentally, and have a strong arts-based program.…
Can you tell me the top school district in Austin and is there a well know dance scene, my daughter is a?
world ranked hip hop dancer and interested in ballroom. She is 16, been competing for 6 years.
I tried to turn the keys into the landlords wife on my move out date. She was harassing me so I sent them certified mail. The landlord kept $130
out of my security deposit saying he had the locks changed before he received the keys which was 2 days after I moved out. Can he do this legally?
We are relocating from San Antonio. Love McKinney and the real sense of "town community" it's got. Husband's job is in trophy
club. Commute time???? This will be a long term move for us. Want to live in an area we can be involved in. We have 3 boys (elementary, middle and high schoo) so schools are important. Not wanting to go…
I may be interested in moving somewhere in the Santa Clarita Valley. My initial internet search tells me that Canyon Country may be the place.
I work in Downtown LA, and my wife works in Pasadena. How is the commute? I'll most likely be taking the train, but my wife will be driving. We will be using the VA Loan.
Properties for sale on Amy Frances Lane, Alpharetta, GA 30022
Looking to rent a house on Amy Frances Lane, that does not show the MLS number; and I want to be certain this will be a legitimate lease or rent before I turn over any security and rental funds.
accepted a job offer with Dell in atlanta. I want to live in alpharetta or duluth, need some advice what area has best home appreciation
I want to find out which area is best for home appreciation, middle age professional, diverse, etc.
I would like to know more about Rent to own programs
I would like to know more about the Rent to own programs
im relocating to charlotte. looking for a apartment in a nice neighborhood close or in a good school zone.
im moving to charlotte soon and i want to know some good neighborhoods with nice apartments or townhomes for rent who have a good school zone. i have heard great things about the schools in charlotte…
Commute times from Howell NJ to Union Township? Schools etc...
I am moving my family from Long Island NY to NJ. I will be working in Union Township. I am looking in Howell NJ. It looks like you can take the garden state parkway north to union. How much time should…
Relocating to Charlotte - work is in the airport area (Douglas Iternational) Looking to rent before buying any suggestions? Schools are extremely impt
We are open to both NC & NC as long as commute to Charlotte Douglas Airport is within 45 minutes. Not opposed to a great area and utilizing private schools. Must be a great family place... I was thinking…
New to Charlotte and looking for neighborhoods that aren't "cookie cutters" in the 150s range. Very interested in Short Sales and
Foreclosed homes. We've just moved from Kentucky and are currently renting in Concord. It's been exhausting trying to pin down an area to buy a home that's safe enough for a 7 year old,…
Is Naples, FL a good place to relocate to with a family with young children? If so, what towns and schools would you recommend?
I have three children, 4, 3, and an infant. We are looking to relocate to Naples because of my husbands job relocation. I don't know much about the area and need some advice. I have researched…
would like to view two homes please?
yes one on 10084 Kenworthy and the other on 5302 Plainview dr.
Family moving to Elk Grove
My family and I are thinking of moving to Elk Grove or natomas. I'm leaning more towards Elk Grove but I would like other opinions on Elk Grove or Natomas. I have 2 kids in high school and 1 in elementary.
Big interview in Mobile next week. May need to relocate.?
Don't know anything about what are the "safe" areas, why so much fluctuation in prices in small area... would need 2 bd 2 ba under 100k. Cash sale. Thanks, Annie
am looking for a realtor that will help with renting or leasing our home in charlotte nc?
am trying to move to florida and would like to rent or lease my home. I am interested in someone that will qualify for the rental amount and take care of the property. Should I lease or rent?
where to move in Florida???
i live in Ocala Florida,which some people might agree i Hate Ocala. moving out of florida is not an option. i have three children as well as getting re married, we would like to move from here somewhere…
Which area of Jax is the best for a 31 y/o prof. couple looking to first rent right on the beach, nice interiors, best gym & dining close by
$1500max? Young Professional couple coming from Buckhead and Dunwoody areas of Atlanta. We'd love to rent a house, townhouse or condo on the beach or the river (only if its with a skyline view). We…
hi! my family and i are thinking of moving to key largo. my fiancee is a diving instructor. my question is
about annual rentals. are there enough lower priced ones around for a family of 5? and what is the best way to find them?
OMI Eviction
I bought a 2 units family house and i want to do and OMI . There were 3 tenants at the start of the lease in 2004 but in 2008 and 2009, two official tenant moved out and others move in which they are not…
Hi LA and Santa Montica, CA agents: I am looking for a short term rental in the LA and Santa Monica areas.
My sister is coming to the area for a 3 month internship. Here are her requirements: short-term rental (End of Dec/Jan 1 at latest - End of March) $1000- $1900/month Furnished Studio or 1 bedroom Clean…
Does any one have a storage facility they would recommend?
I've looked some up online without much help from past client reviews and You hear a lot of unpleasant storage stories. So if you had one that you've used or are currently using that would be…
I am having an issue with a listing: Soi 39 Sukhumvit Rd 175 91 Bangkok, TL New York,NY 10110. It is in Bangkok, Thailand, but I cannot add the
name You should have a manual method of adding countries and their addresses if outside the US.
Moving to Boston & my husband needs a decent commute to Boston Logan. What areas are affordable and safe?
We would want at least a 2 bedroom and would prefer to rent a house, but will do apartment if we have to. I would prefer a suburb family oriented area.
Family friendly cities in New England?
we are looking to relocate to New England...we want a nice place to have a family, our own home, a big yard, not too urban, more suburban/rural, but not far from the city! really snowy winters (we're…
I recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. My home is listed for short sale because I cannot afford the mortgage payments.
Would relocating to another state with my employer be a good thing to do now? Would my bankruptcy work against me? Would my current employer find out about my situation if I were to relocate?
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